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Chat log

00:00:08SMEGMAPLEKK hmm masnikka:(
00:00:26Dipgoof- mate, u and me need to carry the game, other are low, i hope so that they can even support
00:00:26Banana me sand king
00:00:26Kace_J mansikka yu here
00:00:26Capito lol
00:00:26Bollitsch digpoof is good player
00:00:26Kace_J ?
00:00:26Bollitsch trust him
00:00:26Kastrup back
00:00:26Capito haha
00:00:26Kastrup god damn many imba heros :/
00:00:26Kace_J mansikka
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK yea
00:00:26Bollitsch so its blue and yellow for carry
00:00:26Kastrup any wishes?
00:00:26Kace_J ...
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK slark weav or lyca
00:00:26Kace_J what now ?
00:00:26Bollitsch works for me
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK mansssika
00:00:26mansikka lycan
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK ban weaver
00:00:26Kastrup dunno..
00:00:26Capito i go naix for woods
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK or void
00:00:26mansikka :S smegma
00:00:26Dipgoof- invoker will be nice if u can play him
00:00:26Kastrup rather lycan
00:00:26Dipgoof- i am bored
00:00:26Bollitsch no u aint
00:00:26Dipgoof- :)
00:00:26mansikka why you there
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK always-.-
00:00:26mansikka -.-
00:00:26Kastrup or naix..
00:00:26Kace_J Kastrup
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK yea
00:00:26Kastrup ?
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK goi naix
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK go naix
00:00:26Dipgoof- u ban mate
00:00:26mansikka anyone want something?
00:00:26Kastrup is that your ban?
00:00:26mansikka sure
00:00:26mansikka dc
00:00:26mansikka idc
00:00:26Bollitsch i can sit dip with wl
00:00:26Kastrup any1 wanna play omni?
00:00:26Dipgoof- pick invoker for urself mate
00:00:26mansikka cool
00:00:26mansikka ill get you wl
00:00:26Dipgoof- if u can play it
00:00:26Kace_J i wont invorker
00:00:26Kace_J paly
00:00:26mansikka i suck with invo :------D
00:00:26Kastrup ANy1?
00:00:26Kace_J play
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK noooo
00:00:26Banana :(
00:00:26Kastrup we need him bigtime
00:00:26Kastrup in this pool
00:00:26mansikka so i get wl for pusp
00:00:26Dipgoof- i can
00:00:26mansikka purp
00:00:26Dipgoof- win the game
00:00:26Bollitsch cool
00:00:26Kastrup please someone play omni
00:00:26Dipgoof- with slark
00:00:26Kace_J BAn ?
00:00:26Kastrup i can play him myself
00:00:26Nuudel just ban some1
00:00:26mansikka ok
00:00:26Kastrup but hard to win with him alone..
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK kas
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK baban omni
00:00:26Banana omni me
00:00:26Dipgoof- but some1 need to pick it
00:00:26Kastrup okaty
00:00:26Kastrup nice
00:00:26Bollitsch dude in allchat
00:00:26Bollitsch give u s time
00:00:26Dipgoof- for me
00:00:26Dipgoof- ...
00:00:26Kastrup i ban SLARK
00:00:30Kastrup someone sladar?
00:00:31Dipgoof- fuck
00:00:41mansikka OMG :DDDDDD
00:00:43Banana OH CRAP
00:00:44Bollitsch so u aint pick wl ^^
00:00:45Banana WHAT U WANT?
00:00:46Kastrup ?
00:00:46mansikka was just afk
00:00:49Bollitsch ^^
00:00:51Kastrup hmm
00:00:51mansikka took so long to ban
00:00:51SMEGMAPLEKK kasturp what u
00:00:52Kastrup wl
00:00:52Kastrup wl
00:01:00Kastrup ffs
00:01:00Banana lol
00:01:02Dipgoof- pick dazzle teal
00:01:03SMEGMAPLEKK ahaha autopick:D
00:01:07Banana -swap 1
00:01:10Dipgoof- dazzle some1
00:01:12SMEGMAPLEKK kastrup go naix then
00:01:12Kastrup im not playing slark
00:01:14Kastrup no
00:01:16Kastrup get sk
00:01:17Kastrup someone
00:01:20Kastrup get sk
00:01:20mansikka pick dazzle for me
00:01:21SMEGMAPLEKK i sk
00:01:21Kastrup and cm
00:01:23Kastrup i play omni then
00:01:23Dipgoof- i'll weaver
00:01:24Kastrup fuck it
00:01:25Kace_J who come mid
00:01:27mansikka an d play alch
00:01:27Banana ffs
00:01:31Kastrup get cm
00:01:32Kastrup and
00:01:33Dipgoof- i will mid
00:01:35Kastrup lion as last
00:01:37Banana i have no idea how to play this
00:01:37Kastrup or sldar
00:01:37mansikka no
00:01:38Nuudel i go ricki
00:01:39mansikka no way
00:01:40Kastrup NO
00:01:40Kastrup GOOOOD
00:01:41Kace_J Fix it
00:01:43Kastrup SLADAR or cm last
00:01:43Kace_J LAgas dopgoof
00:01:43Capito want dazzle?
00:01:46Kace_J dipgoof fix it
00:01:47Dipgoof- cant
00:01:47Dipgoof- -.-
00:01:47SMEGMAPLEKK why u riki??
00:01:47Capito fast
00:01:47Capito ?
00:01:47SMEGMAPLEKK omgg
00:01:47SMEGMAPLEKK leave then
00:01:47Kace_J turn of torent
00:01:47mansikka dazzle good
00:01:47Capito want dazzle or not?
00:01:48Bollitsch i think yellow can handle mid
00:01:48Kace_J Lol
00:01:48mansikka y
00:01:48Capito i dont wan to play him
00:01:49Capito but u do?
00:01:51mansikka sure
00:01:52Kastrup sladar
00:01:55mansikka -swap 5
00:01:55Kastrup sladar
00:01:55Kastrup or cm
00:01:55Kace_J Fuck
00:01:55SMEGMAPLEKK take cm
00:01:55Capito -swap 1
00:01:55SMEGMAPLEKK cm
00:01:57Dipgoof- with this laggs i cant handle it
00:01:57SMEGMAPLEKK crytal võta
00:01:58SMEGMAPLEKK kule
00:01:59SMEGMAPLEKK cm võta
00:02:00Bollitsch ^^
00:02:05Kastrup cm
00:02:06Kastrup or sladar
00:02:07Nuudel cm?
00:02:10Bollitsch omg..i hate riki
00:02:12SMEGMAPLEKK crstile mayden
00:02:13SMEGMAPLEKK võta
00:02:14Kastrup thats okay
00:02:16SMEGMAPLEKK see väike naine
00:02:16Capito bot/ forrest
00:02:16mansikka weawer mid then i think
00:02:16Kace_J Why join with ...
00:02:20Dipgoof- okay
00:02:20Nuudel -swap
00:02:22SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:02:22Dipgoof- i am mid
00:02:22Banana what items??
00:02:23Nuudel -swap 4
00:02:25Kace_J weawer have lags
00:02:27Banana kastrup help me
00:02:27Kastrup same as me..
00:02:30Loki777 -swap5
00:02:31mansikka invo mid ?
00:02:33Kastrup u go top
00:02:36Loki777 -swap 5
00:02:36Kastrup riki sladar bot
00:02:36Dipgoof- i dont have em
00:02:36Kace_J y
00:02:37Dipgoof- anymore
00:02:39mansikka ok weaver top
00:02:39Kastrup this is fucking tough
00:02:42Dipgoof- i can handle mid
00:02:42mansikka come top
00:02:44Capito ofc invo id
00:02:45SMEGMAPLEKK bot lane rullz:D
00:02:47mansikka invo needs lvl
00:02:49SMEGMAPLEKK i solo top
00:02:49Dipgoof- okay -.-
00:02:51Kastrup no
00:02:53SMEGMAPLEKK naix woods
00:02:53Kastrup naix is top
00:02:54Kastrup with u
00:02:55Kastrup no
00:02:57Kastrup he can't
00:02:58Kastrup not be4
00:02:59Kastrup later
00:02:59Dipgoof- well
00:03:01Kastrup SHARE CHCIK
00:03:02Kastrup NOw
00:03:03Dipgoof- either i have
00:03:04Capito forgot currier will buy in a sec, fuck this shit host gc
00:03:06Dipgoof- free farm with weaver
00:03:07SMEGMAPLEKK go lanes
00:03:07Bollitsch this wont work out for us
00:03:08Dipgoof- in mid
00:03:08SMEGMAPLEKK omgggg
00:03:18mansikka why no freefarm top?
00:03:19Dipgoof- for 10-14 mins
00:03:29Dipgoof- well 2 players can deny it easy
00:03:29Kastrup one afk
00:03:29Kastrup -afk
00:03:29SMEGMAPLEKK slardar
00:03:29Kastrup sladar?
00:03:29Kastrup are you there?
00:03:29SMEGMAPLEKK here???
00:03:29Kace_J Who
00:03:29Kace_J -afk
00:03:29SMEGMAPLEKK retardo
00:03:29Nuudel jes hes here
00:03:29Dipgoof- -afk
00:03:29Bollitsch -afk
00:03:29Dipgoof- -clear
00:03:29Kastrup okay
00:03:29SMEGMAPLEKK go lane thne
00:03:29Kastrup #
00:03:29mansikka -afk
00:03:29Kastrup 3
00:03:29Kastrup 2
00:03:29Kastrup 1
00:03:31SMEGMAPLEKK te olete eestlased b
00:03:34Nuudel jh
00:03:39Bollitsch ss
00:03:41Nuudel ta first timer
00:04:43Capito iu pull
00:05:42Bollitsch ss
00:06:11Dipgoof- fuck
00:06:12Dipgoof- omfg
00:06:14Dipgoof- 1 mana
00:06:15Dipgoof- -.-
00:06:16Capito if u can handle bot i woods?
00:06:18Capito k?
00:06:26Bollitsch k
00:06:29Capito say if u want me to pull
00:07:02Kace_J Haste ?
00:07:12Bollitsch ss
00:07:21Kace_J ss
00:07:34Dipgoof- go naix?
00:07:37mansikka k
00:07:45mansikka can grave
00:07:46Kace_J ss
00:07:51Kace_J b
00:07:56Bollitsch ss riki
00:08:09Dipgoof- wp
00:08:13mansikka u2
00:09:18Bollitsch ss riki
00:09:45mansikka gj
00:09:49Dipgoof- u2 mate
00:09:58Kastrup WTF?
00:09:59Dipgoof- will be fast
00:10:01Dipgoof- linkens
00:10:06mansikka :)
00:10:22Kace_J ss
00:10:28SMEGMAPLEKK goo
00:10:29SMEGMAPLEKK kill
00:10:42mansikka lol
00:10:50Kastrup how the fuck can u lose that top so much?
00:10:52Kastrup thats fucking insane..
00:10:57Bollitsch sk bot
00:10:58SMEGMAPLEKK 2 rane
00:10:59SMEGMAPLEKK range
00:11:04Kastrup u can pull?
00:11:06Kastrup and farm at tower?
00:11:08Capito coming wl
00:11:16Capito go there
00:11:20Bollitsch no ult
00:11:22Bollitsch pretty oom
00:11:50Capito 3 bot
00:12:18Capito pulling
00:12:30Bollitsch ulti up
00:12:43Kace_J fuck
00:12:46Dipgoof- was oom
00:12:48SMEGMAPLEKK kill woods
00:12:53Bollitsch ss 3
00:13:07Kastrup b
00:13:59Capito what the hell
00:14:03mansikka 'omni
00:14:06mansikka b
00:14:09mansikka other way
00:14:11Capito invis
00:14:22Kace_J fuck
00:14:22Capito lal
00:14:47Nuudel smegma miks siin?
00:15:09SMEGMAPLEKK vbb
00:15:14Bollitsch no ult
00:15:32Dipgoof- anyone come top?
00:15:34Kace_J b
00:15:50Bollitsch ulti up
00:16:12Capito need hom first
00:16:33Dipgoof- wp once again
00:16:38mansikka :> u2
00:16:47Kastrup cmon
00:16:48Kastrup think
00:16:48Bollitsch wp
00:16:50Kastrup tHINK
00:16:57Dipgoof- i am pro
00:17:04Kace_J too :D
00:17:16SMEGMAPLEKK riki go gnk
00:17:24Kastrup someone
00:17:27Bollitsch and i am pretty good with wl
00:17:31Bollitsch :)
00:17:34Dipgoof- linkens in 1000 gold
00:17:38Kastrup SLADAr
00:17:40Kastrup WTFD IS THAT ITEMS?
00:17:43mansikka come weaver
00:17:47mansikka and kil mid
00:17:47Dipgoof- and go top
00:17:57mansikka ok
00:18:22mansikka kill
00:18:53Bollitsch pls dont heal me
00:18:55mansikka :D
00:19:01Kastrup sladar
00:19:08SMEGMAPLEKK slardar is 1st timer Xdf
00:19:08Kastrup u are maybe the worst i've seen
00:19:09Dipgoof- wp once again
00:19:13SMEGMAPLEKK nuuudels friend:D
00:19:15Bollitsch close to...
00:19:16Kastrup GET BOOTS
00:19:26SMEGMAPLEKK loki
00:19:27Kastrup the stout shield doesn't stack
00:19:28SMEGMAPLEKK osta boots omale
00:19:29SMEGMAPLEKK tra
00:19:31SMEGMAPLEKK pea
00:19:32Dipgoof- i just enjoy playing with dazzle in team
00:19:33Dipgoof- srsly
00:19:34Kastrup this is insane..
00:19:34SMEGMAPLEKK saad ban epale seda
00:19:41Dipgoof- this weaver?
00:19:41mansikka i enjoy playing dazzle
00:19:43Dipgoof- ye bro, i know
00:19:53Kastrup my sladar
00:20:00Kastrup rather not have him..
00:20:50Kace_J :D
00:20:56Kastrup and sladar is still there
00:20:57SMEGMAPLEKK game
00:21:02SMEGMAPLEKK slardis is fucking nooob
00:21:11SMEGMAPLEKK with that rikimotehrfuckermaru
00:21:12Kastrup knew i shouldn't have played omni..
00:21:49Kastrup -ms
00:22:01Kastrup go
00:22:04Banana GO HOME NIGGER
00:22:07mansikka ok
00:22:18mansikka xDDD
00:22:22mansikka smegma :<
00:22:35mansikka u kill me
00:22:41Kastrup get mid tower
00:23:24Nuudel dust?
00:23:28Kastrup inc gem
00:23:48Kastrup if riki gets diffusal
00:24:24Nuudel wtf
00:24:26Nuudel aguil:S
00:24:35Capito omftg
00:24:57Kastrup take that gem
00:24:59Kastrup ffs
00:25:15Kastrup impossible..
00:26:20SMEGMAPLEKK no fun
00:26:23Kace_J must win
00:26:26Kastrup nope
00:26:28Nuudel u suck
00:26:30Kastrup dunt target him with stun
00:26:32Kastrup stun beside him
00:26:35Kastrup okay?
00:26:36Bollitsch y
00:26:43Dipgoof- i have too high laggs
00:26:44Dipgoof- ...
00:26:46Kastrup then his linkens doesn't trigger
00:27:05Kastrup banana
00:27:08Kastrup dont go fuicking vg
00:27:13Kace_J pls buy port
00:27:15Kace_J for me
00:27:16Kace_J pls
00:27:41Capito omfg weaver
00:27:47Capito why dont u help
00:27:48Dipgoof- yes i failed
00:28:07Bollitsch what is better, then my infernal ?
00:28:13Capito 4
00:28:29Dipgoof- warlock
00:28:30Kastrup we still have chance
00:28:32Bollitsch y
00:28:34Dipgoof- can u give the gem
00:28:36Dipgoof- to me, pls
00:28:37Dipgoof- ?
00:28:38Banana what item then?
00:28:39Bollitsch sure
00:28:46Kastrup deso
00:28:46Kastrup or
00:28:48Kastrup armlet
00:30:02Kastrup our sladar is sick
00:30:31Kastrup GEM
00:30:35Banana kill
00:30:48Dipgoof- well, i am too greedy :D
00:30:50Dipgoof- sry :)
00:31:05Dipgoof- now easily go gather mid
00:31:06Kastrup go
00:31:11Dipgoof- and w8 our chance
00:31:16Dipgoof- and kick the shit out of em
00:31:17Dipgoof- ))
00:31:38Dipgoof- alch, radi is not necessary in 30 min, u know
00:31:50Dipgoof- vang, hood+pipe could help us more
00:32:03Kastrup care
00:32:10Bollitsch very important on gc is...u need to remember in which players u can trust...
00:32:17Bollitsch and which fail every game
00:32:20Kastrup gj
00:32:41Kace_J :D
00:32:43Kastrup not at tower
00:32:51Dipgoof- can u trust to me?
00:32:54Kastrup wait
00:32:55Bollitsch sure bro
00:33:00Dipgoof- so go mid
00:33:05Bollitsch as i said from the begining
00:33:14Kastrup go
00:33:15Dipgoof- o ;aaag sp jard
00:33:15Kastrup go now
00:33:15Bollitsch i vouched for you
00:33:16Kastrup i ulti
00:33:38Kace_J no b
00:33:48SMEGMAPLEKK wtf u doing
00:33:50SMEGMAPLEKK slardard
00:33:51Capito why is all hitting me and u just chasing around
00:33:53SMEGMAPLEKK osta omale booots
00:33:58SMEGMAPLEKK kuule räägi oma krdi sõbrale
00:33:59SMEGMAPLEKK mida ostma peab
00:34:01SMEGMAPLEKK ptsiiiii
00:34:03Dipgoof- i cant see a shit
00:34:08Dipgoof- lag so hard, so so so hard
00:34:09Kastrup riki?
00:34:11Nuudel ta natuke idioot:D
00:34:12Kastrup nuudel?
00:34:14Nuudel jes?
00:34:17Capito !pa
00:34:17Kastrup your diffusal
00:34:20Capito !ping
00:34:20Kastrup can take infernals
00:34:21Kastrup instant
00:34:24Kastrup u know right?
00:34:26mansikka b
00:34:27Nuudel no
00:34:27Capito !what is this shit host
00:34:30Capito cant u see ping?
00:34:30Nuudel what that means?
00:34:30Kastrup but it can
00:34:32Kastrup 100 gold
00:34:34Capito !cm
00:34:36Kastrup u use it on infernal
00:34:38Kastrup and its dead
00:34:41Dipgoof- !cm
00:34:42Dipgoof- !pa
00:34:44Dipgoof- !ping
00:34:47Bollitsch bad thing was... i ran into rikis fog...
00:34:48Kace_J fix it
00:34:52Bollitsch without casting anything ^^
00:35:00Dipgoof- well, buy a gem
00:35:02Kastrup understand?
00:35:05Nuudel no
00:35:05Bollitsch haha
00:35:08Bollitsch i gave u mine..
00:35:11Dipgoof- farm all till my laggs stop
00:35:13Bollitsch remember ?
00:35:15Kastrup u use the purge
00:35:15Banana RIKI WAIT
00:35:16Kastrup on a
00:35:21Kastrup infernal
00:35:24Kace_J ?
00:35:27Kace_J rosh
00:35:30Dipgoof- rosh
00:35:40Kace_J no
00:35:47Kastrup gj
00:35:51Dipgoof- go back
00:35:52Dipgoof- farm
00:35:54Bollitsch thx for trying
00:35:55Dipgoof- i cant play
00:35:58Dipgoof- with this laggs
00:36:06Dipgoof- just wait
00:36:07Dipgoof- easy
00:36:10Bollitsch but 5 seconds just werent enough ^^
00:36:10Dipgoof- dont go
00:36:12Dipgoof- wait in twr
00:36:14Dipgoof- i dont see a shit
00:36:28Kastrup else share
00:36:29Kastrup i do it
00:36:32Kastrup wont touch
00:36:35Kastrup care
00:36:36Kastrup b
00:36:38Kastrup let them come
00:36:57Bollitsch ulti up
00:37:09Kastrup jump
00:37:16Dipgoof- guys
00:37:18Dipgoof- dont fight
00:37:18Bollitsch y
00:37:18SMEGMAPLEKK pomgggg
00:37:18Dipgoof- top and mid
00:37:18Dipgoof- pushed
00:37:18Dipgoof- easy
00:37:19Nuudel go?
00:37:25Kace_J i now go up ?
00:37:29SMEGMAPLEKK loki can u plug?
00:37:30Dipgoof- i cant see a shiiiiiit
00:37:31mansikka no
00:37:45Capito b
00:37:53Kastrup hide
00:37:54Kastrup a sec
00:38:06Kastrup cmon
00:38:07Kastrup sk
00:38:08Kastrup stun
00:38:08Kastrup ffs
00:38:11Kastrup not now
00:38:12Kastrup ffs
00:38:15Kastrup b
00:38:38Capito kidding me
00:38:40Capito again
00:38:43SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:48Capito u leave me to die :/
00:38:56SMEGMAPLEKK slardar
00:38:58SMEGMAPLEKK pls plug
00:38:59SMEGMAPLEKK srly
00:39:01SMEGMAPLEKK nuudel
00:39:05SMEGMAPLEKK ütle et ta omal neti võlja tõmbaks
00:39:09SMEGMAPLEKK see daun ei oska vist isegi lugeda
00:39:42Kastrup take
00:39:43Kastrup and b
00:39:57Kastrup riki
00:39:58Kastrup sxhare
00:40:03Kastrup so i can show u the fucking infernal diffusal
00:40:05Kastrup its 200 gold
00:40:06Kastrup everytime
00:40:18Kastrup gem on weaver
00:40:21mansikka hello alch
00:40:23Bollitsch about 2 years of dota...i thought wl is total useless bitch
00:41:20SMEGMAPLEKK fucking awesome gameeeeee
00:41:22SMEGMAPLEKK plsss just f f
00:41:35Dipgoof- wl
00:41:39Dipgoof- meka can help u
00:41:39Dipgoof- a lot
00:41:41Dipgoof- :)
00:41:42Dipgoof- to us too
00:41:53Kastrup see?
00:42:00Bollitsch nah...refrshers helps more
00:42:03Bollitsch i hate meka
00:42:08Dipgoof- )
00:42:09Nuudel before he dies?
00:42:18Kastrup u killed it
00:42:19Kastrup with
00:42:24mansikka i could go meka
00:42:24Bollitsch stop chasing and go for tower helps the most
00:42:25Dipgoof- first item meka, then aga+refresher
00:42:28mansikka mby too late
00:42:28Kastrup diffusal
00:42:33Nuudel okei
00:42:39Dipgoof- get pipe :)
00:42:39SMEGMAPLEKK nuudel
00:42:40Kastrup im getting orchid
00:42:40Kace_J now meka is ...
00:42:42SMEGMAPLEKK ütle oma sõbrale
00:42:44SMEGMAPLEKK et ta plugiks ära
00:42:44Kastrup for weaver
00:42:45Nuudel smegma seltea
00:42:48Nuudel mida ma tegema pean
00:42:58Nuudel diffusal
00:43:06SMEGMAPLEKK pane share
00:43:07SMEGMAPLEKK peale
00:43:10SMEGMAPLEKK ta ise m2ngib sinu heroga
00:43:12Bollitsch no ult
00:43:13Capito im getting pipe
00:43:13Bollitsch omw
00:43:22mansikka he got hem
00:43:26mansikka gem
00:43:28mansikka on omni
00:43:32Capito dead gem
00:43:35Kastrup gj
00:43:38Kastrup ups
00:43:38Kace_J fuck
00:43:50Kace_J -afk
00:44:00Dipgoof- alch u r kinda useless
00:44:08Dipgoof- try to def
00:44:09Kastrup bot tower
00:44:09Kastrup now
00:44:17Dipgoof- infernals will def it
00:44:27Kastrup and back
00:44:28Kastrup okay?
00:44:31Kastrup b
00:44:44Kastrup sladar?
00:44:46Nuudel next manta?
00:44:47Kastrup fast
00:45:06Kace_J rosh
00:45:09Kace_J come fast
00:45:11Kastrup i take
00:45:13Banana Y
00:45:15Bollitsch y
00:45:20Kastrup gj
00:45:23Kastrup stick with me
00:45:23Kastrup now
00:45:24Kastrup okay?
00:45:26Kace_J now def
00:45:27Banana SEC
00:45:29Kastrup come
00:45:29Kace_J now def base
00:45:45Dipgoof- if we lose this
00:45:50Dipgoof- cause of my lag
00:45:53Capito got pipe
00:45:54Dipgoof- i will cut my balls
00:45:56Kastrup care
00:46:02Kastrup come
00:46:07Dipgoof- stay mid
00:46:09Dipgoof- in tower
00:46:13Dipgoof- they cant push us
00:46:15Kastrup we need all
00:46:16Dipgoof- just warlock
00:46:18Dipgoof- stay behind
00:46:20Dipgoof- dont die
00:46:22SMEGMAPLEKK i five later
00:46:24SMEGMAPLEKK with my ulti
00:46:26Dipgoof- when they come in
00:46:26Kastrup wait
00:46:26Kastrup go
00:46:28Dipgoof- use ur ult
00:46:35mansikka go def it
00:46:37Dipgoof- fast
00:46:39Capito all then
00:46:42Kastrup b
00:46:43mansikka b
00:46:43Kastrup b
00:46:43mansikka b
00:46:47Bollitsch 25 for refresher
00:46:51mansikka -.-
00:46:53Kastrup b
00:46:53Kace_J b
00:46:55Dipgoof- faster
00:46:56Dipgoof- fast
00:46:57Capito cmon
00:47:05Kastrup back
00:47:05Dipgoof- faaast
00:47:06Kastrup come
00:47:20Kastrup wait
00:47:23Kastrup hmm
00:47:30Kastrup they will come
00:47:55SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:56SMEGMAPLEKK pls
00:48:05mansikka push
00:48:14Capito i def mid
00:48:15SMEGMAPLEKK nuuudel kirjutage ff
00:48:16SMEGMAPLEKK rsk
00:48:17Nuudel bad
00:48:19Kastrup wp wl
00:48:26Bollitsch :)
00:48:32Dipgoof- push top, ill bot
00:48:38Bollitsch pretty good team here
00:48:40Kastrup unfortunately.. we are 3-4 against 5..
00:48:45Kastrup well the infernals won all battles..
00:48:51Kastrup and weaver getting feeded by everyone..
00:49:14Kace_J :D
00:49:25SMEGMAPLEKK tra
00:49:26SMEGMAPLEKK nuudel
00:49:28SMEGMAPLEKK kirjutage ff
00:49:29SMEGMAPLEKK psi
00:49:35Nuudel I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:40SMEGMAPLEKK ütle oma sõbrale ka
00:49:59Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:37Kastrup I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:50:38Kastrup gg
00:50:42Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:50:44SMEGMAPLEKK sladar write ff
00:50:45Bollitsch just in time
00:50:45Nuudel bad
00:50:47SMEGMAPLEKK nuudel
00:50:49Banana LOKI WRITE FF
00:50:50SMEGMAPLEKK ütle et see vitt
00:50:50Nuudel mida?
00:50:51Kastrup damn i bought many gems :D
00:50:51Dipgoof- i am pro
00:51:14Kastrup 1-19
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