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Chat log

00:00:02AliBaba ff
00:00:13TuusNeegePro qop for me?
00:00:14robobob im es
00:00:16Simba kk
00:00:16Simba im trax
00:00:16Jonneblarre bala
00:00:16GOTHIC...LORD so
00:00:16AliBaba gothic ?
00:00:16GOTHIC...LORD what?
00:00:16AliBaba dont say you are noob
00:00:16robobob omg rtg ban ffs naap haha lol
00:00:16rtg800 xin
00:00:19GOTHIC...LORD im soo noob
00:00:21AliBaba omg
00:00:23robobob nap ban
00:00:27GOTHIC...LORD u have no idea
00:00:49AliBaba ....
00:00:53TuusNeegePro is qop ok?=
00:00:54Simba smeks mis purtsutad
00:01:01Jonneblarre wl
00:01:03rtg800 why void
00:01:03Jonneblarre get wl
00:01:04rtg800 ffs
00:01:04GOTHIC...LORD gimme thrull
00:01:07TuusNeegePro lvl 1 items?
00:01:12rtg800 get
00:01:15rtg800 thrall veno puck
00:01:25rtg800 RIKI
00:01:32rtg800 the fuck is wrong with you?
00:01:45AliBaba go bot riki
00:01:46rtg800 get puck
00:01:52Jonneblarre trax u wnat mid?
00:01:53rtg800 riki bot
00:01:57Simba nope
00:01:58robobob void u will dagger inte ur ulti every tame and do imba fast ulti before i get caught in ulti
00:01:59Simba well
00:01:59rtg800 void top
00:02:04Simba i would but im too paper for it
00:02:07rtg800 riki
00:02:08rtg800 bot
00:02:10AliBaba riki ...
00:02:11Simba esp when i have to buy the chick
00:02:11Jonneblarre some1 want mid?
00:02:12Jonneblarre wl?
00:02:16TuusNeegePro i can
00:02:20TuusNeegePro but i think ur better
00:02:20Jonneblarre nice
00:02:24AliBaba smega
00:02:25AliBaba go bot
00:02:28SMEGMAPLEKK lol?
00:02:29Jonneblarre havent played for 3 mounths
00:02:31rtg800 go
00:02:32AliBaba go
00:02:33rtg800 bot
00:02:35AliBaba bot
00:02:36TuusNeegePro nvm trax wants to go
00:02:41GOTHIC...LORD they must ban trull
00:02:41robobob i have trust in u zeus
00:02:45GOTHIC...LORD thrull
00:02:45rtg800 puck top
00:02:46Jonneblarre :)
00:02:46Simba same
00:02:46TuusNeegePro me too
00:02:49Simba i dont trust myself lol
00:03:30robobob u go agha or something else zeus?
00:03:52AliBaba harras
00:03:59SMEGMAPLEKK lagg
00:04:00SMEGMAPLEKK sex
00:04:16Mamo omg
00:04:17AliBaba harras ffs ..
00:04:18robobob FIX RIKi'
00:04:19robobob omg
00:04:29AliBaba omg
00:04:31robobob lal
00:04:33AliBaba puck ...
00:04:36robobob noob thrall
00:05:32SMEGMAPLEKK ptsii
00:05:59Mamo gj
00:06:02TuusNeegePro u2
00:06:03Jonneblarre gj
00:06:04SMEGMAPLEKK -ma
00:06:04AliBaba you are so bad
00:06:28AliBaba pull
00:06:30Mamo -ii
00:07:32Mamo ty
00:07:34TuusNeegePro np
00:07:37SMEGMAPLEKK lemme farm
00:07:37SMEGMAPLEKK omg
00:07:52Mamo man
00:09:06Mamo man
00:09:07AliBaba you suck like hell.
00:09:09Mamo mana
00:09:10TuusNeegePro ?
00:09:16Mamo ty
00:09:32robobob harass?
00:09:37robobob ss
00:10:10Jonneblarre gj
00:10:31Mamo ty
00:10:37SMEGMAPLEKK gnk bot
00:10:41AliBaba srsly cant play with this puck
00:10:47Jonneblarre es
00:10:49Jonneblarre gang weavcer
00:11:02GOTHIC...LORD gg
00:11:31GOTHIC...LORD s
00:11:32GOTHIC...LORD ss
00:11:33GOTHIC...LORD sss
00:11:34GOTHIC...LORD ssss
00:11:41Paulin8813811 ss
00:11:43Mamo my
00:11:43Simba lane sw
00:11:50Simba k wl
00:11:51AliBaba ss top
00:12:19TuusNeegePro es go bot wtf
00:12:21Mamo gj
00:12:23AliBaba ffs
00:12:41Paulin8813811 ss
00:13:00robobob ..
00:13:38AliBaba go
00:13:43AliBaba 'wtf
00:13:44AliBaba riki
00:13:53AliBaba go top ?
00:14:30rtg800 go mid
00:14:34Jonneblarre we should go all 5
00:14:38Jonneblarre we have good lcahs
00:14:44rtg800 thrall go
00:14:52rtg800 dont take farm
00:14:53robobob heal
00:15:02AliBaba care top
00:15:05GOTHIC...LORD rly?
00:15:55AliBaba .æ.
00:16:09AliBaba fuck you puck.. no fucking shit farm.
00:16:09Jonneblarre all mid
00:16:21rtg800 this team is just too bad :D
00:16:24AliBaba -.-
00:16:28rtg800 your picks are so shit
00:16:28Mamo gj
00:17:09SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:17:58robobob i dont get u
00:18:01rtg800 nice ward puck
00:18:10robobob need nap trax also
00:18:13robobob with no items
00:18:17Jonneblarre y trax stop farming
00:18:19Paulin8813811 ????? ?????
00:18:21robobob for silence
00:18:21SMEGMAPLEKK just farm
00:18:31Simba uhm
00:18:35Simba i farm to get items maybe+
00:18:37robobob not even threads omg
00:18:42robobob 15 min
00:18:45Simba havr treads in base...
00:18:48SMEGMAPLEKK b thrall
00:18:49SMEGMAPLEKK wtfff
00:18:54SMEGMAPLEKK nice plug:D
00:18:54Mamo omg
00:19:08Jonneblarre tower
00:19:23Jonneblarre rtraxm id
00:19:26rtg800 go
00:19:28GOTHIC...LORD i think i gonna feed more
00:19:37Simba thought u want twr
00:20:06robobob TO LAAATE
00:20:08SMEGMAPLEKK bbb
00:20:20SMEGMAPLEKK b thrall
00:20:21SMEGMAPLEKK omg
00:20:25SMEGMAPLEKK bbb
00:20:28SMEGMAPLEKK l00l
00:20:38robobob hehe
00:20:38Jonneblarre nice
00:22:33SMEGMAPLEKK kill
00:23:10GOTHIC...LORD !ff
00:23:13SMEGMAPLEKK l0l
00:23:14SMEGMAPLEKK noob
00:23:21GOTHIC...LORD u r the noob
00:23:23rtg800 GOGOOG
00:23:23rtg800 JUMP
00:23:36GOTHIC...LORD u know better plers
00:23:41robobob dagger up powning starting in
00:23:42robobob 3
00:23:43robobob 2
00:23:44robobob 1
00:23:45rtg800 VOID
00:23:45robobob now
00:23:45rtg800 ffs
00:23:47GOTHIC...LORD players
00:23:47rtg800 gpo
00:23:48rtg800 u
00:23:48SMEGMAPLEKK viod farm
00:23:49rtg800 ulti
00:23:51SMEGMAPLEKK farm void
00:23:52Jonneblarre nice
00:24:07Jonneblarre all 5 now
00:24:08rtg800 go ulti
00:24:09rtg800 void
00:24:15robobob omw
00:24:56SMEGMAPLEKK bbbbb
00:25:07Jonneblarre trax ffs why havent u skilled slow?
00:25:12rtg800 buy wards
00:25:13robobob nap
00:25:14Simba doesnt stack
00:25:15Simba with
00:25:16robobob imba nap
00:25:16Simba lifesteal
00:25:17Simba idiot
00:25:18rtg800 puck
00:25:22rtg800 ill place them
00:25:23Jonneblarre ofc but why lifesteal
00:25:29Simba ull see
00:25:43robobob ulti up
00:25:51rtg800 def mid
00:26:06SMEGMAPLEKK yyy
00:26:30GOTHIC...LORD fuckin noob void
00:26:34AliBaba :)
00:26:48AliBaba thanks puck for the best farm ..
00:26:49GOTHIC...LORD gg
00:26:52robobob imba ulti go weap nap weaver haha
00:26:54GOTHIC...LORD i wont help
00:27:01GOTHIC...LORD u r on ur own
00:27:29robobob void items hahaahh
00:27:41robobob naaap
00:27:42SMEGMAPLEKK rtg
00:27:45SMEGMAPLEKK sa ikka nii loll
00:27:51SMEGMAPLEKK lased minigl viodil top soloda
00:28:04AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:06AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:09TuusNeegePro come
00:28:18GOTHIC...LORD r u arab?
00:28:22GOTHIC...LORD void
00:28:39AliBaba what ? :)
00:28:40SMEGMAPLEKK fucking noob team ebver
00:28:50AliBaba go ff ..
00:28:52SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:53Jonneblarre heal
00:29:04GOTHIC...LORD 3 carries
00:29:17GOTHIC...LORD and u think is that a team
00:29:27AliBaba f
00:29:28AliBaba bhpå
00:29:29AliBaba bdfbå
00:29:34AliBaba ffit
00:29:46rtg800 KILL GOLEM
00:29:49Jonneblarre totally outpicked
00:30:14TuusNeegePro what killed m,e?
00:30:17robobob hehhe
00:30:19robobob RAAA
00:30:20rtg800 THEY TOOK RAX
00:30:20robobob x
00:30:25robobob urn
00:30:37GOTHIC...LORD fu weaver
00:30:41robobob u dont know what urn is even
00:30:41Jonneblarre bottom push all 5?
00:30:42robobob haha
00:30:43robobob nap
00:30:49GOTHIC...LORD who the idiot made u a leader
00:30:52Paulin8813811 dd
00:30:55GOTHIC...LORD fuckin tard
00:30:57SMEGMAPLEKK nice void
00:30:59robobob tp
00:31:01robobob noobds
00:31:04AliBaba cant fuckign farm..
00:31:06AliBaba really
00:31:12AliBaba from the fucking start ..
00:31:23AliBaba whu did i go top with puck ..
00:31:25AliBaba ..
00:31:26AliBaba fml
00:32:21AliBaba come on ..
00:32:22AliBaba go ff
00:32:26SMEGMAPLEKK noo
00:32:32AliBaba why not ?
00:32:42SMEGMAPLEKK late we own
00:32:46SMEGMAPLEKK go farm 10 min void
00:32:59rtg800 cant farm
00:33:01rtg800 they are pushing
00:33:48robobob omg
00:33:50robobob sry
00:34:03robobob but ur a naap
00:34:08Simba nope
00:34:11Simba someone used the bird
00:34:13robobob get invis omg
00:34:14robobob lol
00:34:17Simba couldnt bring my manta
00:34:18SMEGMAPLEKK deff
00:34:24Simba lothar is for noobs
00:34:31robobob y for uthten
00:34:32Simba total moneywaste on trax
00:34:42Simba k
00:34:44Simba csb
00:34:45Jonneblarre all bot
00:35:04robobob why u die
00:35:30Jonneblarre -ii
00:37:28SMEGMAPLEKK deffffff
00:37:43AliBaba ff'
00:37:52GOTHIC...LORD yea
00:38:00Jonneblarre go throne
00:38:03AliBaba sorry guys ..
00:38:03GOTHIC...LORD our 3 fuckin carries cant farm
00:38:29rtg800 puck 682 hp
00:39:01Jonneblarre gg wp
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