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+2 TS

97% | 1684 X | 1593 TS

-8 X
+2 TS

96% | 1713 X | 1544 TS

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+3 TS

64% | 1321 X | 1336 TS

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64% | 1323 X | 1334 TS

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62% | 1254 X | 1395 TS

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-4 TS

97% | 1710 X | 1572 TS

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-2 TS

89% | 1557 X | 1480 TS

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-4 TS

73% | 1350 X | 1435 TS

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70% | 1357 X | 1367 TS

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-2 TS

64% | 1289 X | 1377 TS

Chat log

00:00:19poskus me phoe pls
00:00:21poskus auto win
00:00:28seppo12 lycan
00:00:28atte phoni
00:00:28Fxx. ogre for me ?
00:00:28McNabb get xin
00:00:36McNabb its so imba
00:00:39P3PSI -clear
00:00:40Fxx. ogre for me
00:00:41Fxx. please
00:00:42VanillaThunder me legion woods
00:00:49poskus legion
00:00:57Fxx. what for u , atte ?
00:01:05NeverbACKdOwn nice p3psi jugger :D:D:DD:
00:01:08VanillaThunder pick me commander plz
00:01:09NeverbACKdOwn gg ff
00:01:09Fxx. bS ?
00:01:09seppo12 buy5chick
00:01:12atte bondar
00:01:14Fxx. vs xin ?
00:01:17NeverbACKdOwn :D:D:
00:01:18WANKmaster :d
00:01:19NeverbACKdOwn good heros
00:01:20McNabb LOL RANDOM
00:01:23WANKmaster ota potmi
00:01:24WANKmaster tai bs
00:01:24WANKmaster ounaa
00:01:24P3PSI -clear
00:01:24WANKmaster see xin
00:01:24Fxx. what hero ?
00:01:26WANKmaster bs
00:01:27atte sven
00:01:31atte -swap 3
00:01:32WANKmaster hmm
00:01:35Fxx. -swap 1
00:01:37atte aa bot solo
00:01:39VanillaThunder legion 4 me?
00:01:41WANKmaster ill solo bot
00:01:47poskus me woods
00:01:49McNabb lol grønland
00:01:52McNabb ff
00:02:11McNabb smart to pick brood when we have bh
00:02:13atte enemy has 1 proper stun
00:02:13Fxx. they will cry
00:02:13McNabb retard
00:02:14Fxx. this game
00:02:18NeverbACKdOwn well u picked
00:02:21NeverbACKdOwn so retarded heros
00:02:25Fxx. -cheatmulticaston
00:02:26Affliction all go lothars !
00:02:31McNabb so u would finish the job?
00:02:36atte 0/30 mc inc
00:02:41Fxx. :-)
00:02:44WANKmaster share
00:02:51WANKmaster share
00:03:24WANKmaster 20sec
00:03:24WANKmaster oplz
00:03:24seppo12 zzz
00:03:24P3PSI u or me pull ?
00:03:24poskus 20
00:03:24poskus 19
00:03:24VanillaThunder should i leave rune?
00:03:24poskus 15
00:03:24VanillaThunder dd
00:03:24McNabb me
00:03:24atte take
00:03:24poskus 12
00:03:24P3PSI roge
00:03:24P3PSI r
00:03:24poskus 10
00:03:24poskus 8
00:03:24atte 99
00:03:24Fxx. try arrow
00:03:24atte 98
00:03:24Fxx. and mid
00:03:24poskus 666
00:03:24atte 97
00:03:24Fxx. gang
00:03:24WANKmaster go
00:03:25Affliction -roll
00:03:26Fxx. with dd
00:03:28Affliction :/
00:04:52poskus shit
00:04:54Affliction wtf
00:05:17Fxx. s
00:05:19Fxx. s
00:06:32atte wards
00:07:23McNabb spin?
00:07:33atte lol
00:07:36Affliction :D
00:07:42seppo12 vittu oot paska
00:07:47atte ::::D
00:07:57seppo12 joko surkee dd mirana ganggii mid
00:08:05seppo12 Ja silti kuset
00:08:09atte yhyy
00:08:12Fxx. ss 2
00:08:17seppo12 oot vitun huono
00:08:23atte ikävää
00:08:56seppo12 VITUN PASKA
00:09:14atte koitas jo poika rauhottuu?
00:09:22seppo12 PASKAAAAA
00:09:46Affliction who ?
00:09:49atte xin inc toprune
00:10:03atte re
00:10:06P3PSI ss top
00:10:06Fxx. again miss
00:11:17McNabb b
00:11:26atte xin top
00:11:52VanillaThunder ogre can u buy me dust plz?
00:12:06atte wards and flying
00:12:07atte pls
00:12:11P3PSI ss top
00:12:29poskus have ulti
00:12:34Affliction we can easly kill @ twr
00:12:46VanillaThunder stun?
00:12:51atte he has shield on
00:12:57McNabb 4 mid
00:13:46VanillaThunder b
00:13:59atte need gem
00:14:03P3PSI s top
00:14:15atte ogre
00:14:17atte get wards
00:14:18atte flying
00:14:18atte pls
00:14:58poskus b
00:15:37seppo12 IME ATTE MUNAA
00:16:43McNabb wards?
00:16:45atte oom
00:17:02poskus wtf
00:17:03poskus ?
00:17:06atte oom
00:17:13poskus just simple attack
00:17:14atte as i told
00:17:26McNabb gah
00:17:51McNabb what items is that jugg?
00:17:52atte gem pls
00:18:02P3PSI rlx :P
00:18:08poskus omg
00:18:11poskus all bot tower go
00:18:13Fxx. this mirana
00:18:20seppo12 VITUN POASKAT
00:18:25atte get gem
00:19:11McNabb gahhhh
00:19:48seppo12 ootte perseestö
00:19:54atte everyone just nuke xin when hes magicshield is on
00:19:56Fxx. atte
00:19:56atte smart..
00:20:04Fxx. is mage
00:20:09Fxx. 1/15 mc
00:20:10McNabb grønland wards?
00:20:29atte wank buy me gem
00:20:32WANKmaster i got
00:20:34atte ok
00:20:35atte good
00:20:38WANKmaster take
00:20:38WANKmaster it
00:20:47NeverbACKdOwn oi
00:20:48NeverbACKdOwn got gem
00:20:50NeverbACKdOwn very nice
00:20:53NeverbACKdOwn aa has gem
00:20:53P3PSI rly ?
00:20:56atte get vladi
00:20:57McNabb k
00:21:12McNabb why no wards=?
00:22:39atte haha
00:22:41NeverbACKdOwn :d
00:22:48atte get vladi legi
00:23:12McNabb sven invis
00:23:18poskus mirana ulti
00:23:22Fxx. was my chick !
00:23:28McNabb told u
00:23:35atte ?
00:23:56NeverbACKdOwn sven has gem
00:24:04NeverbACKdOwn get gem
00:24:05NeverbACKdOwn D:
00:24:05NeverbACKdOwn gj
00:24:10atte bad dive
00:24:34atte we need to push more
00:24:40atte now lost gem :E
00:24:59Affliction -st
00:25:29Fxx. ITS MY TOWN !
00:25:33atte get vladi pls
00:25:34atte so good
00:25:36atte in general
00:25:37poskus 0ok
00:26:38Fxx. FUCKING BIRDS
00:26:54Fxx. legion
00:26:59Fxx. smart item vs gondar
00:27:03NeverbACKdOwn fuck this i farm my bkb first
00:27:08NeverbACKdOwn cant do shit without it
00:27:10seppo12 VOITTEKO IMEE MUNAA=
00:27:18seppo12 GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
00:27:19atte kinda told him 10min ago to get that vladi
00:27:29NeverbACKdOwn leave me bot
00:27:30NeverbACKdOwn pls
00:27:33NeverbACKdOwn i go take tower
00:27:57Fxx. MY TOWN
00:28:03seppo12 KUOLE PASKA
00:28:05atte care
00:28:54atte got bkb
00:29:58atte god
00:30:02poskus idioty
00:30:04atte god
00:30:04poskus leave me dd
00:30:27Affliction -st
00:30:30Affliction n00b
00:30:32Affliction bib
00:30:33Affliction bs
00:30:35Affliction bibs
00:30:39Fxx. yurnero ulty
00:30:39McNabb hehe
00:30:40McNabb why
00:30:44Affliction -st
00:30:45McNabb går da ok
00:30:45Fxx. brood with bkb
00:30:46WANKmaster BOOM
00:30:48Fxx. gondar
00:30:48P3PSI ..
00:30:50Fxx. i think
00:30:58Fxx. ghost scepter is imba item this game
00:31:29Fxx. lothar
00:31:30Fxx. ulty
00:31:30Fxx. omg
00:31:43poskus tyoo far idiot
00:31:44P3PSI they rosh ?
00:31:45poskus lothar cd
00:33:04seppo12 imekää muijhnaa
00:33:17seppo12 atte oot perseestä
00:33:20seppo12 t: majva
00:33:25seppo12 majava
00:33:29atte <33
00:33:30seppo12 vitun kypäjooseppi
00:33:33atte naplet
00:33:39atte t kikki hiiri
00:33:40McNabb noobv
00:33:44seppo12 :D::D:DD::D:D:D:
00:33:47NeverbACKdOwn yea go ff
00:33:48NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:53NeverbACKdOwn jugger and gondar useless
00:34:06VanillaThunder b
00:34:26atte XDDD
00:34:27McNabb gah
00:34:29NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:31seppo12 FUIUFUUFUUFUFF(/FUFO
00:34:34atte let me next dd pls
00:34:36Fxx. MY TOWN
00:34:37seppo12 TAPAN KAIIKI
00:34:41atte selkee
00:34:44Fxx. OK
00:34:47seppo12 ASd-tgåpbnds<fäxzsop
00:34:54Fxx. shithappend
00:34:55Fxx. :-)
00:35:00seppo12 ATTANA
00:35:03Fxx. 1 click hero can last hit me :-)
00:35:12seppo12 STUF ASSSHAOT
00:35:19Fxx. btw
00:35:25Fxx. rules dont say (speak only english) ?
00:35:36seppo12 I SAY SUCK MYT DICK
00:35:49poskus mana
00:35:53Fxx. they see u
00:35:53atte tuuks viem''
00:35:57Fxx. gondar my try steal
00:35:57seppo12 '
00:35:57atte viemää
00:36:01seppo12 ROSHAN DYEK===
00:36:02atte potmi arrowas rosh
00:36:10McNabb :D
00:36:11atte sellane
00:36:12Fxx. as i said
00:36:13Fxx. ...
00:36:13poskus no dusts?
00:36:15Affliction :D
00:36:17Affliction nice nok
00:36:20atte no gem
00:36:21seppo12 TUU TEE ISOL CREEO CMA
00:36:25seppo12 SIIS
00:36:29seppo12 ISO CREEP CAMP
00:36:36seppo12 DUEL
00:36:44seppo12 GOGOOGO
00:36:45seppo12 TYY
00:36:48seppo12 VITU PUSSY
00:37:02seppo12 TUU ALA RUNE
00:37:08McNabb why lose on purpose seppo?
00:37:14atte ei oo ultii
00:37:19seppo12 stuf asshole
00:37:23seppo12 ALA TUYLA
00:37:45seppo12 TUU DUEL
00:38:10seppo12 NOOB
00:38:12seppo12 MIRANA
00:38:22VanillaThunder haha^^
00:38:33seppo12 ALARUNE
00:38:35seppo12 GOGOOGO
00:38:52seppo12 TUUN AHKEE SUT
00:39:10seppo12 HOMO
00:39:13atte :DDDDD
00:39:14Fxx. rly dont know
00:39:15McNabb ban seppo for lose on purpose
00:39:17Fxx. why sven toying
00:39:18Fxx. ...
00:39:19atte hyvä oli hei :DD
00:39:27atte :DD
00:39:32seppo12 TARVIII CREEPIT
00:39:33atte ei ois varmaa käyny samallailla?
00:39:38seppo12 SAAATanA M;UILKERO^`
00:39:41Fxx. /time
00:40:15poskus all bot?
00:40:23Affliction -st
00:41:11Affliction -afk
00:42:27McNabb gahh
00:42:29Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:29NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:31McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:34P3PSI I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:36atte gg
00:42:39McNabb bullshit brood pick
00:42:44NeverbACKdOwn :D:D:D:
00:42:48seppo12 GGGGGGGGGGGGG
00:42:53McNabb if u have picked something good we would have won
00:42:57NeverbACKdOwn not
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