Game #3667078

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+20 X
+2 TS

94% | 1634 X | 1505 TS

+21 X
+2 TS
77% | 1433 X | 1407 TS

+43 X
+2 TS

79% | 1419 X | 1380 TS

-25 X
+2 TS

69% | 1373 X | 1346 TS

-23 X
+4 TS

67% | 1302 X | 1391 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

98% | 1801 X | 1563 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

81% | 1445 X | 1426 TS

+6 X
-2 TS

65% | 1335 X | 1331 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

64% | 1292 X | 1366 TS

+13 X
-4 TS

63% | 1311 X | 1338 TS

Chat log the wut 2nd pick
00:00:24Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:24Affliction -ii
00:00:24Affliction -don
00:00:24Affliction -hhn
00:00:24DeMiaN yea ur overated
00:00:24DeMiaN ahaha
00:00:24DeMiaN j/K not as badly as u :D
00:00:24DeMiaN yea lol
00:00:24DeMiaN at 5pm
00:00:24DeMiaN i was 83 %
00:00:24DeMiaN ahaha .p
00:00:24Affliction zzZZZ
00:00:24livingde4th ban omniturd
00:00:24Momdsiw moi duxeri
00:00:24DeduXserS sd
00:00:30Momdsiw xini ;(
00:00:30RalleBrazil ogre get it for me please guess i can xin
00:00:37Momdsiw pelaisko xin
00:00:43DeMiaN blaaah ogre for him
00:00:47DeMiaN no more ogre i bet
00:00:52DeMiaN ohh sweet
00:01:05DeMiaN get sk
00:01:06DeMiaN ?
00:01:07RalleBrazil i got him for me mate?
00:01:12DeMiaN yy
00:01:13DeMiaN for you
00:01:22RalleBrazil thx! What u want mate?
00:01:27DeMiaN panda or DK ? any 1 want SK?
00:01:34Momdsiw miks ring of prottu midii
00:01:35DeMiaN guys panda
00:01:35VanillaThunder yea me plz
00:01:36DeMiaN or DK ?
00:01:39DeduXserS emt :D
00:01:40livingde4th check rune
00:01:41DeMiaN gimme panda
00:01:41livingde4th plzzz
00:01:42RalleBrazil panda.. jester u want sk?
00:01:43Momdsiw höppänä xD
00:01:44DeduXserS olin menos linelle
00:01:45DeMiaN panda
00:01:46VanillaThunder y
00:01:47Momdsiw vaihetaako get me mmm
00:01:51Momdsiw tai tuu mun kaa
00:01:52RalleBrazil -swap 3 dk
00:01:52DeMiaN -swap 4
00:01:57Momdsiw rapetaa kaksistaa lol wtf
00:01:59VanillaThunder sry too late
00:02:01Buttons ds/pit? u play it then
00:02:05VanillaThunder but i play him y
00:02:05Momdsiw tuu duxeri toppii
00:02:06Momdsiw pi
00:02:08Momdsiw pit
00:02:08Affliction PIT !
00:02:17Momdsiw duxeri tuu toppii
00:02:18Buttons fml
00:02:18Affliction LOL
00:02:19livingde4th check runes
00:02:20livingde4th gogogo
00:02:23RalleBrazil sk me and u top
00:02:26Buttons i clicked at last milisecond
00:02:26DeduXserS I TAKE SNIPER ------ ME BUTTONS
00:02:28DeduXserS WE NEED CARRY
00:02:33RalleBrazil puch bot
00:02:35Affliction he randomes
00:02:36Affliction :/
00:02:37livingde4th its butters haha
00:02:38DeduXserS 3 carries already hehehe me last pick
00:02:39Affliction randomed
00:02:42Buttons i'm a faggot - deducshit
00:02:49DeMiaN axaxaxaxaxax
00:02:51Buttons random ftl Now thats bannable Buttons
00:02:54DeMiaN puck
00:02:55DeMiaN let me farm
00:02:56DeMiaN ok
00:02:59VanillaThunder ofc
00:02:59Buttons ban me then They should actually
00:03:12Buttons sry for standing up formyself Constant gameruin
00:03:13DeMiaN if fail hard i will pull
00:03:15DeMiaN otherwise u can
00:03:21DeMiaN if lane hard*
00:03:30Buttons ask for opinion on last pick
00:03:33Buttons none given
00:03:38Buttons i decided too late ;) fxx should be ez target plant the wards
00:05:07Affliction rune top
00:05:50Momdsiw MISSILE MAYBE?
00:05:51Momdsiw FORM WOODS u plant that in the ffs give the ward
00:07:04Momdsiw missile
00:07:06Momdsiw that ogre
00:07:11Buttons puck ss bot
00:07:15livingde4th ss
00:08:02Momdsiw missile and kill so bad ward man
00:08:35Momdsiw TUN MID
00:08:43RalleBrazil rocket
00:08:55Momdsiw NUUB CAPTAIN FF
00:08:56DeduXserS tapa se?
00:08:59DeduXserS wat
00:09:02DeduXserS sil ei ollu leap
00:09:03DeduXserS :P?
00:09:38Buttons ss mid?
00:10:26RalleBrazil go to hell
00:10:27RalleBrazil really christ
00:10:30DeMiaN i go pull while ring give me regen
00:10:42Buttons ss bot
00:10:43Buttons re 1
00:10:46RalleBrazil 3 top fucking do something mid???!?!
00:10:52Momdsiw tuun mid
00:11:06DeduXserS mil tuuril rune
00:11:08DeduXserS aina muual
00:11:19livingde4th obs plz
00:11:24livingde4th check
00:11:25livingde4th dedu low
00:11:27Momdsiw ulti misisle top
00:11:36livingde4th ss
00:11:39livingde4th dedu rune
00:12:56livingde4th go
00:13:06Momdsiw botis
00:13:07Momdsiw hae
00:13:12DeMiaN tower
00:13:13DeduXserS Clap last hit 666
00:13:14livingde4th wtf
00:13:18livingde4th i arrow
00:13:21livingde4th u save nuke for lasthit
00:13:21DeMiaN yeah
00:13:23DeMiaN wanted to
00:13:24livingde4th im maincarry
00:13:24livingde4th wtf
00:13:27livingde4th suck my cock
00:13:27DeMiaN give u the kill but
00:13:28DeMiaN tower
00:13:30DeMiaN targeted me
00:13:35livingde4th lol
00:13:35DeMiaN so needed to end it
00:13:42livingde4th why didnt u use it right away
00:13:45livingde4th he wouldnt die
00:13:54DeMiaN yeah he would after elune
00:13:56livingde4th well nvm
00:13:58DeMiaN he has 600 hp
00:14:01Momdsiw -ii ROFL OUTRUNNED BY BUTTONS go ult
00:15:57Fxx. only multicasts ?
00:16:14Momdsiw cs panda?
00:16:19Fxx. botle
00:16:29Momdsiw osta botit
00:16:42livingde4th -st ah come on
00:16:57livingde4th stop taking my kills
00:16:57livingde4th sk wp block actually
00:16:57livingde4th and all
00:16:57livingde4th ffs
00:16:57livingde4th i dont have cs
00:16:57livingde4th only ganked
00:16:57Fxx. they Pfft
00:16:57Fxx. have 0 mana
00:16:57Fxx. stay
00:16:57Fxx. here sniper And u didint gank top at all Made us fail So Fuck u
00:16:57Buttons 100%
00:16:57Buttons sure
00:16:57Buttons ?
00:16:57DeduXserS :)
00:16:57DeduXserS y
00:16:57livingde4th i tried
00:16:57Fxx. panda
00:16:57livingde4th once
00:16:57Fxx. yes
00:16:57livingde4th but they hugged
00:16:57Affliction my ulti otw
00:16:57Fxx. mirana
00:16:57livingde4th twr
00:16:57Fxx. yes
00:16:57Affliction :D
00:16:57Fxx. dont know
00:16:57livingde4th so no point
00:16:57Fxx. how
00:16:57Fxx. many
00:16:57Fxx. ogre
00:16:57Fxx. dont see ogre So now our overfarmed panda laggs out how perfect well theres ur cash
00:16:57livingde4th well
00:16:57Buttons if panda
00:16:57livingde4th u ge
00:16:57Buttons drops
00:16:57livingde4th t
00:16:57Buttons i go pls
00:16:57livingde4th vang
00:16:57livingde4th me point
00:16:57DeduXserS yes
00:16:57Buttons don't want to play this bs hero fair deal we needed him though sell rest u
00:16:57Fxx. what items
00:16:57Fxx. u have ?
00:16:57Fxx. some for ima try to farm dagger fast
00:16:57Fxx. me ?
00:16:57livingde4th y
00:16:57Fxx. :-)
00:16:57Buttons yh rapier 6x
00:16:57Fxx. :-)
00:16:57Buttons if panda goes
00:16:57Buttons you should b
00:16:57Affliction nah
00:16:57Fxx. i check
00:16:57Fxx. 1. ogre mana
00:16:57Fxx. if he dont ha they send buttong unfair
00:16:59Fxx. :-) lol WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
00:17:17Momdsiw tuu saat mana
00:17:22livingde4th get ralle afk :D:D:D
00:17:30DeMiaN OMG
00:17:30DeMiaN OMG
00:17:34DeMiaN so sorry
00:17:39livingde4th puck kill snjiper???
00:17:43DeMiaN I made the sprint
00:17:45DeMiaN of my life
00:17:46livingde4th me jango
00:17:47VanillaThunder ulti cd
00:17:48DeMiaN to go reset rooter
00:17:50DeMiaN axxaxax
00:17:52Fxx. :-)
00:17:58Buttons bomb defused yh
00:17:59livingde4th def push Fail
00:19:08Fxx. how u know that ?
00:19:19livingde4th b Got vision somehow
00:19:34DeMiaN wtf
00:19:36DeMiaN why ?
00:19:48RalleBrazil he was mine!
00:19:51DeMiaN noob ralle
00:19:53livingde4th hawk plz
00:20:12livingde4th gone
00:20:13livingde4th b
00:20:26DeMiaN shift ?
00:20:32VanillaThunder cant
00:21:05DeMiaN retard
00:21:45livingde4th b
00:21:47RalleBrazil inc! nioce shot :D Ralle why ur b With full fucking hp? we are so going to lose this game because of some tard +s
00:23:28Fxx. And more luck panda
00:23:28livingde4th -st SOME BITCHES JUST DESERVE IT ;)
00:23:40Fxx. :-)
00:23:46livingde4th -st
00:24:35Fxx. u have got map hack , or i rly dont know
00:24:36Fxx. ...
00:24:44VanillaThunder :D Theres a thing now U can Download Those replays urself. :P
00:25:13Fxx. -afk
00:25:24livingde4th panda get tp
00:25:25livingde4th ffs
00:25:31livingde4th dont go
00:25:40DeduXserS mid
00:25:41DeduXserS tuu
00:25:45DeduXserS joku deffaa
00:25:46DeduXserS salee
00:26:52DeMiaN ty 150 away from dagger
00:27:13DeduXserS take
00:27:43Fxx. 5:0:3 - 6:5:8
00:27:47Fxx. love this game
00:27:56Fxx. sniper
00:27:58Fxx. OMG
00:28:03Fxx. 25 free farm
00:28:05Buttons n
00:28:07Fxx. try to last hit
00:28:08Fxx. ,,,
00:28:16Fxx. u have got 0 farm
00:28:19Fxx. and autoatack
00:28:22Buttons you don't understand
00:28:24Buttons and i don't autoattack
00:28:25livingde4th twrs?
00:28:27livingde4th together
00:28:31Momdsiw maybe you dont understand
00:28:32Fxx. i check u sometimes freekill at top?
00:28:33Fxx. ...
00:28:34Momdsiw you going lothar xD
00:28:37livingde4th go top twr
00:28:38livingde4th all
00:28:40livingde4th panda
00:29:04livingde4th twr
00:29:26Fxx. ok
00:29:28Fxx. puck
00:29:39livingde4th gone
00:29:39Fxx. i report this replay
00:29:40livingde4th b
00:29:40Fxx. rly
00:29:43livingde4th gone
00:29:43livingde4th b
00:29:46Fxx. same sk
00:29:47VanillaThunder why? :D:D:D
00:29:51DeMiaN for lol ?
00:29:51Affliction well ffx
00:29:55Fxx. somethink smell here
00:29:58DeduXserS :D
00:29:58VanillaThunder omg watch replay u appear on the minimap if i really had a mh
00:30:01Affliction repel have "ANTI" mh I wouldve been banned long time ago Think with ur head not with your ass Blue why the fuck
00:31:46RalleBrazil care
00:32:31VanillaThunder illu
00:32:47RalleBrazil Trickt !! :o :D
00:33:00Momdsiw TUUN
00:33:58DeduXserS useful forerst sniper with lothar
00:34:02Buttons yh
00:34:04Buttons this is me for the game
00:34:18Buttons no lane farm going obv blu
00:34:56Fxx. this cant be true
00:35:04Fxx. they allways same place ,where i m
00:35:08livingde4th dust plz
00:35:15DeMiaN ok lvl 16
00:35:15livingde4th panda daggeer
00:35:16DeMiaN and aga
00:35:17Fxx. and team ussless fot teamfights
00:35:18DeMiaN go push
00:35:42Fxx. can we go push
00:35:45Fxx. ALL TOGETHER
00:35:45Fxx. ?
00:35:48Momdsiw tuunh koht
00:35:54Fxx. or sniper wanna 60 min farm 2 items ?
00:35:58Buttons yh
00:36:03Buttons with epic dual lane farm
00:36:03DeMiaN push bot ?
00:36:05DeduXserS fucking moron sniper
00:36:06Fxx. fucking booring game
00:36:08DeduXserS can u start playing
00:36:10livingde4th -st
00:36:17DeduXserS u fuck farm only WHEN U GOT GANK ITEM AKA LOTHAR
00:36:17Buttons you don't play like a team
00:36:22DeduXserS ME? :DDDD
00:36:27DeduXserS 20 gank points on me
00:36:31DeduXserS u got 4
00:36:32DeduXserS :DDD
00:36:32Fxx. tp
00:36:33DeduXserS u talk
00:36:36DeduXserS abotu gank and teamplay
00:36:40DeMiaN go
00:36:42DeMiaN dedu dead
00:37:08livingde4th b
00:37:20livingde4th b
00:37:36Fxx. ...
00:37:56Momdsiw mene pissille
00:38:01Fxx. hate games like this
00:38:04Fxx. when i m 1. target
00:38:12DeduXserS coz
00:38:12Fxx. + 1 ussless "Carry" in team
00:38:16Buttons yh
00:38:19Buttons i suck at carry
00:38:22DeduXserS sniper u damn NEED bkb
00:38:25DeduXserS not yasha-.-
00:38:37DeduXserS one multi cast u dead
00:38:39Fxx. i have got same farm last 20 min
00:38:40Fxx. ... they rosh=?
00:38:43DeMiaN dagger instakill
00:39:19DeMiaN blaaah
00:39:23DeMiaN 1 more sec for ult cd
00:39:28Fxx. they 1. time dont focus me
00:39:31Fxx. and we win :-) y didint u say so? i couldve gotten time for ultit hat way
00:39:36DeduXserS COZ I BAIT
00:39:39DeduXserS lol....
00:39:41Fxx. btw
00:39:43livingde4th hmm
00:39:44Fxx. orchid
00:39:46livingde4th diffu or butter
00:39:47Fxx. vs panda
00:39:49Fxx. will be great
00:39:50DeMiaN butter
00:39:52VanillaThunder b
00:39:59Momdsiw BUY IT THEN+ ........... rofl
00:40:04RalleBrazil to late for that
00:40:09DeMiaN but u need both
00:40:11Fxx. ok
00:40:12Fxx. i go it
00:40:13VanillaThunder lol dont even stay there
00:40:31Fxx. morph ethernal ?
00:40:34DeduXserS nope
00:40:39Fxx. why not ?
00:40:39DeduXserS need linken lets try luring? panda lures?
00:41:02DeMiaN kk
00:41:03DeMiaN i bait
00:41:05livingde4th go mid
00:41:05livingde4th all
00:41:06livingde4th gogo
00:41:09DeMiaN k
00:41:12DeduXserS boring game
00:41:23DeMiaN i bait
00:41:26livingde4th ogre b
00:41:26livingde4th ffs
00:41:26DeMiaN stay near but on fog
00:41:44livingde4th cd
00:41:45livingde4th sorry
00:41:56DeduXserS ........
00:42:01Buttons yh bad pathing
00:42:06Buttons i am noob obv
00:42:10DeduXserS yes u are
00:42:28Buttons you too
00:42:49livingde4th b
00:42:55DeMiaN go imo
00:42:56livingde4th b
00:42:57livingde4th b
00:42:58livingde4th b
00:43:03DeMiaN i engage
00:43:05livingde4th ogre low
00:43:06livingde4th b
00:43:07livingde4th f
00:43:15Affliction !?
00:43:31livingde4th panda
00:43:33livingde4th get armor
00:43:37DeMiaN cuirras ?
00:43:38livingde4th or blademail
00:43:41livingde4th ac is ok
00:43:45livingde4th or vladi
00:43:47DeMiaN but
00:43:49DeMiaN i don't need
00:43:51DeMiaN actually
00:43:53DeMiaN coz i have ult u know aghna now me to lets go imo
00:44:02livingde4th well
00:44:03livingde4th lol
00:44:07livingde4th then dont build anything
00:44:11DeMiaN was thinking
00:44:14DeMiaN refresher =) morph will own us soon
00:44:20livingde4th no
00:44:24livingde4th not ref
00:44:26livingde4th lol
00:44:27livingde4th if u serious
00:44:32RalleBrazil mid?
00:44:36livingde4th k
00:44:38livingde4th but get
00:44:39livingde4th obs and he dies :D
00:44:51livingde4th go mid all ooor
00:45:12livingde4th gogogo
00:45:13DeMiaN k end
00:45:19livingde4th tp
00:45:20livingde4th to def
00:45:23livingde4th tp rest stay
00:45:31Fxx. sk no ulty
00:45:31livingde4th no LOl What a FUUUCKING tp. :D
00:46:39DeMiaN soooo
00:46:40DeMiaN why not
00:46:41RalleBrazil why ?
00:46:42DeMiaN refresher ?
00:47:17livingde4th -st
00:47:27DeMiaN yea i go refresher
00:47:31DeMiaN all my items useless when i ult tp
00:48:10Fxx. dedu tp
00:48:10Fxx. down
00:48:12Fxx. destroy
00:48:13Fxx. rax
00:48:22Fxx. to late
00:48:34Fxx. we could have rax
00:48:44Fxx. gem sk
00:48:52livingde4th -st k go mid now?
00:49:05Fxx. tp down
00:49:07Fxx. if u can
00:49:12Fxx. i try to prepare
00:49:15Fxx. side
00:49:18Fxx. with my ulty
00:49:19DeMiaN need entry imo
00:49:23Fxx. in teamfights
00:49:23livingde4th get obs
00:49:26Fxx. tp down
00:49:27livingde4th we bait
00:49:27Fxx. and push
00:49:31Fxx. and go back with ulty
00:49:33livingde4th come ffs
00:49:36livingde4th follow me
00:49:37livingde4th come
00:49:40livingde4th we bait at roshan
00:49:45livingde4th but dont tpouch it
00:49:50livingde4th they will come
00:49:58DeMiaN hide here
00:50:11livingde4th illu gem still there yeah we wont win thi this
00:51:00DeMiaN was bad fight
00:51:01RalleBrazil I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:01livingde4th not over yet
00:51:03livingde4th y
00:51:03Fxx. PUSH
00:51:12DeMiaN we got fucked by the illy
00:51:13DeMiaN illu
00:51:23Fxx. 3 dead
00:51:24livingde4th y my bad
00:51:25DeMiaN but now dedu aegys
00:51:27livingde4th botice it too late
00:51:39DeMiaN oh shit they push
00:52:29livingde4th ffs
00:52:30livingde4th ky buttwer
00:52:31Affliction 2.7K TO HEX :p there will be always lureing illus
00:52:39Momdsiw nice farm it!!!!!!!!!
00:52:40livingde4th def bot and them having a bot
00:52:43Affliction :D
00:52:52DeduXserS tankkaa aku roosa?
00:52:57Momdsiw en osaa
00:53:23livingde4th go
00:53:27Affliction have no room for wards
00:53:28livingde4th gogoo
00:53:46livingde4th rosh
00:53:47DeMiaN mid
00:53:52DeMiaN blaah
00:54:01DeduXserS sniper sell that stupid aquil ring
00:54:03DeduXserS and get tp
00:54:13Fxx. orchid rdy
00:54:32livingde4th -st
00:54:38livingde4th go mid
00:55:33DeMiaN b
00:55:40VanillaThunder rax
00:56:09VanillaThunder rax we need em fuckign raxes
00:56:18livingde4th rax
00:56:19DeMiaN melee KILL him So his dead again
00:56:23Momdsiw ICE VORTEX
00:56:24Momdsiw SPAM 'nice gogo
00:56:30livingde4th rax
00:56:30livingde4th rax
00:56:31livingde4th rqax
00:56:31VanillaThunder rax
00:56:32livingde4th rax
00:56:33livingde4th rax
00:56:33livingde4th erX
00:56:34livingde4th ERAX
00:56:35livingde4th ERAx
00:56:36livingde4th erax
00:56:37livingde4th rax
00:56:38VanillaThunder rax
00:56:38livingde4th rax
00:56:38livingde4th rax
00:56:39livingde4th rax
00:56:40livingde4th rax
00:56:41livingde4th rax
00:56:42livingde4th rax
00:56:42livingde4th rax
00:56:44livingde4th rask
00:56:44livingde4th rax
00:56:45livingde4th rax
00:56:49livingde4th rax
00:56:50livingde4th slk
00:56:51livingde4th melee WHY U CAHSED
00:56:52livingde4th rzx
00:57:13livingde4th almost quited
00:57:16livingde4th cos hit so many times
00:57:17livingde4th ffs
00:57:18DeMiaN chill
00:57:20DeMiaN we got raxxes
00:57:26livingde4th chill my ass
00:57:28livingde4th they got 4 agis
00:57:32livingde4th we dont get many chances woudve been right thing
00:57:33livingde4th like tghat you chase them als
00:57:49DeMiaN refresher panda
00:57:52DeMiaN first time i see that
00:57:55DeMiaN hope it rocks
00:58:17DeduXserS ju?
00:58:20Fxx. fucking booorign game
00:58:21livingde4th bot all
00:58:22livingde4th come
00:58:25Fxx. i thing worst game at dota-gc
00:58:27livingde4th mid gonme
00:58:31Momdsiw not even nearly yea cause your ass is in here
00:58:53Momdsiw sharee nii pullaan ku unohat i go cruia+ cuirass?
00:59:01Fxx. ilu
00:59:01livingde4th -st
00:59:05livingde4th come mid
00:59:07DeMiaN yes u can
00:59:09livingde4th no
00:59:11livingde4th get blademail
00:59:17VanillaThunder got bot
00:59:18livingde4th and ghost
00:59:21livingde4th blademail
00:59:22livingde4th sk
00:59:29livingde4th blademail or hot
00:59:33RalleBrazil def
00:59:45livingde4th b
00:59:46livingde4th def
00:59:48livingde4th tp
01:00:53livingde4th hmm
01:00:54livingde4th 3k
01:01:23livingde4th hmm
01:01:24livingde4th skadi mirana
01:01:25livingde4th or what u and me bot? and i mean boots of travel
01:01:36livingde4th or hot :F
01:01:36DeduXserS who the fuck killed my camp
01:01:42Fxx. sniper
01:01:45DeduXserS surprise
01:01:47livingde4th skadi buri or hot
01:01:48Fxx. :-)
01:01:49Buttons ask me
01:01:50DeduXserS nooooooot
01:01:52DeMiaN ur call
01:01:52Buttons if i give a shit dont solo die there
01:01:56DeduXserS why have to ruin game
01:01:57DeduXserS always
01:02:08Buttons boring game, boring team, boring hero
01:02:42DeMiaN rdy ? Panda has to go first im always ready
01:02:46DeMiaN i dagger ult need u to distract them
01:02:56DeMiaN dagger canceled
01:03:02DeMiaN kk
01:03:54Momdsiw I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:04:08livingde4th sorry guys panda dies
01:04:13livingde4th but i just took it safe
01:04:15livingde4th raxes
01:04:16livingde4th :) np u shouldve gone for bot ones also
01:04:26Momdsiw FLAK?
01:04:34livingde4th hot done
01:04:36Buttons tp?
01:04:40Fxx. wp sniper
01:04:44Fxx. u lost 100% win game
01:04:49DeMiaN does 2x refresher works ?
01:04:50DeMiaN =))))))
01:04:51DeduXserS :P yu
01:04:55DeduXserS aiegis
01:04:59Buttons you lost 100% win last 3 games i played with you fxx
01:05:01livingde4th no
01:05:06DeduXserS take someone
01:05:07livingde4th they roshin thats FUCKIGN bad
01:05:22Fxx. let me
01:05:24DeMiaN well we can suicide raxx
01:05:27DeMiaN LOOOL
01:05:29DeMiaN gyro ? and then they suicide win
01:05:33DeduXserS me full :P
01:05:36DeMiaN xin ?
01:05:48livingde4th def mid at base
01:05:53Buttons leave top to collapse
01:05:54Buttons ok
01:05:54Fxx. S
01:06:02Buttons you have to push lanes out right
01:06:44DeMiaN gg
01:06:45DeMiaN wp
01:06:48DeMiaN if he can't buyback has buyout go bot i push other lanes and tele
01:07:01DeMiaN from mid GO
01:07:04Fxx. no money rebuay ?
01:07:06Fxx. rebuy ? k walk in from mid
01:07:11Fxx. if not
01:07:12livingde4th -ms
01:07:13Fxx. time to ff
01:07:13DeMiaN yeah we know =)
01:07:26Momdsiw lizards :<
01:07:33DeduXserS 100g buyback :;P w/E
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