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Chat log

00:00:04nigulas ei tea jah
00:00:06nigulas mis nuss see on
00:00:09Affliction NP:
00:00:13Affliction ;/
00:00:14atte shit i forget one thing
00:00:15HuaRong /
00:00:15HuaRong ?
00:00:15KeLToS ur car suck?
00:00:15Affliction -david_amo_and_julio_navas-fresco_sessions-fm-01-04-2012-eithel.mp3
00:00:15KeLToS no gas?
00:00:15KeLToS no insurance?
00:00:15nigulas no car?
00:00:15slc2 got servo?
00:00:15Affliction Got milk ?
00:00:15slc2 only three tiers?
00:00:15Affliction Milk was a bad choice.....
00:00:15slc2 someone should solo top im woods
00:00:15nigulas nop
00:00:15nigulas im woods
00:00:15atte am,
00:00:15mrk ära cheni
00:00:15slc2 im chen:)
00:00:15mrk ah nvm
00:00:15nigulas -
00:00:15slc2 not u nigu:D
00:00:15nigulas -lyca
00:00:15HuaRong wl for me, if u can
00:00:15mrk oleks 0 banninud
00:00:15mrk oleks kõik saanud
00:00:22HuaRong say pick
00:00:25nigulas i get 1 pick
00:00:26nigulas so
00:00:26nigulas y
00:00:27nigulas i chen
00:00:28atte nono the car is fine just has open doors
00:00:29atte :DD
00:00:36Bct_Murder pick CK
00:00:39nigulas võta ck
00:00:41nigulas ja mine topi
00:00:41nigulas solo
00:00:43nigulas ez kills
00:00:43atte but forgot this one other thing
00:00:48slc2 then u have arcon for free
00:01:09nigulas keltos
00:01:11nigulas take
00:01:11nigulas mid
00:01:22mrk skywraths
00:01:24mrk silence
00:01:25mrk vs omni
00:01:36HuaRong pick atte/?
00:01:37atte lanaaja
00:01:41atte -swap 5
00:01:44atte -swap 5
00:01:46HuaRong -swap 1
00:01:52nigulas clock
00:01:52curdi lanes?
00:01:55nigulas or seer
00:02:05slc2 fb bot?
00:02:09nigulas no mis sa oleks talle andnud?
00:02:11nigulas invo?:D
00:02:16nigulas wait 30 sec
00:02:17nigulas for creeps
00:02:18mrk no need
00:02:18nigulas then fb
00:02:19mrk gotop
00:02:23slc2 hmm
00:02:24Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:24mrk takes too much time
00:02:25nigulas but y
00:02:26nigulas go top
00:02:27Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Dark Seer [c,e,r,w]
00:02:28nigulas we get
00:02:30nigulas kills anyway
00:02:34Affliction getting anti ward asap for pull :)
00:02:37nigulas ha :D huarong wlib
00:02:39nigulas polegi nii hull
00:02:41KeLToS who meka
00:02:43atte np; Pacific Dub- Native.mp3
00:02:45nigulas me
00:02:52KeLToS good, then we can end early
00:02:53curdi tk - verta ja lihaa
00:02:59nigulas ck is late
00:03:00nigulas so np
00:03:02Affliction -david_amo_and_julio_navas-fresco_sessions-fm-01-04-2012-eithel.mp3
00:03:17nigulas jälle sajab lund
00:03:17Affliction FB?
00:03:19nigulas täitsa putsis
00:03:22nigulas aprill või asi
00:03:28curdi kinda hard but can try
00:03:31Affliction kk
00:03:32HuaRong ss
00:03:34nigulas ss1
00:03:35nigulas re
00:03:38nigulas warded
00:04:20nigulas rawhu
00:04:51Bct_Murder jarkiro?
00:04:57Bct_Murder omg man ;/
00:04:57Affliction :/
00:05:20slc2 w8
00:05:25KeLToS regen
00:05:37Affliction WTF !
00:05:40nigulas dno
00:05:58atte yummee
00:06:02slc2 skriv:)
00:06:22atte ss wd
00:06:27slc2 just tower ds
00:06:29Affliction tango
00:06:33atte re
00:06:41nigulas mana 0
00:06:42HuaRong need hlp down
00:07:09nigulas runetop
00:08:04nigulas tangod
00:08:05nigulas andsin
00:08:11nigulas mull 300 vaja
00:08:29atte ss
00:08:31slc2 chen meka?
00:08:31atte re
00:08:36nigulas u can go
00:08:37nigulas i go agha
00:08:38nigulas straight
00:08:53KeLToS gang mid i got dust
00:09:25slc2 be faster dude
00:09:28KeLToS ss
00:09:28atte ss wd
00:09:31atte re
00:09:47KeLToS miss still
00:10:23mrk dust
00:10:42mrk HIT
00:10:43mrk REGE
00:11:03HuaRong no mana
00:12:07atte go
00:12:17HuaRong wtf?
00:12:34KeLToS ?
00:12:35KeLToS no stun
00:12:47slc2 comming
00:12:58Affliction b
00:13:06Affliction dd
00:13:15HuaRong we could kill them bouth if u folow
00:13:23Bct_Murder gank up omni plz
00:13:30slc2 go get towers
00:13:40slc2 w8 for me
00:13:48slc2 chen tower
00:13:50mrk lanaya
00:13:54mrk was here
00:15:12slc2 wl
00:15:17mrk WARD
00:16:00Bct_Murder need gank omni up
00:16:11mrk THD LOL?
00:16:21mrk 1 hit
00:16:22mrk wl
00:16:22atte played your creep
00:17:20mrk dunno why im ganking
00:17:23mrk and thd wd farming lanes
00:17:45atte 4
00:17:59KeLToS fake
00:18:56slc2 tower
00:19:00atte vittuuks siin
00:19:01atte ff
00:19:03atte 0 stuns
00:19:15mrk upgrade bird
00:19:16mrk get wards
00:19:40curdi only 4s
00:19:53atte ff gg
00:19:55atte 0 stun
00:19:57atte vs
00:19:58atte :DD
00:20:49Affliction :D
00:20:55mrk kill
00:21:26HuaRong ff
00:21:38Affliction curdi we need you ;D
00:21:52KeLToS rosh
00:22:04curdi again 4s
00:22:05curdi sick
00:22:58slc2 lets go top+
00:23:11slc2 keltos kom
00:23:17Affliction hmm
00:23:18Affliction ;/
00:23:37atte n1
00:23:51nigulas KOHE ULT JÄLLE
00:24:24slc2 rape
00:24:26curdi not banning ck :)
00:24:27atte ff
00:24:29atte :DD
00:24:33atte not picking 1 stun
00:24:35Bct_Murder dark seer and CK owned :
00:24:37atte is the thing here
00:24:40Bct_Murder sorry for last game ;/
00:24:40curdi you took lanaya :/
00:24:42atte go throne
00:24:44atte yeah
00:24:45atte bad
00:24:46mrk ur not forgiven for the last one
00:24:46Bct_Murder i second time play with lion ;/
00:24:49mrk but u did good this game
00:24:56mrk wp
00:25:09slc2 take all smokes
00:26:28nigulas y
00:26:32nigulas a
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