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Chat log

00:00:01sandii -rd
00:00:06VVindoWz -rd
00:00:06VVindoWz go -rd
00:00:06Aerwyn -rd
00:00:06VVindoWz blue
00:00:16-HewaL- j22?
00:00:16j22koer y
00:00:16sandii humm
00:00:16VVindoWz i can ck
00:00:16-HewaL- u pick me huskar m8 ? :)
00:00:16Aerwyn u guys got any wishes?
00:00:16j22koer sure
00:00:16sandii naix
00:00:16Banana ban abba
00:00:16j22koer :D
00:00:16Aerwyn i can ck
00:00:16Aerwyn ban*
00:00:16Aerwyn ck
00:00:16sandii naix and ck banned
00:00:16VVindoWz -.-
00:00:16sandii anyone want anything?
00:00:16Aerwyn dont pick naix or chaos knight
00:00:16Aerwyn :..
00:00:16Wiesel i want anything
00:00:19VVindoWz ';..;'
00:00:30Wiesel -ii
00:00:41j22koer take wl :)
00:00:45AliBaba y
00:00:50VVindoWz can i go mirana :)
00:00:51AliBaba 'warlock !
00:00:57Aerwyn hmph
00:00:59Aerwyn sry
00:01:00sandii i suppose
00:01:07Aerwyn warlock would have been nice
00:01:09Aerwyn :)
00:01:13Wiesel u will fail potm hard
00:01:13Aerwyn pick warlock now
00:01:13j22koer abb a is sweet
00:01:18sandii :d
00:01:19-HewaL- u want?
00:01:21j22koer wl
00:01:22j22koer wl
00:01:22VVindoWz wee
00:01:22Aerwyn no ty
00:01:23j22koer wl
00:01:25Aerwyn i play abba
00:01:26-HewaL- omg
00:01:28j22koer seer
00:01:29j22koer seer
00:01:34VVindoWz don't be mad if i fail :p
00:01:35j22koer -swap 3
00:01:38-HewaL- -swap 2
00:01:39FireMal bane ?
00:01:43sandii pick bane
00:01:46FireMal fuck
00:01:55sandii ohwell
00:01:59FireMal any one whant this ?
00:02:09VVindoWz nah
00:02:12FireMal hope this can be played as support
00:02:15-HewaL- im mid?
00:02:15VVindoWz tiny come top
00:02:17Mr.HookomN play kunkke
00:02:17VVindoWz <3
00:02:19Mr.HookomN is good
00:02:20Mr.HookomN man
00:02:29Aerwyn sure
00:02:34Aerwyn can u handle it? :P
00:02:35sandii make phase janggo for kunkka
00:02:39j22koer ofc he can
00:02:44j22koer can you?
00:02:46-HewaL- i hope
00:02:50Mr.HookomN just use uti
00:02:52Wiesel u should pull a lot
00:02:53Wiesel top
00:02:54Mr.HookomN goog ffs
00:02:54-HewaL- destroyer vs huskar is a bit hard
00:02:57Mr.HookomN in me bloow
00:03:12j22koer in start you way head of him
00:03:25VVindoWz pull
00:03:28FireMal rune bot
00:03:44Aerwyn seer, can u pull?
00:03:46j22koer y
00:04:24AliBaba dont use your mana on that shit
00:04:27Wiesel omg thrall
00:04:31Mr.HookomN np
00:04:41Mr.HookomN smoke me weed
00:04:49Mr.HookomN :)
00:05:12Wiesel U FUCKIN NOOB
00:05:17Wiesel thrall is so bad
00:05:38Mr.HookomN miss 2
00:05:40Aerwyn seer
00:05:56Wiesel quit dota
00:05:59Wiesel u fuckin cunt noob
00:06:36-HewaL- ss mid
00:06:37-HewaL- re
00:06:41Aerwyn hmmmm
00:06:53Mr.HookomN me b
00:06:55Mr.HookomN so team
00:06:57Mr.HookomN I am noob
00:06:58Mr.HookomN :)
00:06:59Mr.HookomN axax
00:06:59Mr.HookomN :D
00:07:12Wiesel we know
00:07:13Mr.HookomN won to seeme start on Dleague
00:07:21Mr.HookomN I am vip users
00:07:26Mr.HookomN you pice a s
00:07:33Aerwyn must gang harb mid
00:08:24-HewaL- help mid
00:09:21VVindoWz ss
00:09:33Aerwyn gj
00:09:37sandii too late
00:09:41VVindoWz sry
00:09:48sandii can someone buy wards
00:09:54sandii ss mid
00:09:55j22koer shame on you with that fire storm
00:09:59FireMal ss
00:10:04Banana eat
00:10:14Mr.HookomN pro
00:10:15Mr.HookomN :D
00:10:25FireMal ward gone
00:11:12-HewaL- gank mid again
00:11:42Banana 1 creep for manaboots
00:11:44-HewaL- ss mid
00:11:44Mr.HookomN missssssss-44444444444444444
00:11:45VVindoWz ss top
00:11:47-HewaL- inc bot
00:11:57j22koer care
00:11:58j22koer care
00:12:01Aerwyn y
00:12:05j22koer nvm
00:12:56sandii pff
00:13:00Mr.HookomN np
00:13:08Wiesel wow ofc in remake i play with the noobs
00:13:09Mr.HookomN kukke get fucking boots
00:13:16sandii yeah tiny
00:13:18sandii start ganging mby?
00:13:21sandii like they do to me
00:13:28Wiesel its lost
00:13:32Wiesel just ff at 25
00:13:33sandii no its not
00:13:34Wiesel you noobs
00:13:37sandii u suck
00:13:38Banana what item?
00:13:42Wiesel i own
00:13:43Wiesel u suck
00:13:46sandii they dont have any carries
00:13:50FireMal i dont get it whats lost we have all towers
00:13:53Wiesel u dont have any skill
00:13:58Aerwyn gang bot
00:14:07FireMal no but your momma has
00:14:31Mr.HookomN ax
00:14:32Mr.HookomN cay
00:14:33Mr.HookomN gj
00:14:38Wiesel this retarded thrall
00:14:43Wiesel gets every kill
00:14:46Mr.HookomN noob
00:14:47Mr.HookomN man
00:14:48Mr.HookomN gj
00:14:54Mr.HookomN 2v
00:14:55Mr.HookomN v4
00:14:57Mr.HookomN exo
00:15:03VVindoWz no help at all
00:15:17AliBaba omfg
00:15:17Mr.HookomN just up line fail
00:15:34AliBaba go fuck yourself
00:15:35AliBaba -
00:15:36AliBaba g
00:15:39Banana ? :D
00:15:47AliBaba why steal ?
00:15:51Banana lol?
00:16:01AliBaba what lol ? he was dead ?
00:16:01Banana did my best to stun them both
00:16:03Aerwyn b
00:16:09AliBaba so +
00:16:11sandii ye righht
00:16:12Banana didnt look at hp
00:16:14j22koer :D
00:16:16AliBaba tsh
00:16:29Wiesel this noob
00:16:31Aerwyn b
00:16:32Aerwyn care
00:16:33Wiesel steals ever ykill
00:16:38-HewaL- shield me
00:16:43Aerwyn y
00:16:45Aerwyn go
00:16:48Mr.HookomN me
00:16:48Mr.HookomN ?
00:16:55Aerwyn gj
00:16:57Mr.HookomN me
00:16:59Wiesel yes you
00:17:01Mr.HookomN you pice shitt
00:17:06Aerwyn say
00:17:09Aerwyn wjem ulti rdy
00:17:11Aerwyn huskar
00:17:13Mr.HookomN he willrun a way it fu hp
00:17:19Mr.HookomN pice shittt
00:17:20Mr.HookomN fu
00:17:22Aerwyn ulti rdy?
00:17:23Wiesel su
00:17:24Mr.HookomN he get hast
00:17:27Wiesel learn english
00:17:29Wiesel and dota
00:17:30Aerwyn huskar?
00:17:34-HewaL- y
00:17:34Mr.HookomN stop spam on me or I will reportd
00:17:35sandii kill bot
00:17:36Aerwyn go
00:17:38VVindoWz mana
00:17:38Mr.HookomN nooob shitt
00:17:39-HewaL- shield me
00:17:39Mr.HookomN fu
00:17:42Mr.HookomN tiny
00:17:54sandii go tiny
00:18:17sandii jesus rly
00:18:21sandii u could have saved us
00:18:35Wiesel how then
00:18:42sandii well maybe stun toss ?
00:18:45Wiesel rofl
00:18:58j22koer b
00:18:59Aerwyn hmph
00:19:04Mr.HookomN pusse
00:19:04VVindoWz how the fuck
00:19:06Wiesel i am surrounded by noobs and blind noobs
00:19:06VVindoWz didnt it hit
00:19:06Aerwyn ?
00:19:06Banana ?
00:19:06Mr.HookomN tiny will are reportd
00:19:06Mr.HookomN beleavme
00:19:06Banana SO=?
00:19:06Mr.HookomN 3
00:19:06Mr.HookomN 2
00:19:06Mr.HookomN 1
00:19:08VVindoWz why?
00:19:20-HewaL- def
00:19:32Mr.HookomN and eyas Yricko from me
00:20:03Wiesel wow thrall
00:20:06Wiesel that was purpose
00:20:07Wiesel ruin
00:20:09Mr.HookomN no
00:20:11-HewaL- twr
00:20:12Aerwyn push mid
00:20:14Mr.HookomN fail
00:20:15Mr.HookomN it pit
00:20:16VVindoWz wards
00:20:17Mr.HookomN sorry
00:21:03-HewaL- b all
00:21:32Aerwyn wtf?
00:21:35Aerwyn yellow?
00:21:38FireMal shtu the fuck up and play you use more time on writing then playing good
00:21:56FireMal like that
00:22:06Wiesel kka u are the worst player on this platform
00:22:17FireMal and your the fucking dumbest
00:22:25Wiesel impressive counter
00:22:28Banana come i tp
00:22:29Aerwyn gj
00:22:32Banana nvm
00:22:33sandii :_d
00:22:55Mr.HookomN and the me 3 dota for 16 weeks
00:23:03Mr.HookomN dl R I P
00:23:04FireMal how do you think im gonna farm
00:23:11FireMal when all our lanes are pushed
00:23:21Wiesel its not all about farm
00:23:26Wiesel how can u be lvl 7
00:23:30Wiesel have only boots
00:23:33Wiesel hit nothing
00:23:35FireMal its all about a mix between items and how you play
00:23:38FireMal that means
00:23:38Mr.HookomN stay all mid
00:23:39Mr.HookomN it me
00:23:42FireMal farm is a big part of it
00:23:51VVindoWz b
00:23:52Aerwyn seer
00:23:56VVindoWz we have no wards
00:24:11Aerwyn hmmm
00:24:36Aerwyn b
00:24:37Mr.HookomN gj
00:24:37Aerwyn u die
00:24:38Mr.HookomN team
00:24:39Aerwyn tower lost
00:24:47Aerwyn b
00:24:53Aerwyn as u can see
00:24:54Banana come i tp
00:24:57Aerwyn :D
00:25:09Aerwyn gogo
00:25:19AliBaba care
00:25:24Aerwyn warlock, ulti?
00:25:27AliBaba no
00:25:31FireMal bot
00:25:33FireMal go fast ?
00:25:34FireMal tp
00:25:35FireMal bot
00:26:00sandii b
00:26:07FireMal ff
00:26:13Mr.HookomN mirana
00:26:16VVindoWz what
00:26:16sandii they still dont have any carries
00:26:16j22koer sweet
00:26:18Mr.HookomN :)
00:26:20VVindoWz u fuckin noob
00:26:20Mr.HookomN the time
00:26:23Mr.HookomN time fail
00:26:24Mr.HookomN :)
00:26:45FireMal omw bot my farm
00:26:45Aerwyn lol
00:26:47j22koer :D
00:26:49Aerwyn xD
00:26:54FireMal lol od whent first
00:27:08Aerwyn not yet
00:27:09Aerwyn :P
00:27:16Aerwyn b
00:27:35FireMal bot twr ?
00:27:37FireMal sando ?
00:27:40FireMal sandi?
00:27:42AliBaba b
00:27:44sandii yeah
00:27:44Aerwyn b
00:28:26Aerwyn b
00:28:28Aerwyn bo
00:28:42sandii retarded...
00:28:47Mr.HookomN !ff
00:28:51Aerwyn push
00:28:54Aerwyn no?
00:28:55Aerwyn k
00:28:56Aerwyn b
00:28:57Banana ffs
00:28:59FireMal this guy keeps using my hero
00:29:04Aerwyn ye
00:29:04-HewaL- roshan
00:29:04Aerwyn mid
00:29:08Banana mid
00:29:08FireMal report or unshar e?
00:29:13Aerwyn mid
00:29:14Aerwyn tower
00:29:15Aerwyn 3v5
00:29:16Aerwyn now
00:29:17Mr.HookomN kukkne
00:29:19Aerwyn fast
00:29:22Mr.HookomN go reportd
00:29:23sandii its bannable so just report
00:29:24Mr.HookomN you for
00:29:25Aerwyn b after tower
00:29:28Mr.HookomN lussser of the week
00:29:37Aerwyn b
00:30:07sandii rosh
00:30:15FireMal i ablige the fucking rules retard
00:30:19FireMal not as dumb as oyu
00:30:34Aerwyn care
00:30:37Banana ogogogo
00:30:43FireMal go bot twr plz
00:30:46Aerwyn tp bot
00:30:48Aerwyn if u got tp
00:30:48sandii yeah
00:30:49Aerwyn now
00:30:50Mr.HookomN stay here
00:30:56Banana bo tp
00:31:27sandii b
00:31:34Wiesel kka ship hit someone
00:31:36Aerwyn gj
00:31:41Aerwyn speed
00:31:41Wiesel !!
00:31:44Mr.HookomN I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:52Wiesel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:53FireMal hater
00:31:55Wiesel .ff
00:31:56Aerwyn push
00:31:57Aerwyn mid
00:31:57Wiesel !ff
00:31:58Aerwyn gogo
00:32:00Wiesel I surrender
00:32:42sandii cool
00:32:51sandii this thrall goes to die so i die too
00:33:27Mr.HookomN mirana failmid
00:33:33sandii mirana didnt play mid
00:33:36sandii and i did not fail mid
00:33:37Mr.HookomN you
00:33:47Aerwyn bot tower, rosh
00:33:49VVindoWz thrall u fail
00:33:51Aerwyn go
00:33:51Aerwyn rosh
00:33:53FireMal sry caps
00:33:55VVindoWz cant do ulti combo
00:33:57sandii huskar didnt get any farm mid
00:34:01Aerwyn husrkar
00:34:02Aerwyn rosh
00:34:03sandii untill they ganged me
00:34:10-HewaL- comming
00:34:19-HewaL- let me take
00:34:22Aerwyn sure
00:34:24Wiesel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:28Wiesel how can i ff
00:34:33-HewaL- let me tank
00:34:46Aerwyn fastfast
00:35:11Banana mid
00:35:12Aerwyn mid
00:35:12Banana dont hunt
00:35:13Aerwyn go
00:35:18Mr.HookomN tipy
00:35:20Mr.HookomN ffasfass
00:35:24Mr.HookomN !FFFFFFSS
00:35:28Wiesel how can i ff
00:35:37Mr.HookomN man tell I am in the page
00:35:38Mr.HookomN :D
00:35:39sandii these guys dont even know how to ff
00:35:40Mr.HookomN 3
00:35:42Mr.HookomN have here
00:35:51FireMal nice tiny kill me on purpuse
00:36:00Wiesel ?
00:36:03Wiesel how can i kill you
00:36:06Wiesel im in ur team
00:36:06FireMal lol
00:36:23FireMal u tossed me right in between 5 ppl why dont you go your the fucking tank ashole
00:36:46Aerwyn b
00:36:49Aerwyn cant do it
00:36:52Aerwyn wihout tuskar
00:37:02AliBaba gor refreshe
00:37:08Aerwyn huskat why whent alone?
00:37:38Aerwyn k, now together, okay? :)
00:37:43AliBaba why dont b there ?
00:37:45Aerwyn dont go die alone, we finish next push
00:37:47AliBaba you say b ? and die ?
00:37:52Aerwyn i went b :DD
00:37:54AliBaba :D
00:37:55Aerwyn tried
00:38:09FireMal lol farming with ulti
00:38:12AliBaba all gather or what ?
00:38:17Aerwyn just push and warlock uses his two ultis :D
00:38:19sandii it has 50s cd or so
00:38:21Aerwyn gather
00:38:22Aerwyn and go
00:38:25Aerwyn b
00:38:28Aerwyn don die
00:38:37Aerwyn huskar
00:38:39Aerwyn dont go alone
00:38:41Aerwyn ...
00:38:43Aerwyn wait us
00:38:46Banana lets end this ffs
00:39:00Aerwyn all bot
00:39:02Aerwyn huskar b
00:39:02Banana dd
00:39:03Aerwyn wait us
00:39:07Aerwyn huskar
00:39:08Aerwyn NOW
00:39:11Aerwyn IF U DIE THAT'S IT
00:39:22sandii b
00:39:39Wiesel ff it
00:40:03Aerwyn gj
00:40:48Wiesel time to ff
00:40:54Mr.HookomN shut the fuck up
00:40:57FireMal I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:41:04Wiesel if you tell me how
00:41:06Wiesel i can do aswell
00:42:14AliBaba :D
00:42:27j22koer :D
00:42:51AliBaba b anana ? you never use your ex ????
00:42:53AliBaba why ?
00:42:56Banana i do
00:42:59Banana lol?
00:42:59AliBaba never
00:43:02Banana stfu
00:43:08Mr.HookomN bblaabl
00:43:24Mr.HookomN def
00:43:25Aerwyn come
00:43:26Aerwyn finish it
00:43:27Mr.HookomN for reg
00:43:28Aerwyn huskar
00:43:33Wiesel lol
00:43:34Wiesel its kiost
00:43:36Mr.HookomN def
00:44:05sandii wp ds wl abba
00:44:32VVindoWz -st
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