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+53 X
+1 TS

98% | 1717 X | 1563 TS

-8 X
+2 TS

94% | 1633 X | 1499 TS

+22 X
+1 TS

87% | 1536 X | 1430 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

81% | 1485 X | 1431 TS

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80% | 1442 X | 1450 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

96% | 1776 X | 1537 TS

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95% | 1703 X | 1542 TS

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83% | 1532 X | 1420 TS

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-2 TS

79% | 1481 X | 1392 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

74% | 1381 X | 1415 TS

Chat log

00:00:26Tough sylla for me
00:00:26Norrebro any ud?
00:00:26Norrebro es
00:00:26marsbar2k es
00:00:26marsbar2k y
00:00:26Norrebro anythinh
00:00:26marsbar2k abba
00:00:26marsbar2k me
00:00:26marsbar2k nvm
00:00:26marsbar2k es
00:00:26Firelord0.1 es not good here
00:00:26Norrebro -lycan
00:00:26Laier i just jizz'd in my pants
00:00:26TakinBackMyLove info
00:00:26Laier ban sylla
00:00:26Laier if this prick is going to pick it
00:00:26WANKmaster -ud
00:00:32mrk ready?
00:00:37WANKmaster any1
00:00:37Laier gimme lich
00:00:38WANKmaster wants
00:00:39WANKmaster something
00:00:39WANKmaster ?
00:00:41Laier oh, there is no lich
00:00:44Tough naix
00:00:47Laier gimme naix
00:00:49Tough im woods
00:00:50WANKmaster es
00:00:50WANKmaster get
00:00:52WANKmaster es
00:00:53WANKmaster mrk
00:00:56Laier tough cant play naix
00:00:56WANKmaster diesel pelab
00:01:05Tough laier is just mad
00:01:10mrk võin ise ka naixi
00:01:10marsbar2k -swap 1
00:01:10Laier you cant play naix
00:01:13Laier i have seeen you
00:01:13Tough yeah
00:01:14Norrebro -swap 3
00:01:19WANKmaster pick
00:01:19Tough so cap
00:01:20WANKmaster me
00:01:26WANKmaster krobe
00:01:30WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:30Laier -swap 1
00:01:39TakinBackMyLove puck
00:01:48diesel mrk mis soovid?
00:01:49mrk anna puck
00:01:58mrk -swap 5
00:01:58TakinBackMyLove bb vs naix ?
00:02:00mrk -swap 5
00:02:01diesel -swap 2
00:02:02TakinBackMyLove its so shitty
00:02:05Laier es bot with me?
00:02:28TakinBackMyLove wank krob rly ?
00:02:33mrk ei issand
00:02:34Laier es
00:02:37mrk :D
00:02:40Laier where is chicken
00:02:43Norrebro because i just played it
00:02:43diesel iomg
00:02:48Norrebro :P
00:02:49Firelord0.1 chick coming later
00:02:53TakinBackMyLove mby the most borring hero
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove in dota
00:02:56Kanpu3a xd
00:03:00Laier coming from jugger
00:03:01Laier ok
00:03:09Tough Said naix
00:03:10Laier "ye i can whirl and ulti
00:03:13Laier "SO MUCH FUN"
00:03:32diesel laier ready to kil?
00:03:35diesel nvm
00:03:37Laier go pull
00:03:49Laier GO PULL
00:03:52diesel next
00:03:54diesel too alte for that
00:04:12mrk rly
00:04:12diesel blocked
00:04:26Firelord0.1 open
00:05:36Tough coming gang with lvl 3
00:06:25Norrebro inc bot
00:06:31WANKmaster ss
00:06:31WANKmaster mid
00:06:39Kanpu3a no vac
00:06:44Norrebro gogo
00:07:28Norrebro wtf ds
00:07:33Kanpu3a m
00:08:00Laier eza miss
00:08:04mrk ROFL BARA
00:08:05mrk HIT HIM
00:08:05Norrebro go naix
00:08:13Norrebro dive
00:08:38Laier puck played so stupid :s
00:09:09Firelord0.1 invi bara
00:09:10Firelord0.1 5
00:09:27Firelord0.1 mana me
00:09:30Norrebro come to me
00:09:40Firelord0.1 thx
00:09:43Norrebro 3 bot
00:09:52Firelord0.1 2 mid
00:09:52Laier maybe es you go roam
00:10:06Laier y nice
00:10:32Tough sielence
00:10:34Tough if possibly
00:10:43mrk aba
00:10:45Norrebro dive
00:11:05Firelord0.1 that fucking tower
00:11:07Firelord0.1 kills me
00:11:42TakinBackMyLove stay
00:11:43TakinBackMyLove here
00:11:47mrk guess people arent that nice to tp top
00:11:52mrk tho i should say
00:12:06mrk ?
00:12:07mrk perhaps
00:12:08mrk anyoen
00:12:13mrk before we give them 1k gold for free
00:12:52mrk gratz
00:12:54mrk noone tpd
00:12:56mrk coulda killed 3
00:13:13marsbar2k lyl
00:13:14marsbar2k gay hero
00:13:37mrk TP PERHAPS
00:13:38mrk NOW?
00:13:41mrk wank
00:13:46TakinBackMyLove FF
00:13:49TakinBackMyLove NORREBRO
00:13:50TakinBackMyLove IMBA NEWB
00:13:51Norrebro FF
00:13:52mrk tüübid koguaeg divevad
00:13:54mrk free killid
00:13:55mrk kedagi ei tule
00:13:57mrk masendav
00:14:00Norrebro NORREBRO
00:14:03TakinBackMyLove norrebro autoloose
00:14:04Norrebro IMBA NEWB
00:14:09Norrebro autoloose!
00:15:37Kanpu3a xd
00:15:57Kanpu3a hahaha
00:16:16Laier luck more
00:16:24mrk wank sul botid
00:16:27mrk aita teisi
00:16:52WANKmaster ma towereid võtnud 1 haaval
00:18:16Tough god laier
00:18:19Tough u are so bad
00:18:38TakinBackMyLove gg ff newb cap
00:18:39Laier leave it
00:18:41marsbar2k :D
00:18:48mrk diesel
00:18:48Tough we god pro naix
00:18:51mrk ward seal pane alati
00:18:53WANKmaster -ms
00:18:53mrk ülespoole puud
00:18:55Norrebro remeber storm
00:18:56mrk alla paned siis waste
00:19:00Norrebro 0/10
00:19:04WANKmaster lets take
00:19:06Norrebro Earlier today
00:19:06WANKmaster bot
00:19:07Norrebro muahaha
00:19:09Norrebro HAFLA!
00:19:13TakinBackMyLove remeber your newb kotl
00:19:54Tough laier feed more
00:20:19Norrebro gg bb
00:20:22Firelord0.1 7 bash ?
00:20:22Tough laier pls
00:20:28Tough stob playing naix
00:20:32Laier why you talk?
00:20:33Laier :DDD
00:20:36Laier tell me fucking prick
00:21:04Kanpu3a pfff
00:21:07Norrebro stop charging me bitch
00:21:11Tough sorry bro
00:21:11marsbar2k HAFLAAA
00:21:14Tough if im killing u
00:21:16Norrebro why u dive like that
00:21:17Tough i got more x
00:21:22Tough get
00:21:27Norrebro charge another
00:21:38marsbar2k U need to do some more english homework instead of sneaking out and play dota
00:21:40marsbar2k newbie :D
00:21:44Tough come on
00:21:47Tough shut ur fucking mouth
00:21:56Tough u really wanna correct my english?
00:22:00Tough go and play teacher
00:22:46mrk tapa
00:22:54TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:22:57TakinBackMyLove ghb
00:22:57TakinBackMyLove b
00:22:58TakinBackMyLove m ofo
00:24:35mrk rofl
00:24:36mrk so obvious
00:24:37Laier niec
00:24:38Laier block
00:24:41Laier fucking idiot
00:24:45mrk block?
00:24:47mrk i went in first
00:24:51mrk u cant hit him while he ultis
00:24:55TakinBackMyLove fire
00:24:56TakinBackMyLove lord
00:24:57TakinBackMyLove leave!
00:25:07Norrebro d¨s
00:25:11Laier no
00:25:11Norrebro farming `?
00:25:12Laier i mean es
00:25:17diesel I mean nice farm
00:25:19diesel 22 mins
00:25:22diesel JAVELIN
00:25:25diesel OH SHIT DONT HIT ME
00:25:36Firelord0.1 jugger
00:25:37Firelord0.1 leave
00:25:41Laier that coming from es
00:25:41Kanpu3a )
00:25:42Laier 22min boots
00:25:44Laier yippii
00:25:45Laier :DDD
00:25:49mrk and that's wrong how..?
00:25:49mrk :D
00:25:51Kanpu3a agro
00:25:51diesel im es
00:25:54diesel with 12 assists
00:25:59Laier fucking retard go die irl
00:27:20Kanpu3a xd
00:27:22Kanpu3a idiots
00:27:32mrk rofl :D:D
00:27:34Tough creeeps
00:27:38mrk u coulda just hit him
00:27:43mrk and survive
00:27:46marsbar2k pewpew
00:27:48TakinBackMyLove laier more luck with basH ?=
00:27:51TakinBackMyLove tardnewvb
00:27:52Tough wanted to swap armelt
00:27:59Laier oom
00:27:59Tough couldnt because of creeps
00:28:09Norrebro dis bieber so mad
00:28:18Tough dis marsbar aswell :D
00:28:32Norrebro and me at you
00:28:35Norrebro fuckface
00:28:36Tough :D
00:28:37marsbar2k :D
00:28:38Tough sorry bro
00:28:41Norrebro stop charge me only
00:28:42Tough just need x
00:28:56Norrebro fuck ure x
00:29:40Kanpu3a b
00:29:43Kanpu3a xd
00:30:12Firelord0.1 ty
00:30:21Kanpu3a -ff
00:30:26Norrebro HAFLA
00:30:32Kanpu3a write ff
00:30:35marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:38Tough THIS HATE
00:30:46marsbar2k "MIIMIMII"
00:31:03Tough but
00:31:04Tough really
00:31:11marsbar2k mi miii ?
00:31:20mrk rofl
00:31:21mrk diesel
00:31:22mrk sa ei näinud?
00:31:26Tough ghost scepter?
00:31:28Tough wzy
00:31:29diesel misasja
00:31:30Tough why
00:31:32diesel kes droppis?
00:31:35mrk mina
00:31:36Kanpu3a cant see
00:31:37Tough i go dagon
00:31:38mrk vaatasin sa nägid
00:31:39Tough my friend :D
00:31:39diesel milleks
00:31:45Laier :<
00:32:14Tough mimimimimi
00:32:16Tough bro
00:32:18Tough im coming
00:32:32marsbar2k HAFLAA
00:32:54Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:56Firelord0.1 f
00:32:59Firelord0.1 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:36TakinBackMyLove FUCKING
00:33:37TakinBackMyLove RANDOM
00:33:38TakinBackMyLove ENWBS
00:34:14Tough GOD
00:34:16Kanpu3a )
00:34:31Tough :D
00:34:36Norrebro HAFLA
00:34:37Tough dude
00:34:39Tough trust me
00:34:40Tough its not u
00:34:41Tough its me
00:34:50Norrebro :D
00:34:51Tough :D:D
00:34:54Tough MAAAD
00:35:20Laier :D:D:
00:35:20Tough peace
00:35:32Norrebro go 5 mid
00:35:35Kanpu3a xd
00:35:37Kanpu3a and die
00:35:38TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:38Tough RAAAGE
00:36:13Norrebro cuntbag
00:36:46Norrebro pro jugger
00:36:48TakinBackMyLove M;OR
00:36:49TakinBackMyLove L
00:36:51TakinBackMyLove E
00:36:51TakinBackMyLove WERÅ aegå
00:36:52TakinBackMyLove h
00:36:52TakinBackMyLove yh
00:36:54TakinBackMyLove kpå
00:37:03TakinBackMyLove FUCKAIGN
00:37:03TakinBackMyLove MOFO
00:37:05TakinBackMyLove IMO N EWBS
00:37:06TakinBackMyLove FUCKIGB AS
00:37:07TakinBackMyLove ?WT
00:37:07Norrebro hahaha
00:37:08TakinBackMyLove f
00:37:11Tough :D
00:37:12marsbar2k nerd rage :D
00:37:13Norrebro u should watch him
00:37:14Laier kongkat rage
00:37:16Tough :D:D
00:37:20Norrebro im watching him live
00:37:22Tough i want to see his face right know :D
00:37:41mrk can you
00:37:42Norrebro not pretty
00:37:42Tough i do rosh
00:37:42mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:45mrk or shallwe
00:37:45Norrebro trust me
00:38:37Tough god
00:38:38TakinBackMyLove ^
00:38:39TakinBackMyLove MROGJHNER
00:38:40Tough im so pro
00:38:40TakinBackMyLove FUCKING
00:38:44TakinBackMyLove IMO NEWBS
00:39:12Tough GG
00:39:16TakinBackMyLove ^FU
00:39:18TakinBackMyLove FUCK YOU
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