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Chat log

00:00:00JensDenLange [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Banana with 57 seconds.
00:00:13svents oi oi :D svents my m8
00:00:16svents saad owni :D
00:00:19Banana :D
00:00:19svents tra ma söön hetkel :DDD Spec Väga ei karda tbh :D Spec
00:00:19Nuudel ise ka söön:D
00:00:19svents any1 can carry?
00:00:19svents any1 want seomthing?
00:00:19Aerwyn i could play tc
00:00:19JensDenLange hmm.. i think i should play magnus again?
00:00:19Banana oi palun tehke nii et ma saaks selle hero pickida mis ma tahan
00:00:19Pine4pple give me orgre
00:00:19svents yeah magnus good
00:00:19slc2 somebody what do u play
00:00:19svents i ban aa sf or void, i go
00:00:19FireMal immo we need least 2 or 3 tanks in this game
00:00:21svents gey hero
00:00:26svents oh tubli oled:D
00:00:30svents i go doom
00:00:42FireMal couze pool sucks
00:00:56Aerwyn u go mid, luci?
00:00:58svents im mid
00:01:02Banana wazaaa
00:01:07JensDenLange u can handle sf?
00:01:08FireMal lol we will win this
00:01:09Aerwyn don't let never farm too much :/
00:01:09Nuudel kelle ma võtan?
00:01:11FireMal vs svents
00:01:11svents get decent picks pls
00:01:17FireMal ogre for me ma
00:01:19FireMal :D poh poh
00:01:20Aerwyn range
00:01:23Nuudel okei
00:01:23Aerwyn need range ma panen suht ise kinni pela
00:01:25slc2 get ogre rubick
00:01:27JensDenLange krob?
00:01:29Aerwyn sure
00:01:29JensDenLange would be sick
00:01:32svents krobe sd
00:01:36svents would be good
00:01:42slc2 rubick last
00:01:43svents tba
00:01:47slc2 or pit lol
00:01:50Banana :D
00:01:54Banana fun fun
00:01:55svents get somethng good ütleme nii, et
00:02:00slc2 ogre top
00:02:00svents like rubick
00:02:01slc2 ogre top
00:02:02svents or something
00:02:03JensDenLange ^^
00:02:03slc2 ogre top
00:02:04svents good see poh polnud nii mõeldud. :D
00:02:05JensDenLange guys
00:02:07Aerwyn gj selle pela saame küll taha. :D
00:02:11Banana -ma
00:02:12Aerwyn we got good heroes
00:02:20slc2 firemal kom
00:02:29JensDenLange play tight! call the ss's and talk in a team friendly tone!! wins games! misses dont forget to tell em
00:02:45slc2 ogre top
00:02:54Pine4pple good lukc mid :D
00:02:59slc2 du puller bare derudaf
00:03:00svents np
00:03:03Aerwyn i gang him as soon as possible
00:03:10svents he is bad with sf Svents sa tuled midi? :D
00:03:11svents so np
00:03:16svents foc
00:03:38FireMal gm ?
00:04:29JensDenLange gj
00:04:30svents gj
00:04:33Pine4pple u 8
00:04:37Banana idioot
00:06:02Aerwyn lol
00:06:06Aerwyn funny
00:06:48tba ss
00:06:50tba top
00:06:58Aerwyn omw mid luci
00:07:01svents ok
00:07:20Aerwyn wait ur lvl 6?
00:07:23svents y
00:07:38tba dd
00:07:42Aerwyn wtf?
00:07:44tba dd top
00:07:50Aerwyn ?
00:07:53svents vitt :D
00:07:56slc2 miss rubick
00:08:22slc2 gj
00:09:00svents look rune bot
00:09:01svents pls
00:09:05svents rune bot
00:09:06Aerwyn k
00:09:16JensDenLange ss top?
00:09:18tba ss
00:09:27FireMal go magnus
00:09:28slc2 kill rubick efter pull skynd dig
00:09:33Aerwyn care ss mid 2
00:09:46FireMal deny ?
00:10:20Aerwyn DFBG
00:10:21Aerwyn VGH¨GF
00:10:41Banana ffs
00:10:45Aerwyn FUCKING NOOB
00:10:48Aerwyn PURPLE
00:10:57JensDenLange dont flame
00:10:57Pine4pple ??
00:10:58Aerwyn WTF
00:11:01JensDenLange tell him what to do diffrent!
00:11:04Aerwyn WTF, FUCKING NOOB
00:11:24Aerwyn if i use my ulti, dont do that
00:11:25Aerwyn ok?
00:11:37Pine4pple opk sry dude
00:11:50svents ss
00:11:52tba b
00:11:52Banana ss bot 2
00:11:53FireMal magnus
00:12:11Aerwyn go mid
00:12:12Aerwyn shadow
00:12:13svents re
00:12:14Pine4pple come¨'
00:12:18FireMal slc8 ?
00:12:21FireMal slc2 ?
00:12:25FireMal why didnt you go
00:12:41Aerwyn ...
00:13:10Aerwyn why no1 didnt go to pudge?
00:13:15Aerwyn i was too low
00:13:19Aerwyn no
00:13:21Aerwyn meant never
00:13:25JensDenLange gank top
00:13:25tba he got freefarm
00:13:28tba take top
00:13:51FireMal wp
00:13:56JensDenLange b tc
00:14:02JensDenLange b
00:14:02JensDenLange b
00:14:10JensDenLange ffs
00:14:49Aerwyn lol
00:15:00FireMal ss doom
00:15:05Banana ah leegid v
00:15:05Aerwyn luci
00:15:07Aerwyn kill ogre mid
00:15:12svents im oom
00:15:14Aerwyn i give mana
00:15:24Pine4pple mamna
00:15:40tba mid twr
00:15:46svents get tower yeah
00:15:46FireMal :D pussy with 1,1K hp
00:15:50FireMal nice one tc
00:16:24svents :DDD
00:16:26FireMal haha 2 ultis on me ;:D;D;D;D;D;D;
00:16:28Banana :D
00:16:36Aerwyn k, never got really farmed
00:16:41JensDenLange thought thre more!
00:16:44svents he is bad
00:17:33Aerwyn magna, u didnt have ulti?
00:17:45slc2 pussues
00:17:46slc2 pussys :D
00:18:05Aerwyn gj guys
00:18:17FireMal gather ?
00:18:31Aerwyn b
00:18:32Aerwyn b
00:19:03JensDenLange tba.. if u place ward behind the tree u get more vission!
00:19:06JensDenLange just fyi
00:19:32Aerwyn mid
00:19:32Aerwyn go
00:19:50Aerwyn go
00:19:51Aerwyn mid
00:20:01Aerwyn k
00:20:02Aerwyn gang
00:20:07Pine4pple me
00:21:02slc2 gå nu efter sd i stedet for når tc er lige meget
00:21:05Aerwyn go mid
00:21:07Aerwyn mid
00:21:47Aerwyn gather
00:21:47Aerwyn gang
00:21:48Aerwyn gogo
00:21:49JensDenLange got blink
00:21:58Aerwyn come
00:22:02Aerwyn ....
00:22:03Aerwyn lol
00:22:07Banana help
00:22:09JensDenLange s
00:22:10JensDenLange sd
00:22:15svents flying pls
00:23:10Aerwyn b
00:23:11Aerwyn guys
00:23:13Aerwyn b
00:23:28Aerwyn never got bkb soon
00:23:32Aerwyn must kill him
00:23:34svents ill domm him
00:23:34Aerwyn few times
00:23:37svents so it doesnt matter
00:24:10tba why do you go there ?
00:24:19svents sai tee selle bkbga siin midagi :D
00:24:24svents iga mu doom sulle:D Nojah
00:24:32FireMal magnus in wood Sa kasutad selle ennnem ära totu. :) *ja dpsin ma ikkagi
00:24:46svents sa passid kuskil ei tea taga:D
00:24:49Aerwyn b
00:24:49Aerwyn b y
00:24:54FireMal lol team
00:25:27Aerwyn gj
00:25:29tba get bot
00:25:30tba tak
00:25:30JensDenLange same
00:25:41svents get flying pls
00:25:51svents and some wards would be good
00:26:12Aerwyn gj
00:26:15FireMal ff
00:26:18Aerwyn need to gang
00:26:34Aerwyn mid mid
00:26:39JensDenLange cd on ult
00:27:00Pine4pple wtf'
00:27:01Pine4pple team
00:27:32tba stay whit me pls
00:27:39Aerwyn b
00:27:46Aerwyn mna
00:27:47svents got radi
00:27:50Aerwyn gj
00:28:03Aerwyn we need to finish this pretty early
00:28:08Aerwyn they win if we stay too late
00:28:22tba care
00:28:54FireMal pudge why dont you hook me
00:29:00Aerwyn gjgj
00:29:01Pine4pple gj Banana JOOOO? Retard
00:29:10FireMal ff bananas map awarness y
00:29:14tba mate
00:29:15tba ?? his noob
00:29:15JensDenLange a.... np
00:29:16JensDenLange nc
00:29:19JensDenLange was oom.
00:29:20Banana ?
00:29:22JensDenLange so failed big time fu ?
00:29:31Banana fu more l2p
00:29:44Banana go farm and su sure
00:29:56Aerwyn gogo
00:30:09Aerwyn WTF
00:30:12Aerwyn FUCKING NOOB SHAdow
00:30:13Aerwyn wtf
00:30:20Aerwyn really this team
00:30:25Aerwyn are u fucking kidding me?
00:30:30Aerwyn die bitch
00:30:47Aerwyn really hate u pineapple
00:30:53Aerwyn easy kill and u kill creeps
00:30:54Pine4pple love u 2
00:32:26svents :DDD
00:32:28Banana D:D
00:32:29FireMal omg where is rune
00:32:52JensDenLange ^^
00:33:17Aerwyn we need to get towers
00:33:22Aerwyn push together?
00:33:28svents go mid
00:33:39JensDenLange ya.. and i will stay in the background! when they come i jump in
00:33:48JensDenLange wooo
00:33:53Banana -ms
00:34:18JensDenLange dont solo
00:34:20svents tra see tiim vittu ise oled nii oneman Peadkit aha saama
00:34:39svents well mul oli doom cd 4 seci
00:34:46svents oleks su just doominud
00:35:08FireMal mine
00:35:22svents come back
00:35:24svents gather
00:35:30svents and lets go together now
00:36:05svents regen and go mid
00:36:06Aerwyn push
00:36:06Aerwyn mid
00:36:14Aerwyn doom never
00:37:29JensDenLange ----
00:37:54JensDenLange hes gone
00:37:56JensDenLange stop chase
00:38:08JensDenLange KIDDING?
00:38:13JensDenLange BACLK!
00:38:20JensDenLange fuck that's bad!
00:38:30JensDenLange Stop solo!
00:38:31JensDenLange ffs
00:38:36JensDenLange are u fucking kidding me
00:38:40JensDenLange use ur brains!
00:39:16JensDenLange no gem
00:39:24JensDenLange how can u solo with gem??
00:39:29JensDenLange u just send ur self 10 min back in the game
00:39:41svents get dusts niipalju su doomist. :D
00:40:27JensDenLange ....
00:40:30Banana D:
00:40:37Aerwyn base
00:40:53Aerwyn they b
00:42:03tba gg
00:42:21svents mine vittu
00:42:23Banana :D
00:42:27svents tra mis random hook see oli loool
00:42:32Banana pro
00:42:37JensDenLange english or report! ur mad bro?
00:42:48JensDenLange at team y
00:42:49svents mai arvanud et sinnani hook ulatubki lol :D
00:42:54JensDenLange but rules are rules! Sure i guess
00:43:15Banana ise ka vahest imestan kuhu see ulatub
00:44:15Aerwyn gj guys
00:44:17Aerwyn ...
00:44:21Banana võtame roshi?
00:44:45FireMal invis
00:44:46FireMal :D
00:44:58JensDenLange ur so lowbobs!
00:45:02tba lol
00:45:08FireMal leave it
00:45:11FireMal :D
00:45:13JensDenLange why do u even bother with him
00:45:13tba what to do what so feed a alch ?
00:45:28tba and sf
00:45:31JensDenLange well not TO DO = go chase him!
00:45:48tba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:58svents well magnus u have to start fight
00:46:52tba jamie ?
00:47:40JensDenLange got refresher
00:47:46svents good
00:47:49JensDenLange in good team battles we can win
00:47:49svents but listen
00:47:54svents magnus u go in first
00:47:56svents ulti firsy
00:47:59Aerwyn no
00:47:59svents so i doom sf
00:48:01svents and then tc
00:48:03JensDenLange ya tahtsite roshi?
00:48:07JensDenLange and then i ult again!
00:48:09Aerwyn magnus miss it tle tangi siis
00:48:11Aerwyn :P
00:48:14Aerwyn k
00:48:17svents if they start fights we lose
00:48:18JensDenLange i hope not
00:48:20Aerwyn gather then?
00:48:34slc2 morten morten morten
00:48:36JensDenLange shame u have'nt farm shit tc
00:48:42tba hvad skal jeg gøre
00:48:54FireMal sutte pik
00:49:02JensDenLange FUN SHIT! :O
00:49:04JensDenLange ....
00:49:14Aerwyn or mid?
00:49:22slc2 blood me
00:49:25JensDenLange stay alert
00:49:26Aerwyn wait at base
00:49:29svents w8 base
00:49:30svents all
00:49:33FireMal dd
00:49:34svents dont go out
00:49:35FireMal ill take
00:49:36JensDenLange b
00:49:42slc2 let me
00:49:43JensDenLange sd?
00:50:07Pine4pple I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] worth it ;)
00:50:55FireMal y
00:50:59FireMal a bit
00:51:06slc2 morten få lidt hp
00:51:17FireMal lol er det mawten
00:51:32tba gg
00:51:37FireMal sker der morten
00:51:51FireMal er du sur
00:52:04JensDenLange orge!! english!! og nej!! du er vild ringe!! sssh!
00:52:08Nuudel oli phantom v2ga halb valik? y
00:52:15FireMal lol
00:52:15tba haha vaata kui kaua pidime me alchega seda pela carryma et sa itemid saaksid ja endiselt pole sa imba
00:52:43JensDenLange b
00:52:44JensDenLange gather
00:52:44Nuudel nja
00:53:09FireMal lol focus slc will lose this game:D 2v2 and his biggest dps in game he runs away ;D
00:54:20JensDenLange asgmlkagklæma
00:54:24Banana :D
00:54:39tba someone go back all go mid finish it
00:55:22slc2 give me 2sedc
00:55:43Aerwyn just def
00:55:45JensDenLange his bkb is 4 sec now
00:55:46Aerwyn for now, ok?
00:55:48JensDenLange we can take them
00:55:56Aerwyn just def
00:55:58Aerwyn let them come
00:56:00Aerwyn they try
00:56:06Banana pl come mid vot täpselt nii kasulik sa oledki nuudel. :D
00:57:13JensDenLange NOT DUST? sa peaks praegu terve nende tiimi soloma atm
00:57:40Nuudel sry ma pole nii pro mhm
00:57:47Banana lendame smokega nende baasi? siis supportidaksegi
00:57:52Aerwyn there is a chance :D ei hakka backdoorima siin
00:57:58Aerwyn if we just stay at base for now
00:57:59JensDenLange ofc slc peab koos tiimiga olema
00:58:06slc2 what mitte üksinda ringi nussima ja siis taha saama
00:58:08JensDenLange when i have ult's we can push
00:58:10Aerwyn dont try push You must stick with team
00:58:15JensDenLange b not fly around with ur lothars
00:58:18Banana def mid and wait until we die
00:58:19Aerwyn B
00:58:29JensDenLange b
00:58:35slc2 pl need diffusal
00:58:38Aerwyn ? y
00:58:39JensDenLange sooo bad!
00:58:39Aerwyn b
00:58:40Aerwyn b
00:58:41Aerwyn b
00:58:41Aerwyn b
00:58:46slc2 ogre needs aga
00:58:54Aerwyn all mid
00:58:55Aerwyn gather
00:58:57FireMal t
00:58:57FireMal y
00:59:00Aerwyn just def
00:59:01Aerwyn at base
00:59:03Aerwyn dont go out
00:59:15Aerwyn they rosh
00:59:24svents go go roshan
00:59:25Aerwyn let them
00:59:28Aerwyn no time
00:59:38Aerwyn NOW
00:59:39Aerwyn NOW
00:59:40Aerwyn NOW
00:59:40FireMal butcher
00:59:43FireMal take w8
00:59:48JensDenLange they wanna end rec
00:59:50JensDenLange stay home on the way
00:59:52Aerwyn ye cs svents? :D
01:00:30svents 275 kolmsada 22
01:00:41svents hja neutraleid kh
01:01:08svents I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:01:16svents minu pask täielik vahet sel on Oleks sa mu ära doomidn
01:01:27svents tra see on see kui pohmakas nii jube on Oleks srunud ja aegisest uuesti tulnud
01:01:33JensDenLange noob team!! jesus christ!! again and again! Sa ei pidand enam jooma ju
01:01:37svents yeah seda küll
01:01:41FireMal lol
01:01:47svents ja magnus ei osanud alustada fighte
01:01:48JensDenLange none english reported! We arent talking bout game
01:01:57svents kui me oleks koguaeg alustanud oleks gg kh olnud
01:01:59JensDenLange dont care!
01:02:01tba I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:01Aerwyn gg
01:02:03JensDenLange Go read the rules! So you cant ban us
01:02:03svents I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:04Aerwyn I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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