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92% | 1610 X | 1525 TS

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84% | 1530 X | 1437 TS

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80% | 1431 X | 1375 TS

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Chat log pick leshrac for me please. :P
00:00:17extremewaari i take naix
00:00:17extremewaari es
00:00:17mrk lyca
00:00:33KeLToS morro
00:00:40mrk anyone want sthing?
00:00:43mrk pit lesh Nõmedik. :(
00:01:05extremewaari take pugna
00:01:11extremewaari it will destroy lesh
00:01:24extremewaari pit pugna
00:01:28extremewaari now
00:01:31extremewaari pit and pugna
00:01:41marsbar2k first time schredder so take it easy :D
00:01:42slc2 get veno last??
00:01:52Fxx. veno ?
00:01:56Fxx. or ds ?
00:01:56slc2 yea gogo
00:01:59slc2 veno
00:02:05extremewaari nice picks guys
00:02:26mrk saad freewini
00:02:30mrk kui just tiim ei feili
00:02:32marsbar2k venio top
00:02:34marsbar2k veno
00:02:35marsbar2k toå
00:02:36slc2 necro or veno top???
00:02:36marsbar2k top Aga lemmik herot mitte
00:02:43marsbar2k penis
00:02:43marsbar2k top =() =)*
00:02:56Fxx. your penis is still down ?
00:02:57101010 naix lane or woods?
00:02:57Fxx. sad
00:03:02KeLToS ..
00:03:02extremewaari woods
00:03:04marsbar2k oh its fxx
00:03:04HuaRong fast push up
00:03:05marsbar2k cunt
00:03:05101010 k
00:03:05marsbar2k top
00:03:24mrk veno feel free to gank
00:04:57slc2 let me farm
00:05:02Fxx. no
00:05:39HuaRong ss
00:05:41slc2 what ur prow dude+???
00:05:45slc2 go herazz so we can kill
00:05:59slc2 herazz opuge
00:06:02slc2 pugna
00:06:05mrk veno??
00:06:06mrk mid
00:06:09mrk free kill
00:06:10Fxx. k
00:06:26HuaRong ss
00:06:28HuaRong b
00:06:37Fxx. ward
00:06:46HuaRong ss
00:08:29HuaRong pugna slow?
00:08:52HuaRong ss mid
00:08:55XXL ss mid
00:08:58mrk ss
00:08:58mrk ss
00:09:15mrk let me
00:09:20mrk zz
00:10:56mrk ss
00:10:57mrk mid 2
00:11:26HuaRong ss2
00:11:41mrk up chick
00:11:42mrk get wards
00:11:43mrk what is this
00:11:44mrk 9 minutes
00:11:48KeLToS gogo veno
00:11:54slc2 get a new veno that would be cool
00:12:14extremewaari GUYS
00:12:36mrk HOW CAN U NOT KILL SF
00:12:37mrk LOL :D
00:13:46slc2 kill???
00:14:03HuaRong ss2
00:14:51HuaRong b
00:14:54mrk WHY U NOT COME
00:15:08mrk JESUS NECRO
00:15:10marsbar2k ':D
00:15:16101010 go mid twr
00:15:17mrk blinking usually means
00:15:18101010 low hp
00:15:18mrk something
00:15:24mrk its not useful to just ignore Christ this guy
00:15:44HuaRong was buying wards
00:15:46HuaRong :D ":DD" retard HELP OUR TEAMATE? SUKA BLJAD
00:16:12XXL well
00:17:21mrk veno
00:17:21mrk come
00:17:26mrk uve left lane once in 15 minutes
00:17:49XXL well
00:17:50XXL ofc
00:17:59KeLToS i bought meka
00:18:02KeLToS up hick venop
00:18:13mrk tp
00:19:17mrk ill tp
00:19:18mrk 5s
00:19:30mrk bait
00:19:42mrk why u run
00:19:46mrk dont understand
00:19:49KeLToS oom
00:19:57mrk lol riki
00:20:02mrk KILL HIM
00:20:05mrk oh
00:20:14mrk RIKI
00:20:16Fxx. RIKI
00:20:36mrk GO
00:20:37mrk NOW Võtsin just ampsu Siga :D
00:22:18HuaRong blind all
00:22:24mrk ward here especially you
00:22:27mrk go
00:22:28HuaRong :D "was buying wards ":D""
00:22:45slc2 why run???
00:22:56XXL gogogo why our biggest tank in team Is such a wuss
00:24:15KeLToS need home mana
00:24:36marsbar2k sf
00:24:43extremewaari lets take tower
00:25:12mrk go bot lets make team fights so my ward has anykind of use
00:25:29mrk veno
00:25:30mrk bait
00:25:40KeLToS sf first
00:26:39mrk shredder ulti 1st
00:26:41mrk it has mad slow
00:26:45marsbar2k riki ?
00:26:55slc2 ja ozcan?
00:27:25mrk go hunt
00:27:33mrk wait riki has diffu
00:28:17marsbar2k no
00:28:18marsbar2k go
00:28:33mrk dont run
00:28:37mrk veno shredder
00:28:39mrk wtfffffffffffffffff
00:28:48mrk if i get targeted = they cant attack anyone else
00:28:57mrk veno go insta ulti
00:29:50XXL let me
00:29:51XXL !!!
00:30:29mrk DIFU FIRST
00:30:53mrk i just cant understand
00:30:54mrk is it hard
00:30:56mrk or difficult
00:30:59HuaRong I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:05mrk u can see 2 chasing sf
00:31:07mrk just outside range
00:31:11mrk with diffusal
00:32:22XXL pugna
00:32:26XXL where u need farm?
00:32:32mrk go sf where you?
00:32:42101010 +x you create teambattles
00:32:43101010 :D and make us fial
00:32:46mrk push riki
00:32:53XXL pugna
00:32:58KeLToS omfg Your playing so stupid this game
00:32:59XXL i am not joking XXL
00:33:01XXL i cant farm
00:33:02101010 nevermore needsouls?
00:33:05XXL if u push creeps
00:33:08XXL there
00:33:37HuaRong ff it
00:33:37mrk rax
00:33:40XXL well no three times atleast XXL you've created a teambattle That we've lost
00:33:56HuaRong y Because you "Dagger" out too late or what ever
00:34:02mrk 10s
00:34:03mrk go b
00:34:06mrk or not
00:34:07101010 pugna just stfu
00:34:08mrk hes chasing I'm not saying anything wrong So stfu
00:34:50marsbar2k what item after this :D ?
00:34:57mrk tanky shit
00:34:58mrk like shiva
00:35:06Fxx. necro pipe ?
00:35:07extremewaari rhasta moe with me now
00:35:20mrk then just ulti
00:35:21mrk and spin around b
00:35:25mrk 5 dead
00:35:25extremewaari def
00:35:27extremewaari mid
00:35:47mrk camp
00:35:52KeLToS gem
00:35:52Fxx. bkb
00:35:52KeLToS naix
00:35:53Fxx. never
00:36:20mrk cant
00:36:21mrk b
00:36:43101010 gem
00:36:44101010 take take the gem
00:36:47mrk kill sf riki
00:36:51mrk smoke difu
00:36:51mrk 5hit
00:37:00mrk gj
00:37:01XXL how unlucky
00:37:01XXL shit I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:06slc2 pro shit:D:D:D:
00:38:06Fxx. 1/5 hp tower down
00:38:11mrk top no tower
00:38:32mrk go bot
00:38:32mrk 5
00:38:36mrk wait riki
00:38:39mrk riki
00:38:40mrk come
00:38:40mrk regen
00:38:42slc2 jeps
00:38:49marsbar2k sec need shoppink
00:39:22slc2 w8 me
00:39:30mrk push
00:40:55Fxx. they have got imba turtle heroes :-)
00:41:01HuaRong :D
00:41:01mrk he has no mana
00:41:02mrk sf
00:41:06mrk nvm
00:41:33Fxx. 2 tower
00:41:36Fxx. 4 push up
00:41:38Fxx. me push down
00:41:39Fxx. ?
00:41:40Fxx. same time ?
00:41:49mrk get rosh
00:42:20Fxx. lesh take
00:42:39mrk backstab
00:42:39mrk riki
00:43:05101010 next time when you use mh tell more earlier :D
00:43:15HuaRong hahhah
00:43:41Fxx. naix dead
00:43:59mrk pipe
00:44:25Fxx. KILL RAX
00:44:59HuaRong bd
00:45:03extremewaari not well the game was over the moment, when our main carry got ownt 1v1 by their brown. :D
00:45:19mrk kill so lets ff?
00:46:32marsbar2k PISMOM
00:46:33mrk riki top
00:46:34mrk rax
00:46:39mrk nvm
00:46:40mrk too late
00:46:57mrk kill him
00:47:15mrk gem
00:47:16mrk pugna
00:48:40HuaRong b
00:48:51mrk b
00:48:51mrk b
00:48:51mrk b
00:48:58mrk ?????????
00:49:05mrk LOL
00:49:52Fxx. WHAT SEE ME ?
00:49:56mrk GEM PUGNA
00:49:57mrk AS SAID
00:50:02Fxx. he came to late
00:50:03HuaRong WE SEE U :d
00:50:05Fxx. rhasta was alone there
00:50:08HuaRong :D
00:50:10101010 i see dead people
00:50:12Fxx. without sentry , dust , gem
00:50:32Fxx. rhasta no ulty
00:50:35Fxx. but dont go 4vs5
00:50:40Fxx. 3 vs 5
00:50:41Fxx. necro mid
00:50:43Fxx. me dead
00:51:23Fxx. w8 for me
00:51:24mrk wait
00:51:25mrk bot
00:51:25mrk push
00:51:33Fxx. + w8 for me
00:51:46HuaRong B
00:51:57mrk wait
00:51:58mrk here
00:51:58mrk just
00:52:59Fxx. tower + rax mid done
00:53:02marsbar2k no easy win wiht ffx on team :D
00:53:03extremewaari we have to push
00:53:11HuaRong how :D
00:53:16marsbar2k "ff"x
00:53:23extremewaari dunno
00:53:24KeLToS u gotta do what u gotta do to get x
00:53:27KeLToS f x x
00:53:27extremewaari but still
00:53:27mrk veno
00:53:28mrk dont
00:53:28mrk rosh
00:53:29mrk wtf
00:53:32mrk push top rather
00:53:34mrk of def mid
00:53:43mrk GO MID
00:53:44mrk HELP
00:53:49mrk VENO
00:54:01mrk LOL FXX Suht ret pela Veno ei taju, aga üksinda nussib küll. :D
00:54:36marsbar2k Moro
00:54:39mrk tüüp oli roshis
00:54:41mrk pani warde
00:54:44mrk kui midis sf naix surid y
00:54:53mrk top
00:54:53mrk get
00:54:54mrk top
00:55:34mrk this is so bad
00:55:38mrk riki chilling alone
00:55:44mrk pushing a lane which rax we already have
00:55:50mrk veno GOES ROSH when their 2 maincarrys die mid
00:55:59KeLToS y fail
00:56:14mrk coulda won this 15 minutes ago See pugna on üks väike tigetikker. :D
00:56:21marsbar2k junt fxx
00:56:22mrk ward on imba
00:56:26KeLToS y tigetikker
00:56:29mrk nii närvi ajab
00:56:37Fxx. i win this game , and my team flame me
00:56:38Fxx. ...
00:56:43mrk do you even read
00:56:43101010 lol
00:56:44mrk the chat?
00:56:47mrk fxx
00:56:51mrk do you _read_ what we write?
00:57:07mrk guess not
00:58:08mrk y
00:58:10mrk ill push bot
00:58:13mrk MID
00:58:47Fxx. pugna no gem
00:58:48Fxx. mb
01:00:06marsbar2k LOL `?
01:00:06marsbar2k NEWBS
01:00:11marsbar2k WHY U WANT DIS
01:00:12marsbar2k BODY
01:00:22Fxx. gg
01:01:07KeLToS morro
01:01:13slc2 please ff
01:01:56mrk ma saan mingi -30x ka veel *:D
01:02:01mrk ise ostan warde ja kana
01:02:02mrk jms
01:02:03KeLToS y
01:02:07Fxx. -cs
01:02:07KeLToS i agree
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