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-16 X
-2 TS

60% | 1254 X | 1373 TS

-19 X
-5 TS

44% | 1162 X | 1279 TS

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-4 TS

28% | 1087 X | 1201 TS

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-6 TS

24% | 1111 X | 1134 TS

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45% | 1185 X | 1269 TS

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+38 TS

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+2 TS

25% | 987 X | 1284 TS

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+2 TS

13% | 895 X | 1244 TS

Chat log

00:00:00McFele [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 80 seconds.
00:00:14FireMal sven for me
00:00:17JensDenLange -lyca
00:00:17Banana hmm
00:00:17FireMal or veno for
00:00:17Zkzk ???
00:00:17mby_next_time god so lamexor pool
00:00:17Banana i want sven
00:00:17JensDenLange lycan
00:00:17mby_next_time zkzk
00:00:17mby_next_time did you read rules?
00:00:17mby_next_time vagina
00:00:17mby_next_time magina
00:00:17Zkzk no?
00:00:17mby_next_time you have to buy chiken
00:00:17McFele go
00:00:17mby_next_time and you cant pick heroes
00:00:17mby_next_time that are banned
00:00:21mby_next_time cuz you're orange - last one in team
00:00:24mby_next_time you have to buy chiken
00:00:27mby_next_time same to brown
00:00:32Zkzk ok
00:00:32mby_next_time when you play some games
00:00:33Aerwyn so just buy chicken and share
00:00:36mby_next_time you wont have to buy iy
00:00:40AliBaba jens cap _ >D
00:00:40JensDenLange take team picks
00:00:44FireMal lol
00:00:48FireMal afk ?
00:00:53FireMal our cap is afk
00:00:53Aerwyn mirana mid?
00:00:55mby_next_time after few games if you're good you will get +x and you wont be last one in team
00:00:56mby_next_time yo
00:00:59Banana nope
00:01:06Aerwyn zkzk ur friend? :P
00:01:10JensDenLange no more fail picks like sniper
00:01:13mby_next_time nah just explaining
00:01:13JensDenLange get rhasta
00:01:22Banana ye rhasta plz
00:01:25koningseg me tiny top
00:01:27mby_next_time it's better to explain than rage and not have chiken
00:01:27FireMal ff
00:01:28JensDenLange rhasta abba
00:01:31Aerwyn just dont pick lycantrope and anti-mage, and buy chicken :D
00:01:45koningseg take zeus
00:01:48koningseg or pitlord
00:01:50JensDenLange rhasta
00:01:51koningseg rhasta
00:01:51mby_next_time \venom you're not mid :)
00:01:51JensDenLange dude
00:01:52koningseg take rhasta
00:01:55JensDenLange dont be a dixck
00:01:57koningseg take rhasta
00:01:57JensDenLange ....
00:01:58Banana ffs
00:01:58JensDenLange ff
00:01:58koningseg rhasta
00:01:59AliBaba ugur
00:01:59FireMal ff
00:02:02AliBaba din fucking anayi
00:02:03mby_next_time L:)))
00:02:03FireMal random
00:02:04AliBaba hvad laver du )_
00:02:05mby_next_time nice team
00:02:06AliBaba nej det var uikke.
00:02:06mby_next_time :)))
00:02:09AliBaba hvorfor lyve _
00:02:11Banana -ma
00:02:16Mamo xD
00:02:18mby_next_time remember courier :)
00:02:19JensDenLange ALLWAYS!! I LOOSE CAUSE OF TARDS!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR
00:02:27mby_next_time and btw zkzk where did you playt before gc?
00:02:28JensDenLange pl
00:02:30JensDenLange go soul ring
00:02:34JensDenLange and consta harass bot
00:02:35JensDenLange ok?
00:02:37koningseg share
00:02:37mby_next_time i always ask about that new guys
00:02:37McFele the game dont even start andu talking about losing
00:02:37Banana i go pipe
00:02:41koningseg kk
00:02:41Zkzk garrena
00:02:51mby_next_time kk
00:02:52JensDenLange cause of dumbs ass picks
00:02:54mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:55mby_next_time -don
00:02:57JensDenLange they matter in here mate!
00:02:57mby_next_time -water red
00:02:59mby_next_time -cear
00:03:00mby_next_time -clear
00:03:00Banana wards asap plz
00:03:02FireMal im woods
00:03:06mby_next_time if need advise just ask
00:03:12koningseg come top
00:03:12koningseg now
00:03:13mby_next_time and react when i say gang etc
00:03:13koningseg rhasta
00:03:14koningseg ffs
00:03:15Zkzk -weather moonlight
00:03:16Zkzk okk
00:03:23JensDenLange pull sven
00:03:23Banana you pull?
00:03:25Mamo go rhasta top
00:03:26Banana :/
00:03:33JensDenLange got range farm
00:03:38mby_next_time dat ministun
00:04:07Zkzk sorry guys
00:04:17koningseg dont skill that plz
00:04:20koningseg take shackle
00:04:20koningseg sheep
00:04:23koningseg and that after
00:04:24koningseg so we can kill
00:05:32koningseg come
00:05:33koningseg kill
00:05:38koningseg next wave
00:05:39koningseg get sven
00:05:56Mamo gj
00:05:59FireMal lol ali din noob
00:06:00Aerwyn y
00:06:11JensDenLange det har han altid været
00:06:14AliBaba hahahha >D
00:06:23JensDenLange og det syntes han er sjovt
00:06:32Aerwyn kill
00:06:42Mamo whay ?
00:06:47koningseg stop auto
00:06:48koningseg attack
00:06:53Aerwyn just stun
00:06:53koningseg go sven
00:06:53Mamo stun
00:06:53koningseg come
00:06:55Banana ss 2
00:06:56Aerwyn and toss
00:07:03Aerwyn go
00:07:04JensDenLange re
00:07:04Aerwyn stun
00:07:05Mamo stun
00:07:06Aerwyn when come
00:07:24Aerwyn when they come
00:07:25Aerwyn near us
00:07:38Aerwyn stun
00:07:44Mamo stun
00:07:50Zkzk now
00:07:50koningseg LOL
00:07:52Mamo you
00:07:53Zkzk noooo
00:07:57Zkzk why man ???
00:08:10mby_next_time "kk"
00:08:21Aerwyn gj
00:08:24Mamo gj
00:08:26FireMal omg ali feed them more plz
00:08:27koningseg top miss
00:08:30FireMal feed ali feed
00:08:32McFele miss mid
00:08:32Banana stfu
00:08:41McFele re
00:09:11Mamo go
00:09:27McFele miss mid
00:09:28McFele !!!
00:09:35FireMal need gang asap bot
00:09:36Mamo go
00:09:37mby_next_time yo
00:09:40FireMal plz gang asap
00:09:43McFele sec
00:09:47Mamo stun
00:09:51mby_next_time you first
00:09:53McFele need my boots
00:09:54mby_next_time he will evade
00:09:55McFele re mid
00:09:56Mamo arrow
00:10:05FireMal jens kan du gange bot
00:10:12mby_next_time TOSS
00:10:17mby_next_time WHY YOU WAIT
00:10:19mby_next_time WITH TOSS
00:10:21FireMal ss
00:10:21McFele 3 mid
00:10:25FireMal miss bot
00:10:26mby_next_time GOD IT DOESNT MATTER WHO GETS KILL
00:10:26McFele miss tiny
00:10:28mby_next_time \ff
00:10:28JensDenLange go
00:10:31Mamo no mana on toss
00:10:35mby_next_time you had
00:10:35Mamo cd
00:10:38mby_next_time dont lie
00:10:41FireMal wtf
00:10:42FireMal ali
00:11:01Zkzk ??
00:11:09Aerwyn kill dwarf mirana
00:11:11Banana go=?
00:11:12JensDenLange 3 top
00:11:13JensDenLange nah
00:11:17JensDenLange need more mana
00:11:20JensDenLange 2 sek
00:11:20Banana mhm
00:11:24JensDenLange stay rdy
00:11:37JensDenLange tiny coming mid
00:11:47McFele ye they want to kill me
00:12:09Banana :p
00:12:13Mamo b
00:12:29JensDenLange no boots abaddon?
00:12:31mby_next_time ss
00:12:39Aerwyn kill
00:12:41FireMal he sucks
00:12:46JensDenLange he must!
00:12:48AliBaba afk sec
00:13:08Mamo stun
00:13:17McFele mia going down
00:13:25Banana ffs
00:13:28FireMal fuck
00:13:48Zkzk god!!!
00:14:04McFele nice
00:14:06McFele thx
00:14:08FireMal np
00:14:32JensDenLange harass him
00:14:33JensDenLange consta
00:14:43JensDenLange help top
00:14:49JensDenLange got ult
00:14:54FireMal potm
00:15:07JensDenLange pl
00:15:12JensDenLange why go solo?!??!?!?!??!??!?!??!
00:15:15Zkzk wtam i doing
00:15:20Zkzk fuck mee!!
00:15:32FireMal stun
00:15:33AliBaba der er problemer p[ net >D
00:15:33FireMal ffs
00:15:40FireMal hvad er der sket
00:15:45FireMal du bliver snart bannet
00:15:50AliBaba noget med min vandpibe
00:15:53Aerwyn 'lol
00:15:55Aerwyn ?
00:15:57FireMal hvad ?
00:16:04Aerwyn wtf mirana?
00:16:09koningseg mirana total noob
00:16:14mby_next_time tryted getting snip
00:16:29mby_next_time and ufcking
00:16:33mby_next_time I DIED CUZ WRITEING
00:16:35mby_next_time so fucking
00:16:36mby_next_time just
00:16:36Banana ffs abba u suck
00:16:39mby_next_time shut the fuck yp
00:16:43JensDenLange FUCK U!
00:16:47AliBaba cant play
00:16:51JensDenLange wake the fuck up nooobs
00:16:52JensDenLange go leave noob
00:16:57JensDenLange fuck u so much!
00:16:59Banana why shield yourself and go under tower
00:17:02Banana ?
00:17:12Banana start supporting others
00:17:12Zkzk items ???
00:17:19mby_next_time AGHA
00:17:40Zkzk LOL noob
00:17:49Zkzk agha ??
00:17:55mby_next_time aghanim
00:18:01mby_next_time scepter
00:18:05Zkzk where is that???
00:18:11Mamo gj
00:18:14JensDenLange i er helt væk!
00:18:15JensDenLange ff
00:18:19mby_next_time check arcane sanctum
00:18:22Mamo fo
00:18:23mby_next_time there is writetn about it
00:18:26Mamo go
00:18:35JensDenLange holy fuck a abba is so reported!! to bad to play bronze!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
00:18:37AliBaba de har oedelagt min vandpipe
00:18:45Zkzk 4200@@@@
00:18:48JensDenLange hold nu kæft din klamme abe!
00:18:50Banana stfu jens
00:18:58FireMal du blevet reported
00:19:05JensDenLange sure thing!
00:19:07AliBaba for hvad >(
00:19:34JensDenLange aba
00:19:37JensDenLange u shield ur self again!
00:19:40Banana stop shielding yourself
00:19:42JensDenLange are u freaking kidding me??!!?
00:19:43koningseg mirana good farm?
00:19:44koningseg :D:D:D.
00:19:44koningseg noob
00:19:52Banana you have imba ulti
00:20:03koningseg u gonna outfarm pl and sniper?
00:20:04Aerwyn just stop talking, let's win this
00:20:04koningseg :D:D
00:20:04JensDenLange fucking joke this game!
00:20:10JensDenLange noob pickers noob players!! ofc
00:20:25AliBaba hvad fuck er det i ikke fatter man ..
00:20:29Banana help
00:20:31McFele lol i pwned mira very hard mid
00:20:32Zkzk by organ axe now ???
00:20:34McFele so stfu plz
00:20:36Zkzk buy
00:20:37Mamo go
00:20:45AliBaba samir har ødelagt min fucming vandpipe ..
00:20:48AliBaba og jeg kan ikke spille
00:20:51AliBaba spiller med fucking en hånjd..
00:20:58AliBaba så bare hold din fuicking kæft !
00:21:13koningseg nice teleport there mirana
00:21:13koningseg :D:DD:D:
00:21:15koningseg quit dota plz
00:21:19koningseg fucking retarded piece of shit
00:21:48koningseg omg u can bottle runes?
00:21:48koningseg wow
00:21:50koningseg must be pro
00:22:05koningseg LOL
00:22:16koningseg suck harder plz
00:22:21JensDenLange hahaha
00:22:25JensDenLange what are u doign
00:22:27JensDenLange sniper
00:22:29JensDenLange learn to troll
00:22:33JensDenLange fucking dont tank it
00:23:00FireMal fuck
00:23:20Aerwyn gj
00:23:21FireMal just fff
00:23:23Aerwyn push
00:23:24Banana stfu
00:23:25Mamo gj
00:23:26JensDenLange y'
00:23:27Banana lastpick shit
00:23:32Banana you lsot this game with your pick
00:23:35Banana anyway
00:23:36JensDenLange pl lost this
00:23:36Banana guys
00:23:37mby_next_time -st
00:23:40JensDenLange aba lost this
00:23:40Banana still want to win this?
00:23:43JensDenLange fuck those2
00:23:43FireMal i didnt pick i got randomed
00:23:43Mamo -st
00:23:46Mamo -ii
00:23:52JensDenLange then FUCK U for that random
00:23:54Banana do we want to win this?
00:23:54JensDenLange dumb shit!
00:23:59JensDenLange nah
00:24:00FireMal oh yeah wd wood have done wonders
00:24:02JensDenLange i dont feel like it!
00:24:07FireMal rasta i meen
00:24:07Aerwyn wait
00:24:11Banana we need wards
00:24:12JensDenLange ur so bad
00:24:13Banana pl buy wards
00:24:14JensDenLange stfu bround
00:24:15JensDenLange really
00:24:29Banana pl buy wards plz
00:24:47Banana come all
00:24:49Banana move with 5
00:24:58Banana push lanes back and go their woods
00:25:08koningseg go
00:26:10Banana see
00:26:15JensDenLange well..
00:26:15Banana they die if we do it right
00:26:15FireMal stfy
00:26:18FireMal stfy
00:26:19Aerwyn need dust guys
00:26:19FireMal stfu
00:26:21JensDenLange cause we have 1 good pick on team
00:26:22JensDenLange pl
00:26:23JensDenLange stfu
00:26:26JensDenLange why do u even type
00:26:28JensDenLange u can do nothing
00:26:28Zkzk why
00:26:30Zkzk ??
00:26:30Aerwyn or gem
00:26:31JensDenLange stfu ur self!
00:26:35Aerwyn two int guys
00:26:38Banana regen and gather mid
00:26:39Aerwyn would be nice
00:26:42JensDenLange y
00:26:44Banana i have smoke
00:26:48JensDenLange dont go dps sniper
00:26:49Banana b
00:26:50Banana b
00:26:50Banana b
00:27:18Banana pl stop going solo
00:27:26Banana u wont achieve anything with it
00:27:33FireMal money
00:28:42Aerwyn great
00:28:46Aerwyn break the shield
00:28:50Banana lol
00:29:12koningseg quit dota mirana plz
00:29:21mby_next_time you know
00:29:27mby_next_time why you are all time bronze
00:29:29JensDenLange worst player ever
00:29:30mby_next_time and even with 12 lost
00:29:32mby_next_time in row
00:29:34mby_next_time last games me
00:29:38mby_next_time im still better then you?
00:29:40koningseg want 1vs1 for 5k$?
00:29:41mby_next_time then fucking shut yup
00:29:45koningseg best of 10 games?
00:29:50mby_next_time 1/1 isnt dota
00:29:51mby_next_time nap
00:29:54JensDenLange ur so fucking slow
00:29:58mby_next_time but np for me
00:30:13JensDenLange harass
00:30:18mby_next_time you're so low.
00:30:19JensDenLange he cant blink when u shoot him
00:30:19mby_next_time god
00:30:21JensDenLange ?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?
00:30:38JensDenLange but any way
00:30:42JensDenLange good that it is tiny who are fed
00:30:44Banana got smoke
00:30:45Aerwyn kill
00:30:45JensDenLange not that good late
00:30:46Aerwyn tiny
00:30:46Zkzk ohh good iam a feeder
00:30:47koningseg go mid
00:30:48Aerwyn just blink in
00:31:01Banana bb
00:31:01Banana b
00:31:29FireMal fuck
00:31:57FireMal ali lad være med at misforstå mig men du sutter virkeligt
00:32:01FireMal og jeg mener virkeligt
00:32:03AliBaba hahahah
00:32:05FireMal sutter for hårdt
00:32:08AliBaba du fatter seriøst narda..
00:32:11koningseg rax
00:32:11koningseg mid
00:32:13AliBaba jeg spiller med en hånd..
00:32:14FireMal fuck din vandpibe
00:32:16AliBaba fuck dig
00:32:20JensDenLange sssh
00:32:26koningseg oh cant
00:32:26koningseg top
00:32:27JensDenLange i er begge to LATTERligt ringe!
00:32:29JensDenLange så STFU
00:32:29FireMal kom lad os se hvem der fucker hvem ali
00:32:41JensDenLange i knepper hinanden!! fucking negere!
00:33:27koningseg got ulti mirana?
00:33:28Zkzk b
00:33:28Zkzk bb
00:33:29Zkzk b
00:33:35mby_next_time []mana off
00:33:41Aerwyn mirana
00:33:49Banana oom
00:33:51Aerwyn stop farming and move with us :/
00:33:58mby_next_time was with you
00:33:58Aerwyn gather and gang, ok?
00:34:03mby_next_time when found
00:34:06mby_next_time that they gang
00:34:07mby_next_time i backed
00:34:10JensDenLange help the push
00:34:10JensDenLange come
00:34:12mby_next_time that's all
00:34:12Aerwyn i get smoke
00:34:13JensDenLange hide
00:34:14JensDenLange with me
00:34:17mby_next_time im not gioing to stay with you to die
00:34:19JensDenLange nvm
00:34:19JensDenLange go
00:34:20koningseg rhasta wtf yu doing
00:34:21koningseg lol
00:34:21koningseg noob
00:35:00Zkzk wow you stun a creep
00:35:07koningseg this mirana
00:35:08koningseg so bad
00:35:13Aerwyn just stay b
00:35:13mby_next_time what i did wrong?
00:35:17mby_next_time tell me
00:35:20Aerwyn tiny must blink...
00:35:20koningseg u are so shit
00:35:21koningseg just shit
00:35:26Aerwyn can't wait magnataur to blink
00:35:26McFele rly gj magnus u won
00:35:28Aerwyn stupid
00:35:29koningseg u can only jump around
00:35:31koningseg nothing else u can do
00:35:33koningseg useless piece of shitõ
00:35:37Zkzk fuck u
00:35:39mby_next_time you're so low :D
00:35:40Mamo 0:9
00:35:43Mamo omfg
00:35:49Mamo rhasta
00:35:55mby_next_time it's newfag
00:35:56mby_next_time to dota
00:36:01Banana i go b
00:36:06koningseg go roshan
00:36:29Banana pipe at last
00:36:32koningseg push
00:36:33koningseg mid
00:36:35koningseg magnus no ulti
00:36:36mby_next_time -st
00:36:43koningseg rhawsta ciome
00:36:48Banana b
00:36:49koningseg just ward
00:36:52koningseg nothinge else u have to do
00:36:54Banana come others
00:37:01JensDenLange they gathered
00:37:02JensDenLange wanna go
00:37:03JensDenLange care
00:37:06JensDenLange wait for sniper!
00:37:06koningseg where the fuck
00:37:08koningseg are u going
00:37:11koningseg srly
00:37:18Aerwyn b
00:37:19Aerwyn mid
00:37:24koningseg no
00:37:24koningseg go
00:37:26JensDenLange got ult again
00:37:27JensDenLange gather
00:37:45koningseg dont
00:37:48koningseg add here again
00:37:53Mamo push mid
00:38:35JensDenLange sniper
00:38:40JensDenLange they will focus u more now
00:38:43JensDenLange so u need to carry
00:38:46JensDenLange 'care
00:38:59koningseg gg
00:38:59koningseg I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:05koningseg rhasta dont add here again go practice
00:39:09koningseg before u play here ty
00:39:17Banana gather mid all
00:39:24mby_next_time god you're all talking like big broes pro
00:39:30mby_next_time funny
00:39:34Zkzk yeah
00:39:40mby_next_time well it;'s true
00:39:41Aerwyn gather
00:39:42mby_next_time what they say
00:39:43Aerwyn go with smoke
00:39:49Aerwyn gather
00:39:49Aerwyn gang
00:39:50mby_next_time you suck
00:39:52mby_next_time but whatver
00:40:21JensDenLange free rhasta kill
00:40:25koningseg go
00:40:26koningseg roshan
00:40:26Banana got smoke
00:40:28koningseg with my wards
00:40:30JensDenLange gather
00:40:30Banana come
00:40:39mby_next_time wabt to give magna
00:40:40JensDenLange COME
00:40:41mby_next_time more free kills>?
00:40:42JensDenLange stop solo
00:40:42Aerwyn i stay b, rdy
00:40:42mby_next_time naps
00:40:43JensDenLange pl
00:40:58Banana fuck this guyõ
00:41:00mby_next_time dead
00:41:39AliBaba -.-
00:41:56Zkzk do u have sound guys??
00:42:10Banana go push
00:42:15Banana i def
00:42:27Banana ah dd
00:43:12koningseg we cant
00:43:15McFele gem
00:43:15koningseg outfarm pl and sniper
00:43:16McFele tin
00:43:19koningseg how the fuck u cant understand that
00:43:22McFele b
00:43:23McFele b
00:43:24JensDenLange focus tiny
00:43:40koningseg go help
00:43:41koningseg kunkka
00:43:42koningseg idiots
00:44:02mby_next_time just back jezus
00:44:06Aerwyn lol?
00:44:08mby_next_time how bad you are?
00:44:11Aerwyn rhasta?
00:44:19Zkzk hahahahahha
00:44:28Zkzk just testing the hot keys :P
00:44:29McFele destroy gem
00:44:30mby_next_time give them more food
00:44:30McFele plz
00:44:31koningseg stfu
00:44:33koningseg and dont add here
00:44:33mby_next_time zkzk
00:44:36mby_next_time can you
00:44:39mby_next_time go play more garena
00:44:43mby_next_time cuz you destroy games
00:44:44mby_next_time here
00:45:19mby_next_time so can you do that rhasta?
00:45:24mby_next_time you seriously dont help a lot
00:45:28FireMal what do i buy i have 4.4k
00:45:31FireMal 3,3
00:45:33McFele radi
00:45:34McFele ance
00:45:44FireMal k
00:45:47Zkzk iam just buzy
00:45:50mby_next_time no
00:45:52mby_next_time you just suck
00:45:52koningseg yea right u just suck
00:45:54mby_next_time if you dont know
00:45:58mby_next_time what is agjha
00:46:01mby_next_time agha*
00:46:03mby_next_time it means
00:46:06mby_next_time you do suck
00:46:13Zkzk who controls me!!!!
00:46:17JensDenLange got refresher!
00:46:22McFele cool
00:46:59JensDenLange lets end
00:47:16Aerwyn def
00:47:17Aerwyn at base
00:47:19Aerwyn k?
00:47:27Banana come all
00:47:28koningseg fuck that
00:47:29mby_next_time do so
00:47:29Zkzk wt just happend ?
00:47:32mby_next_time GO BASE
00:47:33mby_next_time dude
00:47:35mby_next_time if you
00:47:36mby_next_time dont know
00:47:41mby_next_time what sniper ulti is like
00:47:44mby_next_time dont play here
00:47:45mby_next_time please
00:47:45FireMal reuse chick
00:47:55JensDenLange def pl
00:47:59FireMal y
00:48:46Banana rax
00:48:47Banana gogogo
00:49:02McFele gj wards
00:49:04mby_next_time dead mgna
00:49:04Banana bot rax
00:49:09mby_next_time donrun let sucide
00:49:10mby_next_time god
00:49:16Banana go bot plz
00:49:20Banana dont prolong
00:50:30Banana go top
00:50:42koningseg :D
00:50:45koningseg ffõ
00:50:47koningseg I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:46McFele feel the rapier
00:51:51mby_next_time nap.
00:51:56mby_next_time but whatever.
00:51:56McFele u got pwned mid hard
00:52:02mby_next_time rofl sniper says so :DD
00:52:03JensDenLange owned mid!
00:52:05mby_next_time hahaha :DDD
00:52:06JensDenLange haha BLUE
00:52:06mby_next_time hahahaha
00:52:07JensDenLange nooob
00:52:08mby_next_time hahahah :D
00:52:08JensDenLange hahah
00:52:11mby_next_time cs baby
00:52:12mby_next_time chwck it
00:52:19mby_next_time check our cs nap
00:52:44Zkzk ks immak
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