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Chat log

00:00:00RumGone [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... GottHasstMich with 53 seconds.
00:00:08Yuriko hi
00:00:08RumGone -ii
00:00:09RumGone -water red
00:00:10Yuriko who wants ck or lich
00:00:17Yuriko anyone?
00:00:17Yuriko ck lich?
00:00:17RumGone i drool over axe or ck
00:00:17Yuriko anyone even here?
00:00:17N2xy nope
00:00:17Yuriko ck
00:00:17Yuriko so no lich?
00:00:17Yuriko ok let them have it
00:00:17Sepetos -magina
00:00:25Homeostat0000 they fp axe
00:00:30GottHasstMich sepe
00:00:32GottHasstMich u mid?
00:00:34Sepetos mmm
00:00:40extremewaari some1 lich?
00:00:41Sepetos yes
00:00:42RumGone i can axe jungle
00:00:47extremewaari some1 lich?
00:00:56A-tzangol yo can i go axe mid?
00:00:58Yuriko ye
00:01:05Sepetos take gyro
00:01:07Sepetos someone
00:01:10RumGone ok
00:01:13Sepetos they dont have many disables then
00:01:15Yuriko we need stuns
00:01:19Yuriko like gyro or something
00:01:24extremewaari they will play luna+eza lane
00:01:29RumGone erm
00:01:34RumGone do we lack a carry?
00:01:37Yuriko or clock or lina
00:01:39RumGone lich want to carry?
00:01:40Homeostat0000 i can carry
00:01:42extremewaari hmm
00:01:48Yuriko clock would be cool actually
00:01:50Homeostat0000 pick lina or sile
00:01:50RumGone dusa troll morph?
00:01:56extremewaari take necro for me
00:01:57RumGone swap?
00:02:02RumGone -swap 2
00:02:03extremewaari -swap 5
00:02:10RumGone fb down?
00:02:17Homeostat0000 whyh not
00:02:22RumGone i have slow
00:02:25Homeostat0000 i can skill rockets 1st
00:02:25GottHasstMich got chain
00:02:31GottHasstMich i go check rune
00:02:38GottHasstMich lich go block
00:02:38A-tzangol check
00:02:39A-tzangol rune
00:02:45GottHasstMich or gyro
00:02:46Yuriko fb top, easy
00:02:47RumGone go block what?
00:02:50Homeostat0000 careful i left u
00:03:12GottHasstMich thd
00:03:13GottHasstMich eza lane
00:03:13GottHasstMich imo
00:03:17Homeostat0000 ahha
00:03:18Homeostat0000 bad for them
00:03:24RumGone get dem
00:03:28GottHasstMich focus eza
00:03:57GottHasstMich grr
00:04:17Homeostat0000 go thd lich?>
00:04:22Homeostat0000 fuck me
00:04:24Homeostat0000 misstype
00:04:38diesel ill gank mid
00:04:48diesel after pull
00:04:58Yuriko or gank top
00:04:59Homeostat0000 go
00:05:05Homeostat0000 thd
00:05:10Yuriko free kill if he doesnt og b
00:05:38GottHasstMich zzz
00:05:38RumGone wtf
00:05:59extremewaari axe
00:06:14A-tzangol buy me a tp plz
00:06:20A-tzangol tp
00:06:20A-tzangol lina
00:06:44GottHasstMich lich
00:06:45GottHasstMich u should go top
00:06:47GottHasstMich asap
00:06:48Yuriko goin n
00:06:49extremewaari y
00:06:49Yuriko b
00:06:52RumGone ok
00:06:53extremewaari i cant be alone there
00:07:01GottHasstMich kill one more time bot
00:07:01GottHasstMich then tp
00:07:13Homeostat0000 go eza
00:07:19GottHasstMich engage
00:08:36RumGone bah
00:08:40Sepetos axe miss mid
00:09:07GottHasstMich so fkn bad
00:09:08RumGone oik lest stop that
00:09:12RumGone 5 10
00:09:23A-tzangol sm
00:09:24A-tzangol top
00:09:25RumGone gank luna
00:09:25A-tzangol with rune
00:09:26A-tzangol care
00:09:42Sepetos plz
00:09:49Sepetos 6lvl luna on river
00:09:50Sepetos gg
00:10:02Sepetos one button wonder
00:10:05Sepetos we need wards cause of luna
00:10:23GottHasstMich just going for arcane
00:10:26Homeostat0000 kk
00:10:31GottHasstMich then u have farm
00:10:34Homeostat0000 finish i wont take creps
00:10:37Homeostat0000 but later i farm
00:10:44Sepetos ff
00:10:45Yuriko btw
00:10:46Yuriko gj
00:10:46Yuriko lol
00:10:49diesel :)
00:10:49RumGone great
00:10:54RumGone ff
00:11:02RumGone 6 15
00:11:29Yuriko fgshdfh
00:11:30A-tzangol my bad
00:11:31A-tzangol :S
00:11:32RumGone gank bot
00:11:32Yuriko my bad
00:11:35Homeostat0000 omw
00:11:39Homeostat0000 lemme get 6
00:11:39RumGone kotl
00:11:41RumGone pause
00:11:45Yuriko ?
00:11:45diesel little bad timing
00:11:45Yuriko what for? how long?
00:12:02Homeostat0000 LICH
00:12:04Homeostat0000 the fuck
00:12:10GottHasstMich im oom
00:12:27Homeostat0000 doesnt fucking matter
00:12:33Homeostat0000 1 nova in time
00:12:36Homeostat0000 and they are dead
00:12:40RumGone i was not here
00:12:45RumGone i paused cuz i had to open door
00:12:46RumGone ...
00:12:49GottHasstMich lol sepe
00:12:50GottHasstMich ._.
00:13:08Sepetos dunno what these noobs just stop same spot i hit them slowed
00:14:14A-tzangol me rune
00:14:14Yuriko upg chick plz
00:14:22Homeostat0000 gather all?
00:14:27Homeostat0000 we cant keep on like that
00:14:29RumGone and do what
00:14:32GottHasstMich freefarm all time
00:14:33GottHasstMich so gg
00:14:35Homeostat0000 ganks on solo's
00:14:48Sepetos towers 3-0
00:14:56A-tzangol got dagger
00:15:33RumGone heal gjyro
00:15:36Homeostat0000 n
00:15:49RumGone ?
00:15:58A-tzangol mana
00:15:59A-tzangol eza
00:16:03N2xy dunno
00:16:05GottHasstMich however this noob aggressive shitplayer can has 7:1
00:16:07GottHasstMich such a shame
00:16:59Homeostat0000 lich use ulti
00:17:08RumGone i would if i was in range
00:17:42A-tzangol go
00:17:56Homeostat0000 go luna
00:17:58Homeostat0000 easy
00:18:16Homeostat0000 how hard will u wait
00:18:26Homeostat0000 u wait too long and they manage to gather ;(
00:19:26N2xy -ms
00:19:36Sepetos need smoke to gang
00:20:03GottHasstMich GG NOOBTEAM
00:20:17Homeostat0000 how come u ulti on single
00:20:19A-tzangol ty
00:20:27RumGone :D
00:20:32RumGone 500 ms luna driving me mad
00:20:33A-tzangol me
00:20:34A-tzangol ffs
00:20:34A-tzangol dude
00:20:36RumGone thats all
00:20:40Yuriko need it
00:20:48Idx totally
00:20:49extremewaari htye are there
00:20:51A-tzangol ...
00:21:11diesel axe
00:21:11diesel wtf
00:21:12diesel help
00:21:30RumGone decent i guess
00:21:44Homeostat0000 cause skymage follows when he should
00:21:55Homeostat0000 and be faster when they are horrible positioned
00:21:57Homeostat0000 then they die
00:22:15GottHasstMich luna inc
00:22:17Homeostat0000 adn they are horribly positioned often
00:22:39Homeostat0000 luna mask
00:22:42Homeostat0000 easy focus
00:22:56Yuriko 5
00:22:57Yuriko 5
00:23:04diesel tühikargaja
00:23:29Homeostat0000 def
00:23:30Homeostat0000 base
00:24:09Yuriko get top
00:24:26Yuriko and go rosh
00:24:27Yuriko and end
00:24:37Homeostat0000 b
00:24:53GottHasstMich GO
00:25:00GottHasstMich omg
00:25:15GottHasstMich we have so sick aoe
00:25:16Yuriko go
00:25:18Sepetos need wards
00:25:21GottHasstMich but u all pee into your pants
00:25:33Sepetos i use all and im useless
00:25:36RumGone andt hey dont have aoe?
00:25:47Sepetos get wards?
00:25:58Sepetos i support then
00:27:11Yuriko we kinda need axe to tank them
00:27:21GottHasstMich luna inc
00:27:22A-tzangol wasnt there
00:27:27A-tzangol was dead
00:27:34RumGone full b
00:27:42Homeostat0000 luna dies in 2s
00:27:48Homeostat0000 until she does bkb
00:27:52RumGone halp
00:27:52extremewaari mid
00:27:52Yuriko go kill
00:27:52extremewaari now
00:27:52GottHasstMich since ppl are too dumb to have a good focus
00:27:52extremewaari luna
00:27:52extremewaari and
00:27:52extremewaari eza
00:27:52extremewaari here
00:27:52Sepetos tactical not?
00:27:52Homeostat0000 focus luna
00:28:04Idx wtf
00:28:25Homeostat0000 luna sux so hard
00:28:28Sepetos yep
00:28:31diesel EZAQ
00:28:33diesel u tp me
00:28:35diesel and then u dive?
00:28:36diesel wtf
00:28:42N2xy ye
00:28:45diesel -.-
00:28:48Homeostat0000 necro can u make meka?
00:28:50N2xy that was fun
00:28:52Homeostat0000 ah nvm
00:28:54Homeostat0000 just saw lichj
00:28:55diesel not for me it wasnt
00:29:04RumGone ?
00:29:23Homeostat0000 just saw u make meka lich
00:29:37Yuriko omfg
00:29:37GottHasstMich GO NIGGA
00:30:10Idx lina?
00:30:23diesel what was that u blocked my 5 hits somehow
00:30:31GottHasstMich armor
00:30:38Sepetos farm bot
00:31:04Yuriko they turtle so hard
00:31:35Sepetos b
00:31:38Homeostat0000 go luna
00:32:03Homeostat0000 push mid
00:32:04diesel cant go with team?
00:32:06A-tzangol go
00:32:09diesel dont
00:32:10diesel GO
00:32:10Idx dont let the tower fall
00:32:11diesel lol
00:32:12diesel back
00:32:15Yuriko b
00:32:43diesel good plan :D
00:32:46A-tzangol XD
00:32:49diesel lets go 2v5
00:32:59Homeostat0000 carefuk
00:33:14GottHasstMich tower and b
00:33:24RumGone 4 v 2:D
00:33:30Homeostat0000 lun a still no bkb
00:33:36Homeostat0000 but why relic necro
00:33:36Sepetos lich now wards
00:33:41Sepetos i said he should
00:33:47extremewaari armor me
00:33:59Sepetos wards lich
00:34:24Homeostat0000 care now
00:34:25Homeostat0000 im top
00:34:40GottHasstMich to me
00:34:41GottHasstMich gyro
00:35:07Homeostat0000 oom and hp
00:35:39RumGone heal
00:35:43Yuriko we just need more teamwork
00:35:55Idx you just need some items
00:36:07Sepetos more wards and smoke gang
00:36:08Sepetos rosh up
00:36:16RumGone wards where?
00:36:18Homeostat0000 ill get smoke
00:36:19Sepetos kill top
00:36:35A-tzangol necro has relic
00:36:36Homeostat0000 be careful, they might be all 5
00:36:37A-tzangol luna
00:36:38A-tzangol go rosh
00:36:41Yuriko go all 5 somewhere
00:36:42Yuriko rosh
00:36:42Yuriko ye
00:36:45Homeostat0000 meet me i got smoke
00:36:45GottHasstMich we need some towers
00:36:46Idx luna has 1k hp
00:36:48Idx nuff said
00:36:50Sepetos y
00:36:51Sepetos top tower
00:36:53Sepetos and wards
00:36:53Yuriko np i got mom
00:36:54Sepetos and smoke
00:36:59Sepetos rosh all
00:37:01N2xy xDD
00:37:01Sepetos smoke need
00:37:02Sepetos ??
00:37:02Yuriko come
00:37:04Yuriko they warded
00:37:08Homeostat0000 smoked u
00:37:13GottHasstMich focus luna
00:37:14Homeostat0000 only necro not smoked
00:37:17GottHasstMich warded
00:38:07Homeostat0000 necro u shouldnt rush like that
00:38:09diesel omg
00:38:15extremewaari yea i should :P
00:38:22Homeostat0000 luna cant tank rosh so it was much more time
00:38:26Homeostat0000 to group :D
00:38:39Sepetos more wards
00:38:42Sepetos and more smoke gangs
00:39:14Homeostat0000 b
00:39:26Homeostat0000 axe what a call :D
00:39:39Homeostat0000 back time
00:39:45Yuriko -_-
00:39:50Homeostat0000 goblin if u get hood
00:39:53Homeostat0000 no1 can kill u
00:39:54diesel go away
00:39:58GottHasstMich bloodstone first
00:40:00diesel now they know
00:40:01GottHasstMich i need more reg
00:40:16Yuriko go
00:40:21RumGone go go
00:40:27Yuriko go
00:40:28Yuriko ffs
00:40:28Yuriko GO
00:40:42diesel jakiro ur fail
00:40:44diesel fucking noob
00:40:48RumGone rosh
00:40:48A-tzangol jakiro
00:40:50A-tzangol u fuckin
00:40:51A-tzangol napo
00:40:51Homeostat0000 teamwipe
00:40:57A-tzangol WHY THE FUCK DO U CAME?
00:41:01GottHasstMich lol
00:41:02GottHasstMich gyro
00:41:02A-tzangol JAKIRO?
00:41:02GottHasstMich :D
00:41:05diesel I told you to fuck off
00:41:06Sepetos rax y
00:41:08A-tzangol WE DAGGERD IN IF U NOTICED
00:41:08diesel but you stayd
00:41:10Homeostat0000 gogo raxx
00:41:13diesel should've never came there
00:41:16A-tzangol WE DIDNT WALK TO ROSHAN
00:41:17A-tzangol y
00:41:22A-tzangol gg
00:41:23A-tzangol now
00:41:26A-tzangol well done jakiro
00:41:31A-tzangol u helped us a lot
00:41:42Sepetos again yuriko lost game for team
00:41:47Sepetos first item bot on lna
00:41:48Sepetos then mom
00:42:07RumGone b
00:42:42A-tzangol sm goes top
00:42:44A-tzangol we got gged
00:42:58Homeostat0000 k owm
00:43:20Sepetos heal
00:43:26A-tzangol wait me
00:43:46Yuriko I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:47Yuriko its over
00:43:48diesel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:57diesel god damn it was SO won
00:44:02Yuriko they turtled it
00:44:04Sepetos heal?
00:44:06A-tzangol u lost it
00:44:07Yuriko and jakiro eza are useless heroes for late
00:44:15A-tzangol u got 1 k hp
00:44:16A-tzangol dude
00:44:20Idx and also luna with that crap
00:44:20Homeostat0000 luna 1k hp
00:44:22Homeostat0000 whata obb
00:44:25N2xy we just needed some good items on luna
00:44:26N2xy and gg
00:44:47Sepetos :D
00:44:49RumGone :PD
00:45:24RumGone wtf
00:46:25GottHasstMich SWEET
00:46:36Yuriko I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:45A-tzangol my score ownz
00:46:51A-tzangol the reason we lost
00:46:52RumGone unlucky
00:47:56A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:59A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:48:15Homeostat0000 well done team
00:48:18RumGone y
00:48:21Sepetos how does it feel lose just cause yuriko?
00:48:22A-tzangol ty
00:48:25RumGone :(
00:48:26A-tzangol jakiro
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