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-51 X
-1 TS

93% | 1617 X | 1527 TS

-23 X
-2 TS

93% | 1669 X | 1473 TS

-38 X
-1 TS

77% | 1452 X | 1362 TS

+3 X
-3 TS

64% | 1334 X | 1317 TS

-35 X
-1 TS

52% | 1214 X | 1317 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

90% | 1576 X | 1489 TS

+56 X
+2 TS

83% | 1509 X | 1399 TS

+24 X
+1 TS

75% | 1439 X | 1349 TS

+8 X
+4 TS

74% | 1362 X | 1421 TS

+28 X
+3 TS

71% | 1321 X | 1418 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Lafrenzz jonnija
00:00:13Lafrenzz can i mid, u saw my weaver ^^
00:00:18Lynge noob Weaver
00:00:18Jonnija lol
00:00:18Jonnija i did rly
00:00:18Lynge saW that pro ezalor?
00:00:18Jonnija funny stuff
00:00:18Jonnija that game :D
00:00:18PeterLars anyone am lycan or ck???
00:00:18Lafrenzz :D
00:00:18Jonnija well
00:00:18Soulyah i can any of those
00:00:18Jonnija i had
00:00:18Jonnija lastpick
00:00:18Soulyah ban one of them
00:00:18lumo voin lycan
00:00:18Jonnija russian
00:00:18Jonnija tard
00:00:18PeterLars oka :D
00:00:18lumo moi sooljah
00:00:18Lafrenzz but my style is carry. wont support :s
00:00:18Jonnija kinda sad
00:00:18lumo perkele
00:00:18Soulyah moi
00:00:18PeterLars lycan
00:00:18Jonnija hmm
00:00:18Lafrenzz ban am
00:00:18Jonnija guess ill do wr
00:00:18Jonnija or
00:00:18Lafrenzz rly
00:00:18Jonnija ogre
00:00:18Lafrenzz please ban am
00:00:18Jonnija i mean
00:00:18Jonnija furion
00:00:18Jonnija asd
00:00:18Lynge gimme ogre'
00:00:18Jonnija hmm
00:00:18Jonnija welkl
00:00:18Jonnija they take
00:00:18Lynge or rhasta
00:00:18Jonnija ogre
00:00:18Lynge ¨
00:00:18Lynge they Wont
00:00:18Jonnija am
00:00:18Lynge Peterlars Wont
00:00:19Soulyah ckkkkkkkkk
00:00:20Jonnija he swaps
00:00:20Jonnija it
00:00:25Jonnija ah ck..
00:00:27Lafrenzz ill fury
00:00:28Jonnija sad day
00:00:30Lynge pick me ogre
00:00:30Jonnija dont
00:00:31Soulyah u swap or dance
00:00:32Jonnija pick a carry
00:00:32Soulyah ?
00:00:34Lafrenzz ok
00:00:34Jonnija dont pick furion
00:00:35PeterLars swap
00:00:37PeterLars :D
00:00:39PeterLars dont like him
00:00:40Soulyah wut u want
00:00:41Lafrenzz will mid with it
00:00:42RalleBrazil ogre for me baby?
00:00:45Jonnija drow
00:00:46Jonnija is bad
00:00:47Jonnija for midlane
00:00:47PeterLars give me
00:00:48PeterLars bs
00:00:48Jonnija btw
00:00:49PeterLars :D
00:00:53lumo goin woods
00:00:55Lafrenzz she's sick
00:00:55RalleBrazil not ogre for me ? :(
00:00:55lumo o_O
00:00:56PeterLars -swap 2
00:00:56Lafrenzz trust me
00:00:58Soulyah -swap 1
00:00:59Lafrenzz will pwn BS
00:01:00Lafrenzz :D:D:d
00:01:00Jonnija ill swap ogre
00:01:03PeterLars omg
00:01:04Jonnija ill put
00:01:06RalleBrazil with me?
00:01:06PeterLars no more carry
00:01:06Jonnija a duallane mid
00:01:09Jonnija bat for me
00:01:10Soulyah bs solo bot?
00:01:13Jonnija ill solo tp
00:01:14Jonnija top
00:01:14Soulyah easier for u
00:01:15Lafrenzz dont dual mid oO
00:01:15RalleBrazil i pick it for u ?
00:01:15Jonnija with bat
00:01:19Jonnija bat
00:01:21PeterLars mid better
00:01:22Jonnija -swap 3
00:01:22RalleBrazil -swap 1
00:01:22Lafrenzz dont dual mid wtf
00:01:25Soulyah ..
00:01:26Jonnija dual mid
00:01:28Jonnija is awesome
00:01:32P3PSI bat go mid ?!
00:01:32Soulyah fine
00:01:33PeterLars abda
00:01:34PeterLars dba
00:01:34Soulyah bat mid
00:01:35Jonnija nah
00:01:36PeterLars abda
00:01:36Soulyah have fun
00:01:37Jonnija top is better
00:01:37PeterLars pit
00:01:37Soulyah :D
00:01:37Jonnija for me
00:01:38PeterLars pit
00:01:41PeterLars abda
00:01:41Lafrenzz get tank
00:01:43Lafrenzz like abba
00:01:43Lynge last hero?
00:01:46PeterLars abbda
00:01:56Jonnija pick what u want
00:01:57Lynge spirit ?
00:02:07Jonnija ogre
00:02:08RalleBrazil bot?
00:02:08AliBaba ward abba ?
00:02:08Jonnija go mid or bot
00:02:08lumo o shait
00:02:08Jonnija choose
00:02:10Jonnija and dont steal
00:02:11Jouez n
00:02:12Jonnija drow farm
00:02:17Lynge -clear
00:02:17Jonnija go mid
00:02:18Jonnija ogre
00:02:20Jonnija bara bot
00:02:31RalleBrazil omg u mean it :D ?
00:02:32Jonnija u will dominate bs
00:02:37Lafrenzz let me mid man
00:02:38Lafrenzz solo mid
00:02:38RalleBrazil want 2 mid ?
00:02:38Jonnija 1 hero cant do it
00:02:39Jonnija DUDE
00:02:41Lafrenzz srlsy
00:02:43Lafrenzz i rape mid
00:02:43Jonnija u cant
00:02:44Lafrenzz trust me
00:02:44Jonnija mid
00:02:46Jonnija vs him solo
00:02:47Lafrenzz .....
00:02:48Jonnija BOT
00:02:49Lafrenzz i can
00:02:49Jonnija BARA
00:02:49Lynge -clear
00:02:50Jonnija GO BOT
00:02:51PeterLars i help lvl 6
00:02:52Lafrenzz did so mana times
00:02:59Jonnija also i need
00:03:00Jonnija solo
00:03:15RalleBrazil where u want me to go mid ?
00:03:15PeterLars 2 mid
00:03:16Jonnija all dualmids so far
00:03:16Jonnija have
00:03:18Jonnija worked out fine
00:03:28Jonnija i do them from now and then
00:03:57Lynge let me farm ? ....
00:04:00P3PSI yy
00:04:07Lynge then harras
00:04:44lumo rasta
00:04:52Lynge b
00:04:53Lynge b
00:05:03lumo vittu
00:05:04lumo :D
00:05:24Lynge Wp rhast
00:05:34P3PSI u2
00:05:47Jonnija zzz
00:06:01Jonnija how can drow lose so much hp lol :D
00:06:22P3PSI ss bo
00:06:28Lynge ss 2
00:06:56Lynge ss 2
00:07:27Lynge im getting kidna fast
00:07:30Lynge fat*
00:07:48Soulyah ff
00:07:49Soulyah gg
00:07:51Jouez y
00:08:00P3PSI stil ss
00:08:20Soulyah fucking farmer heros again
00:08:23Jonnija abba left lane and traded me a kill :D
00:08:31Soulyah not the fking way to win
00:08:32Jonnija this is a payoff
00:08:47Lafrenzz im b
00:08:49Lafrenzz where is chick
00:09:01Soulyah now u go
00:09:02Soulyah .
00:09:17Jonnija OGRE
00:09:17Jonnija why
00:09:20Jonnija arent you supporting
00:09:21Jonnija drow
00:09:22Jonnija he died
00:09:56PeterLars b
00:10:07Jonnija ogre
00:10:08Jonnija support
00:10:09P3PSI ss bot
00:10:10Jonnija fucking mid
00:10:11Jonnija or he dies
00:10:12Jonnija again
00:10:13Soulyah freefrag
00:10:26Soulyah ff
00:10:39AliBaba ????
00:10:40Jonnija OGRE
00:11:04Soulyah 0 farm
00:11:06Soulyah 14 cs
00:11:09Jonnija fucking tp
00:11:10Jonnija cd
00:11:13Soulyah make flying
00:11:20Soulyah heal plz
00:11:21P3PSI ss bot
00:11:25Jonnija drow
00:11:27Jonnija where is ur
00:11:27Jonnija farm?
00:11:28Soulyah heal plz
00:11:42Jonnija 8 min freefarm is around 60 cs
00:11:55Lafrenzz dude had no freefarm
00:11:56lumo WHAT
00:11:58Jonnija HOW=
00:12:06Jonnija HOW
00:12:08Jonnija DINT YOU HAVE
00:12:09Soulyah stop fucking playing
00:12:10Jonnija FEEFARM?
00:12:12Soulyah noob furion
00:12:12Jonnija WITH DUALLANE?
00:12:13Soulyah tp more
00:12:15Lafrenzz ganking
00:12:15Jonnija vs 1 mLEEE?
00:12:21Soulyah every place to gang
00:12:22Lafrenzz 3 mid all the time
00:12:23Soulyah 1000 places
00:12:58Jonnija we can ff
00:12:58Jonnija this
00:13:03Lafrenzz omfg
00:13:06Jonnija drow farm
00:13:08Jonnija is abyssmal
00:13:11Lafrenzz NO FFS
00:13:16Lafrenzz imd fine lol
00:13:20Jonnija dude
00:13:21Jonnija 60 cs
00:13:21Jonnija is
00:13:23Jonnija fine
00:14:13Soulyah gj
00:14:31Lynge ready
00:14:36P3PSI yy
00:14:37Lynge jus thold him
00:14:39Lynge shackle
00:14:43Lynge SHEEP
00:15:05P3PSI cd on ulti ?? 5 sec ?
00:15:06Lafrenzz grib bs
00:15:14Lynge b
00:15:14Lynge b
00:15:50P3PSI 3 bt
00:16:10P3PSI 3 bot
00:16:23Lynge tp
00:18:14Jouez tried
00:18:14Jonnija mvp award to abba :D
00:18:36Lafrenzz btw
00:18:38Lafrenzz u told me no farm
00:18:41Lafrenzz im fine dude
00:18:48Lafrenzz atleast more fat that their carry is
00:18:49Jouez ck goes hot ?
00:18:55Lafrenzz and we got bara aswell
00:18:56Jonnija yeah but that
00:18:58Jonnija is no point
00:19:06Lafrenzz dude
00:19:09Lafrenzz it is a point ffs
00:19:42Jonnija :
00:19:44Jonnija :D
00:19:44Jonnija :D
00:20:04Jonnija WTF
00:20:05Jonnija D:
00:20:11Soulyah arvasin et see
00:20:12Soulyah canceldab
00:20:16Jonnija ma kah :D
00:20:20Lynge let me farm bot
00:20:37lumo trax cd tp
00:20:43Soulyah im oom
00:20:45Soulyah need rune
00:21:37Soulyah noce fucking
00:21:39Soulyah Invi bug
00:21:40Soulyah or wtf
00:21:43P3PSI ward
00:21:44Jonnija ward oli :D
00:21:46Jonnija devwardimiseks
00:21:57Soulyah omg
00:22:07lumo voitko healaa
00:22:33P3PSI ?
00:22:35Lynge y
00:22:38RalleBrazil ward
00:22:42lumo :D
00:22:43RalleBrazil omg ?
00:22:46Jonnija dis rhasta
00:23:32PeterLars care
00:23:42Soulyah gather and fight?
00:24:23Lynge in base?
00:24:31Soulyah nice pit
00:24:35Soulyah very fast reactions
00:24:52Lynge move
00:25:04lumo wp
00:25:05Jonnija DIE
00:26:03Jonnija why overextend?
00:26:16Lafrenzz dude shh and get wards
00:26:23Lafrenzz your time in this game is over anyway
00:26:25Jonnija dude was obvious
00:26:27Jonnija you ran
00:26:27PeterLars go
00:26:28Jonnija to death
00:26:46Jonnija and my time
00:26:48Jonnija is just
00:26:50Jonnija beginning
00:27:10PeterLars fast and bn
00:27:17PeterLars 3b
00:27:18PeterLars b
00:27:23Jonnija :D
00:27:24Lafrenzz gj
00:27:57Lynge ofc
00:28:00Soulyah bot all
00:28:16PeterLars b
00:30:00Soulyah gj
00:30:01Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:30Jonnija ah b
00:30:32Soulyah this trax wins coz
00:30:35Jonnija il lget
00:30:39Soulyah bs 0 items too
00:30:40Jonnija ah cant
00:30:41Jonnija abba
00:31:09Lynge -clear
00:31:13Lafrenzz bat u is fine, but dont flame my trax please
00:31:19Soulyah just kll trax
00:31:21Soulyah cant be that hard
00:31:23Jonnija ur farm is bad :D
00:31:27PeterLars and rhasta
00:31:29Lafrenzz its not
00:31:37Jonnija by my standards it is
00:31:39Jouez b
00:31:54PeterLars omg
00:32:18Soulyah go ff
00:32:26Jouez dunno why sk just watch by dying
00:32:29Jouez *ck
00:32:33PeterLars wtf
00:32:34Jouez *bs
00:32:35Soulyah watch?
00:32:36PeterLars why didnt u stun
00:32:40Soulyah lol
00:32:42Jonnija ah good atleast ur getting bkb :D
00:32:43Soulyah then i woulda died insta
00:32:46PeterLars ogre was silence
00:32:47Lafrenzz ofc
00:32:48PeterLars and ulti
00:32:53PeterLars just stun rhasta
00:32:54Jonnija u never know :D
00:32:55Jouez lol we were just comming
00:32:56Lafrenzz :p
00:32:57Jouez just accept fail
00:33:01Jonnija easy kill
00:33:02Jonnija come
00:33:02Soulyah doesnt matter much anyhow
00:33:07Soulyah traxex is not targeted
00:33:16Soulyah + sny bs wont carry it
00:33:35Lafrenzz bkb rdy
00:33:39Lynge gz
00:34:13Jonnija krt niipalju ilusaid kille oleks kui keegi kaasas oleks :D
00:34:18PeterLars googo
00:34:23Soulyah we all die
00:34:25Soulyah lol
00:34:25P3PSI need mana
00:34:26PeterLars ^^
00:35:00Soulyah furi
00:35:10Lafrenzz rax
00:35:36Jonnija nii targalt m2ngite :D
00:35:55Jonnija tp
00:35:56Jonnija s1
00:36:07Jonnija drow
00:36:08Jonnija b
00:36:10Soulyah no
00:36:16Soulyah ma ei tea kas bs ei tea et sl blink
00:36:18Soulyah for ages juba
00:36:22Jonnija :D
00:36:26Lynge ^^
00:37:28Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:29Soulyah FFS
00:37:30Jouez so we furi
00:37:30Lafrenzz hahaha
00:37:33Jouez wp
00:37:38Jouez furi is mate ?
00:37:46Jonnija its lumo
00:37:48lumo :D
00:37:49Jonnija best ganger in
00:37:50Jonnija gc
00:38:06Jouez well, not at this game :))
00:38:15Jonnija well the "best"
00:39:03lumo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:06AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:10Jonnija ah i had pipe :D
00:39:20lumo -cs
00:39:34Jonnija throne before 40
00:39:43PeterLars du har 3 wards?
00:39:46PeterLars b
00:39:47PeterLars b
00:40:50Jonnija go end
00:40:51Soulyah maybe ff
00:40:56Jonnija stupid
00:40:57P3PSI heahae
00:40:57Jonnija drow
00:40:59Jonnija ...
00:41:00Soulyah go ff
00:41:06Soulyah why u fucking waste time
00:41:06Jouez I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:11Jonnija go end beforer 40
00:41:14Soulyah bs even
00:41:15Soulyah I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:36RalleBrazil hold
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