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68% | 1337 X | 1389 TS

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55% | 1277 X | 1306 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00Inkzu [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 148 seconds.
00:00:16holostoi ???? ??? ??????
00:00:16VanillaThunder can anyone xin?
00:00:16rtg800 -xin
00:00:16FireMal u cab lich
00:00:16zebbelito dirhe
00:00:16zebbelito dirge
00:00:16FireMal i can lich
00:00:18Inkzu i can lich
00:00:20VanillaThunder so pick him lich
00:00:20zebbelito what u playing
00:00:25zebbelito lol
00:00:28zebbelito my butch
00:00:28AliBaba he cant play lich ..
00:00:32zebbelito u want lich?
00:00:36Inkzu i will
00:00:37FireMal what ever
00:00:44Inkzu just say what u need
00:00:48zebbelito my LINA
00:00:49zebbelito :D:Dd
00:00:50zebbelito wtf
00:01:05FireMal what you whant
00:01:13FireMal sf ?
00:01:24rtg800 get
00:01:27rtg800 aa rhasta cm
00:01:28zebbelito sf me then
00:01:31Inkzu ok
00:01:35rtg800 aa rhasta cm abba
00:01:37FireMal for u ?
00:01:41rtg800 no
00:01:50FireMal abba ?
00:01:53VanillaThunder y
00:01:54Aerwyn ye
00:01:58zebbelito -swap 5
00:02:01Inkzu -swap 1
00:02:10rtg800 gondar and abba bot
00:02:13rtg800 cm clock top
00:02:16zebbelito warfds
00:02:16rtg800 cm get wards
00:02:18Aerwyn sure
00:02:22AliBaba y
00:02:34zebbelito -ma
00:02:39Mamo -ms
00:02:42Mamo -ma
00:02:45rtg800 nice
00:02:47zebbelito mamyka
00:02:49rtg800 ward rune aswell
00:02:50zebbelito why u have wand
00:02:52rtg800 it would be great
00:02:57zebbelito insted of recipe
00:03:26VanillaThunder pit invisi
00:03:37Inkzu ss bot
00:03:46Inkzu re
00:05:40mamyka ?? ???? ???
00:06:02Aerwyn get mana reg cm
00:06:09AliBaba im level 2
00:06:13AliBaba cna you relax
00:06:19Inkzu you got fire?
00:06:32Inkzu hallo?
00:06:34holostoi ?
00:06:50Aerwyn kill
00:06:52Aerwyn freeze
00:06:53Aerwyn some1
00:07:38zebbelito ss mid
00:08:36holostoi care mid
00:08:46VanillaThunder b
00:08:53rtg800 gank top
00:08:54rtg800 ss mid
00:08:57VanillaThunder why?
00:09:09zebbelito more ward
00:09:16Aerwyn share chic??
00:09:29rtg800 are you blind?????
00:09:43rtg800 gank sf
00:09:55Inkzu ss bot
00:10:19zebbelito rune wards
00:10:21rtg800 get lich
00:10:22FireMal lich
00:10:26FireMal omw lich
00:11:17rtg800 gank sf
00:11:29Mamo gj
00:11:34rtg800 inc top
00:11:46mamyka sf nc
00:11:47zebbelito dsgsdgs
00:11:48FireMal wp top
00:12:07mamyka w8
00:12:16Aerwyn ....
00:12:30rtg800 oh ffs
00:12:53Inkzu damn u bad pit
00:12:58holostoi lol
00:13:20FireMal ss mid
00:13:28AliBaba clock ..
00:13:28Mamo gj
00:13:29FireMal omw top
00:13:31Aerwyn lol?
00:13:35Aerwyn what could i have done
00:13:36AliBaba fuckit
00:14:21rtg800 gondar why didnt you kill
00:14:48Aerwyn abba?
00:14:51Aerwyn wtf?
00:15:03Inkzu bb
00:15:13holostoi ????
00:15:29Inkzu b
00:15:52rtg800 come bot
00:15:57FireMal sf is b
00:16:37Inkzu b
00:17:28rtg800 i get rune
00:17:32rtg800 wait
00:17:43rtg800 gank lich
00:17:52FireMal inc
00:17:57FireMal from mid care bot
00:17:59FireMal go now
00:18:13zebbelito -ma
00:18:28mamyka ???? ??? ?????
00:18:35holostoi ??
00:18:37holostoi ?????
00:18:42Aerwyn abba shield me :((
00:19:01Inkzu damn u are so bad
00:19:04Inkzu use stun
00:19:06Inkzu healing
00:19:07Inkzu fire
00:19:11Inkzu anything?
00:19:24rtg800 push towers
00:19:49mamyka ye dfc yf[eq ht,znf
00:19:54mamyka ?? ??? ????? ??????
00:20:16Inkzu cant we votekick pit?
00:20:18zebbelito FF TWAM
00:20:21mamyka SF DIE IN REAL LIFE U SUC
00:20:34FireMal treads for abba
00:20:35FireMal ?
00:20:37mamyka u cant hit coids
00:20:39rtg800 ye
00:20:43zebbelito seems nyt
00:20:44zebbelito not
00:21:15FireMal k got urn
00:21:18FireMal and treads
00:21:22FireMal now we can go twrs
00:21:25FireMal any one whant twr
00:21:36Inkzu sf if you dont enter game soon we will lose
00:21:38rtg800 get tower
00:22:16zebbelito np
00:22:29Aerwyn mana
00:22:34zebbelito they have wards :D
00:22:37zebbelito sentrys
00:22:38zebbelito how
00:22:47holostoi bob
00:22:53holostoi they have gondar
00:23:26zebbelito unplayable
00:23:30holostoi ??? ????? ??? ???
00:23:32FireMal how is this abba
00:23:41holostoi ??? ?????? ? ?????? ?????????
00:23:55mamyka our cap crap
00:24:12FireMal ill go farm vlad
00:24:30rtg800 wards plz
00:24:34rtg800 care tolp
00:24:37Mamo mt
00:24:42FireMal mine
00:24:53Aerwyn abba, u get wards?
00:25:13rtg800 b
00:25:19rtg800 get sf
00:25:23rtg800 i have rinv
00:25:27FireMal im b
00:25:29FireMal sry
00:25:32FireMal got nuked
00:26:08VanillaThunder nice hooks btw
00:26:12rtg800 :)
00:26:17holostoi ???? 68%
00:26:23holostoi ? ??? ???? 90
00:26:30rtg800 cant
00:26:34zebbelito pudge or lina
00:26:36zebbelito was my hero
00:26:39rtg800 they alive
00:26:40rtg800 get top
00:26:54rtg800 ward their woods
00:26:54mamyka mb noobs buy wards?
00:27:42Aerwyn abba, wtf?
00:27:52rtg800 shield me perhaps??
00:27:59Aerwyn ye
00:28:06holostoi ??????
00:28:22mamyka dctulf cnjbn
00:28:23rtg800 they have more towers pushed
00:28:28mamyka ?????? ?????
00:28:30Aerwyn true dat
00:28:34Aerwyn need to push
00:29:04FireMal can i rosh solo
00:29:05Inkzu go mid twr
00:29:06FireMal with vlad
00:29:09rtg800 no :D
00:29:16rtg800 it would take a lot of time
00:29:18rtg800 you would be ganked
00:29:31rtg800 def mid
00:29:53rtg800 my bad
00:29:53Inkzu b
00:29:58FireMal jnah my bad
00:30:00FireMal i whent solo
00:30:01Inkzu just love meka :D
00:30:04Aerwyn was kinda hoping u guys getting along :)
00:30:11FireMal y same thing with me
00:30:17Aerwyn hey, let's stop this stupid shit and with 5
00:30:25FireMal just tell me where to be
00:30:28Aerwyn go with"
00:30:29FireMal ill be there
00:30:35VanillaThunder well got 2 towers
00:30:41FireMal cap what is next item
00:30:47VanillaThunder pipe
00:31:05Mamo ilusion
00:31:16VanillaThunder lina gem
00:31:18Aerwyn b
00:31:19Aerwyn guys
00:31:39Aerwyn b
00:31:54holostoi ?
00:32:08VanillaThunder gem
00:32:29FireMal twr
00:32:39Inkzu the only one who can play is pugde on that team
00:32:51VanillaThunder tower and b
00:32:53Aerwyn y
00:32:54rtg800 y
00:32:55mamyka su plz lich
00:33:00mamyka u catn play
00:33:13zebbelito wygfsdf
00:33:34rtg800 argh
00:33:38VanillaThunder rax
00:33:42zebbelito ok move 5
00:33:43rtg800 i get rune
00:33:44zebbelito and we win
00:33:53FireMal top
00:33:58FireMal care
00:34:09zebbelito HAHAHAA
00:34:10mamyka hahah
00:34:11zebbelito AXES
00:34:17mamyka this fuckin noobs
00:34:23mamyka lich delete dota u SUX
00:34:27AliBaba ty
00:34:41Inkzu its funny that YOU say that
00:34:54VanillaThunder b
00:34:57Inkzu u are second pick and you suck that mush
00:35:04VanillaThunder need a gang before
00:35:08Inkzu there should be a rule on that
00:35:08rtg800 y
00:35:22rtg800 wrad here
00:35:38rtg800 b
00:35:45Aerwyn b
00:36:09FireMal haha nab pit
00:36:16FireMal pudge close
00:36:24mamyka retards buy fuckin wardas
00:36:36Inkzu buy youself noob
00:36:45mamyka i buy it
00:36:49Inkzu good
00:37:02zebbelito b
00:37:02FireMal all go mid
00:37:03zebbelito rex
00:37:03FireMal plz
00:37:07rtg800 gnak before
00:37:16VanillaThunder w8 my deso
00:37:25FireMal no gang posible their in bas
00:37:33rtg800 i can hook them
00:37:34FireMal or i ward their base
00:37:39FireMal so you can hook
00:37:41rtg800 lol
00:37:44rtg800 no
00:37:59rtg800 we need gondar´for rosh
00:38:03rtg800 and wward
00:38:22VanillaThunder get wards then rosh
00:38:26mamyka plz
00:38:27VanillaThunder b
00:38:28rtg800 abba
00:38:31mamyka rex use ur fuckin hawk
00:38:43FireMal why b
00:38:51zebbelito lol
00:38:56mamyka ??????
00:39:00mamyka ??? ????
00:39:23rtg800 now rosh
00:39:27Aerwyn ye
00:39:28Aerwyn go
00:39:30Inkzu pugde won game
00:39:33rtg800 gondar takes
00:39:35mamyka ? ???? ??
00:39:38Aerwyn ward
00:39:39Aerwyn cm
00:39:39mamyka u lost it and sf
00:39:42FireMal ward here plz take ward down
00:39:51Aerwyn gj
00:40:00Inkzu and you are the best becouse of your score right? stealer
00:40:10FireMal enemy ward here
00:40:12zebbelito hes rus noob
00:40:16zebbelito 1 lucky game
00:40:16FireMal pudge
00:40:16AliBaba pudge
00:40:21FireMal plz go here to take ward down
00:40:22mamyka said italiano bob
00:40:22rtg800 :D
00:40:23rtg800 sry
00:40:42VanillaThunder soon go need 300
00:40:53AliBaba take it
00:40:54AliBaba gondar
00:40:56FireMal +1200 for pipe
00:41:07VanillaThunder ty
00:41:07zebbelito haewk?
00:41:14mamyka use hawk
00:41:15AliBaba np
00:41:27Inkzu dont use my hero or get banned
00:41:33FireMal gather bot or ?
00:41:34rtg800 come bot all
00:41:35zebbelito b
00:41:36zebbelito lol
00:41:36FireMal pudge hook
00:42:40rtg800 let me hok
00:44:02mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:05Mamo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:20Mamo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:22Mamo .ff
00:45:20Inkzu I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:32mamyka 3-8 cap
00:46:50rtg800 lol gondar
00:46:53rtg800 :D
00:46:59rtg800 haha :D
00:47:00Aerwyn :D
00:47:01rtg800 nice
00:47:02Aerwyn gj
00:47:16Inkzu ban reQeust for miss use my hero
00:47:16rtg800 :D
00:47:28zebbelito I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:31Mamo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:32VanillaThunder :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D::D
00:47:32Mamo .ff
00:47:34Mamo .ff
00:47:35mamyka ? ???
00:47:38holostoi ???
00:47:41mamyka ? ? ??? ????
00:47:43holostoi ?????
00:48:00Inkzu i will ban reQuest for miss use of hero
00:48:06VanillaThunder abba heal plz
00:48:56FireMal -es
00:48:56FireMal -ii
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