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92% | 1619 X | 1478 TS

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83% | 1489 X | 1409 TS

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55% | 1219 X | 1355 TS

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-25 TS

NEW | 988 X | 1017 TS

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76% | 1416 X | 1400 TS

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20% | 999 X | 1219 TS

Chat log

00:00:00EyeforanEye [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 61 seconds.
00:00:08sandii hah lol
00:00:10Orre -swap all
00:00:17Orre omg
00:00:20Orre -swap all
00:00:24WTFtruck we have a pretty ok team i guess?
00:00:24Orre -swap 1
00:00:26sandii orre good chen? =D
00:00:28WTFtruck or what
00:00:30Orre -swap
00:00:31mby_next_time pretty imba teamup
00:00:33Orre never played
00:00:35EyeforanEye -clear
00:00:37yeW- erm
00:00:38Orre -swap 4
00:00:39yeW- get me
00:00:40yeW- omni?
00:00:45WTFtruck swap?
00:00:45yeW- -swap 3
00:00:48sebralane -repick
00:00:49WTFtruck -swap 1
00:00:50mby_next_time alnes?
00:00:52sebralane yess
00:00:54mby_next_time []LANES
00:00:54yeW- omni pls
00:00:56Orre -repick
00:00:58WTFtruck swap 4
00:00:59yeW- mira slard top
00:01:01WTFtruck instead
00:01:01Orre OMGOMGOMG
00:01:02mby_next_time btw i m fucking high dont expect anything
00:01:03WTFtruck -swap 1
00:01:05yeW- sk omni bot
00:01:05Allistysmies push early huh?
00:01:10WTFtruck type swap 4
00:01:11yeW- -swap 4
00:01:12Allistysmies how?
00:01:15EyeforanEye clock bottom lane
00:01:20EyeforanEye pugna top
00:01:23mby_next_time yew sucks dicks
00:01:23sebralane no lets pugna here
00:01:30yeW- as usual
00:01:34mby_next_time :<
00:01:36mby_next_time 2 used ?
00:01:41yeW- hm,
00:01:42yeW- -ma
00:01:50Belka y
00:01:52yeW- xaxa
00:01:52mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:53mby_next_time -don
00:01:55mby_next_time -water red
00:01:56mby_next_time -clear
00:02:00Orre played pugna i guess 3 years ago
00:02:29sandii wth is that dmg
00:02:43sandii paskat vaa spammii
00:02:59sandii menin hakee yht criippii ni kaikki spellit laitto
00:03:24yeW- an i geta secp ls
00:04:22yeW- pause 1s0
00:04:23yeW- 10s pls
00:04:25Allistysmies k
00:04:25sebralane drop pls only 4min!
00:04:25EyeforanEye how it going with lanes?
00:04:25Allistysmies ok
00:04:25Allistysmies top ok
00:04:25EyeforanEye bot?
00:04:25sebralane dno iim lvl 3
00:04:25acchilies pretty cool down...
00:04:25yeW- re 321
00:04:25yeW- ty
00:04:25yeW- 3
00:04:25EyeforanEye potm/slardar getting famr?
00:04:25sandii 21
00:04:33Allistysmies not yet at least
00:05:13EyeforanEye y
00:05:17yeW- ss bara
00:05:30yeW- tun?
00:05:34sandii no mana
00:05:36acchilies gj
00:05:37EyeforanEye SS Mid
00:05:46sandii but rly
00:05:48sandii they jsut spam me
00:05:49EyeforanEye re
00:05:50sandii ...
00:05:50EyeforanEye mid
00:06:02sandii they dont even try lasthitting creeps lol
00:06:13yeW- ss bara
00:06:31Orre kill
00:06:36Allistysmies oom
00:06:38yeW- courier u
00:06:41Orre k
00:07:06yeW- ss bara
00:07:25sandii wtf is wrong with u
00:07:25Allistysmies runbe bot
00:07:37Orre distracted by mom
00:07:55yeW- ss bara
00:07:59WTFtruck soon im lvl 6
00:08:01WTFtruck we kill
00:08:24EyeforanEye SS Mid
00:08:29yeW- which fag took tha rune
00:08:33EyeforanEye re
00:08:38mby_next_time me me it was me1
00:08:52EyeforanEye need reg
00:08:58sebralane this clock
00:08:58Belka ss
00:08:59sandii what a noob
00:08:59sebralane wp
00:09:01sebralane idiot
00:09:07mby_next_time it's sebra?;'
00:09:10sandii thats what u get for harrasing me
00:09:14sandii yeah but rly
00:09:21sandii they just harrash me all the time
00:09:26sandii its like so fucking annoying
00:09:28mby_next_time would do the sAME
00:09:43sandii yeah cos ur gay also
00:09:49mby_next_time yup
00:10:07Orre this glock
00:10:21sandii ehm?
00:10:24EyeforanEye ?
00:10:32EyeforanEye mana me
00:10:38Orre when i grow up, i want to be sandii
00:10:48EyeforanEye mana
00:10:53EyeforanEye ffs
00:10:59sandii well this game is just so frustrating
00:11:51EyeforanEye gj
00:11:56EyeforanEye now b
00:12:03EyeforanEye need to kill omni
00:12:08Orre ty
00:12:18mby_next_time sladar without ulti :3
00:12:24EyeforanEye go
00:13:13Allistysmies k?
00:13:15Allistysmies thanks
00:13:16sebralane uw
00:13:26Allistysmies what a fuck up
00:13:34EyeforanEye go mid
00:13:51sandii ss bot
00:14:09yeW- ulti
00:14:12Orre glock help
00:14:35mby_next_time HAHAHA
00:14:35yeW- gah
00:14:36mby_next_time OWED
00:14:37EyeforanEye fuck ye!
00:14:37mby_next_time OWNED
00:14:38Orre lol miss
00:14:38mby_next_time OWNED
00:14:40Orre gj
00:14:41acchilies like a boss...
00:14:45mby_next_time GOOD JOB MISS!
00:14:45EyeforanEye ^^
00:14:50EyeforanEye we gotta kill omni
00:15:08mby_next_time kisses
00:15:17EyeforanEye omwni bot
00:15:18EyeforanEye omw* bot
00:15:40yeW- to me
00:15:42sandii urn fucker
00:16:09EyeforanEye sry failed
00:16:56yeW- wot
00:16:57sandii :d
00:16:59yeW- u for real tide lol
00:17:01mby_next_time pwned
00:17:07sebralane 2v1 got u and soo woth it
00:17:07acchilies b
00:17:21sandii tried to get u with that creep but u had the shit already coming
00:17:38Orre gj
00:17:39mby_next_time "kk"
00:18:03mby_next_time noob omni
00:18:06sebralane he has relic phase
00:18:07Orre what build?
00:18:08sebralane 16min
00:18:23EyeforanEye ?
00:18:28sandii dunno really
00:18:38WTFtruck b
00:18:39WTFtruck slardar
00:18:49sandii im not really interested on playing atm
00:18:50Orre what to build?
00:19:06Orre ?
00:19:11Orre anyone?
00:19:14sandii u have so much aow
00:19:20EyeforanEye go
00:19:22yeW- gogo
00:19:37yeW- blah
00:19:50EyeforanEye omw
00:19:53yeW- ulti potm? :
00:19:57EyeforanEye bot twr go
00:22:12EyeforanEye omw
00:22:24WTFtruck whoops
00:22:25sandii oho
00:22:30sandii :D
00:23:05mby_next_time :DDD
00:23:15acchilies b
00:23:24Orre gj
00:24:10EyeforanEye care
00:24:24EyeforanEye omni will be hard
00:24:35EyeforanEye luci try n save ur ulti for omni
00:25:09yeW- dude
00:25:11sandii what
00:25:14sandii i cant do anything to that
00:25:16sandii when he has dust
00:25:25sandii dude urself rofl
00:25:47EyeforanEye gj
00:25:48EyeforanEye go mid
00:26:03yeW- can we go
00:26:06yeW- all together
00:26:14sebralane any1 needs base?
00:26:16EyeforanEye nah
00:26:17Orre nop
00:26:17EyeforanEye ty
00:26:26EyeforanEye b mid
00:26:32EyeforanEye b
00:26:52yeW- slard
00:26:53yeW- go rosh
00:26:54yeW- with uti
00:27:05yeW- they get top
00:27:07yeW- we get rosh
00:27:07yeW- go
00:27:11EyeforanEye they will push mid
00:27:11EyeforanEye gather
00:27:16yeW- give us
00:27:17EyeforanEye tpå
00:27:17yeW- bck up
00:27:19yeW- tide mira
00:27:20yeW- stop farming
00:27:30mby_next_time fuck you
00:27:38WTFtruck they know
00:27:50yeW- U
00:27:52yeW- R U KIDDIN EM?
00:28:16yeW- my god
00:28:19yeW- what r u doin
00:28:19yeW- t_t
00:28:30mby_next_time []DANCEING1
00:28:49Allistysmies lyl
00:28:51mby_next_time damn hoped you will lose a tp on going through woods
00:28:53yeW- wait more with ulties
00:28:53mby_next_time :<
00:28:54yeW- guys
00:29:00mby_next_time ok
00:29:01sandii yeah rofl with u
00:29:04mby_next_time next time i wont ulti?
00:29:05mby_next_time fine?
00:29:10sandii i was like in base when u fought
00:29:12yeW- ..
00:29:13EyeforanEye gj
00:29:25mby_next_time chase im to fountain
00:29:32mby_next_time he's so usefull one
00:29:39sandii and urfault for not repeling yourself lol
00:30:00acchilies rosh??
00:30:02EyeforanEye y
00:30:05yeW- due
00:30:06WTFtruck someone get obs pls
00:30:11yeW- u fed against brown in a bronze
00:30:19sandii "fed"
00:30:25sandii i didnt die one single time to them
00:30:32sandii we actually killed sebra once
00:31:02EyeforanEye b
00:31:04Allistysmies great
00:31:07sandii and try playing against eza that spams that beam all the time
00:31:20sandii with clock rocketing all the tiemm
00:31:23EyeforanEye lolz
00:31:33EyeforanEye deff bot
00:31:37EyeforanEye luci allways ulti omni
00:31:38EyeforanEye yes?
00:31:43Allistysmies k
00:31:46EyeforanEye awesome
00:31:51yeW- -ma
00:31:56WTFtruck we really need obs
00:32:29yeW- the fuck u doin
00:32:47EyeforanEye bot twr go
00:32:51Allistysmies k
00:33:23yeW- team
00:33:23yeW- bot
00:33:24yeW- tp
00:33:35EyeforanEye b
00:33:47mby_next_time :8
00:33:49mby_next_time :*
00:35:29yeW- jesus
00:35:31EyeforanEye top twr
00:35:36Allistysmies and mid
00:35:37sandii jesus ur hunting
00:35:58yeW- u guys play like the utmost crap
00:35:59yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:07sandii yeah well thank bara for that
00:36:11mby_next_time yew feels's pro :)
00:36:11sandii killed me 7 times?
00:36:17yeW- yeh
00:36:20yeW- and evertime
00:36:22yeW- baras like
00:36:23yeW- "?"
00:37:01EyeforanEye b
00:37:09sandii orre :D
00:37:13Orre sad i know
00:37:19sandii well nothing u could do
00:37:23Orre y
00:37:26EyeforanEye b
00:37:41EyeforanEye we got twrs atleast
00:37:48Orre and bara
00:37:50Orre at least
00:37:55EyeforanEye ?
00:38:10Orre great, i wanted to type and bought hot recipe
00:38:17Allistysmies :D
00:38:19EyeforanEye awesome*
00:39:17Orre noo
00:39:17WTFtruck oops
00:39:17EyeforanEye we should finish soon
00:39:17Allistysmies k
00:39:17Allistysmies roshan?
00:39:17EyeforanEye dead?
00:39:17acchilies we need to finish soon...
00:39:17Allistysmies what did
00:39:17Allistysmies you write?
00:39:17Allistysmies we should....?
00:39:17EyeforanEye finish
00:39:17EyeforanEye soon
00:39:17Allistysmies kk
00:39:17acchilies yes yes...
00:39:17EyeforanEye who balance?
00:39:25EyeforanEye nv,
00:39:33sebralane i haz proz internetz
00:39:41EyeforanEye mid fedd
00:39:44EyeforanEye deff*
00:39:59WTFtruck ¨care omni
00:40:09yeW- go
00:40:13acchilies b
00:40:15EyeforanEye y
00:40:41EyeforanEye luci remeber ulti @ omni
00:40:44Allistysmies yeayea
00:41:13yeW- go ff
00:41:14EyeforanEye awesome
00:41:14yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:19mby_next_time f
00:41:19Belka I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:21mby_next_time I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:22Belka -ff
00:41:30yeW- gogo ff
00:41:32yeW- stop wastin time
00:41:34WTFtruck I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:36Allistysmies using chick
00:41:55yeW- sandii
00:41:57yeW- can u ff thi shit
00:42:04sandii no, because i started hating u
00:42:12mby_next_time HATER
00:42:13mby_next_time 1
00:42:15Allistysmies k
00:42:28yeW- whats that robe of magi for
00:42:34sandii janggo
00:42:40yeW- cant u finish vlads for
00:42:40Allistysmies now you can tp me
00:42:42Allistysmies top
00:42:43yeW- first
00:42:44acchilies what next for me??
00:42:48acchilies ac??
00:42:50Allistysmies dopesn't matter
00:42:51EyeforanEye nah
00:43:20yeW- slards never ulties
00:43:20yeW- xd
00:43:31mby_next_time nice crit :G
00:44:00yeW- LOL
00:44:00sandii :D
00:44:04Allistysmies zlomg
00:44:04yeW- wtf is THAT
00:44:05yeW- XDD
00:44:43Allistysmies gg
00:44:50EyeforanEye Gg
00:45:02sandii totally retarded
00:45:05Allistysmies gg
00:45:24acchilies i dont know how we won this one??
00:45:33Allistysmies with ease
00:45:44acchilies they got bitchass ultis...
00:45:50Allistysmies that they do
00:45:51acchilies but no team play...
00:45:59sebralane -ms
00:46:24Orre who the fuck moved me
00:46:42Orre idiots
00:46:47Allistysmies gg
00:47:04EyeforanEye omw in 15
00:47:15Orre lol slard
00:47:19Orre 3 times
00:47:25mby_next_time LOL LOL LOL
00:47:29yeW- lol mby
00:47:31mby_next_time SO MUCH LOL
00:47:33yeW- such a kid :p
00:47:35Orre 9gag lol
00:47:38mby_next_time dude
00:47:42mby_next_time im high
00:47:48mby_next_time that's all
00:47:49yeW- polish fag
00:47:55mby_next_time oh a
00:47:56mby_next_time yaaa
00:48:07EyeforanEye come lets gather n finish
00:48:11acchilies top...
00:48:26mby_next_time nabil how are you?
00:48:36yeW- fine
00:48:47sandii ?
00:48:48yeW- arroow
00:48:55yeW- go
00:48:56yeW- dod it
00:49:10WTFtruck kill then tp home
00:49:11yeW- they kill top :D
00:49:18mby_next_time who got tp ?:D
00:49:28Allistysmies hoho
00:49:30Allistysmies gg
00:49:32EyeforanEye woho
00:49:35EyeforanEye gj
00:50:42sebralane all your base belongs to us!
00:50:53acchilies cmooon...
00:50:54Orre gg
00:50:56EyeforanEye Gg
00:50:56acchilies dudee...
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