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Chat log

00:00:02Sepetos -ap
00:00:22Sepetos hyvä4koska oli väärä skilli :D
00:00:30Jerkku :D:D
00:00:31Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:00:33Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:35Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control AA [c,e,g,t]
00:00:41Wrench jugger ur bot with aa
00:00:41VanillaThunder juger bot
00:00:41FireMal fb top
00:00:43Jerkku TINY
00:00:44Wrench k
00:00:47Jerkku _:D
00:00:50Wrench ill try to let u take
00:00:52Wrench so u can buy tp
00:00:52FireMal axe you in on fb
00:00:59FireMal ok
00:01:01Wrench jugger go hide
00:01:02Sepetos pit up flying when can
00:01:03Sepetos okko?
00:01:05Wrench at forestshop
00:01:07AliBaba :)
00:01:08Wrench somewhere deep in there
00:01:13Wrench ill concotion
00:01:14Sepetos and skill only pit malice and that heal
00:01:23Sepetos firestrom at lvl 12 first
00:01:29Wrench share chick btw
00:01:33Sepetos or 10
00:01:38Wrench nvm
00:01:41VanillaThunder ...
00:01:47FireMal who was that
00:01:49Jerkku sven u pull ?
00:01:49Wrench tiny
00:01:51VanillaThunder tiny
00:01:52Wrench its good that he saw axe
00:01:54Jerkku or should i
00:01:57Wrench wont think jugger is here
00:01:58FireMal can we still do fb
00:01:59Wrench when ehe sees me
00:02:05ImAweirdo idc
00:02:09Jerkku rune top
00:02:10FireMal he whanna ward
00:02:12FireMal noob
00:02:13Wrench y
00:02:35Wrench w8
00:02:36FireMal go ?
00:02:42Wrench y
00:03:25Buttons ul
00:03:49FireMal aa rdy for a kill
00:03:53Bct_Murder ok
00:03:55FireMal ??
00:04:04FireMal wait til mana
00:04:08FireMal go
00:04:24Bct_Murder fail ;/
00:04:29FireMal totaly
00:04:33FireMal why are you so far away
00:04:38Jerkku that was close
00:04:44Bct_Murder i think you kill dk
00:04:52Bct_Murder he have ~80%
00:05:00Wrench next wavew
00:05:28FireMal i wasted all the money instead of going shoes i whent chicken and shit
00:05:36Sepetos midmiss
00:05:43FireMal can i come top and take a kill ?
00:05:49Wrench mmm
00:05:52Wrench u shouldnt
00:05:53Wrench but
00:05:55Wrench w/e
00:06:01Wrench i can give u the kill if u come
00:06:02Bct_Murder come down
00:06:04Bct_Murder we kill
00:06:05Bct_Murder down
00:06:07FireMal ok who you whant tiny or pit
00:06:46ImAweirdo go after pu;ll?
00:06:49Jerkku y
00:07:00FireMal i come all the way from base
00:07:03Sepetos midmiss
00:07:04FireMal but axe omg
00:07:13VanillaThunder ??
00:07:33FireMal w8 me top
00:07:40FireMal block creeps
00:07:41FireMal axe
00:07:44Kanki :D
00:07:47Jerkku :D
00:07:47Bct_Murder fail ...
00:07:52VanillaThunder jugger just farm
00:08:03FireMal 1 kill then i farm
00:08:12ImAweirdo :D
00:08:14Bct_Murder kranki
00:08:16Bct_Murder you fucking noob
00:08:17Bct_Murder idiot
00:08:22Jerkku omw top
00:08:30Bct_Murder omg
00:08:33Bct_Murder lina owned you mid?
00:08:34Bct_Murder wtf
00:08:34FireMal shit
00:08:36Bct_Murder noo item
00:08:43FireMal it whent thrue
00:08:47Sepetos kill whjen comen
00:08:51FireMal pits block
00:08:58FireMal his entangle
00:09:00FireMal cought me
00:09:29Bct_Murder ok
00:09:30Bct_Murder ff 25min
00:09:41Bct_Murder yournero 3 lvl
00:09:52Wrench ganker yurnero
00:09:52Wrench :D
00:09:56Wrench :DD
00:09:58Wrench kanki moro
00:10:04Kanki what
00:10:06Wrench meil o ganker jurnero
00:10:07Wrench =D
00:10:07Jerkku need wards
00:10:11Jerkku they gank a lot
00:10:11Kanki :D
00:10:12Sepetos got ulti
00:10:48Bct_Murder Omg
00:10:49Bct_Murder this tauren
00:10:50Kanki no mana
00:10:51Bct_Murder horible
00:10:51Kanki sry
00:10:52Bct_Murder omg
00:10:56Bct_Murder i cant believe
00:10:58Bct_Murder idiot team
00:11:21Wrench dont blame us for jugger being bad :D
00:11:33FireMal dk used ulti
00:11:38Wrench kk
00:11:40Wrench just get elevels jugger
00:11:42Wrench u need ult
00:11:45Kanki mana
00:11:46FireMal y
00:11:57Kanki axe
00:12:00Kanki mana
00:12:02VanillaThunder cd
00:12:13AliBaba care bot
00:12:35FireMal oom
00:13:06Bct_Murder ff?
00:13:11ImAweirdo killsteal streek
00:13:14FireMal axe why are you not in oyur own woods
00:13:15FireMal lol
00:13:16Sepetos y
00:13:24VanillaThunder lol jugger su ok?
00:13:38FireMal lol
00:14:31Jerkku omw after reg
00:14:39Bct_Murder alchemist dead
00:14:44Wrench how ?
00:14:46Wrench :D
00:14:51Wrench i have been raping them
00:14:53Wrench all day long
00:14:54Wrench son
00:15:03Wrench 0-0-6
00:15:04ImAweirdo thnx
00:15:04ImAweirdo 4
00:15:05ImAweirdo help
00:15:07ImAweirdo retards
00:15:09Wrench 6kills happened here bro
00:15:13Wrench for our favor
00:15:16ImAweirdo ow
00:15:17ImAweirdo rly?
00:15:17Wrench im 3 levels higher
00:15:21Wrench do the math
00:15:23ImAweirdo retards
00:15:42Buttons ??
00:15:48FireMal mid twr
00:15:51Bct_Murder dk lina and sven imba
00:15:52Bct_Murder gg ff
00:15:58VanillaThunder aa su
00:16:45Wrench axe get blink next yeh ?
00:16:50VanillaThunder ofc
00:16:53Wrench goodie =)
00:16:57ImAweirdo our captn kept killstealing all the shit
00:17:00ImAweirdo now farms
00:17:01ImAweirdo gj
00:17:03ImAweirdo statfreak
00:17:10Wrench sry its gc, gotta ask
00:17:14Wrench havent played with u before
00:17:14Wrench :p
00:17:22VanillaThunder np ;)
00:17:40FireMal treads ?
00:17:41Wrench wards please
00:17:59VanillaThunder lina lothars
00:18:10Wrench kk
00:18:10Kanki omw top
00:18:15Wrench me2
00:18:16Bct_Murder no mana; /
00:18:16Wrench lets r0ck
00:18:21Wrench axe has manaboots
00:18:22VanillaThunder w8 i tp
00:19:00Kanki lol
00:19:04Bct_Murder they 5 stunner
00:19:05Bct_Murder we loose
00:19:06Bct_Murder anyway
00:19:08Bct_Murder ff gg
00:19:11Wrench lolx :D
00:19:16Wrench u dont lose games coz enemy has 5x stun
00:19:19Wrench heard of bkb ?
00:19:43Wrench but im not saying we win
00:19:45Wrench we can ofc :)
00:19:53FireMal we still can
00:20:02Wrench nice tpcancel
00:20:30Wrench n1 ^Å
00:20:53ImAweirdo no breath?
00:20:55Sepetos eiks oo nukee
00:20:57Jerkku cd
00:21:41Jerkku D:D:
00:21:44Bct_Murder gz
00:21:44Bct_Murder ff
00:21:45Wrench *::DD:
00:21:50Wrench Asiaa
00:22:36Bct_Murder what i need make?
00:22:38Bct_Murder hex?
00:22:45Wrench y
00:23:06FireMal mid twr
00:23:25VanillaThunder b
00:23:52Wrench b
00:23:53Bct_Murder lina come
00:23:54Wrench focus tower
00:24:19Bct_Murder sven farm
00:25:21FireMal oom
00:25:24Bct_Murder gz
00:25:27Bct_Murder dk with bkb
00:25:27Bct_Murder omg
00:25:31Bct_Murder who feed himn ?
00:25:37FireMal lina with lothar or blink ?
00:25:43Bct_Murder lothar
00:25:54Wrench i get eye
00:26:01Bct_Murder ff 25min?
00:26:09VanillaThunder ff ur mum
00:26:09FireMal going dust vs lina
00:26:14Wrench ive gem
00:26:15Wrench ...
00:26:21Wrench but its fine
00:26:47Jerkku alche gem
00:27:34Bct_Murder fucking sven
00:27:46Bct_Murder aclhemist
00:27:46Bct_Murder back?
00:27:49Bct_Murder you have gem?
00:27:54AliBaba omg
00:27:58Wrench ty
00:28:01AliBaba idiot
00:28:05Wrench gem
00:28:10AliBaba go in hell
00:28:10Bct_Murder gz ff
00:28:11Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:13Wrench he didnt notice
00:28:13Wrench it
00:28:14Wrench :P
00:28:14FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:18VanillaThunder i detroyed it
00:28:21VanillaThunder so su
00:28:21Wrench :(
00:28:21Wrench k
00:28:30Wrench dont be angry :o
00:28:31Kanki lvl 8 jugger
00:28:33Kanki imbanes
00:28:33Wrench im not whining at u
00:28:34Kanki -ma
00:28:39Wrench lol
00:28:40Wrench :p
00:28:42Sepetos someone had gem?
00:28:43Wrench good that u dstroyed
00:28:43VanillaThunder y sry thought aa wrote that :D
00:28:46Jerkku alch
00:28:47Bct_Murder taruen 0-5 horible
00:28:47Wrench hehe k
00:29:15Sepetos WHO FARMS WITH SPIN
00:29:17Wrench getting new gem soon
00:29:21Wrench :D
00:29:24Wrench lvl9 jugg
00:29:33FireMal you see now why im lvl 8 fucking focus
00:29:37Sepetos WAIT
00:29:38FireMal since i got fb
00:29:53ImAweirdo chill
00:29:58Wrench o_O
00:29:59Wrench :D
00:30:05Wrench or just that gank jugger? ;)
00:30:18Sepetos ill take
00:30:18Wrench tip: dont gank with jugger
00:30:57VanillaThunder b
00:31:04VanillaThunder b
00:31:31Wrench def
00:32:12Sepetos -ms
00:32:21ImAweirdo thnx
00:32:21ImAweirdo 4
00:32:22ImAweirdo help
00:32:51FireMal lol when did lina get lvl80
00:32:55FireMal 20
00:32:55Sepetos my toprune
00:33:08Kanki when u were lvl 9
00:33:13Wrench :D
00:33:57Bct_Murder we need pipe
00:34:02Wrench makin
00:34:11Sepetos -ms
00:34:59Sepetos y
00:35:00Sepetos i take
00:35:06Sepetos or not
00:35:07Sepetos top def
00:35:09Wrench b top
00:35:11Bct_Murder they come
00:35:12Bct_Murder they come
00:35:57ImAweirdo superfail
00:36:01Sepetos yea
00:36:06Sepetos should have guinsoo jugger
00:36:11ImAweirdo my mouse is running dead
00:36:24Sepetos voin telee dk koht sinne
00:36:25Sepetos jos lureet vähä
00:36:31Wrench got new gem
00:36:33Jerkku no oon suht oom
00:36:37Sepetos no toi riittää
00:36:39Sepetos tapan ne
00:36:43Jerkku otan lvl 16
00:36:47Sepetos go kill bot
00:36:48Wrench axe lets rosh
00:36:50Sepetos wait my tele
00:36:55Wrench i counter that ward
00:36:59AliBaba reg
00:37:03FireMal mine
00:37:05Wrench need that eye from shop tho
00:37:06FireMal lol
00:37:28Wrench dont
00:37:29Wrench they have ward
00:37:30Wrench here
00:37:33Wrench i need
00:37:34FireMal alch fucking ban re7 you why you steal
00:37:49Sepetos wtf whole team there?
00:37:58Wrench counter
00:38:10Sepetos u guys havent got much items
00:38:12Sepetos we gona lose this
00:38:16ImAweirdo ow yea
00:38:17ImAweirdo quess why?
00:38:30Sepetos ok so push it with smoke
00:38:33Sepetos gangpush top gg
00:38:34VanillaThunder my plz
00:38:35ImAweirdo cause u cept
00:38:37ImAweirdo stealing kills
00:38:38Wrench or me ?
00:38:38Sepetos go push top already someone
00:38:40Kanki alke
00:38:41ImAweirdo then went imva farm
00:38:49Kanki go mid
00:38:50Sepetos alchemist last
00:38:53Sepetos he doesnt do anything
00:38:56FireMal mana plz
00:39:04Sepetos aa jugger if possible
00:39:06Wrench pipe coming
00:39:09Wrench ¨w chick
00:39:15FireMal k
00:39:16FireMal w8
00:39:17FireMal chick
00:39:57ImAweirdo thnx
00:39:58ImAweirdo this
00:39:59ImAweirdo team
00:40:00ImAweirdo is so coolo
00:40:12Bct_Murder lina imba ;/
00:40:13Wrench omw
00:40:22Bct_Murder lina win vs axe 1 vs 1
00:40:24Bct_Murder ...........
00:40:29Bct_Murder lima VERY STRONG
00:40:31VanillaThunder yea was oom...
00:40:39Jerkku lvl 10 alibaba
00:40:40Wrench lina eats my dick
00:40:40Jerkku wtf
00:40:41Jerkku :D
00:40:43VanillaThunder thought i could get her
00:40:45Wrench thats what bitches are for
00:40:47VanillaThunder :D
00:40:47AliBaba uh
00:40:55FireMal does she swallow
00:40:59Wrench didnt lose aegis yet
00:41:05Wrench i dunno if alchemist shoots cum or acid
00:41:09Wrench if its acid i bet she wont
00:41:10FireMal haha
00:41:31Wrench nägyy
00:41:35Jerkku miks meet yksin
00:41:36Wrench puhuttii just chatis et lina imee mun munaa :D
00:41:36Jerkku siellä
00:41:38FireMal m
00:41:45Wrench sielt tuli demonstraatio
00:41:55FireMal maybe its couze she swallowed your acid she is spitting lightning out
00:41:56Sepetos no oon tyytyväinen koska kaikki muut teil nuolee mun pilluu
00:41:58Sepetos ni aika sama sinänsä
00:42:02Wrench :D
00:42:04Wrench jep
00:42:12Sepetos sven needs bkb
00:42:18Wrench push bot
00:42:23Sepetos not that they got so much disable
00:42:25Wrench let me go 1st
00:42:27Sepetos satanic would b gr8
00:42:28Sepetos bf
00:42:32Sepetos bf sata
00:42:33Sepetos not lothar
00:42:36Sepetos they got gem alreadyt
00:42:39ImAweirdo i know
00:42:42Kanki bot?
00:42:43Wrench y
00:42:44ImAweirdo 300gold
00:42:46ImAweirdo for the last
00:42:46Wrench ive aegis
00:42:47ImAweirdo 15
00:42:48ImAweirdo ins..
00:42:49ImAweirdo mins
00:42:50ImAweirdo ...
00:42:55Sepetos how pit no items?
00:42:58Sepetos get some hp
00:42:59Sepetos bracers
00:43:49VanillaThunder b
00:43:51ImAweirdo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:53Wrench push
00:43:53Jerkku voiaa ff
00:43:54Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:55Wrench 4on2
00:43:56VanillaThunder ok y
00:43:56Wrench ive aegis
00:43:56Wrench go
00:43:58AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:59Buttons I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:09VanillaThunder rax
00:44:12Wrench y
00:44:15Jerkku toi alche nii vidu läski
00:44:17FireMal coming with vg
00:44:19FireMal b
00:44:21ImAweirdo anyway that i take all the kills lina
00:44:24ImAweirdo didnt go that good
00:44:46Bct_Murder bakc
00:44:46Wrench ive aegis
00:44:47Bct_Murder back
00:44:47Bct_Murder back
00:44:48Wrench and pipe ready
00:44:48Bct_Murder back
00:44:49ImAweirdo def
00:44:50Wrench PUSH
00:44:51ImAweirdo pit
00:44:52ImAweirdo cmon
00:44:53Wrench Å
00:44:58VanillaThunder b
00:44:59Wrench stay near me
00:45:00Wrench i pipe
00:45:02VanillaThunder all alive
00:45:03VanillaThunder w8 me
00:45:16FireMal lol
00:45:19FireMal forgot to heal
00:45:28Wrench b
00:45:33Wrench nvm
00:45:34Wrench got tower
00:45:35FireMal what do i build now
00:45:38Bct_Murder axe ...
00:45:39FireMal i got agha vg
00:45:39Wrench can get rax next push
00:45:46Wrench vg as in ?
00:45:50FireMal i go bkb ?
00:45:52Jerkku lol
00:45:53Wrench vanguard?
00:45:56Wrench never go vanguard on jugger
00:45:57Wrench :)
00:45:57FireMal got vg
00:46:01FireMal lol why
00:46:04FireMal shit item ?
00:46:04Wrench its no use
00:46:04Sepetos :D
00:46:04Wrench :)=
00:46:05Wrench yea
00:46:09Sepetos need wards
00:46:11Kanki u need dmg
00:46:12Jerkku no alche on paperia ilma ultia
00:46:13Wrench if u want hp build sangeyasha
00:46:16FireMal gives him hp and reg tho
00:46:18Sepetos nii o
00:46:18AliBaba go ff
00:46:19Wrench but typical is to go battlefury first
00:46:23Wrench just rush it and u get fast farm
00:46:24Jerkku älä ff:ää
00:46:25VanillaThunder get deso
00:46:27Jerkku viel
00:46:29FireMal ok ill farm battle
00:46:29Wrench but ye deso now
00:46:30FireMal fury
00:46:31Wrench deso now
00:46:32Sepetos en kyl
00:46:33Sepetos voitettu peli
00:46:34Sepetos care mid
00:46:37Wrench fury better early game
00:46:42Wrench now it doesnt matter
00:46:51Bct_Murder hex rdy
00:47:02VanillaThunder all gather rax
00:47:02Sepetos take no need
00:47:13Wrench y
00:47:15Wrench new aegis soon tho
00:47:16FireMal lol someone controling my hero
00:47:17Wrench we could take it 1st
00:47:19VanillaThunder sry was me
00:47:26Wrench i have gem again
00:47:33Wrench lets go throught their forest
00:47:36Wrench and check for wards
00:47:39FireMal give mana
00:47:43FireMal dont be greedy
00:47:54Wrench ward here
00:47:57Wrench enemy
00:47:59Wrench come counter
00:48:01Wrench they know
00:48:07Kanki aa
00:48:07Jerkku tiny goes ac ?
00:48:11Buttons yh
00:48:13Wrench some ranged
00:48:27Sepetos they rosh?
00:48:29ImAweirdo y
00:48:30Sepetos gang bot
00:48:31VanillaThunder all gather
00:48:36Jerkku tajusin juks et miks vitus
00:48:48Jerkku etm iks en oo tehny armlettii
00:48:49Wrench someone clear top
00:48:51Wrench before going bot
00:48:52Wrench no hurry
00:48:54Wrench take rosh first too
00:48:55Wrench and buy wards
00:48:59FireMal fuck
00:49:02Wrench ...
00:49:03FireMal i should have dusted first
00:49:08Kanki b
00:49:14Sepetos gogo
00:49:15Sepetos i tele
00:49:17Kanki def
00:49:19Wrench y
00:49:19VanillaThunder jugger rly
00:49:22VanillaThunder go in team
00:49:24FireMal k
00:49:34Kanki def
00:49:36Wrench omw
00:49:38Sepetos or should i tele top?
00:49:42Jerkku y
00:50:15Bct_Murder gg
00:50:17Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:50:40Wrench take wards from chick
00:50:43Wrench ward bot
00:50:44Wrench and do rosh
00:50:47Jerkku reg topis
00:50:48Wrench then take bot rax
00:50:49VanillaThunder push all 5
00:50:51Wrench y go top
00:50:52Wrench but
00:50:56Wrench someone take wards
00:51:03Wrench from chick
00:51:12Sepetos come
00:51:12VanillaThunder guys?????
00:51:18Wrench b for now axe
00:51:22Sepetos alche?
00:51:22Jerkku omw
00:51:26Wrench rosh soon
00:51:29Wrench ward bot 1st
00:52:03Kanki wtf
00:52:11Jerkku huoh
00:52:19Sepetos perkele
00:52:25Sepetos jokasen stunni jälkee saatana meni fogii
00:52:26ImAweirdo thnx
00:52:27ImAweirdo bro
00:52:30Wrench rosh
00:52:32Wrench and bot rax
00:52:32VanillaThunder push
00:52:35ImAweirdo I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:52:35AliBaba np
00:52:38Wrench :)
00:52:38Sepetos WTF?!?!
00:52:39VanillaThunder ?
00:52:42Bct_Murder wtf ?:DDD
00:52:43Bct_Murder :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:52:44VanillaThunder :D
00:52:48Jerkku idiots
00:52:51Bct_Murder wtf?
00:52:59Sepetos really wtf noobs
00:53:06Jerkku should not ever ff again :d
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