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Chat log

00:00:05Rebing simba ff
00:00:08mby_next_time lina lycan naga
00:00:13rtg800 what you got
00:00:13pursuewhatstrue any1 ember
00:00:20Rebing aa, wisp, na
00:00:22rtg800 nice picks so far
00:00:25pursuewhatstrue want ?
00:00:28pursuewhatstrue any1 ember
00:00:30rtg800 lyca
00:00:31rtg800 nice
00:00:42mby_next_time someone got solo top lane
00:00:54mby_next_time al[]i get some solo top hero
00:00:54rtg800 niice
00:00:58pursuewhatstrue me woods
00:01:02rtg800 doom enigma bot
00:01:09AliBaba hm..
00:01:10rtg800 zeus lich top
00:01:13AliBaba sniper tiny necro
00:01:20mby_next_time go necro
00:01:30mby_next_time aa bot
00:01:33mby_next_time aa you're bot lane
00:01:33pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:36rtg800 good picks
00:01:38Rebing yeye
00:01:41pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:42rtg800 they have 3 carries
00:01:42Rebing necro solo?
00:01:43pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: You control Engima [f,c,d,b]
00:01:46mby_next_time yup
00:01:48rtg800 rape them early
00:01:50rtg800 get wards
00:01:50pursuewhatstrue we need to win this
00:01:51rtg800 gank
00:02:01pursuewhatstrue i go fast dagger pls buy wards
00:02:18Jerkku what was it
00:02:20rtg800 zeus/lich get wards
00:02:28pursuewhatstrue care
00:02:30Jerkku u pull enigma
00:02:35Fxx. fucking bird :-)
00:04:21Fxx. 0 mana , 0 cd , milion dmg
00:04:26mby_next_time rofl noob
00:04:31mby_next_time BILION MANA HE NEEDS
00:05:15rtg800 ss mid
00:05:17rtg800 he went bot
00:05:17mby_next_time kee p farming duide
00:05:20Fxx. ss
00:05:20Fxx. mid
00:05:21Fxx. care
00:05:23rtg800 re
00:05:56AliBaba ss
00:06:29rtg800 ss mid
00:07:34Rebing ss bot
00:07:36Rebing re
00:08:02Fxx. ss
00:08:02Jerkku enig
00:08:03Fxx. mid
00:08:04Jerkku come gank
00:08:06Jerkku i have doom
00:08:21pursuewhatstrue i get ult
00:08:26Fxx. STILL MISS
00:08:28Fxx. CARE
00:08:33rtg800 ss mid
00:08:39Jerkku come
00:08:45AliBaba cant
00:09:11Jerkku gj
00:09:12rtg800 gj
00:09:22rtg800 gank void
00:09:40pursuewhatstrue up chicken anad buy waards pls
00:10:00rtg800 ss void
00:10:00rtg800 care
00:10:06rtg800 B TOP
00:10:08rtg800 VOID INVI
00:10:08Fxx. :-)
00:10:08rtg800 TOP
00:10:11Fxx. go
00:10:20thepriestofpwn ult rdy
00:10:24Pieti oom
00:10:40mby_next_time easy double one
00:10:49AliBaba wtf
00:10:51thepriestofpwn yeah
00:10:51mby_next_time as i said
00:10:54thepriestofpwn worth it? :)
00:11:03Fxx. u had extreme luck
00:11:04Fxx. thats all
00:11:07thepriestofpwn nope
00:11:22Jerkku up chick
00:11:24Fxx. i was stuned 0.0000001 sec after u use ulty
00:11:24Jerkku i need it
00:11:27Fxx. not it not luck
00:11:33Jerkku lich
00:11:35Fxx. uwas
00:11:36Jerkku can u up chick
00:11:38Fxx. *
00:11:39thepriestofpwn zeus pls
00:11:41Fxx. ss mid
00:11:45AliBaba ss sky
00:11:57rtg800 void needs gankg
00:12:09rtg800 zeus
00:12:10rtg800 come gank
00:12:46pursuewhatstrue buy me tp
00:12:47pursuewhatstrue pls
00:12:49Rebing ss bot doom
00:12:53Fxx. OOOOFC
00:12:55rtg800 baited you with chick :D
00:13:02pursuewhatstrue go
00:13:05pursuewhatstrue got dagger ulti
00:13:06Jerkku y
00:13:31rtg800 top goes
00:13:49rtg800 n1
00:14:33rtg800 ss void
00:14:59AliBaba snije
00:15:01AliBaba ffs
00:15:03AliBaba fucing retard
00:15:09AliBaba simba
00:15:12AliBaba why so slow ?
00:15:49Fxx. lycan
00:15:53thepriestofpwn tower top
00:15:54Fxx. this game is in your hand
00:15:55thepriestofpwn get it
00:16:00mby_next_time obvious
00:16:05rtg800 oh
00:16:10rtg800 forgot about lyca
00:16:22Pieti b
00:16:39mby_next_time some wards
00:16:40mby_next_time i need
00:17:15mby_next_time nice hate
00:17:19rtg800 :D
00:17:22AliBaba ofc :D
00:17:26rtg800 get tower
00:17:31mby_next_time wards
00:17:33mby_next_time seriously
00:17:42mby_next_time i cant farm without it
00:17:47Jerkku this skywrath
00:17:48Fxx. this is rly fucking imba hero
00:17:54rtg800 dunno
00:18:01Fxx. but i know
00:18:06AliBaba aa ? can you buy wards ?
00:18:15Rebing nah
00:18:17mby_next_time i cant farm without it
00:18:17AliBaba lol
00:18:18mby_next_time seriously
00:18:24Rebing get it yourself, necro
00:18:33Simba u use em
00:20:19AliBaba wtf
00:20:22AliBaba just b there
00:20:35Rebing stfu kid, zeus would have gotten me either way
00:21:42mby_next_time they seeing they hateing
00:21:45mby_next_time damn fag
00:23:00pursuewhatstrue omg
00:23:01pursuewhatstrue fuck
00:23:09rtg800 WTF
00:23:11mby_next_time yo
00:23:14mby_next_time they seeing they hateing
00:23:20mby_next_time no ulti zeus?
00:23:21mby_next_time how sad
00:23:26Pieti cd
00:23:27pursuewhatstrue go push all 5 ?
00:23:27rtg800 cd
00:23:27Fxx. :-)
00:23:29mby_next_time know it
00:23:38mby_next_time you used it before to kill me nyga.
00:23:44Pieti y
00:23:48rtg800 go with 5
00:23:49mby_next_time damn haters.
00:23:52mby_next_time -hhn
00:23:56rtg800 mid
00:24:02thepriestofpwn ult rdy
00:24:20rtg800 get tower
00:24:39mby_next_time VOID
00:24:40mby_next_time I NEED YIOU
00:24:41mby_next_time ULTI
00:24:42mby_next_time HERE
00:24:43mby_next_time NOW
00:24:44pursuewhatstrue me no ult
00:24:50Fxx. i m fucking ussless
00:24:54mby_next_time just ulti
00:24:54Jerkku LICH OMG
00:24:56mby_next_time i got no bkb
00:24:57Jerkku TAKE FROST ARMOR
00:25:02mby_next_time cant take all without anything
00:25:12Fxx. this bird is fucking imba
00:25:18Fxx. cant do nothink at mid
00:25:18Jerkku he takes plus 2 prefer frost armor
00:25:57Fxx. ULTY
00:25:58AliBaba so bad
00:26:00Fxx. aa ?
00:26:05Rebing cd faggot
00:26:34mby_next_time withot bkb
00:26:37mby_next_time i cant do shiet
00:26:37rtg800 rax
00:26:46Fxx. so why u shop 1. basher ?
00:26:52mby_next_time cuz i need it mroe then bkb?
00:26:58mby_next_time cuz i just need
00:27:01mby_next_time you to good iniatet?
00:27:28pursuewhatstrue go 5 again ?
00:27:29rtg800 we got tower
00:27:30rtg800 good
00:27:33rtg800 ye
00:27:35rtg800 get bot tower now
00:27:36Jerkku just go top again
00:27:43rtg800 deny it
00:27:43Jerkku ¨ot bot tower
00:27:51rtg800 gj
00:27:58rtg800 bot tower then rax
00:28:11Fxx. i think , this bird is easier to lich at mid
00:28:11rtg800 come bot
00:28:29Fxx. how many cd , mana , dmg do your cast ?
00:28:39rtg800 1st spell is 2 sec
00:28:41Fxx. 5 sec cd , 250 dmg , 50 mana ?
00:28:54Fxx. oh , 2 sec :_)
00:29:20Fxx. fucking unwinable mid
00:29:22Fxx. vs this
00:29:22rtg800 fast
00:29:24Fxx. milion range
00:29:26Fxx. 0 mana ,
00:29:27mby_next_time he just suck.
00:29:28Jerkku lich still no forst armor
00:29:28Fxx. 0 cd
00:29:31Jerkku how noob can be
00:29:32mby_next_time 0 mana rofl
00:29:35mby_next_time it takes loads of mana
00:31:15rtg800 get rax
00:32:01pursuewhatstrue go
00:32:06mby_next_time FUCKING BE USEFULL
00:32:24pursuewhatstrue regen
00:32:42Jerkku omw in a sec
00:33:01rtg800 where were you
00:33:05mby_next_time kk i dont give any fuck anymore
00:33:06mby_next_time i go farm
00:33:09mby_next_time like our capitan
00:33:11rtg800 k nvm
00:33:13rtg800 get top rax
00:33:22mby_next_time oh he got s&y
00:33:26mby_next_time it's so fucking usefyll
00:34:01rtg800 you should b
00:34:01pursuewhatstrue got ult
00:34:03rtg800 cant get em
00:34:04Rebing fuck off twat
00:34:09mby_next_time GOFUCKING TOP
00:34:12mby_next_time DONT FUCKING FARM MID
00:34:15mby_next_time YOU SONS OF THE BITCHES
00:34:24rtg800 yeh, i was right
00:34:29Jerkku where the fuck is all
00:34:29pursuewhatstrue omg
00:34:30Jerkku again
00:34:43Jerkku u say go top
00:34:48Jerkku where are u then
00:34:50rtg800 they were alice
00:34:52rtg800 i was dead
00:35:02Jerkku u know
00:35:04Jerkku we lost this
00:35:09rtg800 i said
00:35:11rtg800 you should b
00:35:13Jerkku mm
00:35:16Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:20thepriestofpwn ?
00:35:21rtg800 :D
00:35:32rtg800 come lich
00:35:43Jerkku our lich has not frost armor
00:35:57rtg800 that was lame
00:35:57mby_next_time DOTN BOCK
00:35:57rtg800 get b
00:35:59rtg800 stay b
00:36:02rtg800 my bad
00:36:45pursuewhatstrue pfff
00:36:46pursuewhatstrue f
00:36:47pursuewhatstrue f
00:36:57AliBaba fu
00:37:21rtg800 now
00:37:22rtg800 push
00:37:28rtg800 push kane
00:37:43rtg800 how long till that ward vanished?
00:37:49rtg800 enigma
00:37:59pursuewhatstrue not much
00:38:03pursuewhatstrue -
00:38:07rtg800 ill put second
00:38:27mby_next_time SMOKE LICH
00:38:28mby_next_time GOGOGO
00:38:30mby_next_time GOD DAMN IT
00:38:30rtg800 :(
00:38:35rtg800 get rax
00:38:57Rebing wtf are you doing
00:38:59rtg800 gjgjgjgj
00:39:01Rebing what a kid
00:39:01AliBaba :D
00:39:02mby_next_time I HEARD I FUCKING GOT ANY STUN ON YOU
00:39:06mby_next_time first of all
00:39:08mby_next_time im not kid
00:39:10mby_next_time second of all
00:39:12mby_next_time you're fucking nothing
00:39:15mby_next_time you do only feed
00:39:17Rebing nah, the "first of all" aint true
00:39:19mby_next_time and miss your fucking ulti
00:39:25rtg800 mid fast
00:39:26rtg800 and its gg
00:39:26mby_next_time you know my age?
00:39:29mby_next_time no you fucking dont know
00:39:32Rebing second time i missed my ulti
00:39:34mby_next_time SO FUCKING SHUT THE FUCK UP
00:39:37Rebing i know your age
00:39:39Rebing it's kid
00:39:40Simba u all cunts
00:39:43mby_next_time SO COME ON TELL IT
00:39:52mby_next_time you do behave as if you were kid
00:39:54Rebing i told you already
00:39:54Rebing kid
00:39:56mby_next_time when you try argueing
00:40:01mby_next_time with "kid kid"
00:40:02Fxx. icefrog
00:40:06Fxx. and his new heroes
00:40:09mby_next_time napster.
00:40:12Fxx. what allways is imba
00:40:34Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:43rtg800 its shit now
00:40:47rtg800 epic paper
00:40:50rtg800 i die every fight
00:40:55Fxx. u shop bad items
00:40:57Fxx. thats all
00:41:01rtg800 :D
00:41:03Fxx. your hero win this game
00:41:08Fxx. u totaly delete mid hero
00:41:10rtg800 hex is necessary for you/lyca
00:41:12Fxx. your hero
00:41:20Fxx. And luci had TOTALY FREE FARM
00:41:24mby_next_time HAHAHAHA
00:41:26Jerkku gg
00:41:30Rebing lucifer kid
00:41:31Rebing total twat
00:41:36mby_next_time nap
00:41:36Simba I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
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