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Chat log

00:00:02McNabb -ap
00:00:03Affliction -ap
00:00:06Norrebro -ap
00:00:08Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:09Affliction -ii
00:00:10P3PSI strom, Item for gyro ?
00:00:10Affliction -don
00:00:12Affliction -hhn
00:00:13Kanki why u pause?
00:00:18McNabb pepsi
00:00:25McNabb make vanguard
00:00:25Affliction i take SD or huskar ?
00:00:30McNabb first
00:00:30Affliction SP
00:00:32P3PSI roger
00:00:32Affliction i mean
00:00:39Kanki no vang
00:00:44P3PSI -clear
00:00:47Kanki doesnt work properly on ranged
00:00:54McNabb it does
00:00:54Kanki go agha imo
00:00:56Norrebro go ure huskar
00:01:01P3PSI mana boots ??
00:01:07McNabb he cant make lothars with weaver in game
00:01:08Kanki manaboots first y
00:01:14Kanki manaboots agha
00:01:16Kanki its good
00:01:16Strom what lane am I on+
00:01:18P3PSI roger
00:01:25McNabb i say manaboots van
00:01:35Strom cool, but what lane am I on?
00:01:40Kanki 5 ranged :D
00:01:40McNabb weaver mid
00:01:48Strom hmm
00:01:51Strom I'd rather take sideane
00:01:52Swagga share
00:01:53McNabb k
00:01:54Strom I'll go top
00:01:58Strom I like sidelane shop
00:02:01Strom good items for me
00:02:06Strom share chick
00:04:02Rotkiv aaa .. hotkeys .. again ..
00:04:48creeeeeee ssmid
00:04:53creeeeeee re
00:05:34Kanki miss mid
00:05:48Isdronningen up chick
00:05:57Isdronningen ty
00:06:28creeeeeee mid coming bot
00:06:29creeeeeee care
00:06:30creeeeeee rune
00:06:37Affliction b
00:06:58Rotkiv ss
00:06:59Kanki misss
00:07:01creeeeeee omw top
00:07:03Kanki mid miss
00:07:05Kanki care top
00:07:21Strom ye potm was top
00:07:27creeeeeee re mid
00:07:28Norrebro hater
00:08:12P3PSI ss top
00:08:15Norrebro mirana
00:08:18Norrebro can u top?
00:08:22creeeeeee sure
00:08:29Kanki miss mid
00:08:43McNabb pro
00:08:49Strom mis top
00:09:22McNabb ss husk
00:09:52Norrebro wp
00:09:55McNabb ss
00:09:55Norrebro huskar
00:10:06Kanki oh really
00:10:08Isdronningen gj
00:10:08Norrebro dont take creeps agro
00:10:11Kanki watch ur mini map
00:10:13Norrebro wjhen im 100 hp
00:10:37McNabb !
00:10:54Norrebro wtf was that lightning mid?
00:11:50Isdronningen gank bot
00:12:07McNabb next time maybe
00:12:58Swagga im b
00:13:32Rotkiv ah
00:13:38McNabb arh
00:13:40Isdronningen haha
00:13:43Swagga ha ha
00:13:44McNabb wards
00:13:51Affliction :;D
00:13:54McNabb hehe
00:13:56McNabb close
00:13:57creeeeeee k have vision and then it just goes away
00:13:58creeeeeee cool
00:14:13McNabb ss bot
00:14:31Affliction :/
00:14:47McNabb wards
00:15:42Norrebro wtf
00:15:45Swagga lol
00:15:45Norrebro huskar
00:15:56Norrebro ????
00:17:17Kanki haha
00:18:06P3PSI wrong key :P
00:18:07Strom ward
00:18:08Norrebro ulti him
00:18:08Norrebro wtf
00:19:19Norrebro me reg
00:19:40Kanki def mid
00:19:41Strom damn, ward in our woods as well
00:20:11Strom legion farming too much
00:22:51McNabb bot?
00:23:01McNabb go bot
00:23:45Kanki ok bot
00:23:49Norrebro come
00:23:50Norrebro dude
00:23:51Norrebro tp
00:24:17McNabb dont fight
00:24:21McNabb !!!
00:24:35Kanki we need gem
00:25:15Strom damn legion and his lothar
00:25:19McNabb gah
00:25:19creeeeeee nice
00:25:24Affliction autoattack
00:25:27Affliction so easy
00:25:36McNabb husk vs wr!!
00:25:40Norrebro b
00:25:44Strom we should fight with 5
00:25:48Strom we have some good aoe
00:25:52Norrebro b
00:25:52McNabb y
00:26:02Rotkiv we have no pipe no mekka .. we dont need realy?
00:26:20P3PSI veno invis
00:26:29Strom pipe good vs veno/potm
00:26:31McNabb weaver get gem
00:26:54Kanki all rosh now
00:27:26Strom I don't have slot
00:27:30Kanki ill take it
00:27:44Norrebro dumb go huskar
00:27:47Affliction why dont we have wards :D
00:27:56Norrebro why do u go like a noob
00:29:12Kanki fuck that
00:29:18Strom not enough dps to tower while phoenix ultied
00:29:27Strom needed to focus it more
00:29:35McNabb i did
00:29:35McNabb !
00:29:50Affliction bahhhhh ikke flere smøger :/
00:29:56McNabb mid again
00:30:03Isdronningen så må man stoppe med at ryge :D
00:30:43creeeeeee hj
00:30:44creeeeeee gj
00:30:50Kanki ffs
00:31:30McNabb fast
00:31:33Kanki 3 dead
00:31:44Kanki lol
00:31:44McNabb !!!!!!!
00:31:47Rotkiv heh marina behind yout
00:31:49Kanki why u go there urself
00:31:49Kanki b
00:31:50Kanki b
00:31:50Kanki b
00:31:51Kanki b
00:31:51Kanki b
00:31:52Kanki b
00:32:16McNabb gah
00:32:39McNabb lol
00:32:41McNabb wtf
00:32:57McNabb why u leave us thrall
00:33:07Rotkiv to wards but yee
00:33:08McNabb fuck wards then we push
00:33:14Rotkiv jep
00:33:31McNabb not up
00:33:36McNabb mid again
00:33:43Kanki legion getting fat
00:33:56Kanki we need an entry
00:33:59Kanki bot?
00:34:36Norrebro why
00:35:07creeeeeee grave urself? lol why
00:36:08McNabb !!
00:36:13Affliction out of luck :D
00:36:13Strom b bot
00:36:15Strom b bot
00:36:19McNabb :D
00:37:12Affliction legion duel that NS and focus him ?
00:37:16Strom lets fight with 5
00:37:19Rotkiv lets ward rosh ..
00:37:21Isdronningen y
00:37:22creeeeeee ns?
00:37:24Affliction NA
00:37:29creeeeeee nw?
00:38:58McNabb !
00:39:02Strom kinda failed
00:39:10Strom we need more reveal and need to stick together more
00:39:14Affliction rosh up
00:39:17Kanki i bug gem
00:39:19Kanki buy
00:39:28Kanki rosh goes now :P
00:39:28Isdronningen i go get hyper
00:39:30McNabb the problem is
00:39:32Rotkiv lets ward .. i will not go alone
00:39:32McNabb we use
00:39:35McNabb out ultis
00:39:38McNabb and flee
00:39:39Kanki try to kill that sp fast
00:39:41McNabb then come b
00:39:51Strom I always try to get sp down quickly
00:39:56Strom no need for grave on huskar etc
00:40:13Kanki got gem
00:40:16Kanki follow me
00:40:58Norrebro gogogog
00:41:28McNabb oh fuck
00:41:30Swagga gem
00:41:36Kanki lol
00:41:40Kanki didnt see that veno there
00:41:40Rotkiv pipe mekka would save us ..
00:41:45McNabb y
00:41:58Strom well legion did have aegis
00:42:09P3PSI next item ?
00:42:13Rotkiv pipe
00:42:16Strom so next fight without aegis should be easier
00:42:16Affliction 1k form bkb :/
00:42:24Affliction fucking gay i always die
00:42:34McNabb have to play a bot more defensive i think
00:42:54Strom ye but I don't think we have lategame
00:42:54Kanki gank
00:42:56Affliction let me take bot
00:43:00McNabb dunno
00:43:01Affliction and i have the bkb
00:43:10McNabb we need to make them make some fail pushes
00:43:26Strom care mid
00:43:27Strom go b
00:43:28McNabb b
00:43:28McNabb b
00:43:38McNabb !!!!!!!!!!
00:43:41McNabb ffs
00:43:44McNabb noob
00:43:47McNabb really
00:43:49Strom noob?
00:43:58McNabb IM TELLING U 1000 TIMES
00:43:59Strom if you so pro, why didn't you say they have vision
00:44:01McNabb THEY COME
00:44:02Strom yes I saw minimap
00:44:08Strom didn't think they can hit 5 sec arrow on me
00:44:14Kanki mirana has the gem
00:44:17Kanki so kill her first
00:44:32Kanki -afk
00:44:35Kanki gyro
00:44:37Strom -afk
00:44:55McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:03McNabb really strom
00:45:17Strom dont go
00:45:32Isdronningen b
00:45:34Norrebro b
00:46:14McNabb just turtle now
00:46:21Norrebro mid
00:46:44McNabb NOOB
00:46:44Kanki ffs
00:46:45McNabb FFS
00:46:50McNabb WHY WONT U LISTEN
00:46:59McNabb HOW BAD ARE U NOOBS
00:47:06McNabb I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:10McNabb omg
00:47:13McNabb omg
00:47:14McNabb omg
00:47:42Strom ah, mirna has too big dmg
00:48:28creeeeeee go in
00:48:28Affliction kk
00:48:28creeeeeee I ultied
00:48:28McNabb yeah go plug
00:48:28Isdronningen k
00:48:35creeeeeee b
00:48:36P3PSI rosh up ?
00:48:41McNabb lol
00:48:42creeeeeee a lol
00:48:43creeeeeee gj :D
00:48:45Kanki fucking legion
00:48:48creeeeeee DONT backdoor
00:48:49McNabb fucking u
00:48:53Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:54McNabb twice
00:49:00McNabb u give them entrance
00:49:08McNabb when i say dont go
00:49:09McNabb ,ff
00:50:44Kanki I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:50Kanki hero loss
00:50:56Strom nope
00:50:56McNabb u lose
00:50:58Strom playing loss
00:51:01McNabb yep
00:51:02Strom we should have ended at 35
00:51:06McNabb enough said
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