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67% | 1324 X | 1375 TS

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28% | 1010 X | 1294 TS

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58% | 1239 X | 1359 TS

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5% | 840 X | 1181 TS

Chat log

00:00:19rtg800 any wishes?
00:00:19Simba legion
00:00:19mamyka any wishes?
00:00:19Orre hi guys
00:00:19mamyka hi noob
00:00:19Orre i cant see the pool
00:00:19Orre im in the right corner
00:00:19mamyka u dont need see that
00:00:19mamyka cmon ban plz
00:00:19rtg800 anything else?
00:00:19Mircea.N rtg u need to outstand mid, so we can win
00:00:19McFele ban fast
00:00:19Orre i want to see the pool
00:00:19Buttons i'll potm, dr or zeus
00:00:19Buttons ds*
00:00:19rtg800 -ns
00:00:19Orre im in the damn right corner
00:00:19Simba prolly commander is the only one here i dont feed with
00:00:19mamyka -naix
00:00:19McFele ok go
00:00:19Buttons orre
00:00:24Buttons just no
00:00:28rtg800 ill play it myself
00:00:32Simba k
00:00:33Mircea.N very good
00:00:35Orre ?
00:00:39rtg800 never played this :D
00:00:40Orre you want to kiss me?
00:00:46mamyka plz get wd
00:00:46Simba why u playing it then?
00:00:50Orre nop
00:00:51Simba its easy
00:00:51mamyka omni and necro
00:00:54Simba ulti is imba
00:00:57Orre nop
00:01:02rtg800 what to buy for this=
00:01:03Aerwyn hey
00:01:05Simba uhm
00:01:06rtg800 invo mid
00:01:08Aerwyn give me necro
00:01:08Aerwyn pls
00:01:13Aerwyn didnt see necro..
00:01:16Orre nop
00:01:17Aerwyn can some1 play omni?
00:01:19Simba treads, vanguard i guess
00:01:21Orre nop
00:01:24Buttons seer?
00:01:24Simba i dont know
00:01:28Simba its so good hero
00:01:28Aerwyn belka
00:01:29Orre i can be seer
00:01:31Aerwyn can u play omni?
00:01:32Simba u can do anything basically
00:01:40McFele lothar is cool
00:01:41Orre u want seer or sw?
00:01:43McFele for u
00:01:55Buttons last hero?
00:01:55rtg800 what skills to take first?
00:02:01Orre u want seeer?
00:02:04Orre nvm
00:02:04Simba dno, all are good D:
00:02:08Aerwyn was there ring of regeneration here?
00:02:10mamyka go slardar
00:02:12mamyka plz
00:02:21Aerwyn guys..
00:02:24Aerwyn dont remeber
00:02:31Aerwyn is there ring of regeneration
00:02:33mamyka seer omni top
00:02:33Mircea.N mamo do not take fb plz
00:02:36Buttons yh
00:02:38Aerwyn k
00:02:39mamyka slardar necro bot
00:02:39Mircea.N as u alwas do :)
00:02:49Belka no
00:02:50McFele xx
00:02:52Mircea.N now u have axe.. i smell a fb on you ...
00:02:54Mircea.N :)
00:03:03McFele xxxxx
00:03:04Mamo xD
00:03:06mamyka dont
00:03:08mamyka take
00:04:03Mircea.N ups
00:04:07Mircea.N lost one
00:04:55Mamo gj
00:06:27Simba mamo wtf?
00:06:29Simba 1v2?
00:06:44Mamo noob
00:06:56Buttons my bad
00:07:00Aerwyn it really was
00:07:09Mamo go
00:07:34Buttons ss 2 top
00:07:36Buttons re
00:07:44McFele miss mid
00:07:46McFele going down
00:08:00McFele with rune
00:08:03McFele b
00:08:03McFele b
00:08:39Aerwyn miss top
00:08:40Aerwyn axe
00:08:49Mircea.N gj invoker
00:08:57McFele u2
00:09:05Mircea.N i pull
00:09:13McFele still miss mid
00:09:15McFele !!
00:09:21Aerwyn kill?
00:09:55McFele re mid
00:09:55Mamo omg
00:10:02Mamo stupid
00:10:02Simba axe wtf u do?
00:10:22McFele miss mid
00:10:24Simba u just run into wave 2v3
00:11:13Simba miss 2
00:11:20mamyka HEAL NOOB
00:11:39Mircea.N mamo u are not so bad after all :)
00:11:42mamyka slardar come gang mid
00:12:12Orre ty
00:12:18mamyka ???
00:12:37Mircea.N oom b
00:13:19Mircea.N wtf..they are coming all down ?
00:13:42Aerwyn speed
00:13:59McFele b
00:14:00McFele b
00:14:05Mircea.N too late
00:14:06McFele wtf
00:14:06Mircea.N sry
00:14:36Mamo gj
00:15:20Mamo go
00:15:58Mamo go
00:16:56Aerwyn SPEEED?
00:17:04Buttons don't jump him there lol
00:18:02Simba dont do ur ulti like that....
00:18:14Simba ulti in the end
00:18:17mamyka ????? ?????? ???? ??????
00:18:21Simba its +10 dmg then
00:18:26Simba when u kill him
00:18:28Belka ??
00:18:30Simba perma dam
00:18:37rtg800 i knoq
00:18:39rtg800 w
00:19:05Buttons real?
00:19:09Aerwyn not
00:19:57Mamo go
00:21:35Mircea.N mu fault sry
00:21:45Orre vanguard or bf?
00:21:49mamyka ??
00:21:50mamyka vg
00:21:55Buttons blink
00:22:02Mircea.N legion, i think life steal is a must for u..
00:22:11Simba nop
00:22:13Simba he has lifestela
00:22:20Mircea.N ooo..vladimir then
00:22:26Simba he needs atk speed
00:22:31Simba like cuirass
00:23:02Buttons bloodthirsty
00:23:21rtg800 dominator?
00:23:30Simba do fkn cuirass
00:23:33Mircea.N i saw vladimir
00:23:43Aerwyn i heal you
00:23:49mamyka maan
00:23:57Mircea.N b mid
00:23:58Mircea.N now
00:24:31Aerwyn got no ulti yet
00:24:36mamyka mana
00:24:40mamyka b
00:24:40mamyka b
00:24:45mamyka w8 here
00:24:54Aerwyn hill
00:24:56Aerwyn hill
00:24:57Simba legion
00:25:00Simba why u do lifesteal?
00:25:03Simba u ahve lifesteal
00:25:29Mamo gj
00:25:29Aerwyn orre...
00:25:30rtg800 erm
00:25:31rtg800 someone sai8d
00:25:32Aerwyn pls
00:25:42Simba i said do cuirass
00:25:43Orre invo first
00:25:45Simba u need atk speed
00:25:48Aerwyn i think i should not go first
00:25:53Simba + armor
00:25:56Aerwyn maybe slardar... i give you repel
00:25:57Orre invoker first
00:26:19rtg800 after vladi then
00:27:02Simba wtf
00:27:05Simba why u duel at the start
00:27:10Simba and why u duel under tower?
00:27:40Mircea.N haha
00:27:42Mircea.N budteed
00:27:45Mircea.N busteed
00:27:45Aerwyn gj
00:27:47Mircea.N :)
00:27:51Buttons wp all
00:27:53McFele lol ua re happy for my dead
00:27:55McFele what a jerk
00:27:57Simba rtg u should be carrying by now
00:28:03Aerwyn b
00:28:04Aerwyn seeer
00:28:25Aerwyn haste
00:28:27mamyka me
00:29:11Orre ty guys
00:29:14Orre fucking idiots
00:29:37rtg800 lol
00:29:39Buttons rofl
00:30:07Aerwyn speed
00:30:07Aerwyn me
00:30:08Aerwyn seer
00:30:09Aerwyn kill him
00:30:13Aerwyn naah
00:30:13Aerwyn b
00:30:13rtg800 care invo
00:30:15Aerwyn they alive
00:30:29rtg800 axe get dagger
00:30:29Aerwyn b
00:30:35Simba u get cuirass
00:30:37Simba commander
00:30:48Mamo go
00:30:49mamyka come all
00:31:24Mircea.N slardar income
00:32:05Orre u suck
00:32:09mamyka mana
00:32:09Simba come to me
00:32:11Simba for heal
00:32:13mamyka said mr 5
00:32:17Mircea.N hide
00:32:17Orre buy your own mana
00:32:26Orre bellend
00:32:51Aerwyn NOW
00:32:52Aerwyn guys
00:32:54Buttons ffs come you tards
00:33:34Aerwyn gj
00:33:42Buttons ffs
00:33:42Buttons me
00:33:52Orre nop
00:33:58Aerwyn some1 go to deny
00:33:59Buttons why are you such a prick
00:34:08Aerwyn gj
00:34:09Mircea.N hmm.. we should focus slardar maibe ?
00:34:14McFele btw legion u sux
00:34:18Orre i hate positive ppl
00:34:20McFele stop duel behind tower
00:34:21Simba no shit he sucks
00:34:22Buttons good
00:34:26rtg800 playing first time
00:34:29McFele anyway
00:34:32Simba i told u give it to me
00:34:34McFele never fight behind tower
00:34:35McFele omfg
00:34:54mamyka mana plz
00:34:59mamyka ty
00:35:04Mircea.N go after axe
00:35:14rtg800 axe you need blink
00:35:41Aerwyn why go to die one by one?
00:36:00Aerwyn def
00:36:01mamyka dont deff
00:36:02Aerwyn it's lost
00:36:05rtg800 b
00:36:41mamyka go rosh
00:36:44Aerwyn no
00:36:50Aerwyn not a good idea
00:36:51Simba care
00:36:53mamyka yes with slardar ult
00:36:57mamyka come
00:37:01Aerwyn sure, go
00:37:10mamyka noob fish
00:37:15Simba rosh
00:37:15Simba rosh
00:37:26rtg800 gogogo
00:37:26Orre who
00:37:27Simba they rosh
00:37:28Aerwyn fastfast
00:37:29mamyka u
00:37:30Aerwyn any1
00:37:30rtg800 gogogo
00:37:30Mircea.N gooo axe
00:38:04Mircea.N i failed
00:38:07Mircea.N big time
00:38:07rtg800 ffs
00:38:12rtg800 axe killing creeps
00:38:16rtg800 while they take rosh
00:38:22rtg800 and no blink
00:38:25rtg800 noob
00:38:29Aerwyn push
00:38:29Aerwyn mid
00:38:39rtg800 axe without blink is shit
00:38:52Simba and legion without anything too
00:39:11Aerwyn b
00:39:12Aerwyn b
00:39:17Aerwyn b
00:39:17Aerwyn b
00:39:17Aerwyn b
00:40:11Aerwyn -ms
00:40:19Aerwyn all mid
00:40:22rtg800 get b
00:40:24Mircea.N -ms
00:40:25rtg800 no wd
00:40:29Mircea.N omw
00:40:34Mircea.N go there
00:41:41mamyka mana
00:41:44Mircea.N brb oom
00:41:46Belka ??
00:41:51Belka no
00:41:53Aerwyn slardar... if i give u repel and use ulti can u just rush in?
00:42:05Aerwyn b
00:42:06Aerwyn guys
00:42:11Orre y
00:43:01Mircea.N b
00:43:21mamyka heal me plz
00:43:37mamyka dont go
00:43:59Aerwyn go
00:43:59mamyka repel on slardar
00:44:00Orre repel
00:44:01Aerwyn y
00:44:04McFele jump
00:44:04Mircea.N hide
00:44:09Mircea.N and jump from behind
00:44:41McFele !ff
00:44:41Simba wtf are u doing guys?
00:44:44rtg800 axe's fault
00:44:44Aerwyn gj guys
00:44:45McFele no chance
00:44:47Simba WTF AXE
00:44:49Buttons wp
00:44:50McFele vs omni ulti
00:44:55rtg800 if you jump
00:44:57McFele too many heal
00:44:58rtg800 then jump
00:45:01Mamo stfu
00:45:05rtg800 but you reveal yourself and give entry
00:45:08Simba axe ur fucking retard
00:45:25Aerwyn b
00:45:26Aerwyn got no ulti
00:45:31Mircea.N mamo, as usual: game ruiner :)
00:45:34Aerwyn tptptp
00:45:35Aerwyn tptp
00:45:56Buttons ???/
00:46:03mamyka ?? ? ?????? ??? ??? ? ?????
00:46:20Aerwyn orre
00:46:21Aerwyn why??
00:46:24Aerwyn u stayed?
00:46:32Mircea.N mda
00:46:37Mircea.N b
00:46:41mamyka ??
00:46:47Orre because i want to be a hero and live out all of my fantasies
00:46:47Belka me b
00:46:56Buttons orre stfu
00:47:05mamyka ????
00:47:07mamyka mana
00:47:10Orre look at me
00:47:10Buttons ?
00:47:13Orre im benjamin button
00:47:15Aerwyn all
00:47:15Orre im retarded
00:47:16Aerwyn bot
00:47:42rtg800 axe come
00:47:43rtg800 jump
00:47:46Mircea.N not now
00:47:46mamyka heal
00:47:47rtg800 we can take them
00:47:54rtg800 not 5
00:47:55rtg800 they low
00:48:28mamyka me noob
00:48:34Aerwyn b
00:48:34Aerwyn b
00:48:35Aerwyn b
00:48:36Orre u are
00:48:57mamyka heal plz
00:49:01Aerwyn just used
00:49:31Simba WTF COMMANDEr
00:49:32Aerwyn b
00:49:33Aerwyn now
00:49:35Simba why u duel
00:49:36Simba 1v3
00:49:42Simba it will give them +10dmg too
00:49:42rtg800 dead anyway
00:49:46Simba YEH
00:49:46McFele genious
00:49:49Simba u give them dmg
00:49:50Simba idiot
00:49:50Aerwyn i go shop
00:49:52Aerwyn gather
00:49:58Aerwyn k
00:50:02mamyka me
00:50:08Aerwyn no
00:50:09Orre y?
00:50:11Aerwyn let slardar
00:50:13mamyka coz much gold if i die
00:50:29McFele hah u let dumb potm take aegis
00:50:33Buttons go end
00:50:38mamyka said mid failor
00:50:44McFele sure :D
00:51:06Aerwyn all
00:51:07Aerwyn pink
00:51:09mamyka dont w8 me
00:51:13rtg800 stay in base
00:51:16Aerwyn we will
00:51:21Aerwyn all bot
00:51:23rtg800 axe..
00:51:30Aerwyn mirana
00:51:31Aerwyn -...
00:51:37mamyka 100 gold for mant
00:51:43Aerwyn lol
00:51:46Aerwyn we can finish now
00:51:48Aerwyn dont push
00:51:50Aerwyn without mirana
00:52:06Orre ty omni
00:52:11Orre repel me mby?
00:52:52Mamo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:55Mircea.N I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:53:26Buttons wp all
00:53:27Buttons gg
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