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-29 X
-2 TS

98% | 1852 X | 1563 TS

-52 X
-2 TS

45% | 1165 X | 1296 TS

+25 X
-3 TS

42% | 1108 X | 1311 TS

+22 X
-25 TS

13% | 1012 X | 1116 TS

-9 X
-46 TS

NEW | 1035 X | 1044 TS

+5 X
+3 TS

87% | 1568 X | 1429 TS

+46 X
+3 TS

69% | 1336 X | 1380 TS

+0 X
+4 TS

48% | 1145 X | 1350 TS

-8 X
+19 TS

23% | 1086 X | 1148 TS

+5 X
+2 TS

8% | 841 X | 1229 TS

Chat log

00:00:00j22koer [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... GottHasstMich with 64 seconds.
00:00:11-HewaL- GOthic STOP PLAYING
00:00:11GOTHIC...LORD ban husker
00:00:11DraineWaker bans?
00:00:15GOTHIC...LORD u stop talking
00:00:15DeduXserS anyone phoenix?
00:00:15DraineWaker gothic lor
00:00:15DeduXserS omni
00:00:15GottHasstMich s1 cm
00:00:15GottHasstMich who takes cm?
00:00:15GottHasstMich pudge
00:00:16GOTHIC...LORD ?
00:00:18DraineWaker seriously every1 here hates u :D
00:00:23j22koer i m cm
00:00:30GOTHIC...LORD good for me
00:00:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME i love Gothic Lord he is good little girl
00:00:32DraineWaker XD
00:00:34DeduXserS anyone swap?
00:00:38GOTHIC...LORD thats why im gothic
00:00:42Banana noo ot me
00:00:42j22koer :D
00:00:45GOTHIC...LORD i hate u all back
00:00:45j22koer goth
00:00:48DraineWaker seriously:D
00:00:50GOTHIC...LORD :)
00:00:53GottHasstMich afk..
00:00:57-HewaL- cant play anybody
00:01:03j22koer aww
00:01:06GottHasstMich gr8
00:01:10DraineWaker u fail
00:01:11GottHasstMich get lesh
00:01:13GottHasstMich centaur
00:01:16GottHasstMich lina
00:01:19DraineWaker i want husk:S
00:01:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME and i want a girl to suck my dick while i play
00:01:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME but
00:01:40U.Fail2Amuse.ME we dont always get
00:01:42DraineWaker :S
00:01:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME what we want
00:01:43GottHasstMich panda
00:01:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:01:44GottHasstMich or kunkka
00:01:47DraineWaker i do.
00:01:50DraineWaker :D
00:01:51GOTHIC...LORD i hate u guys
00:01:52Banana -ma
00:01:53-HewaL- wait changing mouse!!!
00:01:55GottHasstMich -clear
00:01:56j22koer you pay for hookers
00:02:00GottHasstMich deduxer has 0 manners
00:02:01GottHasstMich np
00:02:01DraineWaker i don't
00:02:02DraineWaker :D
00:02:02j22koer :D
00:02:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME thats an idea actually
00:02:02GOTHIC...LORD and i hate chick
00:02:02DraineWaker :D:D
00:02:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME to pay hooker to blow while playing
00:02:02DeduXserS '
00:02:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME hmm
00:02:06Banana :D
00:02:11DeduXserS not my problem
00:02:13DeduXserS "i use wireless pc sec"
00:02:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME we have right to pause/
00:02:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME no?
00:02:13DeduXserS no
00:02:13GOTHIC...LORD me woods
00:02:13GottHasstMich nop
00:02:13FireMal mouse problems
00:02:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME than why i got ban for unpausing
00:02:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;D
00:02:13Banana only pause with reason
00:02:19-HewaL- I CHANGE MOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!
00:02:26U.Fail2Amuse.ME u have 40 secs
00:02:27-HewaL- FUCKING NOB!
00:02:39-HewaL- im finish now bitches cant wait
00:02:40j22koer go
00:02:41j22koer naga
00:02:44j22koer you can farm there
00:02:45Banana dedu good with peoonix?
00:02:47DeduXserS nope
00:02:49Banana :D
00:02:50DeduXserS never played
00:02:53Banana lol
00:02:53j22koer well ok
00:02:58DeduXserS i was hoping someone swap
00:02:59DeduXserS w/e
00:03:03DeduXserS dagon inc
00:03:07Banana this bronze
00:03:13DeduXserS first time with icarus :P
00:03:14Banana dont hope anything here
00:03:15GOTHIC...LORD viper
00:03:19GOTHIC...LORD u r solo
00:03:23Banana good
00:03:26DeduXserS -ms
00:03:27DraineWaker Pls guys just sec
00:03:30GOTHIC...LORD dont let them gang me
00:03:30DeduXserS NO FUCKING WAY
00:03:30Ti-mand-stor omgggg
00:03:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME share the animal
00:03:30DraineWaker PLZ.
00:03:33Banana abuse
00:03:33-HewaL- he is sleeping
00:03:33j22koer hey show some respect
00:03:33DeduXserS why the fuck u pause?????
00:03:33GottHasstMich my penis broke
00:03:33GottHasstMich sry
00:03:33DeduXserS we wait 1h for game
00:03:33GottHasstMich :Y
00:03:33DeduXserS And now some noob pause
00:03:33DeduXserS Game 10x
00:03:33j22koer leave
00:03:33DeduXserS before creeps even come
00:03:33j22koer dont whine
00:03:33j22koer psl
00:03:33j22koer ypls
00:03:33Ti-mand-stor GO!
00:03:33DeduXserS 10
00:03:33DeduXserS 9
00:03:33DeduXserS 8
00:03:33DraineWaker dont be such a douche, i just cant play for next 10 seconds, motherfucking sister is using vacum cleaner near my fucking head
00:03:33DeduXserS 7
00:03:33DeduXserS 6
00:03:33DeduXserS 5
00:03:33DeduXserS 4
00:03:33DeduXserS 3
00:03:33DraineWaker head
00:03:33DeduXserS 2
00:03:33DraineWaker wait
00:03:33DeduXserS 1
00:03:35DraineWaker -.-
00:03:37DraineWaker fuck you seriously
00:03:43DeduXserS Stop playing netcafe then
00:03:50DraineWaker LOL
00:03:56DeduXserS leave home mby
00:03:59DeduXserS kid
00:03:59DraineWaker take an english course
00:04:10Banana OMG
00:04:11Banana :D:D:DD.
00:04:13j22koer :D
00:04:16Banana tra miks see aff seisma j2i
00:04:22Ti-mand-stor loookl
00:04:24Ti-mand-stor nice start ;)
00:04:32Ti-mand-stor get 8ards
00:04:35-HewaL- gj
00:05:01Ti-mand-stor get
00:05:02Ti-mand-stor aura
00:05:08-HewaL- kk
00:05:23-HewaL- stunni him
00:05:47DeduXserS where is chciken
00:06:01Ti-mand-stor eh
00:06:02Ti-mand-stor :)
00:06:03DraineWaker payback :D
00:06:07DeduXserS where is chick?
00:06:08-HewaL- 'fail sorry you went after husker i wanted lina !
00:06:15U.Fail2Amuse.ME )]
00:06:22Ti-mand-stor y
00:06:23Ti-mand-stor my bad
00:06:25Ti-mand-stor actually
00:06:30-HewaL- kk np
00:06:36Banana sss
00:06:40DraineWaker omg
00:06:48DeduXserS WHere
00:06:49DeduXserS the
00:06:50DeduXserS fuck
00:06:51DeduXserS is chiken
00:07:30DeduXserS banrequest luna
00:07:31DeduXserS no chicken
00:08:16GottHasstMich ss mid
00:08:21Banana loool
00:08:59GOTHIC...LORD told u dont let them gang me
00:09:50DeduXserS .......
00:09:50Banana ffs
00:09:50Banana ego
00:09:50DeduXserS he is dead
00:09:50DeduXserS naga
00:09:50DeduXserS i mean
00:09:50Banana ye
00:09:50DeduXserS if
00:09:50DeduXserS i hit wave
00:09:50DeduXserS but
00:09:50DeduXserS prolly wont
00:09:50DeduXserS coz he lagg
00:09:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME that bitch plugged
00:09:50GOTHIC...LORD so
00:09:50GOTHIC...LORD rmk?
00:09:50DeduXserS ye and luna banned
00:09:50DeduXserS too
00:09:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME that little fucker plugged im sure
00:09:50GOTHIC...LORD why?
00:09:50Banana no chick?
00:09:50DeduXserS no chick 7min
00:10:01-HewaL- fuck my internet went off
00:10:22DeduXserS go
00:10:22DeduXserS huskar
00:10:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME haha
00:10:43U.Fail2Amuse.ME reg work on
00:10:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME ray
00:10:54GottHasstMich :D
00:11:06-HewaL- go top
00:11:13GottHasstMich viper inc
00:11:14GottHasstMich top
00:11:22DraineWaker no shit sherlock
00:11:40Ti-mand-stor 8hat fail
00:12:58GottHasstMich upg chick s1
00:12:59GottHasstMich !!
00:13:43DeduXserS go
00:13:44DeduXserS help
00:13:47-HewaL- gogo
00:14:02Banana loooool
00:14:05Banana very nice sir
00:14:07GottHasstMich whatever
00:14:08GottHasstMich u do there
00:14:09GottHasstMich ...
00:14:11j22koer aa
00:14:11DeduXserS had ulti :P
00:14:15j22koer taking donw the tower
00:14:19GottHasstMich def
00:15:00GottHasstMich U SUCK NAGA
00:15:05j22koer s
00:15:21GottHasstMich OMFG
00:15:29GottHasstMich OMG
00:15:30GottHasstMich THIS PLAYERS
00:15:38Banana :D:D:D
00:15:43DeduXserS :D:D
00:15:44Ti-mand-stor HAHA
00:15:46DraineWaker fuckthisshit
00:16:50FireMal no mana
00:17:27GottHasstMich gg
00:17:30GottHasstMich U ARE
00:17:32GottHasstMich SO RETARDED
00:17:35GottHasstMich CAN U JUST STOP PLAYING DOTA ?
00:18:00-HewaL- go
00:18:03Banana twr
00:18:47GOTHIC...LORD viper
00:18:50Banana ?
00:18:52GOTHIC...LORD what was that?
00:19:01Banana would have died to bh
00:19:05Banana needed to kill a creep
00:19:15GottHasstMich DIE
00:19:16DeduXserS :DD
00:19:18GOTHIC...LORD u also can dny ur creeps
00:19:19GottHasstMich THIS TIME
00:19:22GottHasstMich TEAM ATTACKS UR ULTI
00:19:23GottHasstMich O_O
00:19:25GottHasstMich IM FEELING LIKE XMAS
00:19:28Banana cant deny full hp
00:19:31DeduXserS ))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:19:41DeduXserS this is like xmas 17min no chiken still
00:20:08GottHasstMich ANY HELP MB ?
00:20:11GottHasstMich srsly
00:20:11U.Fail2Amuse.ME well axe i like ur mana boots :
00:20:12GottHasstMich this lina
00:20:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME :D
00:20:13GottHasstMich and naga
00:20:14GottHasstMich are like
00:20:18GottHasstMich i cant describe
00:20:20GottHasstMich moving wards
00:20:28GottHasstMich just fucking around next to me
00:20:30GottHasstMich but aint helping
00:20:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME naga stay at rosh we need ward ther
00:20:37j22koer :D
00:20:45FireMal haha
00:20:50j22koer good one
00:21:41FireMal fuck
00:22:16Banana my farm
00:23:02DeduXserS eh
00:23:48Banana b
00:24:21Banana cm can we have wards at last?
00:24:33j22koer oh lvl 2 ult
00:24:34DraineWaker :P
00:25:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz no gang
00:25:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz
00:25:44GottHasstMich gogo
00:25:51GottHasstMich COME
00:25:52GottHasstMich NIGGAS
00:25:53GottHasstMich I BLINK
00:26:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME move
00:26:26GottHasstMich at least huskar is able to play
00:26:29GOTHIC...LORD thats fuckin too much
00:26:33j22koer yeap
00:26:35j22koer 2 man show
00:26:39j22koer you can do it
00:26:41j22koer im out
00:26:42GottHasstMich pretty much like it
00:26:54GottHasstMich we need more wards
00:27:11Banana nice
00:27:13Banana no wards ftw!
00:27:14GottHasstMich gogo
00:27:42DraineWaker sryman
00:27:45Banana can we have wards?
00:27:48DraineWaker too much out of hp
00:27:51j22koer nothing to do
00:28:31j22koer aww
00:29:18GottHasstMich HI
00:29:21DeduXserS Hahha
00:29:44j22koer lol'
00:29:47j22koer that was ajoke
00:29:52GottHasstMich NET
00:29:53GottHasstMich omg
00:29:58DeduXserS sleep vs stronk maiden
00:30:06GOTHIC...LORD lol
00:30:13GottHasstMich deeead
00:30:18DeduXserS deny?
00:30:25-HewaL- why didn´t you deny?
00:30:29Banana didnt attack :S
00:30:31-HewaL- i was just waiting for it
00:30:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont get how bana gets so many X
00:30:39GottHasstMich good question
00:30:46Banana usually if i play supports
00:30:51Banana then there is flying always
00:30:53Banana wards
00:30:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME :)
00:30:58DeduXserS no chick :)
00:31:00DeduXserS no wards :)
00:31:00GottHasstMich i open wiht blink dagger and call
00:31:01DraineWaker w8
00:31:02GottHasstMich then u stun
00:31:03GottHasstMich COMPRENDE?
00:31:05DraineWaker kk
00:31:06GOTHIC...LORD together plz
00:31:07Banana but now when i pick viper
00:31:10GOTHIC...LORD or gg
00:31:12Banana its worse then bnet
00:31:18DeduXserS WAT
00:31:20j22koer reg
00:31:21DraineWaker thereugo
00:31:23GottHasstMich ur dead
00:31:24GottHasstMich :)
00:31:24DeduXserS ulti follows....
00:31:29U.Fail2Amuse.ME go end
00:31:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME must go
00:31:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME asap
00:31:34GottHasstMich lets push bot
00:31:53DraineWaker gonaga
00:32:16DeduXserS burn burn
00:32:20GottHasstMich BURN BABY BURN
00:32:21Banana I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:23-HewaL- huskar feeded to much
00:32:25-HewaL- i surrender
00:32:29GottHasstMich DDDDISCO INFERNAL
00:32:39DeduXserS revenge
00:32:47DraineWaker :D
00:33:04DeduXserS doesnt know how all 4 allies can be dead
00:33:21Ti-mand-stor 8agon
00:33:22Ti-mand-stor get it
00:33:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME yep i eat cock there
00:33:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;/
00:33:50DeduXserS sry
00:33:54DeduXserS me no swe
00:34:01FireMal dd
00:34:03GottHasstMich DAGON PHOENIX OF DOOM
00:34:04GottHasstMich LQL
00:34:17GOTHIC...LORD we gonna lose this
00:34:21GottHasstMich orly
00:34:29Banana :D
00:34:47Banana omg no
00:34:48DeduXserS rosh is up
00:34:49Banana wtf dedu
00:34:51Banana no wards plz
00:35:07Banana thats why they dont buy wards never
00:35:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME cocked me there
00:36:00GottHasstMich U SUCK
00:36:01GottHasstMich NAGA
00:36:08GottHasstMich AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT
00:36:09Ti-mand-stor ill def
00:36:10Ti-mand-stor get
00:36:11Ti-mand-stor to8ers
00:36:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME man u do realise i did 2000 dmg to myslef
00:36:41DeduXserS :DDDDD
00:36:48-HewaL- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME go before all make blade mail
00:37:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME and i recieve
00:37:09U.Fail2Amuse.ME cock from every one
00:37:12DraineWaker axe i need u
00:37:20DraineWaker i can kill him with ulti easy
00:37:27DeduXserS SMART :D
00:37:46j22koer mega deaht dagon
00:37:57Ti-mand-stor I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:10GOTHIC...LORD rly fuck
00:38:17GottHasstMich go
00:38:18GottHasstMich push
00:38:26DeduXserS Ts do u know wat
00:38:30GOTHIC...LORD we have weak players with high points
00:38:32DeduXserS your obs gonna die
00:38:36GOTHIC...LORD so its a lose
00:38:58GottHasstMich GOOD DECISION
00:39:16DeduXserS dont bite
00:39:17DeduXserS him
00:39:22GottHasstMich :D:D
00:39:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME forgot mu basher rtofl
00:39:29GottHasstMich leave me there
00:39:30GottHasstMich :(
00:39:38GottHasstMich lol huskar
00:39:43GottHasstMich that was a big fail
00:39:47DeduXserS mad husse
00:39:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME well i play like a bitch now
00:39:54U.Fail2Amuse.ME coz im pressed
00:39:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME with time
00:39:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME and our noob tea,
00:40:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME holds cock
00:40:02DraineWaker husk
00:40:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME no pushing
00:40:05DraineWaker come to me ffs
00:40:11DraineWaker always u go other lane
00:40:24DeduXserS -ms
00:41:17U.Fail2Amuse.ME go
00:41:18j22koer b
00:41:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME mid
00:41:19U.Fail2Amuse.ME now
00:41:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont die
00:41:59GOTHIC...LORD the FUCK u doin?
00:42:00Ti-mand-stor 8e can 8in this
00:42:15DeduXserS like 7
00:42:19DeduXserS in california
00:42:28j22koer tp
00:42:32DraineWaker like a g6.
00:42:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME I couldnt find The Egg
00:42:38DeduXserS xDDDD
00:42:45GottHasstMich easter search
00:43:01DraineWaker -ms
00:43:06DraineWaker dude wtf
00:43:09DeduXserS xD
00:43:19DeduXserS me liek redheads
00:43:20DeduXserS np
00:43:30Ti-mand-stor klol
00:43:30GOTHIC...LORD my tyop
00:43:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME go mid
00:43:33GOTHIC...LORD man
00:43:45DeduXserS farm then
00:43:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME axe come get aiges
00:44:21Ti-mand-stor gj
00:44:26Ti-mand-stor get t8r
00:44:40Ti-mand-stor or not :D
00:44:41GOTHIC...LORD happy bitch?
00:44:45DeduXserS :D
00:44:46DraineWaker :)
00:44:58GottHasstMich HATERZ GONNA EAT
00:45:10GOTHIC...LORD lina ulty when i had 2 hp
00:45:17DraineWaker not really.
00:45:18Ti-mand-stor over
00:45:20Ti-mand-stor I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:32DraineWaker u had 1000
00:45:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME cent u rly raped me
00:45:34-HewaL- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME wp
00:45:36DraineWaker than i ultied =0
00:46:05Ti-mand-stor LOL VIPER
00:46:56DraineWaker :)P
00:46:57j22koer ::D
00:46:57U.Fail2Amuse.ME gg wp
00:47:01DeduXserS ff noob team
00:47:14GOTHIC...LORD u r noob
00:47:15DeduXserS 18 death's viper :DDD and 15deaths luna
00:47:15Ti-mand-stor ur the ne8b
00:47:20GOTHIC...LORD never play with us
00:47:22GottHasstMich well..
00:47:26GottHasstMich my team aint much better^^
00:47:31j22koer LLLLLOOOOLLLL
00:47:31DraineWaker ok he wants to flame me.
00:47:51j22koer you should do 2 vs 5
00:47:59GottHasstMich WE DID
00:48:04j22koer didnt saw taht
00:48:10Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:17GOTHIC...LORD told him to ban husker
00:48:21DeduXserS :DDDDDDDDD
00:48:27DeduXserS luna and viper did
00:48:30GottHasstMich AND AXE
00:48:31GottHasstMich !!!!
00:48:31GottHasstMich :D
00:48:32GOTHIC...LORD but he is just a dumb nab blue
00:48:38GottHasstMich true
00:48:39GottHasstMich dedu suxx
00:48:40GottHasstMich :D:D:D:D:D
00:48:53GottHasstMich LOOL
00:48:55GottHasstMich I JUST WANTED TO ULTI U
00:48:56GottHasstMich SHITHEAD
00:48:57GottHasstMich !!!
00:48:59DraineWaker :D:D:D
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