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+14 X
-3 TS

81% | 1451 X | 1420 TS

-16 X
-5 TS

74% | 1367 X | 1426 TS

-15 X
-10 TS

35% | 1117 X | 1244 TS

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-3 TS

32% | 1008 X | 1326 TS

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-47 TS

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+3 TS

98% | 1779 X | 1564 TS

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+4 TS

47% | 1172 X | 1306 TS

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+5 TS

43% | 1089 X | 1346 TS

-12 X
+15 TS

30% | 1088 X | 1223 TS

+20 X
+3 TS

15% | 925 X | 1232 TS

Chat log

00:00:04P3PSI -clear
00:00:16P3PSI -clear
00:00:16VVindoWz Dedux?
00:00:16CC_DoLby --i
00:00:16CC_DoLby -ii
00:00:16AliBaba please own ..
00:00:16AliBaba :D
00:00:16VVindoWz captain?
00:00:16AliBaba smokerguy
00:00:16FireMal i whanna play a combo with deduxsers
00:00:16DeduXserS phoenix
00:00:16DeduXserS anyone
00:00:16DeduXserS want
00:00:16DeduXserS anything
00:00:16DeduXserS specific
00:00:16VVindoWz mortred
00:00:16FireMal y
00:00:16Strom spec
00:00:16FireMal grandmagnus for me plz
00:00:33FireMal i can support you with stunns
00:00:41DeduXserS huh-.-
00:00:53FireMal you whant tb ?
00:00:58DeduXserS no
00:01:01FireMal what then
00:01:01DeduXserS pa down lane
00:01:05FireMal some of the others will pick
00:01:12P3PSI any item u want me 2 go ?
00:01:13P3PSI -clear
00:01:19Strom forces taff
00:01:23P3PSI roger
00:01:24DeduXserS well tc + rubick top would be nice
00:01:25P3PSI -water random
00:01:26P3PSI -ii
00:01:27P3PSI -clear
00:01:30DeduXserS give me wd
00:01:32DeduXserS oh
00:01:33AliBaba please no ..
00:01:34FireMal ok
00:01:37AliBaba not with firemal..
00:01:38Strom force staff + int treads
00:01:39FireMal lol no wd
00:01:43P3PSI k
00:01:43Strom is enough for midgame ownage
00:01:43DeduXserS give me gondar
00:01:44FireMal what to pick
00:01:48FireMal -swap 1
00:01:51DeduXserS -swap 5
00:02:02VVindoWz send tc bot
00:02:03karm wd
00:02:05karm cometop
00:02:07acchilies 4 int... interesting...
00:02:10DeduXserS no idea 2x range top
00:02:11karm give od
00:02:18AliBaba firemal
00:02:19AliBaba top
00:02:20CC_DoLby me woods ok..??
00:02:25FireMal yes
00:02:26FireMal :D
00:02:34DeduXserS necro items?
00:02:36Chinaski can u share
00:02:37Chinaski pls
00:02:43Chinaski any suggest
00:02:43AliBaba wtf..
00:02:50DeduXserS 2x bracer
00:02:56DeduXserS + tango , salve + clarity
00:02:57FireMal imo bloodstone sheepstick
00:03:32DeduXserS ?
00:03:32FireMal plz wait change mouse
00:03:32DeduXserS -water 6 6 6
00:03:32DeduXserS -es
00:03:32DeduXserS -ii
00:03:32Chinaski -weather moonlight
00:03:32AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:03:32DeduXserS again... wireless mouse pause
00:03:32Strom doubt it's wireless, he's in a cafe
00:03:32CC_DoLby some1 upgrade courier
00:03:32DeduXserS always once some bob got out of batttery
00:03:32karm should have gone come mid gank
00:03:32Strom probably just broken mouse :D
00:03:32AliBaba :D
00:03:32Chinaski hehe
00:03:32DeduXserS inet cafe 1.00am
00:03:32DeduXserS wednesday
00:03:32DeduXserS hmmm
00:03:32FireMal oki mouse changed
00:03:32karm nolife ftw
00:03:32DeduXserS noooooooot bad
00:03:32FireMal 3
00:03:32FireMal 8
00:03:32Chinaski dota
00:03:32Strom yea, you have several of them in your team
00:03:32Strom :D
00:03:32FireMal 2
00:03:32FireMal 1
00:03:32DeduXserS :DD
00:03:32FireMal gi
00:03:32FireMal go
00:03:49VVindoWz let farm u tard
00:04:10VVindoWz this necro
00:04:15Strom 0.5 cd
00:04:18Strom you lucky bastard
00:04:23DeduXserS i knew
00:04:29DeduXserS 15sec cd is looong
00:04:51DeduXserS my passive is 12sec
00:04:53acchilies lvl 3 kill??
00:04:54DeduXserS _
00:05:00karm y
00:05:38Strom kill necro
00:05:51VVindoWz haha
00:05:53Strom gj
00:05:56Chinaski why u laugh?
00:05:56P3PSI gj
00:05:56DeduXserS which rune u had?
00:06:02Strom invi
00:06:10Strom mid mis
00:06:16Strom re
00:06:19acchilies sry... my bad...
00:06:27Chinaski miss down
00:07:15Strom gondar going top
00:07:18DeduXserS storm with rune
00:07:19DeduXserS coming down
00:07:48FireMal w8 me
00:07:54DeduXserS got nuke
00:07:56DeduXserS to? aa
00:08:13DeduXserS :D:DD
00:08:14DeduXserS :D:D:D
00:08:16AliBaba wtf
00:08:18AliBaba -.-
00:08:34P3PSI ss bot
00:08:42CC_DoLby w8\
00:08:43AliBaba ss
00:08:50Strom gondar mis
00:08:53FireMal twr
00:08:55P3PSI 3 bot
00:09:01FireMal ss2
00:09:03karm kill
00:09:03FireMal bot
00:09:20Strom kill bot
00:09:21Strom I come
00:09:30DeduXserS tiny with rune coming down
00:09:33karm gondar also bot
00:10:01P3PSI ss bot
00:10:03CC_DoLby soz guys
00:10:06acchilies ss top
00:10:15P3PSI wp
00:10:16VVindoWz omg
00:10:18VVindoWz :P
00:10:19DeduXserS D:D:D:D:
00:10:28P3PSI ss bot
00:10:28Chinaski gank up
00:11:04DeduXserS ffs
00:11:04P3PSI gj
00:11:08DeduXserS go to rune spot man
00:11:12AliBaba idiot
00:11:39DeduXserS -bonus
00:11:45AliBaba -bonus
00:11:48VVindoWz :p
00:11:49AliBaba ? :D
00:11:53DeduXserS 300gold
00:11:57Strom gondar mis
00:12:01Strom ok he mid
00:12:19acchilies ss top
00:12:22VVindoWz gank bot?
00:12:23acchilies re
00:12:25P3PSI ss mid
00:12:32DeduXserS got ulti?
00:12:36AliBaba y
00:13:15FireMal i could not steal skill
00:13:21DeduXserS WAT?
00:13:27karm tower range :D
00:13:30FireMal i could not steal skill from enigma
00:13:32DeduXserS holy bullshit
00:13:42FireMal omg hotkey
00:13:44acchilies haste
00:14:08CC_DoLby place the wards obs
00:14:21VVindoWz gj
00:14:25acchilies w8
00:14:25DeduXserS stay farm
00:14:27DeduXserS i roam
00:14:29Strom no
00:14:34Strom why would I wait
00:14:37Chinaski bring him
00:14:38Strom I haveh aste, I have low hp
00:14:39Strom I go heal
00:14:39acchilies heal
00:14:56AliBaba gogo
00:16:08FireMal im b
00:16:31FireMal got wd stun
00:16:55karm dont stagnate behind tower
00:16:58karm either push or do something
00:17:39FireMal this is fail
00:17:43FireMal couze tc dont go
00:18:06Strom I visit base
00:18:59Chinaski :D
00:19:07DeduXserS .DD:D:
00:19:22VVindoWz tiny magic :(
00:19:37DeduXserS -bonus
00:20:18karm eidalons
00:21:16DeduXserS fun
00:21:37FireMal can we def top plz
00:22:11Strom 5 inc top
00:22:48DeduXserS Excuse me?
00:22:54CC_DoLby perfect ward
00:22:55VVindoWz not enough disable :p
00:23:03DeduXserS "not enough"
00:23:06DeduXserS we got 0disable
00:23:14Chinaski gj
00:23:15DeduXserS only tc trap
00:23:16Chinaski dedu
00:23:16acchilies b
00:23:26Chinaski u pick gondar after this tard picked mort
00:23:36AliBaba why give magus to firemal
00:23:37DeduXserS I was supposed to pick carry
00:23:38AliBaba =
00:23:43DeduXserS but u take pa + necro
00:23:49Chinaski u should ban this mother fucker
00:23:50Chinaski :D
00:24:01Chinaski not fallowing capts orders
00:24:06DeduXserS who?
00:24:07Chinaski picking carry
00:24:11DeduXserS they always do
00:24:14DeduXserS no matter wat i say
00:24:22acchilies twr...
00:25:17DeduXserS Dagon?
00:25:51karm we need to push fast
00:26:13Strom yea we should psuh
00:26:14Strom lets push bot
00:26:35AliBaba uhhh bad tiny !
00:26:36P3PSI bot or mid ?
00:27:31Chinaski lemme deny
00:27:33Chinaski cuz of mana
00:27:35Strom lets push bot with 5
00:27:35CC_DoLby mort is farming
00:27:36Chinaski pls
00:27:36Strom good money
00:28:01P3PSI b top
00:28:04Strom bot 5
00:28:19DeduXserS WHY U HAVE TO TP
00:28:19Strom had to go kill him
00:28:21Strom just in case
00:28:29Strom well this is bronze
00:28:30Strom :D
00:28:33DeduXserS necro , rubick no tp
00:28:38DeduXserS pa only carries it
00:28:49DeduXserS I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:14AliBaba gj
00:30:03Chinaski enigma wards
00:30:21Chinaski tiny gem
00:30:24DeduXserS I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:32AliBaba :D
00:30:45DeduXserS alibaba with nice smiles on chat
00:30:49DeduXserS when u are doing lothar
00:30:50DeduXserS on tc
00:30:56DeduXserS wadap gem + sentries + dust
00:30:58DeduXserS samrt
00:31:08AliBaba :D
00:31:14AliBaba its lost anyway
00:31:18Chinaski why no lothar
00:31:25karm come
00:31:25karm od
00:31:42DeduXserS ITS LOST
00:31:43DeduXserS so CAN U ff?
00:31:48DeduXserS not hard to type all chat
00:31:53Chinaski I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:57AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:04Chinaski dont ff pls
00:32:05Chinaski yet
00:32:05DeduXserS need 2
00:32:44Strom blah
00:33:01P3PSI next item hex
00:33:03P3PSI ?
00:33:06Strom sure
00:33:08Chinaski lemme deny
00:33:08Chinaski pls
00:33:09Chinaski ...
00:33:10Strom also, this is getting serious
00:33:11Strom lets go with 5
00:33:13Strom mid
00:33:22AliBaba you have fuld mana ?.,.'
00:33:26Chinaski didnt then
00:33:31Chinaski nvm
00:33:41karm some go gank
00:33:47karm some here
00:33:49DeduXserS so u have new gem
00:33:50DeduXserS Right?
00:33:51acchilies w8
00:33:54Strom not yet, cd
00:33:57DeduXserS darn
00:34:00DeduXserS lies
00:34:01DeduXserS i bet
00:34:05Strom also, we're gonna come for ya throne now
00:34:09Strom not gonna be surprised if we lose
00:34:17Strom I usually lose tiny games despite killing
00:34:58Chinaski our game
00:35:00Strom ye, look at this
00:35:02Chinaski bkb
00:35:04Strom falling apart already
00:35:05DeduXserS ............
00:35:05Chinaski and win
00:35:08Chinaski mort
00:35:17acchilies we never go with 5...
00:35:21acchilies one at a time...
00:35:24DeduXserS rosh?
00:35:32Chinaski i own u appologie
00:35:38CC_DoLby they will rosh now
00:35:39CC_DoLby for sure
00:35:40DeduXserS pa
00:35:40Strom yes, gather 5 and go mid
00:35:45FireMal can we bot twr
00:35:48DeduXserS PA
00:35:50DeduXserS ROSH WITH DD
00:35:52DeduXserS WAT ABOUT IT
00:35:56FireMal y
00:35:57FireMal go
00:35:58DeduXserS wtf
00:35:59DeduXserS -.-
00:36:03VVindoWz comming :P
00:36:09Chinaski i have pipe
00:36:10P3PSI check rosh ?
00:36:18Strom sure
00:36:20Strom we need 5
00:36:57DeduXserS ????
00:37:03CC_DoLby wtf guys..??
00:37:04P3PSI afk
00:37:05P3PSI -afk
00:37:08P3PSI -clear
00:37:18CC_DoLby wtf aa..??
00:37:27acchilies -afk
00:37:29Strom p3psi, do you ahve ghost scepter?
00:37:34Strom if not, get it
00:37:37P3PSI k
00:37:38Strom you can shoot while under ghost
00:37:41FireMal end fast
00:37:43Strom by using the skill manually
00:37:46P3PSI k
00:37:52Strom then PA can't kill you
00:37:55karm sorry i had security alarm
00:37:56P3PSI nice
00:39:02VVindoWz me top
00:39:11Strom we need to go mid with 5
00:39:26karm smoke?
00:39:33Strom nevermind smoke
00:39:34Strom just push
00:39:39Strom ok then
00:39:40Strom go gang
00:40:01Strom push mid
00:40:01VVindoWz omg
00:40:04Strom push mid
00:40:15acchilies coming
00:40:30DeduXserS tc
00:41:10Strom well PA bought and we got tower
00:41:14Strom so not the worst outcome
00:41:43CC_DoLby i can see that they have carries we have only obs
00:41:52Strom we need pipe
00:41:54Strom anyone making it?
00:42:31Chinaski care
00:42:39DeduXserS i disslike that
00:42:43DeduXserS skinn.... so op vs melee
00:42:48karm mid?
00:42:49Strom :D
00:42:51Strom yes mid
00:42:58DeduXserS 25% chance get bashed
00:43:00DeduXserS ....
00:43:04Strom 24%
00:43:07DeduXserS ye
00:43:08DeduXserS 1/4
00:43:21Strom mid
00:43:27FireMal place ward plz
00:43:36Strom put sentry near rax
00:43:45Strom no sentries?
00:43:45Strom ok
00:43:47Strom this is bad
00:43:51DeduXserS 'n1 rubick
00:43:52DeduXserS not
00:44:21acchilies b
00:44:37FireMal haha
00:44:38CC_DoLby lol
00:44:39CC_DoLby soz
00:44:40karm I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:40FireMal fucking steal
00:44:41DeduXserS ....
00:44:44DeduXserS -track
00:44:46DeduXserS -st
00:44:48DeduXserS -bonus
00:45:01Chinaski reuse curie
00:46:07FireMal wards in chcik
00:46:12Strom we need entries
00:46:13FireMal chick
00:46:16P3PSI got
00:46:19karm try smoke gank
00:46:19P3PSI 1
00:46:20acchilies ill guy ward...
00:46:25Strom and we need reveal
00:46:26acchilies gem
00:46:30CC_DoLby roso again
00:46:31Strom I can't carry gem yet
00:46:52Strom that sucked
00:46:54P3PSI I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:56acchilies I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:01CC_DoLby too many carries too difficult to win
00:47:16Strom well, that's not it
00:47:19Strom we don't have any items
00:47:22Strom dunno why
00:47:27Strom earlygame was totaly steamroll
00:47:34karm we didnt push fast enough
00:47:41CC_DoLby agree
00:47:47Strom that's part of the reason
00:47:52Strom though we started at a decent time
00:47:56Strom just another tiny game for me
00:47:58Strom I never win these
00:47:59Strom :D
00:48:04DeduXserS :D
00:48:07Strom still worth it tho
00:48:07karm push please dont back :p
00:48:09DeduXserS dunno why i win
00:48:10Strom the first 30min always fun
00:48:19DeduXserS next time do agha tiny
00:48:19DeduXserS best way to do carry
00:48:19Strom i've done that too
00:48:19DeduXserS tiny
00:48:19FireMal he left
00:48:19Strom i've tried all builds
00:48:19Strom all same result :D
00:48:19DeduXserS add timer on this lagg thing
00:48:19FireMal his machine droped out
00:48:19FireMal ban req plz
00:48:19Strom do we have any raxes left?
00:48:19Strom top?
00:48:19karm ye
00:48:19VVindoWz strom ?
00:48:19Strom what?
00:48:19FireMal his machine droped out
00:48:19Strom yes you said that
00:48:19karm I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:19Chinaski :)
00:48:19VVindoWz windows update
00:48:19FireMal will he get banned
00:48:19DeduXserS -
00:48:19DeduXserS --
00:48:19Strom I Don't know
00:48:19DeduXserS ---
00:48:19DeduXserS ----
00:48:19Strom I'm here to play
00:48:19DeduXserS -----
00:48:19VVindoWz i was fast haha :P i said "remind me later"
00:48:19FireMal plz unbann him even he is a tard
00:48:19Strom for all support
00:48:19DeduXserS wtf mal talking
00:48:19Chinaski strom
00:48:19DeduXserS XD
00:48:19Chinaski u there
00:48:19Chinaski what happened with
00:48:19Chinaski with
00:48:19VVindoWz you played well strom but u lost anyways :P
00:48:19Chinaski marsbar
00:48:19Strom how should I know?
00:48:19Chinaski and his
00:48:19Chinaski Pluging
00:48:19Strom no clue
00:48:19Chinaski what is this
00:48:19Strom look, I don't keep everything in my mind
00:48:19Strom if you want support
00:48:19Chinaski should i contact u atdota support to talk sbout that
00:48:19Chinaski k
00:48:53Strom I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:00CC_DoLby who i can make support
00:49:05CC_DoLby surrender
00:49:07CC_DoLby soz
00:49:10Strom type: ff
00:49:13CC_DoLby I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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