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Chat log

00:00:06mamyka ap -ap
00:00:13SuckThis i pick es ? y
00:00:18SuckThis ok
00:00:18GOTHIC...LORD so?
00:00:33mamyka aba
00:00:37mamyka last
00:00:50GOTHIC...LORD i know
00:00:54SuckThis what do i buy in start my leshr. :D Dude
00:01:06mamyka know it Your serious? :D:D
00:01:14Doomy chicken
00:01:15SuckThis is this ok ? y
00:01:21SuckThis thx
00:01:39Banana -ma
00:01:47GOTHIC...LORD i wish u to control my hero
00:02:14GOTHIC...LORD kk
00:02:43SuckThis soulring for es ? is good
00:03:44Doomy pull
00:03:45Doomy aba
00:03:52Doomy ffs
00:04:13SuckThis krob ?
00:04:16Doomy aba fucking ruiner
00:04:27SuckThis rdy ?
00:04:42Doomy NOOB GAME RUINER
00:05:01Doomy U LIKE WATCHING
00:05:02Doomy FFS
00:05:11GOTHIC...LORD man
00:05:17Doomy how can u be so stupid
00:05:25Doomy u shield urself
00:05:27GOTHIC...LORD i had problem
00:05:29GOTHIC...LORD thats it
00:05:30mamyka sheild me
00:05:30Doomy when im almost dead ss mid care
00:06:16mamyka noob
00:06:19mamyka what a noob aba
00:06:23GOTHIC...LORD u r rambo
00:06:32mamyka pit havent fire storm?
00:07:06GOTHIC...LORD who control me?
00:07:23-HewaL- help down
00:08:11mamyka say fuckin miss? care ss
00:10:43Banana stun ffs
00:10:46Banana easy kill
00:11:14Pine4pple ssw bot
00:11:42Banana stun
00:11:45Banana ffs idiot
00:11:50Banana fucking noob
00:11:55-HewaL- no mana
00:11:58FireMal no mana
00:12:00mamyka u noob
00:12:07-HewaL- kk wards up team
00:12:23mamyka dk ulti
00:13:09-HewaL- b
00:13:09-HewaL- b
00:13:17-HewaL- help mid
00:13:33mamyka GO AND DIE IMN REal life fuckin noob
00:13:41-HewaL- cant do shit without mana if i came i would DIE TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:13:41GOTHIC...LORD ok Sure thing daddy
00:13:46GOTHIC...LORD so it be
00:13:54mamyka FUCKIN NOOB
00:13:55GOTHIC...LORD no shild for u again if u want to win this game
00:14:01GOTHIC...LORD keep flaming ward up taem
00:14:01mamyka FARM ARCA BOOTS NOT PT
00:14:04mamyka imba noob
00:14:10-HewaL- kk
00:15:07-HewaL- FUCKING HELP DOWN!
00:15:26-HewaL- this is a lost game
00:15:34FireMal i agree
00:16:09mamyka LOOK THIS GUYS
00:16:14mamyka WHY THEY PLAY DOTA?
00:16:30-HewaL- sorry my f
00:16:31GOTHIC...LORD to piss u off
00:16:34mamyka die
00:16:39-HewaL- me fail totally there
00:16:41SuckThis die bitch
00:17:40-HewaL- fail silence w8 for me bot .... nvm 2 of us
00:18:33-HewaL- no mana GET IT NOW
00:19:15mamyka ILL REPORT YOU dont take my runes
00:19:18-HewaL- who?
00:19:19Doomy aba and get the wards up ffs
00:19:50mamyka HOPE YOU GET BAN ABA
00:20:02SuckThis oom wai
00:20:51-HewaL- fail
00:20:55GOTHIC...LORD who the noob now?
00:20:59mamyka you
00:21:00Doomy you
00:21:06GOTHIC...LORD lets see more Ah come on Fucking lucker
00:21:26Banana :D
00:21:43mamyka rly i hav3e luyck whit this aba and krob you think so? ...
00:22:01SuckThis oom You know exactly what im talking about
00:22:19Banana mis teen sellele edasi? esimesed oleks pidanud a-la vang ja midagi olema
00:22:42-HewaL- fail
00:22:44-HewaL- cant do shit
00:22:46FireMal thx
00:22:51Banana teen nyyd?
00:22:52FireMal gj manta nüüd vast uba
00:22:59Banana k
00:23:06-HewaL- teamwork and we maybe win
00:23:15Doomy aba isnt playing mhm
00:24:03mamyka b
00:24:36Doomy rofl
00:24:41mamyka i said B
00:24:44mamyka or no?
00:25:32mamyka mana noob
00:25:32Banana sky es buy wards plz
00:25:44Banana ty
00:25:51-HewaL- use heal
00:25:54-HewaL- and give back
00:26:08Banana ffs
00:26:41-HewaL- cant do siht
00:26:42Doomy farm aba
00:26:43Doomy sure
00:26:59Pine4pple ty sure b
00:27:15-HewaL- kill earthshaker FIRST
00:27:17mamyka we play 4 vs 5
00:27:24Doomy aba got vanguard
00:27:28Doomy we are going to win! And we play with team
00:27:38Pine4pple lets end fast want more x or smth? :D wait i get linken then
00:28:02mamyka PUSH ALL
00:28:14mamyka aba
00:28:17mamyka come b
00:28:48-HewaL- KILL HIM !
00:28:57mamyka what a retard aba
00:29:01Doomy b
00:29:01mamyka imba
00:29:19SuckThis can i mid for dagger ?
00:29:22SuckThis +100 suuuur
00:29:28-HewaL- they kill me FIRST
00:29:35mamyka ??? ??? ??? ??????????
00:29:46Paulin8813811 ?????????
00:29:58-HewaL- coming
00:30:03SuckThis got dagger
00:30:08SuckThis is it late ? its alrite bro
00:30:36mamyka ? ?????? ?????? ??? ??????????
00:30:37Paulin8813811 ??? ??? ???
00:30:40-HewaL- ::S
00:30:43GOTHIC...LORD keep watchin
00:30:50-HewaL- lol FAIL!
00:30:51GOTHIC...LORD and saying noob I suck with this. :D
00:31:30SuckThis how was that
00:31:33-HewaL- ? Ff?
00:31:39mamyka ? ?8 ??? ??? ??? ???? ????, Well we were quite far So risky but ty for feed
00:31:58SuckThis did i feed ? na i got feed. .D
00:32:08Pine4pple -ms
00:32:09SuckThis nice DONT TOCUH ;D
00:32:24-HewaL- lol
00:32:26SuckThis what to build now storm ? aghna obv
00:32:36SuckThis ok
00:32:40Pine4pple -ms
00:33:24-HewaL- fucking kill them
00:33:34mamyka pit all time b
00:33:48Banana puit wards up plz
00:33:52GOTHIC...LORD and u hiding all the time
00:33:58Banana sky
00:34:00GOTHIC...LORD just talkin on chat
00:34:00Banana wards plz
00:34:16SuckThis where ?
00:34:24SuckThis where you whant wards
00:34:24mamyka aba plz
00:34:32mamyka all time sheil me or krobe lemme show ya for next tiem give meh
00:34:40-HewaL- yea!! 1 good spot here
00:34:59SuckThis control mine for free
00:35:00-HewaL- gogo? look now go away good area that way :P other 1 just there got ulti es?
00:35:49SuckThis y
00:36:04mamyka b krob havent ultu
00:36:19SuckThis lol
00:36:26SuckThis lesh ruined my blink y
00:36:37-HewaL- b
00:36:37-HewaL- b
00:36:37-HewaL- b was bad ulti indeed. :P
00:37:02-HewaL- fail
00:37:08Pine4pple from me? na
00:37:10SuckThis y es
00:37:12SuckThis me
00:37:15GOTHIC...LORD not fail
00:37:25SuckThis i should hit creeps to with ulti right ?
00:37:26GOTHIC...LORD almost kill them all Leo U ever plan starting bkb?
00:37:33GOTHIC...LORD but u fail back ye try so
00:37:37GOTHIC...LORD like a noobs or them all very close range
00:37:54-HewaL- noob we all died if we came with you
00:38:00mamyka noob
00:38:02Banana why=?
00:38:05GOTHIC...LORD rly?
00:38:11GOTHIC...LORD agains whom?
00:38:19-HewaL- against 4 people
00:38:36GOTHIC...LORD watch rply
00:38:41mamyka SILE HIM
00:38:42Paulin8813811 )
00:38:47-HewaL- i did he jumped
00:38:53SuckThis oom
00:38:53mamyka u fuckin retard
00:38:57mamyka thats all
00:39:26mamyka ??????? ?? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ?????????? ???? ??? ? ?????? ???
00:39:26GOTHIC...LORD u rly dont deserve to win
00:39:29-HewaL- cant do siht
00:39:30mamyka 2 ?????????? ?????
00:39:34-HewaL- you either
00:39:48Pine4pple mana
00:39:59Paulin8813811 ?? ??? ?????????? ????????????
00:40:20mamyka ???????? ?? ?????
00:40:21FireMal -ma
00:40:29mamyka ?? ?????? ????? ???? ??????????
00:40:30-HewaL- -water red
00:40:31-HewaL- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:33-HewaL- !ff
00:40:39-HewaL- -ma
00:40:49Paulin8813811 ??????????? ??? ?? ???????? ????
00:41:05mamyka ? ???? ??????? ??????? paulin this is why u need bkb
00:41:40Paulin8813811 ok k
00:41:45SuckThis can i take ?
00:41:47Pine4pple y sure
00:41:55mamyka ??? ??? ?????
00:41:58SuckThis w8 me
00:42:06mamyka ???? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ??????? 7
00:42:13-HewaL- sorry.
00:42:27Paulin8813811 ?? ????? ????? b u b bro :D
00:42:45SuckThis oom
00:43:05mamyka ORHID HIM NOB mul ka bkb-d vaja
00:43:43mamyka b
00:43:43mamyka b
00:43:55Banana teeme rosh+
00:43:58Banana ?
00:44:00Pine4pple go all
00:44:15Banana :D:D
00:45:00SuckThis sry im not good and they are geting good
00:45:46-HewaL- why didnt you come?
00:45:50mamyka why you go?
00:45:53mamyka tell me
00:45:55-HewaL- fidk
00:45:57-HewaL- idk
00:45:58mamyka if you fail ulti
00:46:12GOTHIC...LORD i gonna report u lesh b
00:47:15Doomy ffs
00:47:43Banana fuckl christ
00:47:46Banana :D we're losing this soon
00:48:03Banana need to push all
00:48:07Banana mid twr low sk needs bkb
00:48:10SuckThis 1 good ulti from me and there done right they're low y
00:48:27mamyka all together
00:48:31mamyka and we wib
00:48:31FireMal k
00:48:40SuckThis k i just need team to smoke then
00:48:47mamyka if aba go supp we win easy
00:48:48SuckThis and let them push
00:48:53-HewaL- yeah
00:48:59GOTHIC...LORD now u need me?
00:49:15-HewaL- stfu and play to WIN!!!
00:49:21Doomy they are bot
00:49:27SuckThis +600 well my bkb done
00:49:38Banana mis nyyd teen?
00:49:42Banana hot+
00:49:43Banana ? hot või bkb
00:49:46SuckThis sell soulring for agha ?
00:49:47mamyka come y
00:50:15SuckThis gather smoke plz
00:50:25SuckThis all inc mid
00:50:28Banana mid all dont get ganged topo
00:50:33mamyka pipe
00:50:39mamyka uhse
00:50:52-HewaL- shiit
00:50:57-HewaL- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:50:58-HewaL- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:02-HewaL- !f
00:51:04-HewaL- !ff
00:51:04FireMal !f
00:51:07FireMal !ff
00:51:09FireMal ff! y thats how we must roll
00:51:15FireMal !ff i make them freaked out
00:51:28-HewaL- ff it we lost totally
00:51:32Banana :D
00:51:39mamyka coz of you and aba
00:51:42GOTHIC...LORD u lose it
00:51:42Doomy gg aba and then comes BOOOM
00:51:44GOTHIC...LORD not me
00:51:46mamyka i cant win it alone
00:51:50Doomy farming the whole game
00:51:54GOTHIC...LORD im doing better than u all
00:51:58Doomy no
00:52:00SuckThis what to buy next
00:52:00Doomy rly, no
00:52:01-HewaL- samir
00:52:08GOTHIC...LORD 200 gold for basher can always go ref
00:52:27SuckThis refresher ? y
00:52:38SuckThis k massive solo dmg :D
00:52:45SuckThis got ulti
00:55:09mamyka go
00:55:37Pine4pple lets go 5 mid
00:55:39SuckThis i got smoke
00:55:47-HewaL- åpine stop it
00:56:35Banana rta
00:56:35Banana a
00:56:35Banana 7s
00:57:07GOTHIC...LORD b
00:57:08GOTHIC...LORD b
00:57:30Banana rax
00:57:39Banana rax
00:57:40-HewaL- wtf was that
00:57:46mamyka krob why you so stupid>?
00:57:47-HewaL- I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:57:47-HewaL- f
00:57:49-HewaL- I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:57:55-HewaL- because we all are? come on
00:58:08-HewaL- we all failed like bitches so stfu! cant u silence the fucker tra ma ka mingise hoti kokku panema vist võiiiii
00:58:42Banana :D
00:58:46-HewaL- dont go they will kill tteeks etherali :D
00:58:48GOTHIC...LORD dont go solo
00:58:50GOTHIC...LORD b
00:58:51mamyka ? ???,
00:59:01-HewaL- they kill me first all the time they're goin for rosh prob
00:59:10mamyka ??? ?? ???? ???? ? ???? ? ??? ?????
00:59:14SuckThis leo go look rosh DONT GO INTO KROBES ULTI Come on guys Võta tagant see krobe maha kusik ju 1,4K hp :DD alrite fuck this rapeage
01:00:37mamyka ?? ???
01:00:40mamyka tp pit tee pärast hoti omale mkb
01:01:03SuckThis take
01:01:07Pine4pple viper get ure hot
01:01:24mamyka dk
01:01:28mamyka retard farm bkb
01:01:46mamyka ill
01:02:04-HewaL- comin
01:02:20SuckThis go smoke ?
01:02:23SuckThis rosh
01:02:24Doomy lesh take got pipe WAIT ME AT MID THEN WE GO COME BACK until krobes ulti out then we fuck em
01:03:06Doomy mid
01:03:25SuckThis omg silence is hard
01:03:42-HewaL- they kill me ass
01:04:12Doomy die
01:04:14Doomy idiotr
01:04:17SuckThis Lol now i need bloodstone or w/(e
01:04:20-HewaL- REPORT HIs ASS
01:04:30GOTHIC...LORD yea
01:04:34GOTHIC...LORD argee hmmz i think skadi would be epic for me
01:05:40SuckThis fucking silence
01:05:47Pine4pple gogog too many + krob ulti
01:06:04Pine4pple come all just oom so win
01:06:52FireMal ?
01:06:54FireMal aba tambi maha lumme ju
01:07:04-HewaL- ABA COME IN FIGHTS ! alrite ima start fuckign around with their lanes we're going to lose this way
01:07:31mamyka gg
01:07:34mamyka pit rly
01:07:39Doomy i was tp
01:07:44-HewaL- we will WIN if aba fucking can come in fights.
01:07:45mamyka in ass
01:07:50Doomy and it said
01:07:55Doomy "invalid target" How fucking long we've prolonged this game :D
01:08:54Doomy b
01:08:57Doomy dont chase
01:08:59Banana l2hme vütame raxid
01:09:01Banana l2bi midi y
01:09:06-HewaL- B
01:09:06-HewaL- B
01:09:06-HewaL- b
01:09:07-HewaL- b
01:09:44mamyka tnx for sheid
01:10:00mamyka aba cant use sheild on teamm8
01:10:05mamyka I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:10:07Doomy I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:10:11GOTHIC...LORD for what
01:10:16mamyka aba won it for you guys
01:10:18GOTHIC...LORD u alrdy ded naw
01:10:20GOTHIC...LORD dead we prolonging almost lost it for us
01:10:28mamyka wp sky
01:10:29Doomy i never usezd shield on tezammates
01:10:37Pine4pple thx :)
01:10:38FireMal I surrender
01:10:44FireMal I surrender!
01:11:19mamyka ?????????? ????
01:11:21mamyka ?????
01:11:25-HewaL- BITCHES!
01:11:27mamyka ?? ???? ??????? ?????
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