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-43 X
-2 TS

96% | 1678 X | 1544 TS

-26 X
-3 TS

84% | 1522 X | 1449 TS

-12 X
-2 TS

83% | 1489 X | 1477 TS

-58 X
-2 TS

83% | 1479 X | 1425 TS

-23 X
-1 TS

60% | 1279 X | 1365 TS

-4 X
+2 TS

98% | 1760 X | 1592 TS

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+2 TS

87% | 1541 X | 1450 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

76% | 1405 X | 1421 TS

+60 X
+2 TS

76% | 1407 X | 1398 TS

+36 X
+5 TS

67% | 1340 X | 1341 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Affliction razor necro ES
00:00:14Laier dk lich
00:00:14McNabb 'ud anyone+
00:00:16McNabb ?
00:00:16Jouez aka sven bh
00:00:24diesel aa tree meepo
00:00:29McNabb gider du ud?
00:00:32Strom bat naix dusa
00:00:33Laier aa sven lich?
00:00:36Laier would be nice
00:00:36McNabb grønland?
00:00:46Kanki troll axe techies
00:00:48Laier sepe kanki afk?
00:00:51Laier ota axe?
00:00:54Affliction necro razor es
00:00:56Kanki en haluu pelaa
00:00:56Strom bat naix dusa
00:00:58Laier mä voin
00:01:00Strom I could play ES basiaclly
00:01:00Laier tai en kyl
00:01:00Kanki guys
00:01:00Kanki a sec
00:01:00Laier mutku sul muut iha tajutont paskaa
00:01:00Strom yea yea
00:01:00Kanki sepe is afk i call him
00:01:00Laier sepe äfk
00:01:00Affliction you have =
00:01:00WANKmaster dazzle doom luna
00:01:00McNabb wank what u got?
00:01:00Strom I got bat naix dusa
00:01:00Kanki mitä sul o
00:01:00Tough sf ck tbh
00:01:00McNabb hmm
00:01:00Laier lich dk seekeri
00:01:00Tough strom
00:01:00Tough wanna swap for naix?
00:01:00WANKmaster sf sound nice
00:01:00McNabb ck
00:01:00WANKmaster or
00:01:00Laier mut dk tai lich noist kandee pickaa
00:01:00WANKmaster go
00:01:00Strom tough, waht do you have?
00:01:00WANKmaster ck
00:01:00WANKmaster we need
00:01:00WANKmaster ck
00:01:00Tough ck sf tbh
00:01:00Laier oisin ite voinu pelaa kyl lichi
00:01:00Strom tbh?
00:01:00McNabb i can ck if someone can ud
00:01:00Strom gondar+
00:01:00Tough twin head dragon
00:01:00WANKmaster we needd
00:01:00Kanki no meitsi pelaa axe vaik
00:01:00WANKmaster ck
00:01:00Strom ah, I though "THe Bounty Hunter" :D :D
00:01:00Tough :D
00:01:00Laier guys pick aa + sven?
00:01:00Laier need stun + disa
00:01:00Strom well I can play ES
00:01:00Strom I can give naix
00:01:00McNabb ANYONE UD?
00:01:00Affliction ok
00:01:00Affliction strom
00:01:00Tough give me naix
00:01:00Tough :D
00:01:00Sepetos sniper cent necrolic
00:01:00Affliction though you have =
00:01:00Tough got sk ck thb
00:01:00Laier ita snipu?
00:01:00Affliction Get me CK
00:01:00Tough ck
00:01:00Tough ck
00:01:00Tough sf
00:01:00WANKmaster ck
00:01:00Strom ok tough, ck vs. naix
00:01:00Laier jos me otetaa sven aa lich ja axe? :D
00:01:00WANKmaster is needed
00:01:00Sepetos joo
00:01:00Strom and I swap ck with ES then
00:01:00Strom ok?
00:01:00Laier guys pick that aa + sven
00:01:02Affliction Strom you get es from me
00:01:08Tough -swap 4
00:01:09Affliction -swap 4
00:01:10Strom -swap 5
00:01:15Laier otanko dk vai lich
00:01:15Affliction -swap 2
00:01:15Tough -swap 5
00:01:18Laier noil ck ja naix : <
00:01:19Tough -swapcancel
00:01:20Kanki lich
00:01:23Affliction -clear
00:01:24Kanki lich
00:01:25Strom lanes?
00:01:26Strom fast
00:01:29Strom this -sd starts too fast
00:01:30WANKmaster dunno
00:01:33diesel me top
00:01:35Kanki not
00:01:37WANKmaster i should play that ck .
00:01:39WANKmaster ..
00:01:42Laier im top with axe
00:01:45Tough yeah :D
00:01:47Affliction -swap 1
00:01:51WANKmaster fuck it
00:01:55WANKmaster bought items
00:01:55Affliction ok
00:01:56WANKmaster allready
00:01:56Affliction :)
00:01:58Jouez fuuuck :D
00:01:58Affliction sry
00:01:58Affliction :/
00:02:00Jouez misclick
00:02:00McNabb we got nice team
00:02:01WANKmaster np
00:02:02Laier sven aa imba combo
00:02:03Affliction didt know
00:02:03Jouez imba items :D
00:02:22Tough they aswell :/
00:02:23Laier imba belt
00:02:24Laier :D
00:02:40Laier nojoo
00:02:52Laier onnee soloo ck ja ud :D
00:03:01Jouez ...
00:03:01Tough WTF
00:03:02Strom hmm
00:03:06Tough es?
00:03:14Strom I sent to behind tower
00:03:16Strom and went to toilet
00:03:21Strom guess creeps came too close :D :D
00:03:28Strom came back and had 60hp
00:03:30Kanki älä tuu
00:03:30Strom not much I could do
00:03:32McNabb :D
00:03:33Laier denyyn
00:03:35Laier ku tarvin manaa :D
00:03:35McNabb svært?
00:03:40Affliction !?
00:03:46McNabb lasthit?
00:03:53Affliction ¨næ
00:04:33Strom that sven has first item belt of giant strenght
00:04:37Strom funny
00:04:55Kanki ei sitte laier
00:04:58McNabb :
00:05:01Laier emmä kattonu yhtää et juoksit sinne :DDD
00:05:06Laier ei vittu
00:05:10Kanki huomasin
00:05:20Laier joo o
00:05:20Laier sorry
00:05:21Strom lets kill naix soon?
00:05:24Kanki np
00:05:28Strom SVEN MIS
00:05:31Tough y
00:05:34Tough wait lvl 4
00:05:49Affliction bibs mana boots
00:05:50Tough CARE
00:05:54McNabb y
00:05:57Sepetos flyting wards
00:06:00Strom dd sven bot
00:06:06Strom but he kinda noob
00:06:16Tough he killed u :D
00:06:22Strom well I wasn't even behind the computer :d
00:06:25Tough :D
00:06:26Strom that's what he needs
00:06:27Strom to kill me
00:06:31Laier opuol levuu
00:06:31Laier sit go
00:06:36Affliction lich
00:06:38Strom fuck
00:06:46Tough happend
00:06:51Sepetos gangmid
00:06:53Sepetos toprune inc
00:06:54Strom he has no regen
00:06:55Strom so
00:06:57Strom soon agin :d
00:07:00Tough alright
00:07:08Tough after pull
00:07:16Laier et raaskinu ottaa nit wardei sit?
00:07:28Sepetos ei oo aikaa plant
00:07:29McNabb ss
00:07:30Strom couldn't resist :d
00:07:33Strom too perfect
00:07:43Affliction b
00:07:49WANKmaster gank
00:07:49WANKmaster mid
00:07:50Laier go
00:07:54Strom but ok, I'll take it more serious
00:08:00Tough thx :D
00:08:01Laier on ulti
00:08:05Kanki tuun täält
00:08:34McNabb !!!
00:08:38Affliction :D
00:08:41Laier gj
00:08:45Laier vittu klikkasin joku 4x ohi
00:08:48Kanki :D
00:08:48Strom snuioper bot
00:08:48WANKmaster ss
00:08:49WANKmaster mid
00:08:53Laier eka tango ja sit ton rituali
00:09:12Laier go help him
00:09:18Jouez ...
00:09:22Strom you sure taking your time
00:09:28Kanki tee manabootsit
00:09:28Sepetos 2retards bot
00:09:31McNabb dident even see:D
00:09:32diesel fuck you
00:09:34Jouez just stupid
00:09:34Sepetos no reason to go there
00:09:39McNabb sry
00:09:42Sepetos u failed when i came with dd to kill naix or es
00:09:45Sepetos ur such a noob
00:09:53Sepetos u waited so long that he saw me
00:10:06Tough thought ud will heal
00:10:14Laier otetaa?
00:10:25Laier top ss2
00:10:25Tough wtf
00:10:29Tough wanted to port mid
00:10:41Kanki tuun
00:10:42Tough ss mid
00:11:00McNabb hmm
00:11:01Kanki mitä tää hero teki :D
00:11:02Sepetos shit
00:11:06WANKmaster didnt
00:11:07Laier emt katoin kans et mihi juokset
00:11:07WANKmaster even
00:11:08WANKmaster get him
00:11:18McNabb aa stronk
00:11:18diesel cant get better hero against ud
00:11:19Kanki enkä painanu minnekkää :D
00:11:19Tough storm afrk
00:11:28Strom I'm back
00:11:30Strom got some food
00:11:47Strom don't worry, this is ES, I'll get dagger
00:11:50Strom and only do ultis
00:11:52Strom not much to do :D
00:11:59Kanki viddu
00:12:01Laier vittu iha vitu varmaa
00:12:18McNabb im b
00:12:21Laier salee toi nörtti väisti sen ulti tollee :DD
00:12:36Affliction FML
00:12:56Strom 2 mis bot
00:13:08Sepetos kill mid
00:13:15Sepetos someone make urn
00:13:43Tough ff
00:13:54Strom stop this ff
00:13:55Strom we'll win
00:14:20McNabb wards?
00:14:34Sepetos tapetaa top
00:14:38Sepetos tuun selstä
00:15:22Sepetos tee uurna?
00:15:49WANKmaster coming
00:15:50WANKmaster top
00:15:52Laier mjoo kai teen sit
00:16:23Affliction :/
00:17:16McNabb !!!!!!!!!!
00:17:17Affliction :/
00:17:23Laier tärkee
00:17:25Laier mitähä vittuu teen
00:17:30McNabb b
00:18:03Sepetos joo o
00:18:06Sepetos olipaha disablet taas
00:18:09Affliction ohh
00:18:09McNabb ARH
00:18:09Affliction :D
00:18:22McNabb np naix farm
00:18:24McNabb we win
00:18:31Tough not really :D
00:18:33Laier gj
00:18:37diesel u2
00:19:12Affliction didt see the fight in woods
00:19:13Affliction :D
00:19:33Kanki someone top?
00:20:37Tough always focus this fucking snioper
00:20:40Tough he is paper
00:20:55Jouez stay
00:21:18McNabb well
00:21:19Sepetos meitsi vaa depailee
00:21:22Laier :D
00:21:26Laier muut hoitaa
00:21:30Laier sä oot beitti täs pelis
00:21:37Sepetos kyl
00:21:43Sepetos pääkipee eikä ois jaksanu pelaa
00:21:45McNabb wards?
00:22:00Sepetos bottower
00:22:19Affliction axe dagger +
00:22:22Strom what the hell is sven building now
00:22:22Laier go bot
00:22:23Laier tower
00:22:26Strom orchid?
00:22:44Laier kuollaa kyl kahestaa tänne :D
00:23:20Jouez -.-
00:23:32Sepetos oisit tota tombii tuhonnu
00:23:36Jouez finally. dagger -.-
00:23:43Sepetos ja käyttäny sen meka muhu kans
00:23:56Laier käytin suhu
00:24:00Laier jos et huomannu
00:24:01Sepetos k
00:24:10Sepetos oli kyl nii nähty
00:24:18Sepetos ehkä porukat alkaa koht tulee mun mukaa ku vihut tulee aina sinne
00:24:19Laier iha perus 2v5
00:24:19Strom this is going south, I'll farm that dagger
00:24:29McNabb gl
00:25:11Laier tombi alas
00:25:47WANKmaster f
00:25:48WANKmaster ff
00:25:50Tough ff
00:25:55Jouez gj
00:26:08Laier o kyl hullu lichi
00:26:08Laier !
00:26:12diesel 1:5 trashtalking to 8:2
00:26:16diesel apologize bitch
00:26:17WANKmaster should have played that ck ..
00:26:41Tough FFS
00:26:44Kanki oom
00:26:46Laier tänne
00:26:48Tough is wrong with u storm?
00:26:54Sepetos hmmh
00:26:55Kanki ihan oom
00:26:56Sepetos voitasko puskee
00:27:03Strom I'm farming dagger, I said
00:27:03Kanki relicciki on
00:27:20Kanki teleen midii kuha regeen
00:27:22Kanki oottakaa
00:27:33Laier mul manabootsit ny
00:27:52Laier baittaaha :D
00:28:10Tough INVIS
00:28:10diesel wtf
00:28:41Strom got dagger, can rejoin you guys now
00:29:02Sepetos munaa
00:29:12Sepetos mid
00:29:54WANKmaster I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:57Strom I was alone and got 3x lich ulti
00:30:02Strom because ud tomb zombies spawned
00:30:05Strom just in time for bounce :D
00:30:09Sepetos just ff when i still get -x
00:30:12Sepetos i farm otherwise
00:30:13Laier ;:D
00:30:58Jouez ...
00:31:13Laier sinne vaa
00:31:16Laier o ulti ja setit
00:31:42WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:31:58WANKmaster go
00:32:00WANKmaster forfeit
00:32:01WANKmaster we lost
00:32:02McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:04WANKmaster everylane
00:32:05WANKmaster f
00:32:06WANKmaster I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:15McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:24diesel omg I'm so Goood
00:33:51Kanki b?
00:34:31McNabb I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:34Laier gg
00:34:37McNabb grønland ff
00:34:38McNabb go
00:35:05Jouez wp bot
00:35:14Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:23Sepetos got x i wanted
00:35:23Sepetos :D
00:35:35Affliction I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:36Strom unfortunate, should pay more attention
00:35:48McNabb :D
00:35:51Kanki fuck
00:36:08Tough god
00:36:12Tough im so pro
00:36:23Jouez / lucky
00:37:00McNabb wp sven
00:37:16McNabb hmm 16-53
00:37:19Tough storm
00:37:25Tough u fucked it hard up this time :D
00:37:35Kanki gg
00:37:51Strom possibly
00:37:54McNabb ZOMBIESSSSS
00:37:55Jouez blocked !
00:37:58Jouez :D
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