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Chat log

00:00:00Zulu [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 76 seconds.
00:00:08LetItBe any ogre or sk?
00:00:08Banana jeeeeeeee
00:00:19Banana pole 4 päeva mänginud :DD
00:00:22LetItBe any ogre sk ?
00:00:22Banana give me ogre
00:00:23LetItBe opk
00:00:23Banana or wait
00:00:23mby_next_time letitbe you going mid or can i?
00:00:23Banana i go wd
00:00:23marsbar2k spec
00:00:23Banana give me wd
00:00:23LetItBe sky
00:00:23Banana smegma ogre
00:00:23marsbar2k any wishes
00:00:23SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:00:23LetItBe i pick ogre for someone?
00:00:23LetItBe ok
00:00:23AliBaba sd
00:00:23LetItBe ill see
00:00:23AliBaba :D
00:00:23LetItBe dunno yet
00:00:23SMEGMAPLEKK võin
00:00:23SMEGMAPLEKK sk teha
00:00:23SMEGMAPLEKK kui vaja
00:00:24SMEGMAPLEKK sk
00:00:26AliBaba eller vil emre spille den ?
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK sand anna siis juba
00:00:33marsbar2k get ogre sk
00:00:34marsbar2k :D
00:00:36Banana 7a
00:00:37LetItBe ogre / sand siis?
00:00:40LetItBe kumb?
00:00:40SMEGMAPLEKK sand
00:00:42SMEGMAPLEKK sand
00:00:44LetItBe ogre parem
00:00:45LetItBe ...
00:00:48SMEGMAPLEKK pohh
00:00:50SMEGMAPLEKK pick siis
00:00:51SMEGMAPLEKK ise
00:00:53SMEGMAPLEKK savi kumba teen
00:00:57Banana :D:D:D
00:01:04SMEGMAPLEKK tra pole mai tea mis ajast pelanud:D
00:01:06LetItBe get sk wd
00:01:09LetItBe imba lanes
00:01:10LetItBe inc
00:01:12LetItBe if u pick those heros
00:01:20LetItBe slardar good too
00:01:20LetItBe vs bon
00:01:20LetItBe bone
00:01:22Banana nickless what u pick?
00:01:27mby_next_time \
00:01:28Nickless magnus
00:01:29LetItBe sd good too
00:01:31SMEGMAPLEKK oota mis asja?:D
00:01:31mby_next_time go sk / wd seirously.
00:01:32Zulu i need support bot
00:01:34Zulu go top
00:01:37SMEGMAPLEKK sk?
00:01:37marsbar2k cooper top
00:01:42Banana jeje
00:01:45Zulu sd with me
00:01:45LetItBe anna leshrac
00:01:50SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:01:51Nickless no take dps
00:01:54Nickless dps..
00:01:57LetItBe im mid
00:01:58SMEGMAPLEKK -swap 1
00:01:59LetItBe -swap 5
00:02:07Banana lanes?
00:02:11Nickless butwhy no carry
00:02:13Banana me ogre botty
00:02:18LetItBe wd ogre bot
00:02:20LetItBe magnus rubick top
00:02:28LetItBe get wards
00:02:29LetItBe bot
00:02:33Banana asap
00:02:42SMEGMAPLEKK asap?
00:02:45SMEGMAPLEKK ms see tähendab?:D
00:02:47mby_next_time as fast as possible.
00:02:48Banana :D.
00:02:53SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:03:02mby_next_time nickless can you pull?
00:03:05Nickless y
00:03:06mby_next_time if it's not warded?
00:03:08mby_next_time kk thankms
00:03:10mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:10mby_next_time -don
00:03:12mby_next_time -water red
00:03:12mby_next_time -clear
00:05:13Banana f o
00:05:52LetItBe mid inc top
00:05:53LetItBe w rune
00:06:02LetItBe re
00:06:37Banana ss
00:07:10LetItBe tule midi
00:07:10LetItBe ogre
00:07:15LetItBe see vend luckib rsk
00:07:21Nickless up chick
00:07:24SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:07:28AliBaba s
00:08:10SMEGMAPLEKK kill?
00:08:15LetItBe stuni
00:08:18SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:08:48marsbar2k ogre going toip
00:08:49marsbar2k care
00:09:02Zulu ss
00:09:07Nickless arcane would be best..
00:09:15mby_next_time im trying to get it
00:09:26marsbar2k gj
00:09:29Nickless gr8
00:09:45LetItBe gankbot
00:09:47LetItBe got dusts
00:10:00marsbar2k why u all mid
00:10:04marsbar2k take care of your lane :D
00:10:06marsbar2k gj mid before
00:10:18LetItBe no tyra kyll
00:10:20LetItBe ei saa nii
00:10:21LetItBe :D
00:10:24mby_next_time got arcane
00:10:27Zulu w8
00:10:34marsbar2k ss
00:10:34LetItBe push tower
00:11:08LetItBe wards?
00:11:11LetItBe for runes?
00:11:57mby_next_time i loled :d
00:12:09SMEGMAPLEKK stuuuun
00:12:10LetItBe take mid
00:12:15mby_next_time got meteo
00:12:32Banana ple mõtet ilma dustita
00:12:40mby_next_time bla bla bla ;x
00:13:05Nickless bitch i spared u :)
00:14:07mby_next_time still dotn get it why you didnt let me mid.
00:14:08LetItBe stil 0 wards
00:14:37mby_next_time bone freefarms :d
00:14:43mby_next_time gg
00:15:13marsbar2k take it
00:15:47LetItBe go get bone
00:15:48LetItBe i tp bot
00:16:17marsbar2k go
00:18:55mby_next_time so many spells 2 steal :<
00:18:57mby_next_time cant choose
00:19:05Zulu go with sunstrike
00:19:07Zulu awsome
00:19:08mby_next_time kk
00:19:11mby_next_time gonna try it
00:20:29mby_next_time was i near ?:P
00:20:48mby_next_time invo?
00:20:53marsbar2k Sry what ?
00:20:59Banana tra esimene mäng ikka nii putsis
00:21:00mby_next_time was meteo near you ?
00:21:04marsbar2k Ye :p
00:21:04SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:21:04AliBaba no me ! :D
00:21:10mby_next_time damn :<>
00:21:30Banana b
00:21:31Banana b
00:21:31mby_next_time go
00:21:31Banana b
00:21:42mby_next_time erm.
00:21:55Banana i am so good
00:24:04Nickless ?
00:24:04mby_next_time you[].
00:24:19Nickless -ms
00:24:30mby_next_time damn
00:24:38mby_next_time was about to stick lothar shiet :<
00:25:01mby_next_time magna i need you to have dagger
00:25:07mby_next_time cuz if i get meteo + your ulti
00:25:11mby_next_time it's easy kill all
00:25:14Nickless y
00:25:26mby_next_time ALI ALI ALI1
00:25:36AliBaba tsh !
00:25:44mby_next_time i was with you!
00:25:50AliBaba :(
00:25:58mby_next_time seriously i wanted you to wi1
00:26:10AliBaba :D
00:26:10link reg
00:26:42Banana lol
00:26:43Banana forgot
00:26:45Banana :D:D
00:27:34Nickless push up
00:29:47mby_next_time hahaha
00:29:50mby_next_time perfect go in :D
00:29:57Banana :D
00:29:58mby_next_time -afk
00:30:06mby_next_time anyway my capitan is waste of everything
00:30:06Banana -afk
00:30:18mby_next_time i would change him for 1-4 of your team.
00:30:40mby_next_time next time
00:30:43mby_next_time seriously let me mid.
00:31:00mby_next_time invo got gem if we kill him it's win
00:31:49LetItBe keegi gemi ei taha osta v
00:31:51LetItBe ma see mäng nii paska pannud et
00:31:52LetItBe :D
00:31:53Nickless i wonder why i even tank in this game
00:31:53Banana nope
00:31:54Banana :D
00:31:54Nickless ..
00:32:22Banana smegma osta warde
00:32:42Banana invo gem
00:32:46LetItBe go
00:32:47LetItBe with 5
00:32:48LetItBe together
00:32:49LetItBe mid
00:32:50LetItBe go
00:32:54mby_next_time he got it vs me.
00:32:57mby_next_time anbd it's big problem
00:33:01mby_next_time b
00:33:02mby_next_time keep back
00:33:04mby_next_time dudes...
00:33:12mby_next_time why you go with 3 i dont get it
00:33:16Banana :D:D
00:33:28LetItBe def base
00:33:38Nickless mana
00:33:54marsbar2k b
00:33:55mby_next_time got meteo
00:34:01mby_next_time one good ulti
00:34:09SMEGMAPLEKK polish meteo?:D
00:34:13mby_next_time polish meteo!
00:34:27mby_next_time why you dont end it?
00:34:32Nickless they cant
00:34:36mby_next_time i know
00:34:40Nickless :D
00:34:42LetItBe why we have 2 hoods?
00:34:42LetItBe :D
00:34:43Nickless good tactics
00:34:47mby_next_time im just trying to force them to make gfault
00:35:10Nickless fuck i was writing when he silenced
00:35:26SMEGMAPLEKK f?
00:35:33Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:36SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:36Nickless invo gem care
00:36:07Zulu b
00:36:09LetItBe lets ff?
00:36:10LetItBe :O
00:36:12mby_next_time i wont
00:36:16SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:36:17Nickless not ff
00:36:18mby_next_time we got big chance of win
00:36:23Nickless y
00:36:24mby_next_time if magna can hit good ulti
00:36:29mby_next_time im gonna spell them to death
00:36:46mby_next_time RUN ALI RUN
00:37:11mby_next_time I TOLD YA
00:37:31SMEGMAPLEKK stun kui j6uan
00:37:33Nickless omw
00:37:43Banana wtf
00:37:48SMEGMAPLEKK witttu
00:37:50Banana miks sa ei stunninud?
00:37:57SMEGMAPLEKK mul jooksis mees kinni kui see vitt meteos tegi
00:38:02Banana :D:D:D
00:38:40mby_next_time gem to base
00:38:41mby_next_time please
00:38:44mby_next_time you odnt need it vs bone
00:38:45LetItBe miks?
00:38:49mby_next_time go dust etc
00:38:50mby_next_time no gem
00:38:50marsbar2k Why u deffing if u want us to end it :D?
00:38:56mby_next_time well actually
00:38:57Nickless hh
00:39:01marsbar2k Dont u tell me to end it again
00:39:02marsbar2k mofo
00:39:03mby_next_time i was just trying to force you
00:39:05marsbar2k stfu
00:39:09mby_next_time to make fault :)
00:39:12marsbar2k oki
00:39:26mby_next_time with team like that it's the only method to win :<
00:39:40Nickless come
00:40:04mby_next_time KK
00:40:07mby_next_time wrong hotkey
00:40:08mby_next_time rofl
00:40:17Zulu lol :D
00:40:20mby_next_time pwned
00:40:21Nickless :)
00:40:56mby_next_time magna please get that fucking dgger :D
00:41:01Nickless 100g
00:41:02Nickless :D
00:41:21mby_next_time DAT HEAL
00:42:13Nickless git it
00:42:15Nickless got'
00:43:04mby_next_time HAHAHA
00:43:04mby_next_time OWNED
00:43:05Zulu gay :D
00:43:06mby_next_time HAHAHAHA
00:43:14mby_next_time O W N E D
00:43:23Zulu n1 :)
00:43:27mby_next_time thanks :D
00:43:40mby_next_time bone no aegis anymore :d
00:43:48SMEGMAPLEKK why?
00:43:52mby_next_time i sun striked
00:43:53mby_next_time him
00:43:56mby_next_time when he was invis :3
00:44:00SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:44:01mby_next_time dat skill :3
00:44:21Nickless soon pipe
00:44:32SMEGMAPLEKK i mke pipe_P
00:44:39Nickless uf
00:44:42Nickless then meka
00:44:45SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:45:05mby_next_time GOD LEAVE ME ALONE FAG BONE
00:45:17mby_next_time i dont not fucking look at you :<
00:45:17Zulu my kill
00:45:17Zulu Rampage
00:45:17mby_next_time true
00:45:17marsbar2k Spiderpig is awesome
00:45:17Zulu go top after
00:45:17Zulu and end
00:45:17mby_next_time wel[]l
00:45:17mby_next_time my team
00:45:17mby_next_time isnt best
00:45:17mby_next_time also.
00:45:17Banana :D:D
00:45:17marsbar2k and u talk to much :D
00:45:17mby_next_time i do
00:45:17marsbar2k and i know u team think that aswell
00:45:17mby_next_time i know.
00:45:17Zulu i know i want this kill
00:45:17mby_next_time :P
00:45:17Zulu guys. dont attack him!!
00:45:17Zulu he is mine :P
00:45:17mby_next_time cs bone?
00:45:17Zulu -cs
00:45:17Zulu 105
00:45:17Zulu but got lot neutrals
00:45:17mby_next_time damn you're so bad farmer :D
00:45:17Zulu yep
00:45:17mby_next_time -cs
00:45:30Zulu yae
00:46:00marsbar2k pro treant got a tower
00:46:11mby_next_time pro spider got bkb
00:46:15LetItBe gyro made ghost scepter vs our team?
00:46:15LetItBe :D
00:46:19marsbar2k yeah
00:46:21marsbar2k was wondering aswell
00:46:40Zulu :(
00:47:26mby_next_time god damn it why my hotkeys are so slow :<
00:47:38mby_next_time seriously?
00:47:41Banana HAHA
00:47:44Banana unreal
00:48:07Nickless close enough
00:48:08Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:14SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:36Nickless i can win
00:48:41Nickless but there were 2of em to chase
00:49:52mby_next_time hmmm
00:49:54mby_next_time 1052 crit
00:49:57mby_next_time sounds cool
00:50:10mby_next_time funny is
00:50:12mby_next_time one blade mail
00:50:15mby_next_time would win that game
00:50:23mby_next_time but noooo tanks dont get it.
00:50:56mby_next_time sooooo freefarmed.
00:50:56mby_next_time -cs
00:51:05Nickless lame
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