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+34 X
+3 TS

94% | 1680 X | 1498 TS

+58 X
+2 TS

91% | 1611 X | 1471 TS

+34 X
+2 TS

88% | 1583 X | 1440 TS

+7 X
+2 TS

78% | 1485 X | 1350 TS

+45 X
+2 TS

55% | 1213 X | 1353 TS

-40 X
-1 TS

93% | 1638 X | 1493 TS

-5 X
-3 TS

85% | 1511 X | 1454 TS

-29 X
-1 TS

83% | 1498 X | 1423 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

80% | 1445 X | 1424 TS

-54 X
-2 TS

76% | 1455 X | 1361 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Yuriko wishes?
00:00:08Soulyah am/spec
00:00:10Soulyah plz fp to us
00:00:12Jonnija oh...
00:00:17Steuerfreak i can lich, furi,wd
00:00:17Soulyah sweet
00:00:17Jonnija -clear
00:00:17Soulyah ban void
00:00:17Laier gimme naix
00:00:17Yuriko i'll take lich for you then
00:00:17Soulyah or naix
00:00:17Soulyah we can fp am?
00:00:17Tough nah
00:00:17Tough me
00:00:17Soulyah or spec even
00:00:17Momdsiw pick supports first
00:00:17Yuriko no
00:00:17Momdsiw so less supports
00:00:17Laier you suck with naix
00:00:17Soulyah fine
00:00:17Tough xaxaxaxaxax
00:00:17mby_next_time ban lich imo and take spec/am
00:00:17Yuriko theres naix and spec, they'll pick one and we can take other
00:00:17Yuriko thats fine
00:00:17Steuerfreak just carry that shit
00:00:17mby_next_time but whateer.
00:00:17Yuriko it doesnt matter, we'll carry better than them
00:00:17Jonnija shitty pool
00:00:17Laier get lich wd pugna first
00:00:17Soulyah ban void then
00:00:17Yuriko why
00:00:17Yuriko ...
00:00:17Jonnija pugna is not a good hero
00:00:17Soulyah only hero that out carrys shit
00:00:17Jonnija in this pool
00:00:17Momdsiw LICH MAGNUS WD GG
00:00:17mby_next_time i can pugna/sky/rubi.
00:00:17Yuriko and who would play him there
00:00:17Momdsiw magnus ultis wd males and lich ultis over there
00:00:17Soulyah jonnija
00:00:17Soulyah usually does
00:00:17Yuriko void
00:00:17Momdsiw its a gg
00:00:17Laier and then comes my BROODMOTHER
00:00:17Laier !!
00:00:17Jonnija am
00:00:17Yuriko lich for u steur
00:00:18Soulyah ye
00:00:20Laier gimme lich then
00:00:21Steuerfreak k
00:00:23Soulyah naix outcarrys spec
00:00:23Laier bah
00:00:24Jonnija :D
00:00:26Yuriko then we get spec or naix
00:00:29Laier gimme naixj onnija
00:00:32Jonnija y
00:00:32mby_next_time or they go both :D
00:00:32Yuriko i mean you get me spec or naix
00:00:33Steuerfreak kk
00:00:35Yuriko :)
00:00:37Jonnija oh well
00:00:38Yuriko ok spec
00:00:38Laier fucking retard
00:00:39Laier really
00:00:40Jonnija :D
00:00:40lumo instapick retardi
00:00:41lumo :D
00:00:42Laier ff
00:00:44Soulyah i go furi mid?
00:00:48mby_next_time if jonni gets spec i laugh my ass off
00:00:48Jonnija i have lagspikes :D
00:00:48RalleBrazil k
00:00:48Steuerfreak k
00:00:49Soulyah roam a lot
00:00:50lumo geiv wd
00:00:51Momdsiw this tough so bad carry
00:00:54Laier well he just lost the game
00:00:57Yuriko -swap 3
00:00:57Jonnija tough sucks
00:00:58Tough <3
00:00:58Jonnija hard :D
00:00:59Steuerfreak -swap 1
00:01:00Jonnija with any hero
00:01:02Jonnija he plays
00:01:06Tough xaxaxa
00:01:10Tough thats why i have 85% :D
00:01:12Jonnija gimme rexar
00:01:21lumo voisin soloo top
00:01:22lumo wd
00:01:22Jonnija -swap 3
00:01:25lumo if its ok
00:01:25Jonnija asd
00:01:26Yuriko rubick would be nice
00:01:26Jonnija ah ye
00:01:27Jonnija :D
00:01:28Yuriko or rexxar
00:01:28Laier im not playing wd?
00:01:28Laier wtf
00:01:31Jonnija yeah
00:01:31Laier i wanted lich or naix
00:01:33Jonnija lastpick is
00:01:33Jonnija :D
00:01:34Steuerfreak rubik
00:01:34Yuriko or both
00:01:36Laier luimo can get you bm
00:01:36Momdsiw GET THAT MAGE
00:01:36Steuerfreak for magnus ulti
00:01:38Momdsiw NEW NA IS GOOD
00:01:40lumo i get u bm
00:01:43Momdsiw 2.4 sec stun
00:01:44Soulyah rubik y
00:01:45Soulyah get it
00:01:46Momdsiw on new weaver
00:01:49Momdsiw i mena
00:01:51Momdsiw nerubian asssasin
00:01:51Laier naix bot
00:01:54Soulyah gj
00:01:57Tough im woods :)
00:01:59lumo -swap 1
00:02:00Laier nope
00:02:01Jonnija -swap 5
00:02:01Laier you are bot
00:02:02Soulyah get wards
00:02:03Soulyah for top
00:02:08Tough like u are the cap
00:02:11Jonnija hmm
00:02:13Jonnija well
00:02:16Soulyah here
00:02:17Jonnija weaver can u solo?
00:02:18RalleBrazil k
00:02:20Soulyah here
00:02:22Yuriko lich can you pull
00:02:22mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:23mby_next_time -don
00:02:24Laier mid or top?
00:02:24Soulyah fuck runespawn
00:02:25mby_next_time -water red
00:02:26lumo usless solo imo
00:02:26mby_next_time -clear
00:02:26Steuerfreak kk
00:02:28Jonnija top
00:02:29Jonnija weaver
00:02:33Soulyah yuriko
00:02:33RalleBrazil -clear
00:02:49Soulyah ur name starts with an Y
00:02:49Jonnija else we would have magna top with weaver
00:02:53Jonnija which would still suck ballz :D
00:02:55Yuriko didnt notice that
00:02:58Soulyah xD
00:03:01Yuriko lol
00:03:10Jonnija now magna can go
00:03:12Jonnija for fastdagger
00:03:19Jonnija with wd support
00:03:19Yuriko my real name is anna
00:03:20Laier its momdsiw
00:03:22Laier he sucks!
00:03:23Laier XD
00:03:23RalleBrazil cant niax is blocking... :S
00:03:25Momdsiw lal
00:03:30Laier ballZ
00:03:43Momdsiw lich is bot
00:03:51Jonnija imo mom is better than u laier :D
00:03:56Laier shhh
00:03:58Momdsiw true
00:04:03Laier that hurts
00:04:08Momdsiw im just wanting to drop my rank to 50%
00:05:24Jonnija putsi palju dmg see hero teeb
00:05:44Steuerfreak wd ss
00:05:48Jonnija y
00:05:54Soulyah ss
00:05:58Yuriko care mid
00:06:02Soulyah care top
00:06:03RalleBrazil re
00:06:21Jonnija ...
00:06:26Yuriko go mag
00:06:28lumo vittu tule atakkaa
00:06:34Soulyah tige gang vist w
00:06:40Jonnija dunno see tyyp
00:06:41Jonnija ei taju
00:07:22Jonnija wardid?
00:07:22Yuriko wtf was that
00:07:28Soulyah mkm
00:07:32Jonnija mkay seekord
00:07:34Jonnija tajustid tpda
00:08:16lumo NOW
00:08:20Momdsiw SPEC SOON 6
00:08:21mby_next_time ss weaver
00:08:26Momdsiw so care he can gank greatly with furi
00:08:28Laier oom
00:08:30Soulyah oi
00:08:31Soulyah :D
00:08:33mby_next_time re
00:08:37Jonnija m6ttetu tyyp :D
00:08:50lumo go
00:08:53Yuriko gj
00:09:15Momdsiw SAD
00:09:18Momdsiw canceled
00:09:23Momdsiw tihs spec lich lane kinda gay
00:09:27Yuriko :D:D
00:09:28Momdsiw when furi can tele
00:09:49Momdsiw eat tango
00:09:59Jonnija go end
00:10:00Momdsiw Ops
00:10:00Yuriko we were all watching top?
00:10:00Jonnija this wd
00:10:02Momdsiw watched mid
00:10:04Yuriko :D:D
00:10:06Yuriko same
00:10:10mby_next_time np furi :)
00:10:12Soulyah they watching me
00:10:13RalleBrazil ss
00:10:15Soulyah pproganer
00:10:16Soulyah :D
00:10:33Jonnija lumo the worst ganger
00:10:34Jonnija of gc
00:10:35Jonnija prolly
00:10:45Jonnija feeds instead of gang
00:10:49lumo ok
00:10:52lumo :DD:
00:11:04Tough weaver
00:11:07Tough i do ulti on u
00:11:09Tough and gang?
00:11:19Jonnija go end please
00:11:20Soulyah imba ganging furi
00:11:37Momdsiw weaver should been vs this lane
00:11:42Soulyah furi hea hero ikka
00:11:45Soulyah kui premagangida
00:11:51Soulyah mitte nagu 80% lasevad farmi:D
00:11:55Jonnija yeah
00:11:57Yuriko well
00:11:57mby_next_time go woods
00:11:59Soulyah ssmid
00:12:00Jonnija vaatad nata kaarti ja epic ganger :D
00:12:01Yuriko weaver and naix are farming
00:12:12Momdsiw spec is free farming
00:12:21Jonnija u have
00:12:22Jonnija wd
00:12:23Jonnija and
00:12:25Jonnija magnus lane
00:12:26Jonnija nuke him down
00:12:29Momdsiw lich?
00:12:39mby_next_time anus rapist.
00:12:59Tough weaver
00:13:01Tough save 60 mana
00:13:07Tough +than go
00:13:21Momdsiw think spec has like 70 cs
00:13:32Jonnija FF
00:13:36Momdsiw cs spec
00:13:42Jonnija luma pure bulshit
00:13:43Momdsiw ?
00:13:45Yuriko 0 farm
00:13:48Momdsiw sure :D
00:13:51Jonnija see lumo on ikka paras sittak2kk
00:13:54Momdsiw Like 70 ?
00:13:54Jonnija v66is rune eest 2ra :D
00:14:00Jonnija v6tis rune 2ra
00:14:05Jonnija sieisin selle k6rval :D
00:14:10Jonnija seisin ruuni k6rval
00:14:24Tough YEH
00:14:37Soulyah accidentaly canceled my 1st tp, soz
00:14:46Yuriko i'll never forgive you that!
00:14:50Soulyah ah cmon!
00:14:53Yuriko :D
00:15:48Momdsiw let me farm top for dagger
00:15:53Momdsiw naix go woods
00:16:00Momdsiw -.
00:16:12Jonnija oi sul lothar :D
00:16:16Soulyah :D
00:16:43mby_next_time go twoer now
00:16:48Jonnija furion lothar yay
00:17:02Jonnija thx lumo
00:17:05lumo np
00:17:06Jonnija for leaving spec
00:17:07Jonnija to freefarm
00:17:08Jonnija and
00:17:11Jonnija feeding mid
00:17:22Momdsiw well need just hat dagger
00:17:29Jonnija makes no difference
00:17:30Jonnija its over
00:18:14RalleBrazil omw bot
00:18:17mby_next_time omw
00:18:24Laier ill bot?
00:18:26Momdsiw why no quelling vs furi rex?
00:18:32Jonnija fast bottle
00:18:40Jonnija got axes
00:18:43Jonnija trees werent problem
00:18:58Jonnija lumo
00:19:00Jonnija was
00:19:01Jonnija the problem
00:19:03lumo joo
00:19:04lumo :DD
00:19:07Jonnija complete
00:19:08Jonnija fintard
00:19:10lumo :D
00:19:20Laier dead
00:19:28mby_next_time sr
00:19:29mby_next_time sr
00:19:32Momdsiw they warded it
00:19:32Yuriko np
00:19:44Jonnija they will end this soon np
00:19:48Jonnija pointless game again
00:19:51Laier stfu
00:19:56Laier like you are the greatest here
00:20:14Jonnija its too late
00:20:15Jonnija to try
00:20:16Jonnija anything
00:20:17Jonnija so np
00:20:20Laier "too late"
00:20:21Momdsiw just play
00:20:26Laier you started whining @ 10min
00:20:29Jonnija y
00:20:29Steuerfreak lol
00:20:30Jonnija was late
00:20:31Laier go all
00:20:31Soulyah xD
00:20:32Jonnija at 10 min
00:20:34Tough nice
00:20:35Tough try
00:20:36Tough :D
00:21:02Yuriko furi
00:21:07Momdsiw def with 5
00:21:18Soulyah go end?
00:21:21Soulyah :D
00:21:21Jonnija y
00:21:27Jonnija global ganging
00:21:28Jonnija at its best
00:21:29Jonnija :D
00:21:32Soulyah XD
00:21:45Momdsiw naix?
00:21:54Jonnija its over
00:21:56Jonnija no need
00:22:03Momdsiw tlee rex
00:22:05Momdsiw have dag ult
00:22:12Yuriko go insta kill naix'
00:22:13Momdsiw rex
00:22:13Yuriko ?
00:22:14Momdsiw come
00:22:15Momdsiw now
00:22:20Momdsiw or ban you for game ruin
00:22:34Jonnija ban ur good buddy lumo
00:22:42Momdsiw all request that jonnija for gameruin not deffint
00:22:44Momdsiw deffing
00:22:49Jonnija they werent pushing
00:22:52Jonnija you fought
00:22:52Laier :DDD
00:22:53Jonnija 2 far
00:22:54Momdsiw they were
00:22:55Jonnija :D
00:23:30Soulyah cant
00:23:31Steuerfreak dd
00:24:08Tough :D:D
00:24:16Yuriko lol
00:24:37Soulyah fucking weavers invi and max ms
00:24:42Yuriko go rex?
00:24:44Yuriko nvm
00:24:54Laier tough naix
00:24:54Laier huh
00:24:58Tough yeah
00:25:04Laier clearly a good pick for you
00:25:05Tough prolly its my fault this game :D
00:25:18Tough feeding on every lane
00:25:22Soulyah hex done
00:25:56Laier can we fight with 5 for once?
00:26:01Jonnija we have no items
00:26:04Jonnija no dps
00:26:09Jonnija no farm
00:26:20Soulyah gg
00:26:21Momdsiw ahh hex lothar
00:26:28Laier not really
00:26:32Soulyah why
00:26:34Soulyah denie?
00:26:36Soulyah when we push
00:26:37Soulyah lol
00:26:56Momdsiw stupid rex just afks in base when we fight
00:27:05Momdsiw hawk?
00:27:09Laier can you ulti?
00:27:12Laier zero hawk in this game
00:27:12Jonnija range
00:27:18Laier and nothing except failing
00:27:20Jonnija used hawk in beginning
00:27:22Jonnija when i cared
00:27:39Soulyah push different lanes
00:27:41Soulyah or idunon
00:27:49Yuriko or just take rosh?
00:27:50Yuriko and end
00:27:52Soulyah y
00:27:55mby_next_time rosh is best :)
00:28:12lumo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:18mby_next_time i hate that new nerub,prefered imba scarabs ;x
00:28:25Soulyah ye
00:28:35Soulyah thos rocked
00:28:38Soulyah permasilence whole team
00:28:41mby_next_time yup
00:29:10mby_next_time hmm they donbt come
00:29:40Yuriko me rdy
00:29:55RalleBrazil all top
00:29:58Laier go furi
00:29:59Yuriko ye
00:29:59Laier got dust
00:30:19Yuriko push top
00:30:20Momdsiw i go in
00:30:21Momdsiw all rdY?
00:30:27Soulyah ty
00:30:29mby_next_time np
00:31:10Soulyah radi frag:D
00:31:13Yuriko xD
00:31:15Tough I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:32:32Steuerfreak hlep
00:32:40Soulyah :D:D:D
00:32:51Yuriko ?ffs
00:32:55Yuriko my relic is in chicken
00:33:52Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:03Jonnija I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:04Yuriko is there rebuy for chicken
00:34:07mby_next_time nope
00:34:08Soulyah nop
00:34:11Yuriko :(
00:34:11mby_next_time chik will respawn
00:34:14mby_next_time in 70 secunds
00:34:14Yuriko ye
00:34:16Yuriko in a min
00:34:16Yuriko zz
00:34:18mby_next_time only that
00:34:35mby_next_time no rapier for ya ?:P
00:34:40Yuriko got it
00:34:48mby_next_time i mean without sacred
00:34:52Yuriko ye
00:35:03Steuerfreak end plz
00:35:11Yuriko ulti in 20
00:35:36Yuriko ok coming
00:35:50Laier I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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