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92% | 1681 X | 1410 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02sandii -ap
00:00:25Orre chic
00:00:33MERLIN fire's gonna buy
00:00:37Orre y
00:00:45sandii na luna top
00:00:48Simba storm mid huh?
00:00:49Bollitsch where lich last game...
00:00:57MERLIN who's gonna solo mid
00:00:57sandii ofc
00:00:59Bollitsch who was alibbaba ?=
00:01:03Orre necro mid
00:01:07Orre `?
00:01:10Orre captain :D
00:01:10LaPuhh -ma
00:01:13MERLIN sile mid?
00:01:16Bollitsch no
00:01:17MERLIN or lich
00:01:23MERLIN i cant play
00:01:26Orre just dont feed storm, others are noobs
00:01:28Simba storm build suggest pls
00:01:29MERLIN almost 10month break
00:01:31FireMal me mid then
00:01:33Orre silencer pls mid
00:01:37MERLIN y
00:01:39sandii forcestaff
00:01:39MERLIN lich go top
00:01:41sandii guinsoo
00:01:46AliBaba -.-
00:01:47AliBaba let me mid
00:01:48MERLIN it's an order
00:01:48Simba kk
00:01:48Bollitsch 3 years of dota...maybe 3 times mid
00:01:51MERLIN lawlllll
00:01:54Bollitsch dont expect me to do something ^^
00:02:02MERLIN you cant switch with sd
00:02:03MERLIN i dont care
00:02:08MERLIN can*
00:02:22AliBaba silincer ?
00:02:25Bollitsch y
00:02:28AliBaba you midf ?
00:02:30AliBaba or ?
00:02:35Bollitsch lets try
00:02:39AliBaba k :b
00:02:48Bollitsch 1/0
00:03:39Simba b
00:04:57Bollitsch ss
00:05:08FireMal ff
00:05:10Orre OMG
00:05:11AliBaba gj
00:05:12Orre OMGOMg
00:05:13Orre mogdfõfd-df'
00:05:13Orre fgfg
00:05:14Orre fg
00:05:15Orre G
00:05:42FireMal next time stun both you fucking noob
00:05:53MERLIN buy wards
00:05:58MERLIN or
00:05:59MERLIN no need
00:06:21AliBaba ugur
00:06:22FireMal ff
00:06:35Bollitsch ss
00:07:11FireMal meepo
00:07:14Bollitsch sry
00:07:18FireMal rdy
00:07:35Bollitsch ss
00:07:40FireMal finyaly someone who can play
00:07:46MERLIN wards
00:07:48MERLIN someone
00:08:08MERLIN care top
00:08:09Simba ss
00:08:13Simba 2
00:08:25AliBaba ss
00:08:32AliBaba why 3 mid ????
00:08:35AliBaba go lanes
00:08:37FireMal twr
00:08:49MERLIN def bot
00:08:49Orre ss
00:09:06Bollitsch necro ?
00:09:12Orre lol
00:09:13AliBaba nice ultui
00:10:02sandii ss mid
00:10:09Nuudel karla votame kedagi?
00:10:14LaPuhh mul 1 stun
00:10:18LaPuhh või inv
00:10:25Bollitsch ss
00:10:29MERLIN -1
00:10:30MERLIN re
00:10:48Simba ss
00:10:50MERLIN no mana
00:10:50Simba 2
00:10:53Simba 1
00:10:54Simba re
00:10:55Simba re
00:10:56LaPuhh aga keda
00:10:56MERLIN for combo
00:10:58MERLIN -2
00:11:01Nuudel ossi
00:11:07Nuudel mul 2 eclipsi
00:11:08LaPuhh in v
00:12:06Bollitsch storm dd
00:12:13sandii ss mid
00:12:33Orre gj
00:12:33Bollitsch ss storm
00:12:34MERLIN w8
00:12:35sandii omw bot
00:12:44AliBaba ugur.. køber du wards ?
00:12:44Bollitsch re
00:12:46FireMal w8
00:13:01LaPuhh ss 2 top
00:13:02AliBaba b
00:13:15MERLIN lol
00:13:16MERLIN wtf
00:13:26AliBaba let me start
00:13:27MERLIN miss on luna?
00:14:29MERLIN reg top
00:14:35MERLIN nort take
00:14:43Bollitsch y
00:15:01sandii gj
00:15:03AliBaba please.. sidste gang du spiller lich..
00:15:17Orre kill
00:16:53FireMal care top
00:16:54FireMal all go top
00:16:56FireMal gang them
00:17:28FireMal haha
00:17:43MERLIN push mid
00:17:43MERLIN tower
00:18:25MERLIN care mid
00:19:03MERLIN w8
00:19:18Bollitsch omw no ult
00:19:19MERLIN go
00:19:47MERLIN i b
00:20:16MERLIN more wards pls
00:20:28MERLIN ward top
00:21:10Bollitsch lets go woods ?
00:21:11MERLIN push bot
00:21:48FireMal wtf
00:21:55Nuudel together?
00:22:08FireMal i ultied creep
00:22:12MERLIN we have to push towers
00:22:50MERLIN care
00:22:51MERLIN storm dd
00:23:06Bollitsch if we stay together...we win
00:23:17Bollitsch no ult
00:24:03FireMal slard ulti
00:25:15FireMal påsuh
00:25:17FireMal push
00:25:19MERLIN w8
00:25:26FireMal 4 what
00:25:30MERLIN mid
00:25:32MERLIN me
00:25:33MERLIN :--D
00:25:46FireMal we need gather
00:25:47FireMal fast
00:25:49Bollitsch y
00:25:52Orre mid twr
00:26:06FireMal slard ulti
00:26:37MERLIN bot all
00:26:39FireMal b
00:26:42AliBaba su
00:26:44FireMal heal and go top
00:26:49AliBaba shh ugur
00:26:56Bollitsch no ult
00:27:10FireMal ok lets wait for cd then
00:27:21FireMal care bot
00:27:22Simba luna tee lothar
00:27:27Bollitsch my bad
00:27:28Bollitsch sry
00:27:49AliBaba lol
00:27:52AliBaba didnt see him
00:27:54MERLIN b
00:28:24MERLIN care
00:28:26MERLIN b
00:28:26Orre b
00:28:27MERLIN b
00:28:30MERLIN lich b
00:28:58Orre wards pls
00:29:08AliBaba ugur wards !
00:29:13MERLIN get wards
00:29:17AliBaba lich
00:29:25FireMal sd get wards
00:29:29AliBaba ? :D
00:29:33AliBaba go buy them
00:29:47MERLIN someone place tehm
00:29:54FireMal sssssshhhhh dont talk to me
00:30:12Bollitsch kill is back
00:30:53Bollitsch slard
00:31:02Orre omg
00:31:11AliBaba i have more dmg then you :)
00:31:15Orre k
00:31:35MERLIN go go
00:31:45sandii OPS
00:31:51sandii didnt see slardar
00:32:29AliBaba can you heal ?
00:32:55MERLIN b
00:34:06FireMal gather
00:34:07FireMal fast
00:34:09FireMal smoke
00:34:10Bollitsch y
00:34:12FireMal someone go smoke
00:34:13FireMal plz
00:34:20Bollitsch ulti up
00:34:30FireMal good mine is up 8
00:34:31FireMal 2
00:34:37MERLIN someone get more wards
00:34:42FireMal maybe we can make combo
00:35:14MERLIN b
00:35:17Bollitsch wp
00:35:18FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:43MERLIN ..
00:35:43Bollitsch we need to wait them to engage
00:35:45Bollitsch and then...we need to dont care for storm
00:35:59Orre we need to tank lunas ulti all together or none at all
00:36:23Simba b
00:36:53Bollitsch check rosh
00:37:00MERLIN get wards ffs
00:37:03AliBaba ugur ..
00:37:06FireMal stfu
00:37:09AliBaba køb nu wards forhelvede
00:37:12AliBaba du til ingen nøtte..
00:37:25MERLIN care
00:37:31FireMal nej men det er din røv
00:37:54MERLIN slards
00:37:55MERLIN take
00:38:00MERLIN care for steal
00:38:02MERLIN take
00:38:06sandii :O
00:38:37MERLIN b
00:38:43MERLIN def mid all
00:38:51Orre b
00:38:52Bollitsch y
00:38:56MERLIN storm dd
00:38:57MERLIN care
00:39:43sandii lol at that bash
00:40:01Bollitsch someone def pls
00:40:08FireMal mid
00:40:57MERLIN -ms
00:40:58MERLIN -clear
00:41:09MERLIN mid all
00:41:10MERLIN gather
00:41:11MERLIN tower
00:41:17Bollitsch win again
00:41:28AliBaba readdy ?
00:41:32Bollitsch no ult
00:41:34Simba b
00:41:35sandii b imo
00:41:45Bollitsch ulti up
00:42:03MERLIN we have to push
00:42:26Bollitsch all mid pls
00:42:32Bollitsch or top
00:42:34Simba need to def mid imo
00:42:35Simba b?
00:42:40Simba they coming
00:42:58Bollitsch too slow
00:43:07AliBaba lich
00:43:07Bollitsch nice lose lich
00:43:10AliBaba you fucvking cunt
00:43:33Orre all
00:44:46MERLIN I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:49Orre pls
00:44:49MERLIN !ff
00:44:51FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:02FireMal just ff no ! in front
00:45:10MERLIN ff all
00:45:10MERLIN f
00:45:11MERLIN I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:45:19Orre kill luna
00:45:28Simba b
00:46:38Bollitsch classic gc game
00:46:54Bollitsch everybody goes for carry stuff...and firemal fails most
00:47:00sandii :D
00:47:09AliBaba Fyu
00:47:13sandii :D
00:47:16FireMal did na just discover he could stun
00:47:20FireMal omg where fucked
00:47:27MERLIN ff all
00:47:28MERLIN cmon
00:47:28Bollitsch u dare to talk...
00:47:31Bollitsch not a single good ulti
00:47:48FireMal no oppertunities brother
00:48:04Bollitsch no reason to spam it on na
00:48:25MERLIN utli
00:48:27AliBaba leave lige.. så har vi måske en chance
00:48:32MERLIN fail
00:48:37Bollitsch ^^
00:48:40Bollitsch gj me
00:48:49Simba item suggest sotmr
00:48:50Simba storm
00:48:53Simba 4k free cash
00:49:00sandii cool
00:49:01sandii hmm
00:49:10sandii well u can make bkb if u want
00:49:26MERLIN stun
00:49:36MERLIN what the fuck is slardar doing
00:49:53AliBaba i really dont know..
00:49:58sandii what
00:49:58AliBaba this lich
00:50:08FireMal what i got geo you fuck
00:50:41FireMal ali listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth you suck
00:50:48FireMal hehe
00:50:50AliBaba k
00:50:50FireMal :D
00:50:58FireMal kan du huske min sd
00:51:04FireMal haha død 20 gange
00:51:08AliBaba du dårlig
00:51:15FireMal du værre nogen gange
00:51:37FireMal whalla nogen gange tænker man ali retard
00:51:43Bollitsch deja-vu
00:51:47Bollitsch forthefu8king5thtime
00:51:47AliBaba det tænker man altidm e dig
00:51:55FireMal nej whalla
00:52:00FireMal jeg er dårligt
00:52:00MERLIN cmon
00:52:01sandii puhs top
00:52:01AliBaba wp sillincer
00:52:01Orre jag värd
00:52:02FireMal ¨dårlig
00:52:02MERLIN finish
00:52:06Bollitsch nah..
00:52:08Bollitsch i sucked too
00:52:12FireMal jeg er dårlig der er ik noget der
00:52:13FireMal men du
00:52:14FireMal haha
00:52:14AliBaba with this team.
00:52:17Bollitsch but not as much as slard and lich do ^^1
00:52:19FireMal du sutter
00:52:55FireMal haha
00:53:09Bollitsch all ultis on geo...
00:53:12Bollitsch all fights
00:53:14Bollitsch soo bad
00:53:15sandii this necro ulti is so shit
00:53:27FireMal imba
00:53:50FireMal go down rape their base i def
00:54:15sandii :(
00:54:36MERLIN i cant believe we lost
00:54:44FireMal couze of me
00:54:50sandii well ye i played kinda shit
00:54:59TuusNeegePro me too
00:56:12MERLIN cmon
00:56:40FireMal ficl
00:56:41FireMal fuck
00:57:03Bollitsch cant win vs sandi without team
00:57:05AliBaba Wp
00:57:06AliBaba gg
00:57:09Bollitsch gg
00:57:20sandii lol
00:57:20sandii :D
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