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Chat log

00:00:05Bct_Murder omg ;/
00:00:05Bct_Murder -roll
00:00:13mansikka lycan
00:00:16Orre miks ma chicki pean ostma
00:00:16Orre tr
00:00:16rtg800 get weaver
00:00:16LaPuhh haha
00:00:16mansikka lol
00:00:16LaPuhh :D
00:00:16Bct_Murder i want ogre
00:00:16emoder i will supp the shit out of you
00:00:16Bct_Murder zajeb ban ?
00:00:16mansikka cool
00:00:16emoder wd or es
00:00:16Zajeb im here
00:00:16Zajeb was afk
00:00:16Zajeb sry
00:00:16mansikka i can pick es for you
00:00:16mansikka or wd
00:00:16rtg800 get weaver
00:00:16emoder get wd
00:00:16mansikka k
00:00:16Zajeb wl some1?
00:00:16rtg800 ban omni or some shit
00:00:16Zajeb omni
00:00:16Mircea.N i go wl
00:00:16Zajeb i will get u wl
00:00:18Mircea.N perfect
00:00:18rtg800 weaver
00:00:28Mircea.N go wl
00:00:28rtg800 u pick
00:00:31Mircea.N pick wl
00:00:34emoder orre ur getting chick
00:00:40Orre i know
00:00:43Orre fucking 9gagger
00:00:44Orre faggot
00:00:46Orre stfu
00:00:49Mircea.N can we pick ogre?
00:00:58emoder sikka wat u wanzt
00:01:03mansikka hmm
00:01:08Mircea.N ok tell me what u want, capitaoin
00:01:11mansikka dunno zs
00:01:12mansikka xd
00:01:14Zajeb juskar
00:01:17mansikka pick something cool
00:01:17Zajeb huskar
00:01:18mansikka idc
00:01:19mansikka :D
00:01:25emoder krob?
00:01:26Mircea.N ok
00:01:28mansikka sure
00:01:31mansikka -swap 3
00:01:35Mircea.N husk will be
00:01:37emoder -swap 1
00:01:40Zajeb -swap 4
00:01:41Mircea.N -swap 1
00:01:45mansikka wd troll top
00:01:45Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:47Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Ogre Magi [f,g,b,c]
00:01:49mansikka pick range last
00:01:50rtg800 huskar mid?
00:01:53mansikka dazzle
00:01:55Jerkku jakiro
00:01:59Jerkku or dazzel
00:02:01Mircea.N leoric, nice pick !
00:02:05Zajeb can u handle mid or should i?
00:02:09rtg800 i can
00:02:16Zajeb dont fail
00:02:21Bct_Murder huskar come with me
00:02:26Zajeb im bot
00:02:27mansikka wd top
00:02:41Bct_Murder 3 lvl kill ;D
00:02:46Mircea.N take care at krobe ..
00:02:48Zajeb u pull
00:02:51Bct_Murder yes
00:02:56Orre sa võid mulle öelda kui mul lambist mic peaks tööle hakkama
00:03:02Mircea.N troll will be forest
00:03:04Mircea.N i guess
00:03:32Mircea.N b
00:03:48Mircea.N gg
00:03:48Jerkku gj
00:03:49Bct_Murder ok
00:03:52Mircea.N he is blind
00:04:08Mircea.N troll fb :)
00:04:19Paulin8813811 )
00:05:07Paulin8813811 ss
00:05:20Paulin8813811 re
00:05:26Bct_Murder sorry my fail
00:06:26Mircea.N ss wd
00:06:30rtg800 was mid
00:06:30Mircea.N troll is forest
00:06:51Mircea.N re 2
00:07:15emoder go if u want
00:07:29Jerkku i pull first
00:07:34rtg800 ss imd
00:07:35rtg800 re
00:07:36Mircea.N ss wd
00:07:39mansikka ss mid
00:07:40Mircea.N re
00:07:43Mircea.N troll forest
00:07:51mansikka re
00:08:27rtg800 20 hp
00:08:28rtg800 kk
00:09:05Mircea.N ss wd
00:09:07Bct_Murder kill?
00:10:03Jerkku gank top
00:10:14mansikka omg :DD
00:10:22mansikka ss mid
00:10:23Jerkku easykills top
00:10:32emoder omw
00:10:34mansikka re mid
00:10:42Mircea.N leoric, can u go woods ?
00:10:45Mircea.N it's much safer
00:10:46Bct_Murder troll dominator omg
00:11:11rtg800 my rune
00:11:13mansikka ss mdi
00:11:15Bct_Murder i pull and late kill husk
00:11:15emoder zz
00:11:17emoder sry
00:11:20Jerkku np
00:11:32Mircea.N \ss mid
00:11:37rtg800 gank top
00:12:04Mircea.N wd
00:12:26Jerkku was blocked :D
00:12:29Jerkku funny
00:12:40Mircea.N i ulti
00:12:45Bct_Murder need gank down;/
00:12:52mansikka blah
00:13:10rtg800 lets do this
00:14:36Mircea.N i'm oom
00:14:37Bct_Murder first?
00:14:45Mircea.N krob
00:14:45Zajeb go
00:14:45mansikka miss many
00:14:45Zajeb krob
00:15:32Bct_Murder tide have ulti
00:15:33Bct_Murder care
00:15:37Orre lase gush ns
00:16:10Mircea.N i got ulti
00:16:15rtg800 gogo
00:16:21rtg800 omfg
00:16:22rtg800 dicks
00:17:31mansikka sjho
00:17:34mansikka shop
00:17:48Mircea.N b top
00:17:49Mircea.N tp
00:17:53mansikka lets get mid tower
00:18:35Mircea.N leoric goo woods
00:18:56Bct_Murder wtf people ;/
00:22:09Paulin8813811 sps
00:22:17Jerkku fast
00:22:18emoder go
00:22:20Jerkku got asegis
00:22:31rtg800 b
00:22:33rtg800 b
00:22:37emoder :=
00:22:38Bct_Murder omg jerrku win this game
00:22:39emoder :)
00:22:39Bct_Murder gg ff
00:22:46mansikka gj
00:22:51mansikka push
00:23:08Bct_Murder def mid
00:23:21Mircea.N -ms
00:23:23emoder ill def
00:23:30mansikka y
00:23:31Jerkku bot tower
00:23:32mansikka b
00:23:48Jerkku reg
00:24:14Mircea.N go go
00:24:15rtg800 huskar
00:24:58Jerkku dazzle but grave on me
00:25:03Zajeb dont w8 so much for ulti wl
00:25:08Orre sry
00:25:11Jerkku well i make fast bkb
00:25:14Jerkku then its gg
00:25:16mansikka its good on me too
00:25:19mansikka grave
00:25:22Jerkku y
00:25:24mansikka was good grave
00:25:27Orre krobe has good ulti
00:25:30mansikka y
00:25:33Orre should i go meka?
00:25:36Bct_Murder back
00:25:38Jerkku well y
00:25:44Mircea.N reg bot
00:25:49Bct_Murder i pick regen
00:25:54Jerkku wait me
00:26:10Bct_Murder back
00:26:11Bct_Murder back
00:26:12Bct_Murder lweoric
00:26:21Mircea.N can someone go orchid for troll ?
00:26:26Mircea.N like weaver ?:D
00:27:18Mircea.N dd bot
00:27:19rtg800 ye
00:27:37Mircea.N i got ulti
00:27:50Jerkku freefarm
00:29:27Bct_Murder back?
00:29:31Zajeb y
00:29:31Mircea.N of course
00:29:38Zajeb gj wl btw
00:29:41Zajeb nice ulti
00:29:42Jerkku wards
00:29:54Mircea.N retard
00:30:00Bct_Murder leoric
00:30:01Paulin8813811 pffff
00:30:01Bct_Murder we say bakc
00:30:04Jerkku got bkb
00:30:16Mircea.N they will gang our forest. take care
00:30:54Mircea.N b
00:30:54Mircea.N b
00:30:58Mircea.N they gang
00:31:00Jerkku gather
00:31:01Jerkku now
00:31:06Mircea.N or not..
00:31:13Bct_Murder aghanim rdy
00:31:32Bct_Murder i go base i need regen
00:31:35Bct_Murder i dont have mana; /
00:31:59mansikka use meka
00:32:00mansikka :)
00:32:15Zajeb stupid place to fight
00:32:23Jerkku i'll rosh
00:32:26mansikka y
00:32:36Zajeb tey ro
00:32:41Zajeb they
00:32:51Zajeb fast
00:33:14Mircea.N b
00:33:19Bct_Murder omg gz
00:33:20Mircea.N b all
00:33:21Bct_Murder bkb lathara
00:33:21Mircea.N just def
00:33:24Bct_Murder aeigs
00:33:38rtg800 def
00:33:59Bct_Murder wait me ;/
00:34:41Jerkku gogo
00:35:04Orre i kinda sucked right now
00:35:07Jerkku we need wl down
00:35:14mansikka before he ulti
00:35:27Bct_Murder i only dead ;/
00:35:49rtg800 fast tower
00:35:50rtg800 and b
00:35:53Jerkku b
00:35:55Jerkku dont die
00:35:57Mircea.N b
00:35:57Mircea.N b
00:35:58Mircea.N b
00:35:58Mircea.N b
00:36:03Bct_Murder leoric
00:36:04Bct_Murder back
00:36:06Mircea.N :)
00:36:08mansikka oh
00:36:09mansikka pussies
00:36:15Mircea.N refresher and aghanim ready
00:36:16Mircea.N :)
00:36:42Jerkku go smokegang ?
00:36:48mansikka yea
00:36:49Orre k
00:36:49Jerkku to have entry
00:36:51Orre gather
00:37:07Mircea.N leoric u are not allowed to do that
00:37:10Bct_Murder what i need now ?
00:37:11Bct_Murder hex?
00:37:15mansikka lol
00:37:17mansikka 2x smoke
00:37:18mansikka used
00:37:20Mircea.N hex will be great
00:37:25Zajeb go mid all
00:37:27Mircea.N ok they gang
00:37:28mansikka 't
00:37:30Zajeb 4 golems rdy?
00:37:44mansikka xd
00:37:54Mircea.N they gang
00:37:57Mircea.N b down or take care
00:37:58Bct_Murder care all
00:38:03Zajeb go mid
00:38:05Zajeb push
00:38:13Zajeb come all
00:38:15Mircea.N it's hard to push..they will focus me
00:38:21Mircea.N rptect me plz
00:38:24Zajeb just use fast ultis
00:38:24Mircea.N protect
00:38:26Mircea.N y
00:38:40Jerkku def
00:39:14Jerkku gg
00:39:15emoder 1by1
00:39:17Jerkku cant win alone
00:39:19Mircea.N gg
00:39:19Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:06Jerkku just ff
00:40:10emoder I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:14mansikka I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:23LaPuhh !ff
00:40:40Bct_Murder we win oo yeaaah
00:40:41Bct_Murder :
00:40:56Bct_Murder i love this warlock :D
00:41:08Zajeb wl is best hero in dota
00:41:12Mircea.N yeah good idea capitain ;)
00:41:42Mircea.N b bot
00:41:42Mircea.N b
00:42:26Orre I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:32Orre karla kirjuta lihtsalt ff
00:42:35LaPuhh I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:42:38Mircea.N GG
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