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Chat log

00:00:04Jerkku RD
00:00:07Mircea.N -rd
00:00:08Rakett -xd
00:00:09LetItBe -RD
00:00:09Rakett -[]rd
00:00:10Rakett -rsd
00:00:17Rakett its
00:00:21Rakett 4 ar 4 xd
00:00:24Rakett but meh.
00:00:24Mr.HookomN :)
00:00:24Mr.HookomN XA
00:00:24Mr.HookomN :D
00:00:24LetItBe ar better
00:00:24Jerkku just go
00:00:24Zkzk -ar
00:00:24LetItBe imo
00:00:24Rakett ye we play
00:00:24mansikka bleh wanted to vote ar
00:00:24mansikka oh well
00:00:24Mr.HookomN 4=4
00:00:24Jerkku dont want reamke again
00:00:24Mr.HookomN play here
00:00:24LetItBe MEtOo
00:00:24LetItBe go
00:00:24mansikka anyone want something?
00:00:24LetItBe plz
00:00:24Jerkku me potm
00:00:24Mircea.N play
00:00:24Mr.HookomN y
00:00:24Rakett not gonna remake just play on
00:00:24LetItBe ban
00:00:24mansikka anyone lich?
00:00:24LetItBe ns slark banned gogo
00:00:24LetItBe :D
00:00:24mansikka lich
00:00:24Rakett ns
00:00:27Mr.HookomN baan
00:00:28Mr.HookomN exo
00:00:28Mr.HookomN ?
00:00:29Jerkku potm
00:00:31LetItBe NS LICH
00:00:33LetItBe BanNed
00:00:50Jerkku need
00:00:51Jerkku thrall
00:00:54Jerkku against those
00:00:58mansikka ota sk
00:01:01Mr.HookomN ::)
00:01:04Mr.HookomN give me pudge
00:01:05Jerkku -swap 1
00:01:07mansikka -swap 2
00:01:09Mr.HookomN pls :)
00:01:10LetItBe get some stuns
00:01:19LetItBe tc rexxar tuskarr
00:01:19Mr.HookomN :)
00:01:22Mr.HookomN coool
00:01:29mansikka get thrall yeah
00:01:30Mr.HookomN look the game
00:01:30Zkzk wtt to pick??
00:01:30LetItBe tuskarr bot w me
00:01:31Mr.HookomN :)
00:01:33Jerkku need
00:01:35Jerkku thrall
00:01:35Mircea.N tc
00:01:36Jerkku so badly
00:01:41Jerkku GG
00:01:41Rakett no
00:01:42mansikka OK
00:01:43mansikka OK
00:01:43LetItBe :D
00:01:43Rakett we need ranged
00:01:45Jerkku FF
00:01:46Rakett get thrall
00:01:50LetItBe oh thrall there
00:01:51mansikka fuck you
00:01:52LetItBe go thrall obv
00:01:53mansikka silencret
00:01:57mansikka silencer mid
00:02:05Doomy i wanted crix
00:02:07LetItBe thrall > tc < rexxar
00:02:15mansikka -swap 3
00:02:17Rakett ............
00:02:23LetItBe now lanes fucked up
00:02:24Doomy -swap 1
00:02:24LetItBe gl top
00:02:24Mr.HookomN DONT BLOCK ME HOOK
00:02:32mansikka TB WOODS
00:02:34Mr.HookomN I I will omn solo soon :D
00:02:41Rakett go che[]ck bottom rune
00:02:42Mr.HookomN free str
00:02:45Mr.HookomN :D
00:02:52mansikka terror you pull and stuff
00:03:00Doomy no chick?
00:03:01Mr.HookomN XAAX
00:03:02LetItBe :D
00:03:03Mircea.N gj gj
00:03:04Mr.HookomN pwond
00:03:09Jerkku :(
00:03:15Rakett stop
00:03:20Mr.HookomN thx
00:03:21Doomy new guy
00:03:23Mr.HookomN never
00:03:24Rakett mhm np
00:03:24Mr.HookomN :)
00:03:26Doomy u dindt read the rules
00:03:26Jerkku !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:03:27Doomy i bet
00:03:28Mr.HookomN :)
00:03:31Mr.HookomN read me name man
00:03:32Mr.HookomN :)
00:03:35Mr.HookomN <<
00:03:40Mr.HookomN pudge in love
00:03:41LetItBe pull plz ok?
00:03:41Mr.HookomN :D
00:03:43Mr.HookomN D
00:03:58Jerkku XXDXDXXDD
00:04:02Mr.HookomN wtf
00:04:06Mr.HookomN Last the
00:04:07Jerkku hes playing
00:04:09Jerkku first time
00:04:14Doomy buy the chick brown
00:04:16Zkzk pudge..
00:04:58Rakett shar
00:04:59Rakett e
00:05:02Mr.HookomN yy
00:05:13Rakett SHARE COURIER
00:05:24Zkzk sorry
00:05:50Jerkku bobo
00:05:52Jerkku can u leave
00:05:56Jerkku and save us all
00:06:08LetItBe try kill
00:06:39Mr.HookomN noob
00:06:44Mr.HookomN dont give him gold
00:07:08Zkzk u are a noob it called feed him
00:07:15Jerkku just love these guys
00:07:22Jerkku whom plays first time dota in gc
00:07:29LetItBe stop
00:07:29LetItBe plz
00:07:48Doomy omg
00:08:17Zkzk afk buying items :p
00:08:25LetItBe STOP
00:08:33LetItBe go to ur lane
00:08:34LetItBe ffs
00:08:34LetItBe tard
00:08:35Jerkku this tb
00:08:48Mr.HookomN come here
00:08:54Jerkku some1 should
00:08:56Jerkku plug
00:09:03mansikka yes pls
00:09:04Mr.HookomN noob shitt
00:09:14Jerkku bobo
00:09:17Jerkku please leave
00:09:25LetItBe tuskarr
00:09:26LetItBe go tb
00:09:27LetItBe he is 1 hp
00:09:36Doomy he will ruin
00:09:41Doomy so hard
00:09:49Doomy no items
00:10:21Mircea.N b
00:10:35Mircea.N oom
00:11:13Doomy leave brown
00:11:15Mr.HookomN coming mid
00:11:19Mircea.N i put ward ang attack
00:11:20Mircea.N ?
00:11:36Jerkku brown
00:11:37LetItBe w8
00:11:37Mircea.N click on me
00:11:38Jerkku leave ty
00:12:03LetItBe why?
00:12:08LetItBe we were both low
00:12:41Jerkku terror gots some imba items
00:12:43Jerkku nothing
00:12:51Jerkku free food mid
00:12:57Jerkku free
00:12:58Jerkku food
00:13:14Doomy he dunno how to play
00:13:30Doomy we have to ff at 25
00:13:37mansikka u think he will ff ? :D:D:D:
00:13:49Doomy ><
00:13:50Doomy true
00:14:04Doomy he didnt use one spell
00:14:18mansikka hes trollin...
00:14:23Rakett DRIBNK
00:14:24Rakett drink
00:14:44Mircea.N shit
00:14:45Rakett use rune -.-
00:14:48Mircea.N unable to frop
00:17:04LetItBe lets push?
00:17:09Mr.HookomN yy
00:17:29Mr.HookomN Omg
00:17:32Mr.HookomN the TB
00:17:32Mircea.N :)
00:17:34Mr.HookomN :)
00:17:51Mr.HookomN omg noob
00:17:52Mr.HookomN ?
00:17:53Mr.HookomN feed
00:17:58Jerkku again
00:18:01Mr.HookomN goreportd him
00:18:02Jerkku hees playing first time
00:18:05Jerkku dota
00:18:08Jerkku in gc
00:18:09Jerkku so
00:18:12Jerkku what can we do
00:18:26Doomy he doesnt talk...
00:18:31Jerkku m
00:18:36Jerkku well
00:18:38Mr.HookomN :)
00:18:40Jerkku NOW HE HAS ITEM
00:18:50Jerkku Free food
00:18:52Doomy next: use a spell
00:18:58Mr.HookomN reportd
00:19:38Mr.HookomN fuck
00:19:39Mr.HookomN me noob
00:20:16Mr.HookomN free
00:20:18Mr.HookomN win say ff
00:20:26Jerkku u really think
00:20:29Jerkku he is gonna fF?
00:20:30Doomy like he will ff
00:20:30Mr.HookomN y
00:20:34Jerkku he havent spoken not a once
00:21:42Jerkku RAMBAGE
00:22:14Mr.HookomN btw the is game ruing
00:22:15Mr.HookomN ?
00:22:38Mircea.N tb = free kill
00:22:47Rakett -ms
00:22:55Mr.HookomN fff
00:23:55LetItBe lõpetame ära
00:24:19Doomy so hard for you :)
00:26:35Zkzk 19-0!!!!!
00:26:40Zkzk fuck u
00:26:41Mr.HookomN man
00:26:44Mr.HookomN Tb mega noob
00:27:12LetItBe lähme
00:27:13LetItBe midi?
00:27:17Rakett hmm
00:27:30Mr.HookomN b
00:28:24mansikka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:27Doomy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:40Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:50Mr.HookomN reportd TB
00:28:51Mr.HookomN man
00:28:57Mr.HookomN the is joke
00:29:02Jerkku mm
00:29:04Jerkku so lame
00:29:07mansikka why dont u push...
00:30:17Doomy end this ffs
00:30:24Rakett stop defending then?
00:30:30mansikka stop hunting kills
00:30:31Doomy u dont need 50min to win this
00:30:32mansikka and finish
00:32:46Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:48Doomy I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:50Jerkku BALANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
00:32:50Doomy xD
00:32:50Jerkku XD
00:32:50Rakett Rexxar goes
00:32:50Zkzk hahaha
00:32:51Mr.HookomN yes
00:32:52Rakett game is over u wont lose
00:32:57Rakett any rating
00:33:00Mr.HookomN :)
00:33:06Mircea.N please leave rexx
00:33:07LetItBe jerkku are u retard?
00:33:07Mr.HookomN rex leav game
00:33:07Mr.HookomN man
00:33:07Jerkku its
00:33:07Jerkku rule
00:33:07Mr.HookomN never say leav
00:33:07Zkzk no
00:33:07Mr.HookomN game
00:33:07Mr.HookomN no
00:33:07Mr.HookomN you will baan
00:33:07Mircea.N u will check site.. it;s ok ;)
00:33:07Rakett rexxar u have to balance
00:33:07Zkzk no!!
00:33:07Rakett one of them left.
00:33:07LetItBe :D
00:33:07Jerkku he gets ban
00:33:07Jerkku then
00:33:07Mr.HookomN man
00:33:07Jerkku its rules
00:33:07LetItBe rexxar
00:33:07LetItBe go
00:33:07Mr.HookomN rexx
00:33:07LetItBe MAN
00:33:07Mr.HookomN go leav
00:33:07Zkzk i will be banded ?
00:33:07LetItBe no
00:33:07Rakett No
00:33:07Jerkku no
00:33:07LetItBe u will win
00:33:07Mircea.N rexx u get ban if u dont leave..
00:33:07Jerkku if u go
00:33:07LetItBe np
00:33:07Mr.HookomN yes
00:33:07Zkzk are u kidden ?
00:33:07LetItBe use the force,Luke.
00:33:07Jerkku no
00:33:07LetItBe and press quit
00:33:07Doomy n
00:33:07Rakett zkzk from?
00:33:07Mr.HookomN the is ceptan say you must leav
00:33:07Zkzk ]
00:33:07Jerkku if u dont leave
00:33:07Mircea.N we have to paly 4v4 ..
00:33:07Jerkku u get ban
00:33:07Rakett rus?
00:33:07Jerkku if u leave
00:33:07Mr.HookomN go leav
00:33:07Jerkku no ban
00:33:07Mr.HookomN ffs
00:33:07LetItBe kle ma lähen ise parem pohh
00:33:07LetItBe :D
00:33:07Jerkku no kidding
00:33:07Rakett k
00:33:07LetItBe gg
00:33:07Zkzk ok if i bandded ....u fucked
00:33:07Rakett mine.
00:33:07Mircea.N LEAVE MAN
00:33:07Mircea.N LEAVE
00:33:07mansikka leave and join new game
00:33:07mansikka ok
00:33:07Doomy rofl
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