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87% | 1558 X | 1436 TS

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50% | 1227 X | 1281 TS

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47% | 1085 X | 1394 TS

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Chat log

00:00:19Aerwyn ban chaos...
00:00:19Aerwyn hate him
00:00:19Kastrup --
00:00:19valiante bara
00:00:19Aerwyn or lycan
00:00:19Aerwyn lycan, better ban
00:00:19Kastrup naix
00:00:24valiante hvem skal ha lycan?
00:00:28Kastrup any1 want sk or tide?
00:00:31Nickless sk
00:00:35Kastrup okay
00:00:39Aerwyn pick chaos...
00:00:39Jerkku we need
00:00:41Aerwyn some1
00:00:41Jerkku ck now
00:00:47Kastrup take ck
00:01:00Aerwyn can some1 take ck?
00:01:04Aerwyn dont wanna play him
00:01:05Aerwyn ?
00:01:06valiante -swap 2
00:01:09Aerwyn can some1 play?
00:01:10Kastrup we need wards for woods
00:01:12-HewaL- -swap 1
00:01:14Aerwyn guys?
00:01:15Nuudel what should i take?
00:01:18Aerwyn answer, can u play ck
00:01:20Nickless what uwant
00:01:24Aerwyn storm
00:01:26Nuudel cyro?
00:01:26valiante supporters
00:01:29Kastrup give me storm
00:01:30valiante wd
00:01:32valiante is best pick here
00:01:33Kastrup gyro
00:01:34Nuudel ?
00:01:35valiante wd and rexxar
00:01:36Kastrup -swap 3
00:01:37valiante WD
00:01:38Nuudel wd?
00:01:40Nickless -swap 1
00:01:42Aerwyn -swap 3
00:01:42Nickless -clear
00:02:00Kastrup tide last?
00:02:00LaPuhh tide, rex?
00:02:00Aerwyn orange
00:02:04Kastrup tide or rex
00:02:04Jerkku tide
00:02:05Jerkku imo
00:02:07Aerwyn tide
00:02:12Aerwyn lapuhh
00:02:15Aerwyn u wanna play ck?
00:02:20Kastrup share chicken
00:02:22Aerwyn i could play tide
00:02:25Jerkku NO LAPUHH CK
00:02:26LaPuhh i dont know how
00:02:28AliBaba share
00:02:30Aerwyn :D
00:02:30valiante share
00:02:31valiante chicken
00:02:33Aerwyn okay, i play him
00:02:37Jerkku ck
00:02:42Jerkku top ?
00:02:46Nickless share?
00:02:50Aerwyn i go bot
00:02:53Nickless tx
00:02:56Jerkku well we have imba
00:03:04Jerkku runetop
00:03:18Jerkku u should pull
00:03:25Aerwyn i can pull
00:03:27Aerwyn y
00:03:28Jerkku kk
00:03:50Aerwyn ward
00:05:02Aerwyn gj
00:05:06Jerkku u2
00:05:21Jerkku 0 lasthits
00:05:29Aerwyn :D
00:05:29Jerkku im kinda useless here
00:05:36AliBaba ss
00:05:57Nickless ss
00:05:57Nickless ss
00:06:04Aerwyn kill
00:06:16Jerkku my bad
00:06:55Nickless max gush pls
00:07:03LaPuhh y
00:07:16Jerkku gogo
00:08:03Aerwyn get
00:08:04Aerwyn rege
00:08:05Aerwyn and kill
00:08:06Aerwyn k?
00:08:16Jerkku y
00:08:19Aerwyn kill witch
00:08:19Kastrup a gank mid would help alot
00:08:22Jerkku or should we wait
00:08:23Aerwyn no dont fail :)
00:08:24Jerkku lvl 5
00:08:25valiante could use flying
00:08:26Aerwyn no
00:08:29Aerwyn we can kill him
00:09:02Nickless ss
00:09:13VVindoWz ss
00:09:32Aerwyn kill
00:09:33Aerwyn blue
00:09:33Aerwyn go
00:09:38valiante ss
00:09:41AliBaba ss
00:09:42AliBaba bot
00:10:04Aerwyn blue...
00:10:06Aerwyn play better
00:10:32Jerkku got dd top
00:10:36Aerwyn i go farm bot
00:10:41valiante ss
00:10:46Jerkku ready
00:10:51AliBaba care top
00:11:13AliBaba re 1
00:11:40AliBaba proulti b
00:12:05Nuudel i thought your stun like 4 sec
00:12:24VVindoWz 3 top
00:12:55valiante lets go top
00:12:57Kastrup I WANT RUNE
00:12:58Kastrup ffs
00:13:53Aerwyn no mana
00:14:00Nickless i will give u mana
00:14:03VVindoWz care
00:14:07VVindoWz care bot
00:14:18Aerwyn now kill
00:14:25Aerwyn to tower
00:14:42Aerwyn now
00:14:42Aerwyn go
00:14:44Aerwyn witch
00:15:05Aerwyn sry
00:15:16Aerwyn hmph
00:16:05Jerkku y
00:16:45valiante u moron?
00:16:47valiante u stay there?
00:16:48Aerwyn '
00:16:50Aerwyn tide
00:16:51Aerwyn ulti?
00:16:53LaPuhh y
00:16:55Aerwyn gogo
00:17:17Aerwyn wiuh, u almost late :D
00:17:25valiante gj abda
00:17:26LaPuhh sry
00:17:27Aerwyn be faster nect time :P
00:17:35LaPuhh k
00:17:36Aerwyn k? :/
00:17:38Aerwyn thx
00:17:47LaPuhh what should i do for tide?
00:17:55LaPuhh whats the best build
00:17:58Kastrup dager
00:18:01Aerwyn y
00:18:03Aerwyn dager :)
00:18:56valiante guys
00:18:57valiante b
00:19:30Kastrup <- b
00:19:32valiante guys
00:19:34valiante just farm
00:19:35valiante u cant gang
00:19:36valiante for shit
00:19:41Aerwyn no mana
00:19:43Aerwyn useles
00:19:50Aerwyn sand give
00:19:51Aerwyn me mana
00:19:52Aerwyn :)
00:19:56Aerwyn nono
00:20:04-HewaL- bkb eller hot?
00:20:06valiante bkb
00:20:12Aerwyn mana
00:20:13Aerwyn sand
00:20:16Nickless cd
00:20:25Aerwyn mana
00:20:26Aerwyn and gang
00:20:28Aerwyn tide ulti?
00:20:30LaPuhh y
00:20:32Aerwyn good
00:20:36Aerwyn gather
00:20:38-HewaL- har den om 5min
00:20:43Aerwyn gogo
00:21:10valiante gj
00:21:12valiante go fuck urself now
00:21:13valiante in the ass
00:21:23VVindoWz stfu
00:21:38valiante im talking to this stupid gyro
00:21:40valiante coming and ruining
00:21:46Aerwyn b
00:21:47Aerwyn tide
00:22:04Aerwyn LOL
00:22:07Aerwyn the lycan
00:22:10Aerwyn gg
00:22:14Aerwyn forgot him
00:22:26Kastrup hes bad
00:22:35Aerwyn lol, free farm all the time
00:23:02Jerkku u know
00:23:07Jerkku lycan is paper
00:23:10Jerkku when we havew ck
00:23:14Jerkku with 4 sec stun
00:23:22Aerwyn c'mon, fucking lina
00:23:48Aerwyn damn, lycan is so farmed :(
00:23:52Kastrup no he isn't
00:23:53Kastrup he got vlad
00:23:54Kastrup cmon
00:23:55Aerwyn could some1 buy wards?
00:23:55Kastrup chill
00:24:00Kastrup he got vlad and threats?
00:24:01valiante -cs
00:24:03Kastrup in 20 min
00:24:16Jerkku go kill him
00:24:18Kastrup omw
00:24:19Aerwyn sand or tide
00:24:19-HewaL- hvornår kan jeg solo rosh +
00:24:22Aerwyn buy wards
00:24:28LaPuhh just sec
00:24:30VVindoWz nu
00:25:13Kastrup tp
00:25:19Aerwyn tide ulti
00:25:28-HewaL- vil du med mig ind og tage rosh ?
00:25:44Aerwyn gj
00:25:50valiante ?
00:25:53Jerkku see
00:25:53Aerwyn gjgj
00:25:55Kastrup u2
00:25:56Aerwyn well done
00:25:58Jerkku just won 1v1 with lycan
00:25:58AliBaba gyro ???
00:25:59Aerwyn never
00:26:05Jerkku ty
00:26:17valiante wow
00:26:22VVindoWz are u dumb
00:26:23VVindoWz ????
00:26:30VVindoWz 2 twats
00:26:31Aerwyn :(
00:26:34Kastrup :/
00:26:36Aerwyn tower and b
00:26:42Jerkku need wards on rosh
00:26:45Kastrup ye
00:26:56Nickless lost point booster 2 times.. otherwise np
00:27:04Kastrup ulti
00:27:14Jerkku oh just was oom
00:27:20Kastrup okay :/
00:27:32Aerwyn hmm, get got bkb now :D
00:27:39Jerkku i think
00:27:44valiante -cs
00:27:46Jerkku bkb would be pretty useless now
00:27:49Jerkku lycan and trax
00:27:52Aerwyn true
00:27:52Jerkku only attacks
00:28:04Jerkku i go manta prefer
00:28:20Kastrup use
00:28:21Kastrup or not
00:28:47Aerwyn b
00:28:49Aerwyn aah
00:28:50Aerwyn lothar
00:28:50Aerwyn np
00:30:07Aerwyn why did i turn around..........
00:30:11Jerkku we need hex
00:30:23-HewaL- hvad nu?
00:30:26Aerwyn guys, get hex :D
00:30:29valiante b
00:30:43Aerwyn ..........
00:30:47Aerwyn why go with 2?
00:30:51Aerwyn gather, go with 5
00:30:57Jerkku dno im stupid
00:30:59Jerkku .P
00:31:02Aerwyn u are :)
00:31:07Jerkku b
00:31:07Jerkku b
00:31:08Jerkku bb
00:31:08Jerkku b
00:31:08Nickless if i wasnt silenced wed own
00:31:09Jerkku b
00:33:14Aerwyn b
00:33:36Kastrup b
00:34:13Jerkku should we gank with smoke?
00:34:19Jerkku we got great ulticombos
00:35:47valiante b
00:36:04-HewaL- -cs
00:36:11Jerkku go smoke
00:36:11Jerkku now
00:36:13Jerkku all gather
00:36:17Aerwyn sure
00:36:17Jerkku i hsave
00:36:33Jerkku reg
00:36:35Jerkku first
00:36:35Jerkku sk
00:36:37Aerwyn sk
00:36:38Aerwyn reg
00:36:41Aerwyn YELLOW
00:36:53Aerwyn purple :P
00:37:01Aerwyn then go
00:37:04Aerwyn go ulti guys?
00:37:06Nickless z
00:37:07Nickless z
00:37:09Nickless y
00:37:12Nuudel push mid?
00:37:19valiante y
00:37:20Aerwyn ?
00:37:28Aerwyn nice
00:37:46Aerwyn gj team xD
00:38:03Aerwyn we got witch, the worst enemy :D
00:38:07Kastrup ;)
00:38:11Kastrup or i got :)
00:38:19Aerwyn congratulations :D
00:38:23Kastrup we got cauth unlucky place..
00:38:24Kastrup uphill etc
00:38:27Aerwyn ye
00:38:30Nickless true
00:38:38Aerwyn but we can't never beat them at 5on5
00:38:41Kastrup nope
00:38:42Aerwyn must stay def now
00:38:53-HewaL- også ender vi
00:39:25Jerkku def bot
00:39:26Jerkku some
00:39:29Aerwyn sk, let me farm
00:39:31Aerwyn more useful
00:40:03Jerkku gather
00:40:09Kastrup go
00:40:12Kastrup care
00:40:44Aerwyn b
00:40:45Aerwyn b
00:40:48Aerwyn B
00:40:49Aerwyn BLUE
00:40:58Aerwyn tp :P
00:40:59Aerwyn k?
00:41:00Kastrup cd
00:41:42Jerkku why
00:41:44Jerkku in hell
00:41:45Kastrup why?
00:41:46Jerkku u go
00:41:57Kastrup WHY?
00:41:58Kastrup WHY?
00:43:00Aerwyn stay b
00:43:36Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:40Aerwyn I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:51Aerwyn why didnt u ban lycan :P
00:43:55Jerkku withou hex we cant win4
00:44:01Aerwyn much worse than naix
00:44:16Jerkku lycan just
00:44:19Jerkku always wins
00:44:21Jerkku cant help it
00:44:25Kastrup he doesn't
00:44:29Aerwyn that's why wanted it ban
00:44:30Kastrup we just keep going to them one by one
00:44:32Kastrup then u lose
00:44:37Kastrup u said naix
00:44:38Kastrup so su
00:44:44Jerkku and also
00:44:48Jerkku ck's farm sucks
00:44:50Kastrup FFS
00:44:50Kastrup ¨
00:45:10LaPuhh tnx
00:45:12Kastrup np
00:45:12LaPuhh :D
00:45:14Kastrup :)
00:45:31Nickless lol
00:46:13valiante ?
00:46:31Aerwyn try not to die :P
00:46:31Nuudel ?
00:46:36valiante -cs
00:46:38-HewaL- item nu ?
00:46:43VVindoWz hot
00:47:00-HewaL- -ms
00:47:54Kastrup np
00:48:03Kastrup this tide :D
00:48:05Aerwyn thx :)
00:48:17LaPuhh is awesome
00:48:20Jerkku ok gg
00:48:21Jerkku just ff
00:48:23Jerkku now
00:48:41Jerkku traxex so fat also
00:48:41Aerwyn xD
00:48:43Aerwyn ff it, pls
00:48:46Jerkku just ff iy
00:48:46LaPuhh I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:50Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:53Nickless I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:01Jerkku kastrup
00:49:03Jerkku ff it
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