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Chat log

00:00:22Nickless tc would be gr8
00:00:22Nickless for me
00:00:22Wrench someone go lion with me
00:00:22Wrench feel like goin jugger
00:00:22Wrench 8)
00:00:22Wrench lets see tho
00:00:22VanillaThunder creee u here?
00:00:22KeLToS ?
00:00:22VanillaThunder think hes afk
00:00:22creeeeeee no
00:00:22McNabb i want ns
00:00:22creeeeeee k
00:00:22creeeeeee -furi
00:00:22KeLToS ns
00:00:24Tough Cree
00:00:24Affliction i want a waistline and a jetpack
00:00:28Tough not a single fucking game
00:00:52Wrench lesh get
00:00:57creeeeeee tauren would rock
00:00:58creeeeeee as alway
00:00:59creeeeeee s
00:01:01creeeeeee or levi?
00:01:03creeeeeee of sb wants
00:01:03Wrench alch want mid ?
00:01:06Nickless ill play tc
00:01:06Wrench i can go lesh with sk
00:01:09creeeeeee get tc
00:01:10creeeeeee for him
00:01:18KeLToS if u feel like it
00:01:20VanillaThunder k tc for u
00:01:21Wrench get lion
00:01:34creeeeeee now we need gyro
00:01:40Wrench sd wards plz
00:01:44Wrench i can upg chick
00:01:46Nickless -swap
00:01:50Nickless -swap 3
00:01:51VanillaThunder -swap 5
00:01:53Nickless -clear
00:02:06McNabb me jug top
00:02:10creeeeeee k
00:02:12McNabb we at lan
00:02:16Wrench sk come
00:02:20Wrench check that they dont ward pull
00:02:40creeeeeee i sure hope
00:02:43creeeeeee someone will come
00:02:44Tough lesh
00:02:46Wrench y
00:02:46creeeeeee up that hill
00:02:47creeeeeee :D
00:02:49Tough ah nvm
00:02:52creeeeeee hill of doom
00:02:56KeLToS share
00:02:57Wrench share chick abba
00:03:03Wrench rune top
00:03:24creeeeeee mid needs gang
00:03:25HuaRong ss
00:03:27creeeeeee quite early
00:04:39Wrench dont level aura at start =)
00:04:43Wrench better take stats
00:04:45Nickless should stick to that
00:04:47Wrench ur manapool is too small
00:04:48Nickless tqactic
00:05:01Wrench stun
00:05:08Tough we need creeps
00:05:10Wrench y
00:05:22Wrench how didnt it hit
00:05:40Tough ty
00:05:44Wrench np
00:05:45KeLToS bot rune
00:05:46Wrench stacking pull
00:06:27Nickless ss
00:06:31creeeeeee mid cominb bot
00:06:32Nickless lesh
00:07:10Wrench take tang
00:07:17Tough ty
00:07:22KeLToS ss
00:07:23Tough next wave i pull
00:07:25Wrench care
00:07:27Wrench miss mid qop with rune
00:07:31edgarass b
00:07:34HuaRong b
00:07:35creeeeeee bot rune
00:07:35Wrench y
00:07:36creeeeeee mid miss
00:07:38Wrench re mid
00:07:45Wrench inc bot1
00:07:48Wrench b sk
00:07:54KeLToS still ss
00:07:57Wrench y
00:08:43edgarass heal or shield?
00:08:44Wrench help needed bot
00:09:04Wrench guro
00:10:13Wrench alch buy tp so u can help next time if need
00:10:16Wrench t y :)
00:10:24Wrench stun at sight
00:10:26edgarass lesh me hide first then u stun
00:10:29creeeeeee gang mid?
00:10:30Wrench y
00:10:35Wrench or sk stun -> i stun
00:10:36creeeeeee he has no ult now
00:10:42Wrench s
00:10:42edgarass come
00:10:44Wrench b
00:10:46Wrench k
00:10:47Wrench go
00:10:50VanillaThunder k
00:10:50Wrench h8ide
00:11:10creeeeeee cant dive :/
00:11:13Tough ty
00:11:16Wrench np
00:11:28KeLToS ss 2
00:11:29KeLToS mid
00:11:45creeeeeee wait tauren
00:11:49Nickless k
00:11:49Wrench ss bot 2
00:12:00creeeeeee b
00:12:11HuaRong ss
00:12:49Nickless hes oom
00:13:00creeeeeee ou
00:13:02creeeeeee didnt see that
00:14:02Tough always 3 bot
00:14:11edgarass ;leo come gang
00:14:22creeeeeee mid kinda freefarming all the time i gang
00:14:27creeeeeee need 3 to kill him
00:14:27creeeeeee intsa
00:14:31Wrench warding brb
00:14:40Wrench ss bot
00:14:42Wrench INC MID TC
00:14:43Wrench CARE
00:14:46creeeeeee ult cd
00:15:10Nickless aka push mid
00:15:14edgarass abbau tard
00:15:16edgarass if i come top
00:15:18HuaRong jno mana
00:15:23edgarass dont be too agresive and push him too hard
00:15:38edgarass if he would b away we could easy kill him
00:16:04Wrench stack here sk
00:16:06Wrench come take
00:16:20VanillaThunder wp
00:16:28edgarass retartfds
00:16:30edgarass fuycknig idiots
00:16:31edgarass farmers
00:16:43edgarass coem help def
00:16:46edgarass i cant def alone
00:16:50McNabb kill
00:16:52McNabb got ulti
00:16:56creeeeeee m2
00:17:24McNabb gj
00:17:40Wrench abba
00:17:42Wrench wheres ur tp
00:17:49creeeeeee skele has to be killed also
00:17:58Wrench we havent had a single team def when they come and push our towers or gang...
00:18:03Wrench wont win like this
00:18:10edgarass fucking alche and leo farming
00:18:14edgarass uselessly
00:18:15Wrench leo should
00:18:27edgarass gang now
00:19:00McNabb god
00:19:03Wrench go
00:19:03Wrench y
00:19:05Wrench edict
00:19:10edgarass tower
00:19:10creeeeeee 5 there
00:19:11creeeeeee lol
00:19:15Wrench gogo
00:19:25creeeeeee def
00:19:29creeeeeee we have sick combo
00:19:29creeeeeee aoe
00:19:32KeLToS go next
00:19:35Wrench qop invis
00:19:58KeLToS fuck this i farm
00:20:03Wrench ehm
00:20:06edgarass abba idiot?
00:20:06Wrench we wont win like that
00:20:07Nickless y
00:20:09KeLToS farmed alche much better than a farmed abba
00:20:10edgarass u are farming for what?
00:20:13Wrench true
00:20:14Wrench but
00:20:22Wrench we dont do anything with that farm
00:20:28Wrench comparing their guys farming
00:20:43Wrench but we need abba tho
00:20:45Wrench he could make a difference
00:20:47Wrench with heal + shield
00:20:50Wrench but he has never been there
00:20:53edgarass abba teamgfdight pls
00:20:59edgarass mak\
00:21:14Wrench take tower
00:21:17Wrench theyve no glyph
00:21:19creeeeeee ok that was bad
00:21:31creeeeeee expected more to be bot
00:21:34creeeeeee deffing or sth
00:22:17Tough gj
00:22:23Tough oh
00:22:26edgarass abba manaboots
00:22:29edgarass perma shield
00:22:31edgarass fuck your phase
00:22:40Wrench useless abba this game :(
00:22:41Wrench too bad
00:22:48KeLToS i agree
00:22:54edgarass abba make mana reg
00:23:00edgarass so u can alsways sheald and heal
00:23:10Tough or just soulring
00:23:12Tough would be enougj
00:23:43McNabb def
00:24:12Wrench SHIELD UR OWN ABBA
00:24:13Wrench NOT URSELF
00:24:27Wrench u have ult so u dont need shield
00:24:29Wrench when u have it
00:24:32Wrench :)
00:25:32edgarass we easy win teamfights
00:25:37KeLToS fresh defensive wards
00:25:49Wrench y ill place when i can
00:25:52Wrench ive in backpack
00:26:12Wrench yeah we have a great team but need to utilize it correctly
00:26:21Wrench abbadon please shield me in fights, i bring lots of damage but im very weak
00:26:27HuaRong k
00:26:37Wrench i gave farm to sk so i have no items to help me
00:26:39edgarass bot b
00:27:08Wrench invio jugger
00:27:09Wrench care
00:27:14Wrench b mid
00:27:17Wrench jugger inc invis
00:27:18Wrench behind
00:27:51Tough 7 assist?!
00:27:56Tough its kinda sad
00:27:56Wrench :(
00:28:00Wrench y
00:28:06Wrench well not so easy to get lasthist with sk
00:28:08Wrench in team
00:28:11VanillaThunder b
00:28:29Nickless u could save us both with ulti
00:28:31Nickless ...
00:28:38creeeeeee ??
00:28:53Wrench sd get next set of wards pleaser
00:28:56Wrench i farm some hp
00:29:00creeeeeee ASOJFPIHEHg+we´g
00:29:11Wrench or abba can buy wards too
00:29:15creeeeeee go diffu
00:29:16creeeeeee gür
00:29:18creeeeeee o
00:29:25Wrench tower y
00:29:31VanillaThunder should i?
00:29:36creeeeeee or jugger dno
00:29:38creeeeeee we need it tho
00:29:59McNabb bitch
00:30:07Wrench FOR THE HORDE
00:30:09VanillaThunder go
00:30:12creeeeeee alce has radi probably by now
00:30:12edgarass push top
00:31:27Nickless faaart at hiim :D
00:31:39Nickless omw
00:31:54edgarass lesh care
00:32:15edgarass def mid
00:32:20Wrench y
00:32:25VanillaThunder skel soon bkb
00:32:27creeeeeee ilu
00:32:28Nickless ill
00:32:29McNabb k
00:32:31KeLToS i need 1 min of farm
00:32:41McNabb gonna lose late
00:32:42edgarass abba mana reg pls
00:32:44VanillaThunder y
00:32:51Wrench more wards plz
00:32:56Wrench i get pt booster meanwhil
00:33:09creeeeeee gang and push
00:33:10creeeeeee with 5
00:33:21edgarass leo?
00:33:24Tough y-
00:33:26edgarass i mean alche
00:33:31KeLToS sec
00:33:36KeLToS stop fucking massblink
00:33:44edgarass u idito
00:33:46edgarass fucking nooob
00:33:48edgarass we told u
00:33:50edgarass to fucking b
00:33:51edgarass and u die
00:33:52KeLToS and ur fucking mass blink
00:33:55edgarass fu
00:33:55KeLToS i cant see minimap
00:33:57McNabb got ulti
00:34:01KeLToS cuz of ur shit massblink
00:34:01Nickless omw
00:34:03KeLToS put it up ur ass
00:34:06edgarass u think we are blionking just like that for fun/>
00:34:10KeLToS yes
00:34:12edgarass retard
00:34:16KeLToS orphan
00:34:16Wrench def
00:34:17Wrench all
00:34:54Wrench dont chase
00:35:01Wrench ffs
00:35:01edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:04Wrench nice throw
00:35:10Wrench DEF AT FUCKING BASE
00:35:11Wrench AT TOWER
00:35:14Wrench IF ITS POSSIBLE
00:35:14edgarass retards
00:35:14Wrench :)
00:35:15creeeeeee healward
00:35:16creeeeeee when can
00:35:22edgarass noob team
00:35:22Wrench why the hell u would want to go there
00:35:25Wrench ??? :D:D
00:35:25Affliction cd
00:35:30Wrench just stay at fucking tower
00:35:35Wrench they already wasted TC ULT etc.
00:35:39Wrench think a little
00:36:04McNabb b
00:36:05Affliction b
00:36:39VanillaThunder need diffu or aghan?
00:36:39edgarass noobs
00:36:48McNabb deff
00:36:50McNabb diff
00:36:52Wrench stop calling people noobs
00:36:53Wrench it doesnt help
00:37:02Wrench and ur still not warding
00:37:04Wrench u cant say shit
00:37:15Nickless ill get vlads
00:37:18McNabb y
00:37:24creeeeeee gather up
00:37:26creeeeeee and gang again
00:37:37creeeeeee smoke mid
00:37:39edgarass abba wtf u are makling?
00:37:43edgarass bot b
00:37:49HuaRong silance
00:37:50Wrench silestick is good
00:37:52Wrench lulz
00:37:59Wrench good manareg+manapool+SILENCE
00:38:00Tough we have to check rosh
00:38:07Wrench wards would be sweet
00:38:09Wrench we have 3x support
00:38:13Wrench im the only one who buys wards
00:38:46KeLToS can we stop focus tide
00:38:51KeLToS since he has something called kraken shell
00:39:06Wrench we should play defensively anyway
00:39:12Wrench we always fight at stupid places
00:39:20Wrench they have advantage, we should fight at our towers etc.
00:39:28Wrench tide has blink etc...
00:39:33Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:39:33Affliction -ii
00:39:34Wrench theyve lot better initiation than us atm
00:39:35Affliction -don
00:39:35KeLToS just stop focus tide
00:39:46Wrench just stop stupid fights
00:39:54creeeeeee again
00:39:55creeeeeee we go
00:39:57creeeeeee cant let em farm
00:40:11Wrench alch can u tell sd and abba to buy wards
00:40:16Wrench so we can banrequest if they dont
00:40:19Wrench :)
00:40:21edgarass he cant
00:40:22Affliction lets take rosh
00:40:23creeeeeee get smoke
00:40:24edgarass he cna just say lanes
00:40:25creeeeeee somebody
00:40:31HuaRong i will after silance
00:40:36Wrench ok :)
00:40:36edgarass all mimd
00:40:38Wrench nice abba
00:40:39Wrench DONT GO MID
00:40:41creeeeeee yep we can rosh
00:40:42KeLToS stopppppp
00:40:43Wrench DEJA VU IDIOTS
00:40:44KeLToS fucjkinggg
00:40:44Wrench :D
00:40:46KeLToS massblinkkkkkkkkk
00:40:53Wrench we have lost every fucking fight there
00:40:57Wrench why u wanna do it all over again
00:41:00creeeeeee affli take
00:41:04edgarass dont split up
00:41:07edgarass when atehy all afkj
00:41:12Wrench DEF AT BASE
00:41:16edgarass all bot
00:41:17edgarass bot
00:41:17KeLToS b
00:41:26Wrench B
00:41:27Wrench TO BASE
00:41:29Wrench DONT DEF BOT
00:41:30Wrench DONT DEF BOT
00:41:32Wrench DONT DEF BOT
00:41:36Wrench DONT DEF BOT
00:41:39Wrench DONT USE GLYPH
00:41:50Wrench DEF AT BASE
00:41:51Wrench AT TOWER
00:41:55VanillaThunder cant
00:41:57Wrench dont chase please
00:42:04Wrench we can win if we play like we should
00:42:05Wrench we cant chase
00:42:09creeeeeee gyro went away
00:42:09creeeeeee b
00:42:21VanillaThunder need gang before
00:42:24Wrench kk they b
00:42:24edgarass go go
00:42:24KeLToS focus jug
00:42:41Wrench gyro jug qop main targets
00:42:42Wrench ye
00:42:51McNabb b
00:43:00Wrench b
00:43:02Wrench dont chase anymore
00:43:05Wrench theyre gathering
00:43:16McNabb gather
00:43:31KeLToS i make ac
00:43:37edgarass make brains
00:44:32Wrench just keep defending at tower
00:44:34Wrench they cant come threough
00:44:37VanillaThunder cant
00:44:37McNabb bad ulti tc
00:44:41Affliction b
00:44:42Affliction b
00:44:42Affliction b
00:44:43KeLToS dont focus tide
00:44:43Nickless i wanted lesh..
00:44:44Wrench if we keep rax up, we can counterpush sometime
00:45:09creeeeeee bot pushin also :/
00:45:44creeeeeee well we cant do shit
00:45:47creeeeeee need entry
00:45:50Affliction BACK
00:45:55creeeeeee go farmm
00:45:56creeeeeee juger
00:45:59edgarass tide will ulti blink
00:46:00KeLToS 1 tp out
00:46:01KeLToS go
00:46:10Wrench just def like this
00:46:12Wrench they lose aegis sioon
00:46:13Affliction TC ulti after
00:46:14Affliction tide
00:46:15Wrench soon
00:46:20edgarass go top all
00:46:22Nickless y
00:46:24Wrench dont
00:46:29Wrench we still cant push
00:46:30Wrench just wait
00:46:33Wrench believe me
00:46:36Wrench :)
00:46:45Wrench only thing we can do is teamdef -> win fight -> push
00:46:48Wrench but we cant push 5on5
00:46:48creeeeeee smokegang
00:47:03Wrench sad but tru
00:47:04edgarass smokegang
00:47:07Wrench cant
00:47:08edgarass gather
00:47:10Wrench CANT
00:47:14Wrench dont do it
00:47:18Nickless should i go ac
00:47:20Wrench they wont be alone at this point of game
00:47:22Wrench all miss
00:47:38edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:39edgarass iidot
00:47:42edgarass noobs
00:47:49Wrench ur the only noob here tbh
00:47:50Wrench 0 wards
00:47:51HuaRong I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:53Wrench etc
00:47:56edgarass i told u to gather
00:47:56McNabb gj
00:47:59edgarass one is farming
00:48:05edgarass 2 farming other side
00:48:05Wrench warding is farming
00:48:06Wrench okay
00:48:07Wrench :D
00:48:15creeeeeee raxi
00:48:17creeeeeee raxi
00:48:18creeeeeee raxxxxxx
00:48:22Wrench u also told us to smoke gang =DD=D
00:48:29Wrench that wouldve been smart
00:48:34edgarass that ewould be 10x better that it went like that
00:49:01Nickless b
00:49:39KeLToS 1 guy make vlad
00:49:44creeeeeee that was gj overall
00:49:49creeeeeee so again we go
00:49:49Nickless y
00:49:59VanillaThunder no tp
00:50:04McNabb refresherorb in 100g
00:50:08Tough i lost every fucking farm because of rebuys
00:50:22KeLToS i make vlad
00:50:32Affliction a little over 1000 i have butte
00:50:33McNabb need top farm
00:50:45creeeeeee 200 to deso
00:50:49creeeeeee that will help alot
00:51:09edgarass all b and gather
00:51:10KeLToS smoke rosh
00:51:13creeeeeee k
00:51:16Wrench y
00:51:17creeeeeee we have deso and refu
00:51:19KeLToS gather
00:51:20creeeeeee lets go now
00:51:20McNabb y
00:51:23Tough fast
00:51:28Wrench theyre
00:51:37Wrench go harass with cloud
00:51:37creeeeeee need smoke
00:51:39KeLToS come here
00:51:46Wrench str 1st
00:51:53creeeeeee ye
00:51:57creeeeeee levi
00:51:59creeeeeee and tc
00:52:24HuaRong I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:29Wrench :)
00:52:29Tough I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:30KeLToS u still go rosh :D
00:52:35creeeeeee i stole aegis also :D:DDDDD
00:52:38HuaRong we love rosh :D
00:52:38edgarass biggest noob team ever'
00:52:39Nickless bloodbath
00:52:46Wrench why u talk ?
00:52:49Wrench ur the biggest noob in this team
00:53:02creeeeeee see how easy that sk was with deso
00:53:03creeeeeee lulz
00:53:37Wrench gg wp
00:53:39Wrench I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:41Tough well lesh
00:53:41creeeeeee gg
00:53:42edgarass abba useless
00:53:46Tough did the greates job
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