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-22 X
+1 TS

95% | 1718 X | 1502 TS

+37 X
+1 TS

95% | 1614 X | 1591 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

89% | 1518 X | 1523 TS

+47 X
+1 TS

71% | 1379 X | 1363 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

58% | 1255 X | 1350 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

93% | 1604 X | 1528 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

91% | 1596 X | 1485 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

90% | 1612 X | 1431 TS

-40 X
-1 TS

88% | 1573 X | 1434 TS

-6 X
-2 TS

55% | 1241 X | 1329 TS

Chat log

00:00:00XXL [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... GottHasstMich with 111 seconds.
00:00:12Yuriko who wants ogre
00:00:13Yuriko or es
00:00:14Yuriko ?
00:00:16NeverbACKdOwn i want cm
00:00:16Yuriko ok
00:00:16PeterLars ME OGRE
00:00:16atte 'just enough time
00:00:16Yuriko i'll take ogre for lars i guess
00:00:16PeterLars ban lycan
00:00:16Yuriko if not then
00:00:16Yuriko cm
00:00:16atte i want mid
00:00:16extremewaari some1 phoenix or es?
00:00:16atte or farm bot
00:00:16PeterLars i want bot solo
00:00:16NeverbACKdOwn ban phoenix
00:00:16Yuriko I want $1000
00:00:16PeterLars i can give u
00:00:16PeterLars come her
00:00:16PeterLars my little bitch
00:00:16atte yeah same
00:00:16extremewaari ?
00:00:16Yuriko nice
00:00:16PeterLars work for me then u get 1000
00:00:16mansikka sure
00:00:16atte i can give you one job for $1000
00:00:16PeterLars me too
00:00:16extremewaari es or phioenix?
00:00:16mansikka es or phoenix me
00:00:16Yuriko what kind of job would that be
00:00:16extremewaari k
00:00:16PeterLars be my slave
00:00:16atte well this job, takes about 2 days and involves in killing ppl
00:00:16NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:00:16Yuriko hmm
00:00:16Fxx. ck
00:00:16extremewaari ck
00:00:16Fxx. b
00:00:16Yuriko lycan
00:00:16PeterLars lycan
00:00:16Fxx. lycan
00:00:22NeverbACKdOwn get cm & ogre?
00:00:23PeterLars gogogo fuck ur self
00:00:25Yuriko ogre for u
00:00:27Yuriko lars
00:00:29NeverbACKdOwn give cm
00:00:29PeterLars YES
00:00:30NeverbACKdOwn atte
00:00:30PeterLars ME
00:00:30NeverbACKdOwn pls
00:00:34PeterLars NO ONE TAKE CM
00:00:35atte no cm
00:00:35PeterLars omg
00:00:36atte :D
00:00:42PeterLars take es or something
00:00:43atte who want sand es or legi?
00:00:46LetItBe i can play
00:00:47LetItBe eS
00:00:52PeterLars GOGOG
00:00:54mansikka haluutko sniperin
00:00:57mansikka vai mitä
00:01:00extremewaari weaver mieluummin
00:01:06mansikka ok :D
00:01:06PeterLars i own this legi
00:01:08mansikka -swap 1
00:01:09extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:09PeterLars and weawer
00:01:10Yuriko give crix
00:01:14PeterLars sk?
00:01:16Yuriko ye
00:01:16PeterLars sandking?
00:01:20PeterLars -swap 1
00:01:21Yuriko -swap 4
00:01:23extremewaari tää on vähä liian heikko mut np
00:01:24Yuriko -swap 3
00:01:26Fxx. silencer vs this pick ?
00:01:26LetItBe atte od?:O
00:01:27Yuriko -swapcancel
00:01:28atte no
00:01:28PeterLars noob :D
00:01:30atte sniper or morph
00:01:33PeterLars moph
00:01:35LetItBe sniper
00:01:37atte sniper good hero vs phonix
00:01:39atte and legi
00:01:39PeterLars sniper die too fast
00:01:40LetItBe y
00:01:47LetItBe easy to kill ulti
00:01:49atte well morph dies fast :D
00:01:53atte with sile and legi
00:01:54LetItBe so sniparr?
00:01:54NeverbACKdOwn lanes?
00:01:57NeverbACKdOwn im bot with sk?
00:01:59atte gogo morph
00:02:01mansikka redneck gotthasstmich woods?
00:02:05GottHasstMich yo
00:02:06atte -swap 5
00:02:07LetItBe -swap 2
00:02:13PeterLars me mid?
00:02:24PeterLars let me mid
00:02:27Yuriko cm top, morph mid
00:02:35PeterLars es top
00:02:41Yuriko ye
00:02:42Yuriko es top
00:02:42Yuriko go
00:02:44PeterLars get the fuck out of here
00:02:48mansikka salee koittaa fb
00:02:56PeterLars my little slave
00:03:01atte ois voinu taas morffaa kaikki agiin
00:03:11PeterLars fb
00:03:12PeterLars bot
00:03:14atte ja outlasthittaa alkuu
00:03:20PeterLars got dd
00:03:20Yuriko i stun first
00:03:21Yuriko ok?
00:03:22GottHasstMich SEC PLS
00:03:22PeterLars y
00:03:23GottHasstMich MOUSE
00:03:23GottHasstMich NOT WORKING
00:03:23GottHasstMich SRY
00:03:23PeterLars dont lie
00:03:23Yuriko fxx carry you win anyway
00:03:23PeterLars how can u pause then
00:03:23PeterLars fucking dickface
00:03:23PeterLars dont lie again or i unpause
00:03:23Fxx. f11
00:03:23Yuriko f10 works
00:03:23mansikka varo noit tyyppei metäs
00:03:23Fxx. f10
00:03:23PeterLars but not so fast
00:03:23Fxx. F10 and p
00:03:23PeterLars i dont trust he is so fast at that
00:03:23PeterLars he sucks at dota
00:03:23PeterLars then he noob
00:03:23Yuriko he is fast at many things
00:03:23Yuriko if u know what I mean
00:03:23PeterLars yeah
00:03:23PeterLars sucking my dick
00:03:23PeterLars come on
00:03:23Fxx. like your mouth
00:03:23PeterLars i dont have time
00:03:23PeterLars fxx
00:03:23PeterLars stfu
00:03:23PeterLars no one speak with u
00:03:23atte well he is not fixing mouse
00:03:23atte that is for sure
00:03:23Fxx. u and yuriko in same team
00:03:23GottHasstMich thx
00:03:23Fxx. u can speat Tchat
00:03:23PeterLars he is fixing his dick
00:03:23atte you can mute yourself
00:03:27PeterLars ^^
00:03:41PeterLars scared
00:03:48XXL O rly
00:04:23PeterLars omg
00:05:01XXL ogre?
00:05:06mansikka ei voi vile
00:05:08XXL lvl 3?
00:05:08PeterLars ATTE
00:05:08mansikka joo
00:05:08Yuriko rageplug...
00:05:08PeterLars fix this shit
00:05:08PeterLars ^^
00:05:08Yuriko he looks kinda
00:05:08Yuriko dead
00:05:08NeverbACKdOwn gg
00:05:08atte jee olis
00:05:08atte OLI HIENOO KUOLLA
00:05:23Yuriko what kind of wave was that
00:05:26atte FUCKING LAG
00:05:29atte my herop
00:05:32Fxx. ss
00:05:33Fxx. 2
00:05:35atte autoattack
00:05:36atte 30sec
00:05:54PeterLars noob
00:06:12PeterLars HAA
00:06:44Yuriko what a lane
00:06:51PeterLars ^^
00:06:58PeterLars funny lane
00:07:52extremewaari mid ss
00:07:54extremewaari care top
00:08:00PeterLars that zuezx
00:08:01Yuriko rude.
00:08:01NeverbACKdOwn omw mid
00:08:14Fxx. ss
00:08:26NeverbACKdOwn gj :D
00:08:32Yuriko care mid
00:08:38extremewaari ei ollukaa manaa ultiin enää
00:08:41atte :D
00:08:43GottHasstMich cm inc
00:08:50XXL :)
00:09:01extremewaari mid ss'
00:09:33Fxx. ss
00:09:35Fxx. 2 ss up
00:10:03extremewaari MID SS
00:10:10NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:10:36Fxx. LEGION ?
00:10:41PeterLars noob
00:11:07PeterLars he is scared
00:11:38Yuriko help
00:11:54PeterLars no range :S
00:12:13PeterLars easy kill bot sk
00:12:14PeterLars come
00:13:07LetItBe i will tp
00:13:08LetItBe bot
00:13:41GottHasstMich UPG CHICK PLS
00:13:50PeterLars DIE
00:13:52XXL -ms
00:13:58LetItBe püeter
00:14:00XXL jeeee!!!
00:14:00LetItBe make force staff plz
00:14:02XXL 295
00:14:12XXL ei kulje mihinkää
00:15:38PeterLars lol es
00:15:43NeverbACKdOwn omw top
00:15:44LetItBe yy=(
00:16:09atte es, i had 1k hp
00:16:09atte :D
00:16:14atte and no dmg..
00:16:14LetItBe oh
00:16:15LetItBe :D
00:16:18LetItBe thought u had less
00:16:29atte max'd morf
00:16:31atte ofc
00:16:34LetItBe kk
00:16:47NeverbACKdOwn top is warded
00:16:57XXL man
00:16:59XXL let me farm
00:17:00XXL even boots
00:17:01XXL FFS
00:17:05PeterLars go
00:17:06LetItBe go
00:17:32atte weaver
00:17:34Yuriko +10 dmg for maiden
00:17:35Yuriko oh yeah
00:17:37atte invisrune
00:18:06XXL -ms
00:18:17PeterLars urn me
00:18:26LetItBe ill tp bot
00:18:27LetItBe w8
00:18:30atte go farm
00:18:32atte mid
00:18:34atte anyone
00:18:54PeterLars weawer?
00:19:21PeterLars 4 tp
00:19:23PeterLars top
00:19:29LetItBe go sk
00:19:30LetItBe kill
00:19:41Yuriko go then
00:19:48Fxx. -st
00:21:10PeterLars dont fuck with me
00:21:26PeterLars HAHA
00:21:32Yuriko go
00:21:45Fxx. -afj
00:21:48Fxx. -afk
00:22:13PeterLars fuck u
00:23:18atte well i dont know why
00:23:22atte i came there
00:23:23atte :DD
00:23:44LetItBe mask of death?
00:23:45LetItBe :O
00:23:57PeterLars def bot
00:23:58PeterLars with me
00:24:36atte time to hit hom
00:24:38atte home
00:24:47atte :DDD
00:24:51XXL lähellä
00:24:59atte ultasikls ees
00:25:13atte fucking shift
00:25:31atte mul oli 70hp ku hyppäsin veke
00:25:54Fxx. eaglehorne
00:25:55XXL jep
00:25:56Fxx. morph
00:25:57XXL ulti CD
00:25:58XXL <3
00:26:17NeverbACKdOwn stun asap
00:26:18NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:27:09GottHasstMich SILENCE ?
00:27:31PeterLars HAHAHA
00:28:21Yuriko stupid creeps
00:28:25PeterLars GET ME A GEM
00:28:33Yuriko have to finish my basher
00:28:45Fxx. worst legion ever seen
00:28:52LetItBe go ot
00:28:53LetItBe bot
00:28:55PeterLars now getg me a gem
00:28:55LetItBe have dag ulti
00:29:01LetItBe motph
00:29:02LetItBe come
00:29:05atte go
00:29:08NeverbACKdOwn wait me
00:29:22PeterLars auch
00:30:31Fxx. we lost vs sk with mom + basher
00:30:40Yuriko ouchy
00:31:02Yuriko omfg hotkeys
00:31:19atte taistele
00:31:24extremewaari e
00:31:26PeterLars my first death :S
00:31:35Yuriko feeder
00:31:47GottHasstMich HI
00:31:55GottHasstMich srsly
00:31:56GottHasstMich WEAVER ?
00:32:00PeterLars ULTI ZUEZ
00:32:01GottHasstMich this weaver
00:32:01GottHasstMich ...
00:32:04Fxx. what
00:32:06Fxx. u lost this game
00:32:08Fxx. legion
00:32:10LetItBe gem anyone?
00:32:11GottHasstMich stfu fxx
00:32:15XXL xD
00:32:20PeterLars gem me
00:32:38atte WELL BUY IT :DD
00:33:22atte he has ult
00:33:28PeterLars give me gem
00:33:39LetItBe my spot
00:33:39LetItBe base
00:33:42PeterLars ty
00:34:13NeverbACKdOwn kill mid sk
00:35:29Fxx. why we dont turlte ?
00:35:30Fxx. ...
00:35:30PeterLars get me dagger
00:35:34Yuriko xD
00:35:37PeterLars ^^
00:35:40PeterLars urn me
00:35:40PeterLars omg
00:35:43LetItBe make force staff
00:35:56PeterLars urn me
00:35:59PeterLars ty
00:36:12NeverbACKdOwn get rosh?
00:36:17LetItBe go
00:36:18LetItBe haveu lti
00:36:21atte ohh
00:36:21Yuriko same
00:36:28atte i have 2x treds
00:36:56mansikka ilu
00:36:57LetItBe atte ???
00:36:57Yuriko you should run
00:36:59extremewaari ILLU
00:37:00extremewaari caps
00:37:03PeterLars haha
00:37:04NeverbACKdOwn atte why the fuck u farm when we go teamfight
00:37:34extremewaari wtf
00:37:35atte kappas
00:37:35PeterLars fuck u
00:37:38XXL ...
00:37:39extremewaari ur doing?
00:37:42atte :DD
00:37:45PeterLars ^^
00:37:49XXL siis mitä vituta
00:37:51XXL tuo soolo
00:37:52atte haluun 350cs 40min
00:37:52extremewaari fiidaa sua tahallaan
00:37:55XXL vittua
00:37:55atte ei tuu onnistuu vaa
00:37:56XXL *
00:37:59Fxx. -st
00:38:01atte paska tiimi, ff
00:38:05extremewaari paljo on nyt
00:38:11NeverbACKdOwn wars base
00:38:12NeverbACKdOwn plant
00:38:17LetItBe go stun
00:38:17NeverbACKdOwn got no room
00:38:17extremewaari cs
00:38:31atte no ei oo mitää :D
00:38:33PeterLars noobs
00:38:34atte 160
00:38:49Yuriko wait wtf
00:39:36PeterLars fun
00:40:25XXL WTF
00:40:26XXL ?`?
00:40:29XXL siis tä
00:40:29atte hello
00:40:34XXL mitä toi tekee
00:40:35Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:53PeterLars urn me
00:41:05atte urn me
00:41:50Fxx. end it please
00:41:52mansikka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:59GottHasstMich I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:07PeterLars ^^
00:42:08extremewaari I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:16XXL I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:42:21atte huoh ei kerinny ostaa
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