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-53 X
-1 TS

94% | 1699 X | 1479 TS

+2 X
-1 TS

85% | 1507 X | 1445 TS

-47 X
-2 TS

71% | 1382 X | 1356 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

69% | 1273 X | 1453 TS

-29 X
-1 TS

54% | 1227 X | 1327 TS

+7 X
+1 TS

94% | 1670 X | 1496 TS

+24 X
+7 TS

78% | 1425 X | 1410 TS

+34 X
+1 TS

69% | 1313 X | 1406 TS

+56 X
+3 TS

68% | 1370 X | 1344 TS

+35 X
+1 TS

68% | 1294 X | 1417 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Arapiles [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 49 seconds.
00:00:12mby_next_time -AR COME ON FAGS
00:00:15mby_next_time :<
00:00:17yeW- :d
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17Tough yew
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17Jerkku can i axe
00:00:17Tough my friend
00:00:17yeW- yes my dear
00:00:17analpanic zajeeeb
00:00:17Zajeb who wants wl?
00:00:17yeW- what u want
00:00:17Tough u like me?
00:00:17analpanic priveeet
00:00:17Zajeb ?
00:00:17yeW- i love u
00:00:17Tough i love u
00:00:17Tough btw
00:00:17yeW- lmao
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17mby_next_time gays
00:00:17yeW- fu mby
00:00:17mby_next_time stop analing
00:00:17Tough jealous? :D
00:00:17yeW- UR JUST JEALOUS
00:00:17Zajeb in eng pls
00:00:17mby_next_time JEALOUS OFC OFC
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17yeW- :dd
00:00:17analpanic you not russian?
00:00:17yeW- k
00:00:17yeW- ban et?
00:00:17yeW- etc*
00:00:17Zajeb nope
00:00:17yeW- ud?
00:00:17Jerkku me axe
00:00:17yeW- anyone want it?
00:00:17mby_next_time ban axe or pick it
00:00:17Zajeb srb
00:00:17mby_next_time ck / wl / sd
00:00:17Jouez wl ck es undy ? :))
00:00:17yeW- axe can go eat shit
00:00:17analpanic why russian flag on your avatar
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17yeW- anyone ud?
00:00:17mby_next_time axe > your momas
00:00:17Arapiles new axe is op
00:00:17nigulas serb
00:00:17Tough sweetheart
00:00:17yeW- or wl
00:00:17Zajeb its serbian
00:00:17mby_next_time i can ud
00:00:17yeW- no, u gotta gang
00:00:17yeW- no ud for u
00:00:17yeW- :D
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17mby_next_time thought so
00:00:17analpanic oh yeas
00:00:17yeW- jokin
00:00:17Tough this is hate
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17yeW- ck
00:00:17mby_next_time you cant solo mid without me :<
00:00:17nigulas -ud
00:00:18Tough HAHA
00:00:20mby_next_time so no ud for meh :D
00:00:22yeW- WL?
00:00:22analpanic red blue white
00:00:23Tough get wl for someone?
00:00:24mby_next_time i go es
00:00:25yeW- anyone wllll?!!
00:00:25Zajeb who wl?
00:00:26mby_next_time ES FOR ME
00:00:26analpanic serb
00:00:26Tough SOMEONE WL?
00:00:27mby_next_time !
00:00:27Jerkku axeeee
00:00:30mby_next_time ESSSS
00:00:30nigulas i wl
00:00:30Zajeb y
00:00:30mby_next_time ES
00:00:31yeW- WL?
00:00:31mby_next_time ES
00:00:32mby_next_time ES
00:00:32mby_next_time ES
00:00:33mby_next_time ES
00:00:33mby_next_time ES
00:00:34mby_next_time ES
00:00:34mby_next_time ES
00:00:35mby_next_time ES
00:00:41yeW- christ fags
00:00:42mby_next_time es > your momas
00:00:43Tough ah wl is not the problem
00:00:46Tough i go bs
00:00:49mby_next_time yew you want?
00:00:50Tough silence > wl
00:00:53yeW- give
00:00:58yeW- the huskarization
00:00:58Tough or slark? :D
00:01:01Tough i mean
00:01:02Tough slark
00:01:02mby_next_time obvious
00:01:04yeW- oh noes
00:01:04Tough im imba
00:01:05mby_next_time slark is good
00:01:05Tough :D
00:01:06yeW- fuckin d
00:01:07mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:07yeW- ?sd
00:01:08yeW- fuckin sddd
00:01:08yeW- blahhhhhhhh
00:01:08Tough slark
00:01:08Tough or bs?
00:01:08Tough tell me fast
00:01:08Tough or sladar
00:01:08mby_next_time i would say slark.
00:01:08Jerkku bs imo
00:01:08Tough FAST
00:01:08yeW- erm
00:01:08yeW- em
00:01:08yeW- e
00:01:08Jerkku need silence
00:01:08Tough yew
00:01:08yeW- er
00:01:08yeW- er
00:01:08yeW- er
00:01:08mby_next_time or nvm bs :D
00:01:08yeW- er
00:01:08Tough ur decide
00:01:08Jouez <3
00:01:08yeW- BSSSSSSSS
00:01:08yeW- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:01:08yeW- :DDDDDD
00:01:08Tough ALRIGHT!!!!
00:01:08Tough I GOT IT
00:01:08yeW- eventho
00:01:08analpanic game
00:01:08Zajeb such a great pool
00:01:08mby_next_time momdsiw raged cuz he's black
00:01:08yeW- hes probz out
00:01:08yeW- so fuck that jew
00:01:08yeW- FUCK
00:01:08yeW- HIM
00:01:08yeW- HARD
00:01:08Tough in his ass?
00:01:08yeW- read
00:01:08yeW- ur chat
00:01:08mby_next_time i got es so eremeber
00:01:08yeW- from last game
00:01:08mby_next_time IM GONNA GANG
00:01:08yeW- kinda funny
00:01:08yeW- so much flame
00:01:08yeW- xD
00:01:08Tough ah fuck ur geo
00:01:08Tough :D
00:01:08yeW- dedux
00:01:08yeW- didnt share
00:01:08yeW- chick?
00:01:08yeW- ^^
00:01:08Tough nah^^
00:01:08Arapiles no
00:01:08yeW- why?
00:01:08Tough i was fucked up
00:01:08Arapiles emo
00:01:08yeW- guess he had a reason
00:01:08Tough hes to pro^^
00:01:08Tough too
00:01:08yeW- did he buy it?
00:01:08yeW- or did
00:01:08Tough but btw
00:01:08yeW- brown
00:01:08Tough yew
00:01:08Tough gj
00:01:08yeW- for get to
00:01:08yeW- buy
00:01:08Tough wp with geo
00:01:08Arapiles i bought it
00:01:08yeW- n when he did
00:01:08yeW- he activated it
00:01:08yeW- ?
00:01:08Arapiles y
00:01:08Tough ye
00:01:08Tough because
00:01:08yeW- i c
00:01:08Arapiles and didnt share
00:01:08yeW- probz wudda
00:01:08Tough he get ganged
00:01:08yeW- done
00:01:08yeW- the same
00:01:08yeW- as dedux
00:01:08yeW- :D
00:01:08Tough by blue
00:01:08yeW- ye
00:01:08yeW- fb
00:01:08mby_next_time naps
00:01:08mby_next_time i won it
00:01:08yeW- wel did u
00:01:08Tough it was over
00:01:08yeW- say ss gond?
00:01:08mby_next_time no yew
00:01:08yeW- :D
00:01:08mby_next_time :<
00:01:08Tough before it began^^
00:01:08Tough begann
00:01:08yeW- just like now
00:01:08Tough ah fuck my english
00:01:08yeW- i gues
00:01:08yeW- xD
00:01:08yeW- no
00:01:08yeW- began
00:01:08yeW- is correct
00:01:08yeW- D
00:01:08Tough really?
00:01:08yeW- ye
00:01:08mby_next_time yep
00:01:08Tough my englishteacher
00:01:08mby_next_time guess
00:01:08Tough would be proud
00:01:08yeW- begin began begun
00:01:08mby_next_time is correct
00:01:08mby_next_time not gues
00:01:08Tough :D
00:01:08Tough btw
00:01:08yeW- what u sayin
00:01:08yeW- mby
00:01:08yeW- remove
00:01:08yeW- that cock
00:01:08mby_next_time guess ,not gues
00:01:08yeW- outta ur mouth
00:01:08yeW- mate
00:01:08Tough :D
00:01:08yeW- ye no shit
00:01:08yeW- its guess?
00:01:08yeW- didnt know
00:01:08yeW- ty mate
00:01:09mby_next_time YOUR MOM
00:01:11yeW- lol
00:01:12mby_next_time PICK
00:01:13Momdsiw NOT BLACK
00:01:14Tough FWIHEWE
00:01:14mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:16yeW- HE PREVAILS
00:01:20yeW- k
00:01:22mby_next_time IM NOT YELLOW
00:01:24Tough husk mid?
00:01:25mby_next_time -SWAP 1
00:01:27mby_next_time -SWAP 1
00:01:28mby_next_time -SWAP 1
00:01:31yeW- -swap 3
00:01:32yeW- oh lol
00:01:32mby_next_time -SWAP MADAFAKA YEW
00:01:36yeW- now that i think about it
00:01:38yeW- slark wudda bin better
00:01:41yeW- -clear
00:01:41Tough fuck u
00:01:42yeW- diffu
00:01:42Tough :D
00:01:43yeW- :/
00:01:50Arapiles viper??
00:01:51Tough bitch
00:01:53Tough :D
00:01:55Tough husk
00:01:57Tough u mid
00:01:58Tough seems so
00:01:59Tough okay
00:02:01nigulas woods huskar inc
00:02:05yeW- :DDDDDD
00:02:05Tough IM BOT
00:02:07Tough NOT WITH VIPER
00:02:09Tough wd
00:02:10Tough to me
00:02:13Tough es viper top
00:02:14Tough oer?
00:02:21yeW- go mid
00:02:22yeW- bs
00:02:23yeW- es with me
00:02:23mby_next_time im gonna gang
00:02:25Arapiles ok come take wards for top
00:02:30mby_next_time or be with yew
00:02:32yeW- husk no gangin hero mate
00:02:37yeW- tiz a midas farm woodszor
00:02:38Tough husk
00:02:39Zajeb sd u here?
00:02:39yeW- heroz
00:02:41Tough dont want to be mid :(
00:02:42yeW- -ma
00:02:42Zajeb sec
00:02:42nigulas np carry wl inc
00:02:42Zajeb afk sd
00:02:42mby_next_time do[]ctor
00:02:42mby_next_time go top
00:02:42mby_next_time im bot
00:02:42Arapiles so im top?
00:02:42Tough im scared
00:02:42mby_next_time with husk
00:02:42Tough really
00:02:42yeW- ur up against wl
00:02:42Tough im scared
00:02:42mby_next_time yes you are :d
00:02:42yeW- u want bot?
00:02:42yeW- -clear
00:02:42Tough yeha
00:02:42Tough :D
00:02:42Tough with wd
00:02:42yeW- fo' real?
00:02:42yeW- ^^
00:02:42Tough would be nice^^
00:02:42Zajeb analpanic u here?
00:02:42Tough because
00:02:42mby_next_time GOD I WONT CHANGE M LANE BITCHES
00:02:42Tough carry wl is hard
00:02:42Tough :D
00:02:42Arapiles kk
00:02:42Tough dont want to fail
00:02:42Arapiles i go top
00:02:42Jouez mby hes doing some anal stuff
00:02:42Tough and husk mid cant fail
00:02:42Tough :D
00:02:42yeW- i can
00:02:42yeW- :D
00:02:42yeW- k
00:02:42Tough nah u cant
00:02:42Zajeb probably
00:02:42yeW- wd bs bot
00:02:42yeW- es top?
00:02:42analpanic hmm
00:02:42Tough because im saying so
00:02:42Arapiles ok
00:02:42yeW- i c
00:02:42Tough es can u top?
00:02:42yeW- mby sorry
00:02:42mby_next_time you're SO FUCKING GAY
00:02:43analpanic i thought he lived
00:02:43yeW- go the fuck top
00:02:43Arapiles i support bs bot
00:02:48mby_next_time kk whatever
00:02:49Tough thx a loit
00:02:49nigulas lived :D
00:02:51nigulas heh
00:02:53nigulas funny rusfail
00:02:54analpanic leaved
00:02:57nigulas left
00:03:00yeW- left
00:03:01Tough BTW
00:03:03analpanic ABAGHASHGFA
00:03:04Tough bayern won!
00:03:09Jerkku runebot
00:03:10nigulas orly
00:03:12nigulas 2days ago
00:03:12analpanic 11 class
00:03:21Tough they gonna win
00:03:23Tough cl
00:03:25nigulas barca real final
00:03:30Arapiles fb bot
00:03:31Tough bet? :D
00:04:31analpanic =(
00:04:33Momdsiw dam
00:04:34Tough GJ
00:04:35Jouez come top
00:04:36Momdsiw gay lane :d
00:04:44yeW- gjj
00:04:56mby_next_time mid fag omw
00:05:04Tough mby next
00:05:05mby_next_time haras him
00:05:13Arapiles woops
00:05:16Jouez es miss
00:05:18yeW- waiiit!!
00:05:25mby_next_time WAITTT JAIBLAT
00:05:27yeW- blh
00:05:36Momdsiw WAIT
00:05:37Momdsiw SEC
00:05:40Arapiles ss bot 2x
00:05:45mby_next_time you cant be serious
00:05:46analpanic norm
00:05:48yeW- imba block
00:05:53analpanic wd ss
00:06:10Arapiles ss sd
00:06:13mby_next_time isnt your anus 2 small?
00:06:19yeW- good thing ^^
00:06:27analpanic go husk
00:06:27nigulas shre
00:06:41mby_next_time mid omw
00:06:42Arapiles b mid
00:06:55yeW- bit late :D
00:06:58Jouez es warding
00:06:59mby_next_time tp mid shiet hero
00:07:00yeW- or not
00:07:03yeW- my bad
00:07:15yeW- -ma
00:07:52Zajeb care
00:07:58nigulas t
00:07:59nigulas y
00:08:35analpanic es
00:08:47analpanic pickup?
00:08:54mby_next_time sd
00:09:07mby_next_time KK
00:09:16Arapiles b
00:09:17Arapiles b
00:09:29Momdsiw why not trap him
00:09:35analpanic wd there
00:09:38Momdsiw no
00:10:09Arapiles gj
00:10:10Tough sry bro
00:10:23Arapiles np
00:10:35mby_next_time KK
00:10:44yeW- eat the shit
00:10:44yeW- tt
00:11:07Arapiles rune bot
00:11:10yeW- my farm T_T
00:11:17nigulas ss
00:11:27yeW- omw go
00:11:36yeW- hi nigu
00:11:41Momdsiw seeker getting fat
00:11:47nigulas ?
00:11:47mby_next_time hi sentinel
00:11:55Tough hi nigga
00:11:58nigulas who cares
00:11:59nigulas this team
00:12:01nigulas cant pick heros
00:12:03Tough my nigga cares
00:12:07Tough he is brown
00:12:20Momdsiw im not your nigga
00:12:24Tough :(
00:12:31Jouez dont call misses pls
00:12:32nigulas why are u mid?
00:12:45Jouez had such a nice farm
00:12:45Jouez ffs
00:13:13mby_next_time wr there
00:13:28yeW- guys
00:13:28yeW- tp?
00:13:55mby_next_time KK
00:14:08Tough forcestaff rdy
00:14:12Tough this will be PWND
00:14:12nigulas FFS
00:14:24yeW- ^^
00:14:34yeW- $we won
00:14:36yeW- got midas
00:14:43yeW- HAHA
00:14:56mby_next_time GOD
00:14:58mby_next_time GOD
00:15:36Tough JAHAHAHAHA
00:15:37Tough HAHAHAHAHAH
00:15:39yeW- $^^
00:15:39Tough shit
00:15:45nigulas got ulti
00:15:46nigulas go mid
00:15:50nigulas 7sec
00:15:54yeW- -ma
00:16:06Jerkku go
00:16:15Arapiles run
00:16:16mby_next_time kk
00:16:28Jouez u dont need my niggaz
00:17:48yeW- w,t
00:18:25Tough HAHAHAHa
00:18:26yeW- TEM
00:18:26Tough HAHAHAHA
00:18:53Jerkku omg
00:18:58Arapiles epic
00:19:06Jouez :(
00:19:08Arapiles kite him when he is low so he cant ult
00:19:41Jouez wd :D
00:20:01Tough YEW
00:20:01mby_next_time wp yew.
00:20:01Jouez :D:D
00:20:03Momdsiw i go meka?
00:20:04mby_next_time TOWER> YEW
00:20:04yeW- :D
00:20:06Jouez silver game ?
00:20:07nigulas y
00:20:15yeW- why does this tower change target? :D
00:20:22Momdsiw range hero
00:20:26analpanic no
00:20:27Momdsiw attacks in tower range
00:20:36analpanic because he killed creep
00:20:45Jouez no maim ffs
00:20:51Zajeb was oom
00:20:52Zajeb sry
00:21:05yeW- LOL
00:21:20Zajeb tb u got farm?
00:21:31Jouez y
00:23:20yeW- em rosh?
00:23:21yeW- :d
00:23:21yeW- -ma
00:23:39Jerkku wtf
00:23:41Momdsiw ops
00:23:44Momdsiw wrongh hotkey :D
00:23:46yeW- b
00:23:47yeW- lads
00:23:47yeW- lol
00:23:49yeW- no vision
00:23:51yeW- stop going
00:23:58Arapiles was trying to put ward
00:24:37Zajeb some1 manaboots?
00:24:54Tough ;:D
00:24:57yeW- ^^^^^^^^
00:25:50Zajeb ahh haste
00:25:53Zajeb my bad
00:25:56yeW- -ma
00:25:59yeW- 15:(
00:26:02nigulas canw e go and end this0?
00:26:03nigulas 5 mid
00:26:04nigulas and push
00:26:06nigulas enogh is enogh
00:26:10nigulas and sry for afking
00:26:13Momdsiw -ii
00:26:14nigulas got some billshit
00:26:26analpanic there ward
00:26:28analpanic btw
00:26:55yeW- bb
00:27:07mby_next_time god.
00:27:37Arapiles yew you have to participate a bit in teamfights
00:27:38yeW- lmao
00:27:42Jouez wtf ?!
00:27:42yeW- was watchin bs
00:27:42yeW- xD
00:27:46yeW- watchin bot :p
00:28:17Momdsiw any1 going pipe?
00:28:28analpanic smoke
00:28:41mby_next_time rofl :3
00:28:44yeW- :'
00:28:46Tough :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD
00:28:51nigulas ult soon
00:28:52mby_next_time best trap catapult ever
00:28:58Arapiles lol
00:28:59Arapiles y
00:29:00Momdsiw any1 manaboots?
00:29:09Momdsiw blah
00:29:12nigulas enough farming
00:29:13nigulas tb
00:29:40nigulas utii
00:30:11Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:14Arapiles I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:15yeW- ff imo
00:30:16yeW- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:30Jerkku tb is fat
00:30:32Jerkku go ff
00:30:37mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:43nigulas b
00:30:43Arapiles axe also
00:30:47Jerkku y
00:30:54Jerkku stryg go ff
00:31:07nigulas gather bot
00:31:12nigulas ult s oon
00:31:23mby_next_time i loled :D
00:31:35Tough fuck u hard
00:31:44mby_next_time GTFO
00:31:55yeW- that save
00:31:56mby_next_time JUST RAPIER
00:31:57yeW- DAT SAVE
00:32:02Zajeb oom
00:32:06yeW- JUST INSANE
00:32:08mby_next_time DAT RAPIER
00:32:10mby_next_time DAT RAPIST
00:32:33nigulas ulti
00:32:56yeW- xaxaxa
00:32:58Arapiles lol
00:33:05yeW- XAXAXA
00:33:06yeW- k go ff
00:33:07Jouez pure dmg
00:33:18Tough i go kill tat tb
00:33:21Arapiles I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:03mby_next_time :)))
00:34:25Jouez :(
00:34:51yeW- LOL
00:34:51Jerkku stryg
00:34:52Jerkku ff it
00:34:56Jouez bg
00:35:14Jouez rapier
00:35:49Tough I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:51yeW- :D
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