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+24 X
+1 TS

99% | 1952 X | 1568 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

88% | 1514 X | 1506 TS

-17 X
+2 TS

84% | 1496 X | 1443 TS

-30 X
+1 TS

61% | 1234 X | 1403 TS

-10 X
+2 TS

51% | 1216 X | 1304 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

96% | 1737 X | 1481 TS

+29 X
-1 TS

93% | 1618 X | 1520 TS

+5 X
-1 TS

90% | 1615 X | 1425 TS

+10 X
-2 TS

59% | 1255 X | 1354 TS

+13 X
-1 TS

53% | 1220 X | 1326 TS

Chat log

00:00:10livingde4th cloock
00:00:12Momdsiw ban slark
00:00:25DeduXserS mitä?
00:00:25Momdsiw we have afk
00:00:25livingde4th yew here?
00:00:25Momdsiw captain
00:00:25DeduXserS k
00:00:25yeW- ye
00:00:25yeW- im here
00:00:25Momdsiw k
00:00:26Momdsiw slark ban
00:00:30yeW- ban slark
00:00:30livingde4th gaymode
00:00:35livingde4th get me clock plz
00:00:35Momdsiw its cd
00:00:38yeW- pj
00:00:38DeduXserS YEW BAN HERO
00:00:40DeduXserS THIS IS CD
00:00:40DeduXserS MODE
00:00:41Momdsiw its cd
00:00:42DeduXserS noob
00:00:42Momdsiw :D
00:00:46yeW- ^^
00:00:48yeW- didnt c :p
00:00:50yeW- -clear
00:00:51Momdsiw invoker next
00:00:52LetItBe wtf is this
00:00:54LetItBe CM??
00:00:56livingde4th cloock
00:00:57livingde4th plz
00:01:00Momdsiw invoker ban
00:01:04livingde4th wtf
00:01:07Momdsiw :D
00:01:07-HewaL- CD
00:01:08livingde4th i wanted clock
00:01:10Momdsiw get warlock
00:01:11yeW- oh
00:01:12yeW- lol
00:01:13Usires ITS UR MOM LOLZ 666
00:01:16Momdsiw warlock
00:01:21Momdsiw warlock + puck
00:01:21Bct_Murder i want rhasta
00:01:22-HewaL- hahahah
00:01:29Momdsiw or roof
00:01:30yeW- il get huskar
00:01:31livingde4th ff he banned my clock
00:01:33Momdsiw huskar later
00:01:35Momdsiw last pick huskar
00:01:37yeW- hm
00:01:38Momdsiw they wont go another carry
00:01:40yeW- anyone techies?
00:01:43LetItBe get rhasta for bct
00:01:55LetItBe veno for me
00:01:56Momdsiw pugna mby?
00:01:57LetItBe plz
00:02:00livingde4th bs would own void
00:02:03livingde4th but i dont want it
00:02:04-HewaL- yew got better picks
00:02:19livingde4th i go veno
00:02:21-HewaL- we need tank
00:02:22LetItBe i want veno
00:02:24LetItBe fuck you man
00:02:24LetItBe :D
00:02:25Momdsiw we should push strategy
00:02:26yeW- :D
00:02:31Momdsiw we have imba push heros
00:02:32Usires voin cent
00:02:34DeduXserS centa maiden top
00:02:36Momdsiw -.-
00:02:37DeduXserS void puck down
00:02:37XXL mää cent
00:02:38DeduXserS im invoker
00:02:39XXL usi
00:02:42LetItBe why not ezalor??+
00:02:44Usires jaa no ihan sama
00:02:53yeW- well
00:02:53DeduXserS hewal why u took centaur????????????
00:02:57yeW- dota is 5 heroes
00:03:01livingde4th i can warlock if u want this
00:03:01yeW- as far i can recall
00:03:05-HewaL- what was i suppose to take?
00:03:09LetItBe i want veno
00:03:10Usires puck
00:03:11LetItBe cant play roof
00:03:12DeduXserS puck i -.-
00:03:12LetItBe -swap
00:03:12yeW- who're the 6 wankers
00:03:13DeduXserS but w/e
00:03:14LetItBe -swap 2
00:03:19yeW- who chose this jackass of a mode
00:03:19livingde4th i dont want a freaking tree
00:03:25LetItBe then swap with wl
00:03:29LetItBe wl can u play tree?
00:03:32DeduXserS me , extreme , xxl , living , momwsiw
00:03:33DeduXserS :)
00:03:37LetItBe fuck you
00:03:38LetItBe all
00:03:40Bct_Murder I too
00:03:41Usires well to you shouldnt be any problem
00:03:49Usires since u pickin
00:03:51-HewaL- im top ?
00:03:53DeduXserS yes-
00:03:59DeduXserS damn i hate this game already
00:04:05yeW- shudda gone techies :D
00:04:06DeduXserS xxl has 12-0 score with centaur
00:04:07LetItBe im going carry build
00:04:08LetItBe fuck you all
00:04:11DeduXserS and u dont let him play it
00:04:12yeW- np hf
00:04:14Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:04:15Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Shudo Brolis [r,d,e,w]
00:04:17Usires olis inv
00:04:18Usires ja bite
00:04:20-HewaL- no one said anything
00:04:24XXL well
00:04:25DeduXserS we are all in mumble
00:04:26XXL dont fuck up
00:04:26DeduXserS well
00:04:27XXL and ok
00:04:28XXL man
00:04:38DeduXserS oota
00:04:39DeduXserS harashaa
00:04:40livingde4th pull?
00:05:02DeduXserS gj ku ootit
00:05:05Usires mhm
00:05:14Bct_Murder ff
00:05:15Bct_Murder ./...
00:05:16Bct_Murder idiot
00:05:17yeW- just sayin ss
00:05:20yeW- how so?
00:05:55livingde4th 7 hp :O
00:07:05yeW- ss invio md
00:07:14yeW- SS INVO MID
00:07:16yeW- re
00:07:20Usires tuun mid
00:07:34LetItBe gfj
00:07:49livingde4th ss
00:07:50Momdsiw homo herot
00:07:51Momdsiw :<
00:07:52DeduXserS sori olin kanal
00:07:53DeduXserS shoppaas
00:07:57Bct_Murder ss rylai
00:08:04DeduXserS ihanku TEIL EI OIS
00:08:06Bct_Murder next time say gank
00:08:06DeduXserS ROOF WLOCK LINJA
00:08:09Bct_Murder and i chakle
00:08:12Momdsiw Roofi on suora aanaalista
00:08:21DeduXserS D::DD
00:08:22Bct_Murder omg
00:08:23Bct_Murder wtf
00:08:23-HewaL- lol
00:08:24DeduXserS SHACLE BALLISTA??!?!?
00:09:09Bct_Murder try gank ?
00:09:20LetItBe ffs wrong spell
00:09:22DeduXserS maiden
00:09:23DeduXserS ota invis top
00:09:25DeduXserS ja tuu mid gank mby
00:09:29DeduXserS tapoin sen äske
00:09:31Momdsiw huskar too sucky hero for you
00:09:32DeduXserS on koht uus fire ball
00:09:33Usires kk
00:09:34yeW- ye
00:09:39yeW- especially when ganged twice
00:09:42DeduXserS 20sec
00:09:45DeduXserS nii sit tapetaa
00:09:45Momdsiw you die solo invo
00:09:47DeduXserS tuu
00:09:48Bct_Murder i can go gank mid
00:09:53DeduXserS viel alle 10sec
00:09:59DeduXserS 5sec
00:10:01DeduXserS ja bitee
00:10:03yeW- ye he fgot fb
00:10:04DeduXserS 2
00:10:05DeduXserS nyt on
00:10:06livingde4th miss
00:10:13Bct_Murder invoekr
00:10:16Bct_Murder river
00:10:17Bct_Murder i think
00:10:47DeduXserS oliko 6min runee
00:10:48DeduXserS topis
00:10:49yeW- feel free to gang
00:11:07yeW- ss
00:11:21Usires mioss
00:11:22Usires 2
00:11:30-HewaL- re 1
00:11:33-HewaL- rhasta miss
00:11:43Bct_Murder i come up gank
00:11:55Momdsiw 3 BOT
00:13:08LetItBe i come gank top
00:13:19-HewaL- ss top
00:13:20Bct_Murder no need
00:13:21DeduXserS maiden tuu midii koht
00:13:22DeduXserS käyn bases
00:13:28LetItBe come bot then
00:13:29LetItBe someone
00:13:30LetItBe have ultl
00:13:36yeW- -ma
00:13:51Usires miss mid
00:13:52Usires and top
00:13:54Usires 1
00:13:59LetItBe bot go
00:14:00LetItBe i invis
00:14:03Bct_Murder kill down
00:14:16Usires rege
00:14:24Usires get top
00:14:27LetItBe how lucky
00:14:28livingde4th go cm
00:14:52LetItBe go inv0o
00:14:54livingde4th mid twr
00:15:12Usires 5
00:15:13Bct_Murder heal
00:15:13Usires mid
00:15:24Bct_Murder warlock heal
00:15:38yeW- b mid
00:15:42DeduXserS koht ifre ball
00:15:42Bct_Murder you can
00:15:43Bct_Murder heal me?
00:15:45DeduXserS 10sec
00:15:48Momdsiw GO TWR
00:15:58Bct_Murder wtf warlock
00:15:59Bct_Murder omg
00:16:32Usires ei saatana
00:16:40DeduXserS CENTAUR
00:16:41DeduXserS B
00:16:43DeduXserS Dont fuckign die
00:16:46livingde4th 2
00:16:48livingde4th twrs
00:16:50livingde4th go
00:16:51DeduXserS u got mega bad farm already
00:16:54DeduXserS -.-'
00:16:56-HewaL- y
00:16:57DeduXserS go home
00:16:58DeduXserS and regen
00:16:59yeW- rosh after
00:17:15-HewaL- should have blink now :(
00:17:24DeduXserS poks :P
00:17:39livingde4th noo joo emt mitä jätkät pelkää fulleil
00:17:59LetItBe gotr ulti
00:17:59LetItBe come top
00:18:18Momdsiw bot twR?
00:18:19Bct_Murder go kill up
00:18:27livingde4th made jango
00:18:29livingde4th -ms
00:18:38yeW- heal me
00:18:39yeW- n rosh
00:18:41Momdsiw take dd
00:18:44yeW- ye i know
00:18:44Momdsiw get life stela mby?
00:18:49yeW- go ulti
00:18:49Momdsiw i heal at rosh
00:18:57Bct_Murder this team ...
00:18:58LetItBe NICE TEAM
00:19:03Momdsiw vita?
00:19:08LetItBe yea go ROSHAN
00:19:09LetItBe gogogogog
00:19:11LetItBe motherfucker
00:19:12LetItBe s
00:19:14yeW- lmao
00:19:15LetItBe fucking dumb jew
00:19:24yeW- shnup non
00:19:28LetItBe i thought jews were intelligent
00:19:39Momdsiw you know what yew is?
00:19:40LetItBe guess i was wrong
00:19:41Momdsiw its a tree
00:19:47yeW- indeed
00:19:47LetItBe I KNOW
00:19:49LetItBe can u read JEW
00:19:55yeW- most tards confuse "j" with "y" tho
00:20:02LetItBe lol
00:20:08Usires mid
00:20:09Usires torni
00:20:10Usires go
00:20:12LetItBe wp mid
00:20:14DeduXserS joo
00:20:18yeW- how so
00:20:20yeW- ?
00:20:21Usires ei oo ultia
00:20:22Usires puulla
00:20:23Momdsiw i used to chop yew's in runescape
00:20:25DeduXserS jop
00:20:25Momdsiw xD
00:20:29LetItBe i was lvl 125 runescape
00:20:32LetItBe ownage
00:20:42Momdsiw dunno what my lvl is
00:20:46Momdsiw im 99 str 98 atk ^^
00:20:50LetItBe i had all 99
00:20:55LetItBe combat skillz
00:21:14Bct_Murder tp
00:21:14-HewaL- omg really
00:21:32-HewaL- i suck badly this game
00:21:49livingde4th anyone going pipe?
00:21:53-HewaL- omg
00:22:30DeduXserS STOP LAGG
00:22:31DeduXserS U RUS
00:22:38Bct_Murder yew how you up 90%? you noob
00:22:54Momdsiw how you up to 50?
00:23:04Bct_Murder i play normal and up
00:23:25DeduXserS ota
00:23:32yeW- -m
00:23:32DeduXserS vaikka ostit obsui
00:23:32Momdsiw bot twr?
00:23:33yeW- -ma
00:23:35DeduXserS tarvitaa sentryi kans
00:23:36LetItBe ye
00:23:42DeduXserS ku roof invaa kaikki aina
00:23:43LetItBe cm somewhere here prolly
00:23:48DeduXserS ala def
00:23:49DeduXserS defence down
00:23:57DeduXserS centaur get your blink asap
00:24:02Usires teleen alas ihan just
00:24:03yeW- blah lags
00:24:05-HewaL- y
00:24:13Usires ggogo bot
00:24:14Usires all
00:24:19LetItBe got ulti
00:24:24Bct_Murder i too
00:24:40Bct_Murder he invisible
00:24:41Momdsiw got ult go moar
00:24:43yeW- no shit
00:24:44yeW- shjerlock
00:24:54LetItBe OGM ?!
00:25:33LetItBe tnx for coming
00:25:41-HewaL- wp puck
00:25:47Bct_Murder back
00:25:49Bct_Murder veno
00:25:56DeduXserS invoker owned all :/
00:26:15livingde4th going pipe
00:26:40DeduXserS centaur
00:26:42DeduXserS do u udnerstand
00:26:44DeduXserS u can farm woods
00:26:46DeduXserS and let void farm
00:26:47DeduXserS lane
00:26:48-HewaL- y
00:26:51yeW- gah
00:27:04Momdsiw you go bkb now?
00:27:07DeduXserS ostan koht sentryi ku saan agha
00:27:12Momdsiw yew?
00:27:12Usires mullon kaks
00:27:14yeW- ye
00:27:23LetItBe come
00:27:23LetItBe mid
00:27:25Momdsiw push bot
00:27:26LetItBe got ulti
00:27:30Momdsiw got detecT?
00:27:31yeW- go
00:27:37-HewaL- tree invis
00:27:38-HewaL- care
00:28:02LetItBe wp gg
00:28:11LetItBe ff
00:28:12livingde4th wtf
00:28:15Usires gj
00:28:15livingde4th u going 3
00:28:16DeduXserS dedun näpit aika nopeat
00:28:21LetItBe this yew
00:28:22LetItBe is
00:28:23LetItBe slow
00:28:24Momdsiw i go gank invo with out dust
00:28:26Momdsiw are you tarD?
00:28:28yeW- im slow?
00:28:29yeW- i came
00:28:32LetItBe wtf he was 1 hit
00:28:33yeW- cant do much there
00:28:34LetItBe stfu wl
00:28:35DeduXserS come gank
00:29:10DeduXserS Yew stop lagg
00:29:12Bct_Murder fucking je
00:29:18DeduXserS amiden
00:29:20DeduXserS maiden
00:29:21DeduXserS ota ala rune
00:29:22DeduXserS invis
00:29:23DeduXserS nopeaa
00:29:27Momdsiw push with 5
00:29:28Momdsiw mby
00:29:30livingde4th y
00:29:34livingde4th sotp going rambo
00:29:34livingde4th ffs
00:29:36DeduXserS scouti rosha
00:29:36livingde4th u feed em
00:29:38yeW- u just did the same
00:29:39DeduXserS huskar voi olla siel
00:29:39LetItBe go mid then
00:29:40livingde4th wait me
00:29:44livingde4th y i did
00:29:51yeW- go inn
00:29:51livingde4th but 1 dying aintso bad as 3
00:29:52yeW- jesus
00:29:56LetItBe without wards ye
00:29:58Momdsiw ill guyard
00:30:08Momdsiw nice hex
00:30:09yeW- wp hjexin rosh
00:30:10Momdsiw -.-
00:30:13livingde4th i tp
00:30:21LetItBe GJ
00:30:23LetItBe NICE PLAN
00:31:02-HewaL- blink disable :(
00:31:03yeW- can u stop pussyin out?
00:31:08yeW- with fuyll h
00:31:41Bct_Murder who controll me
00:31:43Bct_Murder fucking idiot team
00:31:44Bct_Murder Omg
00:31:53Bct_Murder this is yew-
00:31:56yeW- YE
00:31:58Bct_Murder anyone ban him
00:31:59yeW- MY FAULT NOW
00:32:00Momdsiw i mean
00:32:01Momdsiw hex
00:32:02Momdsiw roshan
00:32:04Momdsiw you know it runs out
00:32:06Momdsiw fucking idiot
00:32:06livingde4th husar
00:32:07livingde4th care
00:32:13yeW- bcty
00:32:14yeW- stfu
00:32:15yeW- rly
00:32:16yeW- die irl
00:32:30Bct_Murder yew shut up idiot
00:32:33yeW- dude
00:32:34Momdsiw idiot?
00:32:35yeW- i hope u get cancer
00:32:36yeW- mate
00:32:37Momdsiw you hexed roshgan
00:32:41Momdsiw you are the moronb
00:32:58DeduXserS b
00:33:00DeduXserS vaa
00:33:02DeduXserS all no spells
00:33:03Bct_Murder why bad hex roshan ?
00:33:03DeduXserS and mana
00:33:06Momdsiw jhe runs out
00:33:08extremewaari b
00:33:08DeduXserS MID B
00:33:09Momdsiw fucking idiot
00:33:10Momdsiw and cant hit
00:33:11Momdsiw they see him
00:33:12DeduXserS NYT kukaa ei kuole
00:33:12Momdsiw gg
00:33:16DeduXserS mennää alas puskee koht
00:33:16yeW- -ma
00:33:19Bct_Murder they warded
00:33:22Bct_Murder down river
00:33:22Bct_Murder man
00:33:26Bct_Murder we start fight they come
00:33:27Bct_Murder ...
00:33:32yeW- man
00:33:34yeW- can u shut up
00:33:38livingde4th care
00:33:41DeduXserS go down all
00:33:46DeduXserS Tuu alas nyt
00:33:49DeduXserS vittu lopeta se rambo raid
00:33:50DeduXserS :P
00:33:54Usires hullua
00:33:55-HewaL- what to build?
00:34:00livingde4th should farm 500g for pipe
00:34:00DeduXserS vanguard
00:34:01-HewaL- sange yasha?
00:34:03livingde4th last time was 800
00:34:04livingde4th :/
00:34:05livingde4th ffs
00:34:08livingde4th died again
00:34:09DeduXserS vanguard shiva
00:34:12-HewaL- ok
00:34:26Momdsiw yew def
00:34:29Usires sekka
00:34:31Usires niin oon siel
00:35:20-HewaL- this wl
00:35:28DeduXserS U jumped on DEAD rhasta :DDDD
00:35:34livingde4th rosh
00:35:35-HewaL- y my fault
00:35:36yeW- no shit
00:35:36DeduXserS wlock was your target.. atleast should be
00:35:37DeduXserS :D
00:35:49-HewaL- he was standing behind void ulti
00:35:52-HewaL- too long range
00:35:53DeduXserS aa
00:35:53Momdsiw 400 FOR AGHA
00:35:58DeduXserS roshan dead
00:36:00DeduXserS y
00:36:00Momdsiw 200
00:36:01Momdsiw i farm it
00:36:03livingde4th bot twr
00:36:03livingde4th all
00:36:10livingde4th got pipe
00:36:20Momdsiw need ultis
00:36:21LetItBe our forest creeps doublepull
00:36:23LetItBe if someone wants
00:36:31LetItBe yew
00:36:32LetItBe take
00:36:35LetItBe double there
00:36:37yeW- mkjay
00:36:38livingde4th come bot twr
00:36:39livingde4th plz
00:36:41livingde4th we got aegis
00:37:06livingde4th ups
00:37:16-HewaL- b guys they 5
00:37:16Momdsiw 5 bot now
00:37:17livingde4th come bot twr
00:37:17Momdsiw ot agha
00:37:17livingde4th all
00:37:20livingde4th ffs
00:37:23-HewaL- 4
00:38:05livingde4th go ffs
00:38:10DeduXserS 4 delaa ku waari ultailee aika :D
00:38:11livingde4th fucking
00:38:12livingde4th retard
00:38:14DeduXserS tarvin gem
00:38:14yeW- bct murder
00:38:16yeW- die in real life
00:38:18DeduXserS nyt toi puu tulee aina selkää
00:38:19livingde4th meil ei ole edes tärkeää rhastaa mukana
00:38:19Momdsiw MEIL RHASTA TOPIS :D
00:38:21livingde4th joka farmaa
00:38:26livingde4th VIAK HUUDAN 10X
00:38:26DeduXserS .DDDD
00:38:39Momdsiw KEL ON DIFFU
00:38:43DeduXserS voidil
00:38:46Momdsiw k
00:38:56yeW- b?
00:39:01LetItBe b
00:39:11-HewaL- waste
00:39:13livingde4th forcestaff?
00:39:16livingde4th or loltard?
00:39:17yeW- agha
00:40:02LetItBe go mid
00:40:03LetItBe have refu
00:40:07livingde4th -ms
00:40:08livingde4th k
00:40:14Bct_Murder aghanim rdy
00:40:35livingde4th gathe rplz
00:40:36Momdsiw got ult
00:40:38yeW- go then
00:40:39Momdsiw push mid?
00:40:40livingde4th before we are 4v5 again
00:40:45Bct_Murder i come
00:40:47Bct_Murder i come
00:40:50-HewaL- fake
00:40:53livingde4th rhasta
00:40:54Momdsiw this rhasta so stupid
00:40:55Usires lol
00:40:56Usires wouldnt know
00:40:57livingde4th ur support
00:41:01Bct_Murder i know
00:41:03livingde4th why always late
00:41:03Bct_Murder i buy ward
00:41:04Momdsiw nah hes farmer
00:41:04DeduXserS b
00:41:05Bct_Murder all time
00:41:09Usires insta
00:41:11Momdsiw 0 on map
00:41:12Bct_Murder i go base buy item
00:41:18Bct_Murder now
00:41:19-HewaL- def at twr?
00:41:21Bct_Murder 0
00:41:22DeduXserS sentry ois olly :D
00:41:22Momdsiw tank it husk
00:41:23Momdsiw got ult
00:41:25yeW- erm k
00:41:32Momdsiw rhgasta ward at base
00:41:37livingde4th go in
00:41:39livingde4th ffs
00:41:40livingde4th faster
00:41:42Momdsiw hiyt wards base
00:41:43Momdsiw rahsta
00:41:43yeW- ye wiat creeps
00:41:44yeW- tt
00:41:50DeduXserS :D
00:41:51Momdsiw next waev
00:41:52livingde4th go ffs
00:41:53Momdsiw hit wards base
00:41:53Momdsiw rahsta
00:41:59Momdsiw rhasta
00:42:00Momdsiw hit wards to base
00:42:06Momdsiw rhasta
00:42:07Momdsiw wards
00:42:18LetItBe OMG
00:42:26LetItBe why
00:42:28LetItBe do i have to tank???
00:42:43Momdsiw 5 down
00:42:44Momdsiw 1 rebuy
00:42:45Momdsiw cm rebuy
00:42:46Momdsiw void rebuy
00:43:06yeW- ra
00:43:07yeW- RAX
00:43:21Momdsiw rax
00:43:24Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:26XXL I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:27yeW- imba wolf
00:43:27Momdsiw saatte viel könii xD
00:43:32DeduXserS en tajua miten :D
00:43:32Usires eikai
00:43:34LetItBe go bot rax also
00:43:41Usires sarjassa jee jee support
00:43:41DeduXserS hävittii kyl iha hewal ottaa xxl:n centaurin
00:43:44DeduXserS ja pelas päin vitttuu
00:43:50LetItBe veno?
00:43:54Momdsiw no entäs hewalin pucki
00:43:57Momdsiw oisko se tuhonnu
00:44:19LetItBe veno wtf?
00:44:21Momdsiw siis diffu void aika typerää
00:44:25DeduXserS eihä oo
00:44:27Momdsiw ennemmi invo difuf
00:44:39DeduXserS involle diffu iha waste
00:44:39DeduXserS ku en oo siel
00:45:07LetItBe can we go end plz
00:45:08LetItBe :S
00:45:19LetItBe or not
00:45:28Usires go mid
00:45:29Usires deffaan
00:45:53livingde4th tank venom
00:46:31-HewaL- b
00:46:46-HewaL- roshan ?
00:47:04livingde4th oom
00:47:11livingde4th b
00:47:12livingde4th b
00:47:14LetItBe can we end?
00:47:17LetItBe my tournaments st arting
00:47:20LetItBe plxzzz
00:47:54-HewaL- :P
00:48:12livingde4th huoh joutuu kantaa jollai venol
00:48:26LetItBe go bot all
00:48:27LetItBe plz
00:49:15DeduXserS mul on sit gem
00:49:20Bct_Murder they have gem
00:49:21livingde4th care
00:49:22Bct_Murder or sentry
00:49:36Momdsiw rhsata buy some detecT?
00:49:40livingde4th go with 5 top plz
00:49:44livingde4th or rosh
00:49:48DeduXserS bait roshan
00:49:49LetItBe dont care jhust go somewhere
00:49:50Momdsiw cheese aegis rosh
00:49:51Momdsiw tehy tehre
00:49:53LetItBe my tourny already started ffs
00:49:53DeduXserS dont go but
00:49:56livingde4th come all
00:50:00Momdsiw yew is afk
00:50:10Momdsiw -afk
00:50:13DeduXserS bait
00:50:15Bct_Murder -afk
00:50:16livingde4th pause plz
00:50:17Momdsiw they rosh
00:50:17DeduXserS miks
00:50:17Momdsiw yew afk
00:50:17livingde4th afk in team
00:50:17DeduXserS -water 6 6 6
00:50:17DeduXserS -es
00:50:17DeduXserS so what :D
00:50:17extremewaari antaa afkaa
00:50:17DeduXserS -ii
00:50:17Momdsiw youre rosh
00:50:17DeduXserS afk bannit
00:50:17Momdsiw :D
00:50:17extremewaari saa bännit
00:50:17livingde4th y u get free cheese
00:50:17DeduXserS sille
00:50:18DeduXserS AFK bannit
00:50:19livingde4th sad
00:50:19livingde4th just w8 1m
00:50:19livingde4th -afk
00:50:22-HewaL- not our problem
00:50:22livingde4th nubs
00:50:22Momdsiw manners
00:50:22LetItBe sup?
00:50:22Usires no ei kyllä yleensä ellei sano syytänsä afkille, ihan randomina jaksa runkkareita venailla
00:50:22livingde4th need free aegis cheese
00:50:22Momdsiw no jos on pelin ratkasevin vaihe?P
00:50:22Momdsiw no iha sama
00:50:24Momdsiw saakoon vannit
00:50:26Usires nojuu sinänsä mua haittaa vaikka olis pausella tunnin sais vaa jotain sanoa
00:50:30livingde4th wait at base
00:50:31LetItBe -afk
00:50:48Momdsiw -afk
00:50:55LetItBe sad
00:50:59Momdsiw mm
00:51:05Bct_Murder now we loose :)
00:51:05DeduXserS mid rax
00:51:13LetItBe they wont push
00:51:15LetItBe they want us to push
00:51:17LetItBe lol
00:51:18LetItBe for sure
00:51:19Momdsiw -AFK
00:51:26LetItBe or not
00:51:27LetItBe GG YEW
00:51:34LetItBe who tanks?
00:51:38LetItBe puck sill silence
00:51:39Momdsiw veno
00:51:39LetItBe me
00:52:03Momdsiw yew lost game
00:52:25Momdsiw Onneks mommy hoita
00:52:32Usires heiiii
00:52:37-HewaL- why invoker aegis?
00:52:38Usires hjos rhasta heittää wardit niin voi kyl bäk
00:52:40Usires kans
00:52:42-HewaL- he didnt even die
00:52:44Usires venailla rauhassa
00:53:21LetItBe fuck this
00:53:24LetItBe i cant play anymore
00:53:25LetItBe I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:53:29Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:53:29Momdsiw -AFK
00:53:30livingde4th go with 5
00:53:34Momdsiw yewi taas afk
00:53:36Momdsiw vitun siistii
00:53:52livingde4th i making ac
00:53:55Momdsiw -AFK
00:53:56LetItBe i have no time
00:53:58LetItBe for this
00:54:00LetItBe bullshit
00:54:10LetItBe 10 min afk
00:54:10Momdsiw mm
00:54:10LetItBe and moving in between
00:54:10LetItBe fagget
00:54:10LetItBe be afk for 5 mins and drop out
00:54:10-HewaL- first someone afk now tis
00:54:10-HewaL- this
00:54:10Bct_Murder he afk ~3min
00:54:10Bct_Murder come back 1 sec
00:54:10Bct_Murder and afk 3min and plugg
00:54:10DeduXserS yep
00:54:10livingde4th fucktard
00:54:10livingde4th we could finish anytime
00:54:10-HewaL- i think he is playing on hitlers old computer
00:54:10Usires k moro
00:54:10Usires ny ette voi enää hävii
00:54:10LetItBe oh my
00:54:10DeduXserS centaur
00:54:10DeduXserS sell that
00:54:10DeduXserS qualling balde
00:54:10DeduXserS so u get slot for mystic
00:54:10livingde4th lol cm
00:54:10-HewaL- im going pipe?
00:54:10livingde4th goes
00:54:10livingde4th and u win
00:54:10Momdsiw invo balances or void?
00:54:10-HewaL- :P
00:54:10DeduXserS :
00:54:10Usires täs jaksakkaa enää
00:54:10-HewaL- pipe or shivas?
00:54:10DeduXserS SHIVA
00:54:10Momdsiw tän vois kyl requestaa
00:54:10Momdsiw afkii vaa
00:54:10-HewaL- k m8
00:54:10Momdsiw ja sit plugaa
00:54:10DeduXserS juu afkas yli 5min ainaki
00:54:10LetItBe banreq
00:54:10LetItBe this
00:54:10LetItBe guy
00:54:10LetItBe Plz
00:54:10Momdsiw nytki ollu pari min afk
00:54:10DeduXserS -afk
00:54:10LetItBe fking if u gotta go just quit
00:54:10LetItBe he is afk first and then plugs and lets other wait 5 mins
00:54:10LetItBe lol what a fagget
00:54:10DeduXserS yep
00:54:10DeduXserS basic day in
00:54:10DeduXserS denmark
00:54:10DeduXserS "first time plugg + afk" :D
00:54:10extremewaari tulin juttelemaan vihollisille :O
00:54:10extremewaari :P
00:54:10DeduXserS have seen that few times
00:54:10-HewaL- hahah :P
00:54:10XXL same
00:54:10XXL :p
00:54:16DeduXserS cm goes
00:54:19LetItBe who can multitask ?
00:54:21-HewaL- got shivas now
00:54:34LetItBe kill mid anyone?=
00:54:38LetItBe they are all here but
00:54:42LetItBe its ok
00:54:44LetItBe lets just dive
00:54:52Bct_Murder i can bkb?
00:55:22-HewaL- wait for me
00:55:37LetItBe zomg
00:55:39LetItBe now they wait
00:55:40LetItBe for ur ultis
00:55:44Momdsiw GOT REFU
00:55:48LetItBe n1
00:56:28LetItBe HYVA BLINKKI
00:56:31-HewaL- lol
00:56:52LetItBe look top
00:57:34-HewaL- u using ulti on a dead hero :P
00:57:53-HewaL- u retard void
00:57:58LetItBe where is dust
00:58:00LetItBe =(
00:58:05-HewaL- maybe ulti on veno next time
00:58:19Momdsiw got ult
00:58:20LetItBe this game
00:58:21LetItBe gonna last
00:58:22LetItBe for
00:58:23LetItBe 2 hours
00:58:24-HewaL- buy pipe with sm ulti
00:58:30-HewaL- items*
00:58:35-HewaL- cm*
00:58:40LetItBe go mid
00:58:42LetItBe with 5
00:58:44LetItBe plz
00:58:46LetItBe lets go
00:58:52LetItBe veno tanks
00:58:56Momdsiw wait 1 min for double ult
00:58:57Momdsiw they rosh?
00:59:16livingde4th go mid
00:59:18livingde4th or bot
00:59:21LetItBe mid
00:59:21LetItBe throne
00:59:26livingde4th k
00:59:36DeduXserS pusken
00:59:38DeduXserS top
00:59:40DeduXserS puskekaa mid
00:59:43extremewaari ju
00:59:56LetItBe go bot all or wtf is happening
01:00:00LetItBe i dont have time :D
01:00:05LetItBe lets go somewhere guys
01:00:07LetItBe sry for that
01:00:37DeduXserS PUSKEKAA MID
01:00:38DeduXserS OON TOPISSA
01:00:55LetItBe srsly i g2g soon
01:00:55LetItBe :D
01:00:59livingde4th go fight
01:01:00livingde4th then
01:01:02livingde4th somehow
01:01:06Momdsiw we win if you leave
01:01:09Momdsiw we have rax
01:01:15LetItBe ulti
01:01:31extremewaari ota se
01:01:41-HewaL- almost
01:02:14LetItBe i G"G
01:02:20livingde4th bot all
01:02:22livingde4th i buy bot
01:02:23livingde4th and p
01:02:37LetItBe sadasdasdasdasdasdsaddassaddas
01:02:56-HewaL- -ii
01:03:03LetItBe all bot
01:03:03LetItBe ty
01:03:07Momdsiw cant
01:03:07LetItBe and if we lose fight
01:03:08LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:03:09Momdsiw need wait my ult
01:03:10-HewaL- bkb on voiD?
01:03:15livingde4th i can tp
01:03:16livingde4th u bot
01:03:18livingde4th i tpo to u
01:03:21Momdsiw this roof
01:03:29Momdsiw so retard
01:03:34LetItBe yea
01:03:38livingde4th gem here
01:03:39Momdsiw i try beat 1vs5
01:03:40LetItBe my fault when yew plugss
01:03:44LetItBe fuck you
01:03:45LetItBe moron
01:03:55Momdsiw YOUR FUALT YOU GO 1VS4`?
01:03:55-HewaL- gank wl ?
01:04:28livingde4th go
01:05:22-HewaL- not fun
01:05:32LetItBe go just mid
01:05:36-HewaL- void u cant even get veno dead
01:05:38LetItBe fuck it
01:06:01LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:02LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:02LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:07Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:06:11DeduXserS wardatkaa rosha
01:06:52DeduXserS tapetaa veno
01:06:52DeduXserS tuun
01:07:23LetItBe go ff
01:07:52Bct_Murder void item horible
01:07:53Bct_Murder :D
01:08:34LetItBe horrible game
01:08:44livingde4th päälle vaa
01:08:46livingde4th oon elos
01:08:53livingde4th go bot
01:08:54livingde4th all
01:09:28livingde4th po
01:10:13livingde4th -ms
01:10:15Momdsiw pitäisit rebuy rhaaa
01:10:21Momdsiw tarvitaa
01:10:24livingde4th no ei nappaa
01:10:29livingde4th oikei tää peli enää
01:11:30livingde4th pakko täs on ottaa riskei
01:11:32livingde4th siis puskee
01:11:34Momdsiw teen deso
01:11:38livingde4th jos istutaa bases ei voi voittaa
01:11:43DeduXserS rosha vois
01:11:46Momdsiw tarvittais vaa entry
01:11:46livingde4th hexi olis imba
01:11:47livingde4th wlock
01:11:48Momdsiw tai oltais tarvittu
01:11:50livingde4th saisit kaks hexiä
01:11:50DeduXserS ,myy toi janggo
01:11:57Momdsiw no meni jo
01:11:58livingde4th sillo oli entryt
01:12:01livingde4th mut menin yksi
01:12:03livingde4th ku idlaatte
01:12:18LetItBe gg
01:12:46Bct_Murder ff all?
01:13:34Momdsiw 9 SEC
01:15:12DeduXserS -apm
01:15:19livingde4th -apm
01:15:33DeduXserS miksei oteta roosaa
01:15:37extremewaari otetaan nyt
01:15:49LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:16:05livingde4th rosh
01:16:42DeduXserS puskekaa mid
01:16:50Momdsiw cheese
01:16:50livingde4th tree take
01:17:01livingde4th i give u cheese
01:17:07Momdsiw deffataa sit pusku raxit
01:17:59LetItBe I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:17:59LetItBe f
01:18:21Momdsiw jätä juusto
01:18:22Momdsiw myy agha
01:19:12Momdsiw eks tehny rapii
01:19:55LetItBe why are we
01:19:56LetItBe defdfing?
01:21:20Bct_Murder no def people ;/
01:21:55Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
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