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-21 X
-3 TS

78% | 1472 X | 1400 TS

-31 X
-6 TS

58% | 1308 X | 1318 TS

-54 X
-2 TS

55% | 1206 X | 1357 TS

-7 X
-8 TS

39% | 1210 X | 1172 TS

-25 X
-29 TS

NEW | 990 X | 1229 TS

+38 X
+2 TS

83% | 1490 X | 1415 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

76% | 1453 X | 1362 TS

+38 X
+3 TS

44% | 1176 X | 1314 TS

+36 X
+33 TS

27% | 1071 X | 1208 TS

+13 X
+4 TS

13% | 968 X | 1185 TS

Chat log

00:00:15svents can i carry pls?
00:00:15svents with spec maby
00:00:15Lafrenzz no
00:00:15Lafrenzz i do
00:00:15svents why not?
00:00:15svents i was riki last game
00:00:15Lafrenzz yes
00:00:15Lafrenzz and i was aa
00:00:15Lafrenzz i will carry this
00:00:15svents pwned ur asses
00:00:15Mr.HookomN I will play it kukkne or gandar or mb ot tc or mme it ratt or mb it lucifer :D
00:00:15Lafrenzz trust me
00:00:15Mr.HookomN axax
00:00:15thepriestofpwn i can invoker or kunkka?
00:00:15svents both heroes too hard for u believe me
00:00:15thepriestofpwn lol
00:00:15Mr.HookomN so
00:00:15Mr.HookomN wtf
00:00:15thepriestofpwn kunkka one of my best
00:00:15Mr.HookomN -afk
00:00:15Mamo so
00:00:15thepriestofpwn invoke too
00:00:15Mr.HookomN or what
00:00:15Mr.HookomN :D
00:00:15thepriestofpwn but anyways, can we play maybe?
00:00:15Mamo ban huskar
00:00:15svents ban doom imo
00:00:15thepriestofpwn y
00:00:15SMEGMAPLEKK hmm svents
00:00:15SMEGMAPLEKK vaata kes poolis on
00:00:15svents n2gin :DDD
00:00:15Lafrenzz doom
00:00:15marsbar2k Spec
00:00:21Lafrenzz im mid
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:00:27SMEGMAPLEKK nice
00:00:38Lafrenzz get tide
00:00:42Lafrenzz and get wd
00:01:18Lafrenzz get tide
00:01:23slc2 get venge
00:01:24slc2 and tide
00:01:31slc2 venge tid and we win
00:01:36Lafrenzz pugna
00:01:36Lafrenzz go mid
00:01:46Lafrenzz cant face huskar
00:01:46Mr.HookomN I wil omn it gandor
00:01:47Mr.HookomN :D
00:01:49svents ok
00:01:49slc2 tide invo top??
00:01:51Lafrenzz dk top
00:01:57Lafrenzz with tauren
00:01:58marsbar2k y
00:02:02SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:02:02Lafrenzz nvm im mid
00:02:02slc2 get venge
00:02:04slc2 and we win
00:02:05Lafrenzz fuck these lanes
00:02:07Lafrenzz go bot pugna :s
00:02:14marsbar2k focus mort
00:02:22Mr.HookomN thx
00:02:37Mr.HookomN don fail pls pleek
00:02:44Jouez im always on other worse lane with the lowest ranking one
00:02:49SMEGMAPLEKK mr.repoter pls stfu
00:02:50Jouez *the
00:02:50Lafrenzz well
00:02:52Mr.HookomN axa
00:02:54Lafrenzz why do we have no WD
00:02:55svents im also :D
00:02:56SMEGMAPLEKK axa?
00:02:56Lafrenzz no rubick
00:02:57svents dont whine
00:02:58Lafrenzz nothing
00:02:58slc2 gondar and venge fb mid?
00:02:58Mr.HookomN just dont feed
00:03:01SMEGMAPLEKK mby xo like kisses and hugs?:O
00:03:24Mr.HookomN noob
00:03:25Mr.HookomN venge
00:03:26Mr.HookomN ffs
00:03:26SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:03:27Mamo -ii
00:03:35Mr.HookomN let me block creep
00:03:38Mr.HookomN fucking noob shitt
00:04:28Mamo mana
00:05:29slc2 ss mid
00:05:32Lafrenzz wheres chick
00:05:39SMEGMAPLEKK kill
00:05:40SMEGMAPLEKK pomgg
00:05:45SMEGMAPLEKK wtf u doing fondar
00:05:47Mr.HookomN axax
00:05:48Mamo gj
00:05:49Mr.HookomN noob feeder
00:05:55SMEGMAPLEKK srly grow up
00:05:57SMEGMAPLEKK retard
00:06:05Mr.HookomN ff
00:06:11Mr.HookomN the noob
00:06:12Mr.HookomN start
00:06:15Mr.HookomN feed
00:06:25Mamo chicken
00:06:39Mamo bristle
00:07:21slc2 chick?????
00:07:27slc2 kill top??
00:07:44Lafrenzz ss
00:07:47Mr.HookomN donw life hardcore
00:07:49Mr.HookomN spam
00:07:58Lafrenzz go
00:07:59Lafrenzz ok
00:08:01slc2 ss mid
00:09:00Lafrenzz tango
00:09:33Mr.HookomN misss 2222222
00:09:40Jouez fucking idiot !
00:09:43marsbar2k are u guys having fun bot ?
00:09:51Jouez just wait unteil their stun is over ffs
00:10:01Jouez some1 duest pls
00:10:02Jouez now
00:10:12thepriestofpwn who was that
00:10:15Jouez lovely
00:10:18Mamo b
00:10:19thepriestofpwn controlling my hero
00:10:22SMEGMAPLEKK l00l
00:10:24slc2 fick off buitch
00:10:28thepriestofpwn disturbing me there? :)
00:10:40Mr.HookomN look me hp
00:10:41slc2 gondar u are a little cunt
00:10:42AliBaba ss
00:10:42SMEGMAPLEKK this gondar is total noooob:D
00:10:45Mr.HookomN cant i do
00:10:46thepriestofpwn ss top
00:10:48Mr.HookomN axxa
00:10:50Mr.HookomN v1
00:10:51slc2 i dont care dont take my kills and run like a bitch
00:10:52Mr.HookomN 1v1
00:10:54Mr.HookomN noob shitt
00:10:57Mr.HookomN look you %
00:10:58Mr.HookomN axxa
00:10:59slc2 u suck
00:11:07Mr.HookomN you are noob here
00:11:08Mr.HookomN axxa
00:11:28SMEGMAPLEKK gondar are like 12 year old slut xaxaxa
00:11:32Jouez misclick :))))
00:11:38thepriestofpwn items for bristle?
00:11:45svents vanguard
00:11:46Lafrenzz tank
00:11:48svents hoood
00:11:49Lafrenzz MOVE
00:11:49thepriestofpwn husk top
00:11:49Mr.HookomN axa
00:11:50Mamo vanguard
00:11:53Mr.HookomN I am 24 older
00:11:54Lafrenzz MOVE FFS
00:12:04Mamo heart
00:12:07Mr.HookomN look are you who sad you are
00:12:21SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:12:35Mr.HookomN missssssss -2
00:12:44slc2 gondar u need to gank
00:13:53slc2 tower
00:13:56Mr.HookomN gj inv
00:13:57Mr.HookomN gj
00:14:30AliBaba gondar your fucking cunt
00:14:33slc2 gondar u suck
00:14:45Mr.HookomN xaxa
00:14:46Jouez <3
00:14:47Mr.HookomN omng
00:14:49slc2 god damn u sucj
00:14:50Mr.HookomN morones
00:14:53SMEGMAPLEKK what that xzaza means?
00:14:54Mr.HookomN can i do
00:14:56Mr.HookomN it lol hp
00:14:57Mr.HookomN axax
00:14:58Mr.HookomN fus
00:14:58AliBaba you are moron you fagala
00:15:00Mr.HookomN naps
00:15:03Mr.HookomN axxa
00:15:04Mr.HookomN axax
00:15:04Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:05Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:06Mr.HookomN axxa
00:15:07Mr.HookomN axxa
00:15:07Mr.HookomN xa
00:15:08Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:08Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:08Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:09Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:09Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:09Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:10Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:10Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:11Mr.HookomN xa
00:15:11Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:11Mr.HookomN ax
00:15:11SMEGMAPLEKK u get ban!
00:15:12AliBaba why take gondar ?
00:15:16AliBaba you cant play him
00:15:16SMEGMAPLEKK retard
00:15:17Mr.HookomN yy
00:15:27svents dk get boots
00:15:31Mr.HookomN sadnaps
00:15:31Lafrenzz move
00:15:32slc2 venge up chick and wards
00:15:41slc2 i come bot
00:15:44Lafrenzz are u retard
00:15:45SMEGMAPLEKK bot
00:15:55Mr.HookomN wards
00:15:59Jouez b
00:16:24slc2 venge why last hit when i am the carry?
00:16:39Jouez im sick of playing full support at 2nd position -.-
00:17:06Mamo go
00:17:27Mr.HookomN taid
00:17:28Mr.HookomN uti
00:17:35Mr.HookomN huskar
00:17:39Mr.HookomN tiad
00:17:44Mr.HookomN who slow you are
00:17:46Mr.HookomN tell
00:17:50Mr.HookomN use uti
00:17:54Mr.HookomN see 3 ppl donw
00:17:56slc2 well i killed tc what did u do?
00:18:04Jouez bad stun of dk again...maaan just failers here ?
00:18:04AliBaba noooothin g
00:18:07slc2 you died didnt u?
00:18:16Lafrenzz well fuck it
00:18:17Mr.HookomN ff
00:18:19Lafrenzz its 100% win anyway
00:18:36Jouez need late
00:18:41Lafrenzz they will aswell
00:18:42Lafrenzz so fine
00:18:49Mamo bristle share
00:19:16AliBaba care
00:19:17svents bb 27 wtf
00:19:22Mamo ban brisle of
00:19:46SMEGMAPLEKK sick gondar
00:19:54Mamo gj
00:19:56Mr.HookomN b
00:19:57Mr.HookomN b
00:19:57AliBaba gondar
00:19:59svents so worth it?
00:20:19Lafrenzz hm
00:20:26Lafrenzz b
00:20:49Jouez share bb !!
00:20:53Jouez i upgraded it ffs
00:20:54slc2 tower?
00:20:58Mamo go
00:21:02Jouez oom
00:21:03Mr.HookomN me b
00:21:20Mr.HookomN wtf
00:21:22Mr.HookomN you have inv
00:21:23Mr.HookomN here
00:21:25Mr.HookomN hello
00:21:39Lafrenzz we will lose a fight
00:21:48Jouez pugna use ward pls !
00:21:54svents ui used ffs
00:21:59Lafrenzz ok try go now
00:21:59Mamo ulti
00:21:59Jouez bb share bird ffs !
00:22:29Lafrenzz Tc joke
00:22:30Jouez again fucking failer
00:22:36Lafrenzz who did u say fail ?
00:22:43svents how bb can be 2 7
00:22:45svents ??+'
00:22:47Jouez why cant u just wait 4 ulti
00:22:51Jouez why attack him ...why
00:23:02slc2 next
00:23:03Lafrenzz well fuck u
00:23:07SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:23:10Jouez why, bird is unshared ?
00:23:17Jouez why do i need to ward and anti ww ?
00:23:18thepriestofpwn cuz s1 killed me twice
00:23:24thepriestofpwn with controlling my hero
00:23:26Mr.HookomN b
00:23:26Mr.HookomN b
00:23:32Jouez share it and stfu
00:23:34marsbar2k oom
00:23:38Mr.HookomN no amana
00:23:39Lafrenzz fuck
00:23:39Mr.HookomN no hp
00:23:40Mr.HookomN b
00:23:46Lafrenzz well
00:23:49Lafrenzz we will still win
00:23:49slc2 ur just a cunt gondar
00:23:52Lafrenzz but u suck rly
00:23:56Jouez #share it if u want any wards
00:23:57Lafrenzz farm no
00:23:58Lafrenzz now
00:23:59Mr.HookomN look noob
00:24:00Mr.HookomN fu
00:24:02Lafrenzz bb and DK
00:24:03Mr.HookomN 70 mana
00:24:05Lafrenzz pugna go ward
00:24:05Mr.HookomN fu
00:24:07slc2 ur a cunt
00:24:08Mr.HookomN shut the fuck up
00:24:11Mr.HookomN and leav me
00:24:13Mr.HookomN to play dota
00:24:13Mr.HookomN fffss
00:24:14svents im going ffs
00:24:14Lafrenzz and bb
00:24:17slc2 u should go hang ur self
00:24:18Jouez share it bristle !
00:24:18Lafrenzz get hood vanguard
00:24:20svents all the i have put my ward up
00:24:21svents stfu
00:24:21Lafrenzz fuck bracers rly
00:24:28slc2 lets get the last 2 towers
00:24:35Lafrenzz dont roam now
00:24:54svents bb 2 9
00:24:56svents wtf
00:24:58svents just was 2 7
00:25:16Jouez SHARE IT !
00:25:20thepriestofpwn ok
00:25:22thepriestofpwn but if
00:25:32Mamo share it
00:25:39thepriestofpwn omce agaom someone controlls my hero
00:25:42thepriestofpwn i unshare all game
00:25:49AliBaba go
00:25:51AliBaba venge
00:25:52svents and then uwill be banned for that
00:25:52Mamo ty
00:25:58svents u can banrequest after game
00:26:06svents so who used ur hero wlll be banned
00:26:27Mamo go
00:26:29Lafrenzz let me farm
00:26:30Mamo towe
00:26:33Mamo tower
00:26:42SMEGMAPLEKK reg
00:26:50marsbar2k tp
00:27:08Lafrenzz b
00:27:09Mamo go
00:27:13Mamo no b
00:27:22Jouez their bg sucks
00:27:23Jouez *h
00:27:28Lafrenzz mamo
00:27:31Mamo sry
00:27:32Lafrenzz u got a problem bitch
00:27:37Lafrenzz will report u now
00:27:38Lafrenzz cya
00:27:42Lafrenzz and y
00:27:47Lafrenzz u get banned for stealing creeps in wood
00:27:50Lafrenzz so have fun bitch
00:28:19SMEGMAPLEKK huks
00:28:21Mamo b
00:28:27Mamo bristle b
00:28:53Lafrenzz gj
00:28:53Jouez dunno why u cant go b
00:28:55svents bb rluy
00:28:58svents go leave game
00:29:13svents u saw bh there u going for him wtf
00:29:15svents -.-
00:29:18Jouez they re warding btw
00:29:24Lafrenzz go
00:29:42Mr.HookomN b
00:30:16Lafrenzz let me
00:30:17Jouez just farm
00:30:45Mamo gj
00:30:46slc2 u guys are playing fucking gay
00:30:57svents but u are gay =)
00:31:07slc2 nah svents, u still do ur mom?
00:31:21svents nope
00:31:29svents u dirty bastard
00:31:31Mr.HookomN lest go mid alll5
00:31:39Jouez :D
00:31:39Lafrenzz b
00:31:40Lafrenzz b
00:31:40Lafrenzz b
00:31:40Lafrenzz b
00:31:40Lafrenzz b
00:31:41Lafrenzz b
00:31:41Lafrenzz b
00:31:41Lafrenzz bb
00:31:42Lafrenzz b
00:31:42Lafrenzz b
00:31:42Lafrenzz b
00:31:43Lafrenzz b
00:31:43Lafrenzz b
00:31:43Lafrenzz b
00:31:43Mamo b
00:31:44Lafrenzz b
00:31:53SMEGMAPLEKK brb
00:32:03Lafrenzz bb btw. u need to go out first
00:32:06Jouez free to use these necro guys :))
00:32:08Lafrenzz after tc stun
00:32:21Lafrenzz dont die
00:32:22Lafrenzz srlsy
00:32:23Lafrenzz omfg
00:32:43Lafrenzz why the fuck u rambo
00:34:41Mr.HookomN :D
00:35:04slc2 tower gone in top
00:35:45Lafrenzz WARD
00:35:46Lafrenzz omfg
00:36:03Jouez b
00:36:08slc2 go top all
00:36:27Lafrenzz woods
00:36:27Lafrenzz try
00:36:34Jouez got smog
00:36:40Jouez gather
00:36:44Lafrenzz go them
00:36:44slc2 venge go def
00:36:45Jouez wait !
00:36:46Jouez omFG
00:36:48Jouez its warded !
00:36:50Jouez fuckign failers
00:37:01Jouez gj
00:37:04Jouez seriosly :D
00:37:13slc2 we could use wards
00:37:17Lafrenzz just back
00:37:20slc2 go there woods
00:37:21svents haha dk
00:37:21Lafrenzz b
00:37:21Lafrenzz b
00:37:22svents gj
00:37:23AliBaba bb
00:37:23Jouez nc
00:37:26AliBaba bg
00:37:29Jouez y
00:37:30AliBaba bith
00:37:31Jouez so sad
00:37:32Lafrenzz b
00:37:34Lafrenzz b
00:37:35Jouez b
00:37:39Lafrenzz b
00:38:03Jouez soo hard to go b
00:38:04svents fck off bb for real
00:38:11Lafrenzz this team
00:38:15svents why im even trying save this tard
00:38:15Jouez this is so :D
00:38:16Jouez NC
00:38:28Mr.HookomN come on
00:38:29Mr.HookomN noobs
00:39:01Mr.HookomN so wwaht
00:39:22Jouez go invo ffs
00:39:33svents I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:34svents go ff
00:39:36svents naps
00:39:38Mr.HookomN like me
00:39:38Mr.HookomN :D
00:39:39Mr.HookomN AX
00:39:40Mr.HookomN MAXUXUAAXU
00:39:41Jouez pugna zero wards :)
00:39:51Mr.HookomN 1v1
00:39:51Mr.HookomN ?
00:39:55Mr.HookomN it me gandar
00:39:56Mr.HookomN :D
00:40:29svents bb fed u nicely
00:40:36Mr.HookomN muaxaxax
00:40:37Mr.HookomN D:
00:41:30Jouez dust is overrated
00:41:46Mamo sry
00:41:47Mamo cd
00:41:48Lafrenzz run back
00:42:15slc2 hahahha
00:42:23Mr.HookomN fucking
00:42:26Mr.HookomN WOW
00:42:27Mr.HookomN gamers
00:42:42Mr.HookomN WWW>
00:42:44svents saved ur ass
00:42:46Jouez NC
00:42:51thepriestofpwn #so thats it
00:43:04Jouez I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:09thepriestofpwn "ff
00:43:10thepriestofpwn !ff
00:44:11Lafrenzz bot
00:44:12Lafrenzz all inm
00:45:11svents I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:12Mr.HookomN Muaxuxauaxxa
00:45:13svents gg wp
00:45:13Mr.HookomN }AX
00:45:13Mr.HookomN XA
00:45:14Mr.HookomN AXX
00:45:14Mr.HookomN AX
00:45:14Mr.HookomN AX
00:45:16Mamo fff
00:45:17Mr.HookomN Imba
00:45:18Mr.HookomN :D
00:45:18Mamo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:22svents almost killed u bitch
00:45:22Jouez never ever support again :))
00:45:31svents nah
00:45:32Jouez i wont touch any ward again :D
00:45:33Mr.HookomN 5000 k goldnoobs
00:45:35Mr.HookomN noob
00:45:35Mr.HookomN XXA
00:45:38Mr.HookomN vnege noob
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