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93% | 1682 X | 1456 TS

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84% | 1491 X | 1439 TS

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78% | 1440 X | 1396 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02creeeeeee -ap
00:00:05Laier -sd
00:00:07Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:17Gevomancer -randon
00:00:22fUNCh od mid
00:00:45Gevomancer sk wd
00:00:45fUNCh venge + wd bot
00:00:48Gevomancer go fb
00:00:57creeeeeee seems like lanes are decided
00:00:59Laier imo sile solo bot
00:01:03fUNCh k
00:01:03Laier trilane top
00:01:05Vaj.CO y
00:01:06fUNCh can do that
00:01:08creeeeeee or not
00:01:16Vaj.CO but care bot
00:01:20fUNCh y
00:01:21skyZ u cant bot
00:01:22fUNCh took wards
00:01:23skyZ its too hard
00:01:28Laier he can with wards
00:01:29Laier mnp
00:01:29fUNCh i can take all exp
00:01:32fUNCh + no pull
00:01:36Laier stay hidden
00:01:38Laier both of ya
00:01:43skyZ y
00:01:49creeeeeee issand
00:01:49skyZ i know how to play tri
00:01:51creeeeeee sile midis mul
00:01:55Laier i bet you do
00:01:57creeeeeee strom
00:02:03Strom saad hakkama
00:02:04creeeeeee ah nvm
00:02:06Strom :d
00:02:12Gevomancer let me start
00:02:20Strom kui ta curse võtab, siis midgame ta nõrk
00:02:22Strom ja saab üle
00:02:30skyZ wait
00:02:37skyZ krob
00:02:52skyZ sry
00:02:53Laier fuck it
00:02:54Nickless :(
00:02:59Laier go pull
00:03:05Affliction tri lane top
00:03:05Affliction :/
00:03:10Affliction i asswank @ twr
00:03:42Affliction venge miss
00:03:46Nickless ffs
00:03:47Nickless wards
00:03:48Nickless mag
00:03:52Nickless can u
00:03:57skyZ get aura vng oone level
00:03:57Gevomancer go kill
00:03:58Nickless can u
00:03:59Nickless answer
00:04:00Nickless ffs
00:04:40Vaj.CO sry
00:04:59Gevomancer wait wd
00:05:06Gevomancer go krob
00:05:47Affliction venge miss
00:06:21Gevomancer gogogo
00:07:03skyZ fuck msisskilled
00:07:05skyZ push
00:07:13creeeeeee jääb jääb 10 hp
00:07:17skyZ push lihtsalt lol
00:07:41creeeeeee ss
00:08:17creeeeeee venge alla
00:08:17creeeeeee tuleb
00:08:19creeeeeee vist
00:08:31Strom y
00:08:44skyZ i pull
00:08:52Laier no need
00:08:52skyZ push after
00:09:01skyZ we ge ttower
00:09:22Gevomancer holy shit
00:10:04Laier take them?
00:10:24Gevomancer ofc
00:10:34skyZ i elav eu alone
00:10:40Gevomancer wd walk with me
00:10:49creeeeeee mid saab kena freefarmi
00:10:52skyZ where is cent
00:10:55Strom tapame
00:10:56Gevomancer botm
00:10:56Vaj.CO woods
00:10:57fUNCh was bgot
00:11:07Gevomancer wait
00:11:11skyZ come
00:11:13fUNCh 3bot
00:11:14skyZ sile need help
00:11:16fUNCh 4 bot
00:11:19Vaj.CO go
00:12:08creeeeeee mis kuradi cask see on lucky 1
00:12:21creeeeeee jälle hakkab kõike tuksi keerama
00:12:24Strom I go regen mul jäi ka nii vähe xp duublist
00:12:33Strom ma olin nii low, ei saanud tulla täiega möllama
00:12:57Nickless ?
00:13:00Gevomancer 'again
00:13:10Vaj.CO omg
00:13:11Vaj.CO :D
00:13:14fUNCh wait wd
00:13:23Nickless ffs
00:13:35creeeeeee skele needs to be killed
00:13:40Nickless fu
00:13:41Strom ye
00:13:45Affliction try kill ? ofc
00:13:57skyZ got smoke venge
00:13:59Affliction have ulti
00:14:18skyZ wtf venge
00:14:18Laier lol
00:14:19Laier so sad
00:14:37Nickless gj
00:14:37Strom so cool to farm with krobe & me
00:14:39Strom same effect
00:14:41Nickless y
00:14:42Nickless :)
00:14:46Nickless wanted to
00:14:49Nickless lane with sky
00:14:56fUNCh rofl
00:14:59Strom haste
00:15:00Strom jesus
00:15:07Gevomancer omg
00:15:17skyZ venge
00:15:22skyZ wtf u do
00:15:26Nickless this is
00:15:30Strom you ran wrong way
00:15:31Gevomancer u was sleeping SPARTAA
00:15:32Strom should have ran to me
00:15:33skyZ #stop ruin ganks
00:15:34Strom I got silence
00:15:39Gevomancer imba swap it was
00:15:43Nickless i saw only cent
00:15:46skyZ i said go with smoke
00:15:50Nickless blink me
00:15:51Nickless next time
00:15:52skyZ i smoked and u rambo in withput me and sile
00:15:54Nickless i have glasses
00:16:04Nickless wear*
00:16:09skyZ push mid
00:16:15Strom 4 mid magnus move it
00:16:54skyZ lol harb ????
00:16:56Laier go
00:17:32Gevomancer unreal
00:18:00Strom need cent dagger so bad
00:18:00Nickless am b
00:18:02Strom also magna dagger
00:18:04creeeeeee y
00:18:26Strom we could kill
00:18:27Laier swap mby?
00:18:30Strom need all, and cnet baits
00:18:35Gevomancer no range
00:19:13Strom silencer needs to die first
00:19:16Strom fucks up too much
00:19:21Affliction ye
00:19:28Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:21:19Vaj.CO cent u hate me :D
00:21:30creeeeeee yep
00:21:31creeeeeee :D
00:21:41fUNCh -st
00:21:45skyZ come and kill me
00:21:49Vaj.CO -st ez Strom let u away at beginning
00:21:58skyZ puzsh
00:22:15Affliction i can T
00:22:17Affliction p
00:22:19Nickless cent wtf is this
00:22:34creeeeeee ?
00:22:45skyZ wait here cent must farm
00:22:48skyZ dont show
00:22:52Nickless we are all moving around like chickens w/o heads
00:22:54Strom we need daggers
00:23:02creeeeeee well i got on enow
00:23:08Nickless good
00:23:09Nickless lets
00:23:11Nickless down
00:23:13Nickless teamkill
00:23:26Laier shit
00:23:27Laier sry
00:23:27Strom türa kust sa sinna said :D
00:23:31fUNCh :D
00:23:36Strom mingi "our warriors are under attack" tuleb järsku
00:23:39Strom Ma vaatasin hoopis mujale
00:23:48fUNCh selle peale ma lootsingi :D
00:23:50skyZ b
00:23:55fUNCh sain poolte hp peale sind enne kui sa reageerisid :D banreq
00:24:35Nickless k
00:24:43Nickless krobe has delay
00:24:43Nickless :D People doesnt even care anymore these days
00:24:45Gevomancer rosh=
00:24:49Nickless fuck off
00:24:52Nickless idiot
00:24:57Nickless banreq for flame
00:24:58Nickless only
00:24:59Nickless ;D
00:25:05skyZ rosh
00:25:12creeeeeee dude you stole some of his creeps
00:25:16Nickless NOT
00:25:18creeeeeee and now tell him to fuck off also? y u did
00:25:25Nickless NOT
00:25:25skyZ adn smoek gank after
00:25:27Laier obsi want?
00:25:28Nickless mine
00:25:30Vaj.CO y
00:25:31Nickless delay
00:25:32Nickless on
00:25:34Nickless spell
00:25:51skyZ come
00:26:14Gevomancer oh snap
00:26:24Laier sure
00:26:26skyZ FF
00:26:27Strom decent superb
00:26:30Laier fucking luck
00:26:31Laier really
00:26:36skyZ where is global silence
00:26:38Strom aegis + sk again was funny
00:26:42Laier 1 hit from me and would 3 been dead
00:26:43fUNCh used it on start
00:26:43creeeeeee y
00:26:52skyZ they could cast all shit anyway
00:27:08creeeeeee tohoh
00:27:10creeeeeee ma vapsee lvlkunn
00:27:15Strom :d
00:27:17Laier well
00:27:22Laier was stupid spot to fight anyway
00:27:24Nickless come cent
00:27:30Laier should never run to uphill
00:27:53Strom 3 coming from river
00:27:57skyZ wtf
00:28:00Nickless ty
00:28:11fUNCh mis paska sa ehitad sk
00:28:23skyZ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:29Laier :DDDD
00:28:30Laier so pathetic
00:28:31Vaj.CO so bad
00:28:32Strom decent
00:28:32creeeeeee thats decent
00:28:34skyZ just ff now
00:28:41fUNCh I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:53Gevomancer sk mby bkb not second bf -.-
00:28:54Laier they got no items
00:28:55Laier at all
00:29:03Vaj.CO bf sux so hard
00:29:03Laier venge just worry about your own shit
00:29:11Gevomancer cool storyõ
00:29:12Affliction wtf no asssist
00:29:20creeeeeee b?
00:29:26Strom hmm
00:29:27creeeeeee we cant base imo
00:29:30Strom ye b
00:29:41Vaj.CO omfg
00:29:46creeeeeee what did you wait?
00:29:48skyZ silence rjust bad pick
00:29:51Vaj.CO range
00:29:53skyZ dunno why we get it
00:30:00skyZ totally useless
00:30:28skyZ canw e ff pls
00:31:10Nickless :P
00:31:16Laier why did you banish me?
00:31:18Vaj.CO go mid
00:31:25Vaj.CO wanted magnus
00:31:29Vaj.CO but missclick :D
00:31:30Strom lets own
00:31:31Strom silencer dead
00:31:36skyZ go farm bot
00:31:45skyZ harb+ irw... arvasin et 2 hitite
00:31:53Laier b
00:31:55creeeeeee ta pani vales suunas jooksu
00:31:56creeeeeee :D
00:32:32skyZ look sile item
00:32:34skyZ he has treads
00:32:56Vaj.CO omfg
00:33:01Laier why you go there
00:33:02Vaj.CO b
00:33:02Laier ....
00:33:05Laier fucking tard
00:33:08skyZ ff now
00:33:12Laier these guys are just retards
00:33:26Laier def base
00:33:42Nickless push more
00:33:46skyZ wait
00:34:46Strom very hard for me to do stuff with all that silence
00:34:50Strom need to take him out asap same
00:35:04fUNCh -st
00:35:05Gevomancer tower
00:35:12creeeeeee can buyout but
00:35:15creeeeeee let that tower just go
00:35:16Strom no need
00:35:24Laier b
00:35:35Vaj.CO top
00:35:36skyZ b
00:35:37Vaj.CO we can
00:35:37skyZ b
00:35:38skyZ b
00:35:38Laier b
00:35:38skyZ b
00:35:44creeeeeee this skele looks scary
00:35:59Gevomancer rosh is up
00:36:00Vaj.CO rosh
00:36:03Vaj.CO go
00:36:09Laier cant go rosh
00:36:11Laier without wards
00:36:12Affliction its up
00:36:17skyZ i ahve
00:36:22creeeeeee they are
00:36:23Vaj.CO ward
00:36:23creeeeeee ult
00:36:24creeeeeee gyro
00:36:28Vaj.CO they coming saatsin sisse just
00:36:32Gevomancer b
00:36:33Gevomancer b
00:36:33Gevomancer b
00:36:49skyZ come
00:36:50skyZ sile
00:36:52skyZ siel
00:36:55creeeeeee kõik jooksid siia poole neil
00:36:59creeeeeee ja ei võtnudki roshi :P
00:37:00skyZ veng escout ffsw
00:37:00Nickless .-ms
00:37:02Nickless -ms
00:37:06skyZ venge
00:37:13skyZ venge
00:37:16skyZ scout with 2nd
00:37:18skyZ rofl
00:37:31Gevomancer i did omg
00:37:34Gevomancer cd was
00:37:40skyZ venge
00:37:45Gevomancer cd ffs
00:37:49Vaj.CO go rosh
00:37:49Gevomancer -.-
00:37:59creeeeeee skele will rape us soon
00:38:06Strom yeah we need to gang/push
00:38:09creeeeeee siberis kadus nett
00:38:09creeeeeee vist
00:38:09Laier really....
00:38:09skyZ he deserves it
00:38:09Laier what items he had?
00:38:09skyZ none
00:38:09Laier if he got force ill take it
00:38:09skyZ treads mina või magnus=
00:38:09Vaj.CO who goes?
00:38:09skyZ he was more than useless anyway
00:38:09creeeeeee mis arvad strom
00:38:09skyZ strom
00:38:09Strom jama lugu
00:38:09Strom arvan
00:38:09Affliction me i think
00:38:09Laier good
00:38:09creeeeeee kedagi nagu ei tahaks
00:38:09creeeeeee ära saata
00:38:09Vaj.CO its better for us
00:38:09Laier your ulti more gay anyways
00:38:09Strom hero mul kõige mõttetum
00:38:09Strom aga
00:38:09creeeeeee su ultit vaja nagu
00:38:09skyZ not rly
00:38:09Strom ma alati actionis
00:38:09Laier it is
00:38:09skyZ skywqrath stronk
00:38:09Strom ja
00:38:09Laier someone just uses global
00:38:09Strom ma failin vähem
00:38:09Strom seega
00:38:09creeeeeee jääks lootma
00:38:09Strom mind vist ikka
00:38:09Strom ei tasu
00:38:09Vaj.CO me not ^^
00:38:09skyZ who cares about magnus ulti
00:38:09creeeeeee jääks magnuse ja
00:38:09creeeeeee sinu
00:38:09creeeeeee combo peale
00:38:09skyZ i will
00:38:09creeeeeee lootma
00:38:09skyZ is it allowed? magnuse farm sitt
00:38:09Vaj.CO y ja enam paremaks ei lähe
00:38:09Laier ofc it is
00:38:09creeeeeee stunne vaja
00:38:09creeeeeee jubedalt
00:38:09Strom magnuse
00:38:09Strom 4s stun
00:38:09Strom läbi bkb
00:38:09Strom on vajalik vist
00:38:09creeeeeee mhm mhm ofc seega ma teen leebet?
00:38:16creeeeeee krobe või gyro
00:38:16Affliction i balance +
00:38:17creeeeeee hmm
00:38:20creeeeeee asdasdasd ma ei tea :D
00:38:20Vaj.CO balance
00:38:20Strom krobel farm natuke nõrk
00:38:20Strom aga
00:38:20Strom hero on tugev
00:38:20Strom pushimieks eriti
00:38:20Strom et vist peaks gyro saatma? no kui välja kukub ta
00:38:20creeeeeee gyro sa pead minema
00:38:20Gevomancer do it
00:38:20Strom kuigi see kah pole hea aight np
00:38:20Gevomancer omg
00:38:20skyZ come
00:38:20skyZ on lähen? mul 1000G
00:38:20creeeeeee jah
00:38:20Vaj.CO which items has sile?
00:38:20Strom ma arvan ostan midagi välja?
00:38:20Strom küll
00:38:20skyZ none
00:38:20skyZ he has treads
00:38:20creeeeeee ära osta
00:38:20Vaj.CO :/
00:38:20creeeeeee me saame selle raha
00:38:31Strom they might go
00:38:47Gevomancer go rosh
00:38:51Vaj.CO go
00:38:55Strom scepter improves krobe ulti, right?
00:39:00Nickless nah
00:39:02Vaj.CO fsat
00:39:05Strom sure?
00:39:09Strom I thought it added spirits
00:39:09Nickless sure
00:39:13skyZ cme
00:39:16skyZ need aura
00:39:30Vaj.CO go mid
00:39:31Laier go mid
00:39:32Laier fight
00:39:34Vaj.CO y
00:39:36skyZ i got msoke wait
00:39:39creeeeeee we'll use that gyro ult then with scep
00:39:39Strom let krobe carry scepter still I think
00:39:42Strom just for tank item
00:39:42skyZ smoke
00:39:44Nickless y
00:39:46skyZ wait for it
00:39:46Laier obsi stay back
00:39:47creeeeeee okay
00:39:52skyZ come
00:39:56skyZ gather
00:40:06skyZ gather
00:40:07Vaj.CO they are at base
00:40:09skyZ we cant push
00:40:10Vaj.CO dont need
00:40:15Nickless i can ell it
00:40:16creeeeeee they swap
00:40:18Nickless for ot
00:40:18creeeeeee care
00:40:19Laier fucking come
00:40:20Laier allready
00:40:23Nickless i can sell it for hot
00:40:24Strom magna
00:40:26skyZ areukiddingme
00:40:26Strom stay back a bit
00:40:27skyZ sk
00:40:29Strom you need to do good ulti
00:40:33skyZ kimwoods
00:40:33skyZ bye
00:40:36Laier i go in alone if you idle there
00:40:38Strom don't come too fast
00:40:40Vaj.CO b
00:40:41Vaj.CO b
00:40:42skyZ isaycomeback
00:40:45creeeeeee alteast 3 in it
00:40:47Laier ok wd goes to farm our woods? :DD
00:40:50Strom well it's 4v4
00:40:51Strom so at least 2
00:40:54Strom but good if 3/4
00:41:17skyZ wontpushvs5
00:41:19skyZ 5
00:41:31creeeeeee bait i think
00:42:26Strom already regretting that balance
00:42:32Strom WHAT THE HELL did we just talk about?
00:42:35Strom at least 2 in ulti
00:42:36Strom best if 3/4
00:42:39Strom and you should stay back
00:42:42Strom then what do you do?
00:42:45Strom you go charge in
00:42:47Strom and ulti only 1 hero
00:42:47Gevomancer lol
00:42:48Strom wtf man+
00:42:54Vaj.CO go
00:42:55Gevomancer what a turnaround
00:42:57Affliction me ?
00:43:26skyZ yes chase me
00:43:27Strom "me ?" proves my point
00:43:40Affliction i dont talk finnish
00:43:45creeeeeee xDDDD
00:43:54Strom man, I don't even know how to speak finnish
00:43:57Strom I said in english
00:44:04Gevomancer -ms
00:44:08Strom I'll say again
00:44:11Strom magna
00:44:14Strom affliction, that's you
00:44:17Affliction yes
00:44:18Strom you need to:
00:44:20Strom 1) stay back
00:44:24Strom 2) get good ulti
00:44:29Laier sup
00:44:29Laier dd
00:44:31Laier grrr
00:44:32Strom good ulti = MINIMUM 2 players
00:44:35Strom better if 3
00:44:42Affliction best if its 4
00:44:42Strom do you understand, what we wish of you?
00:44:46Strom this is CRITICAL
00:44:47Vaj.CO go mid
00:44:50Strom never go ulti 1 person
00:44:56Strom unless i'ts super obvious spot to ulti 1
00:45:00Strom probably never in this game
00:45:02skyZ better gank one with smoke
00:45:08Vaj.CO leo go mid
00:45:13Laier :<
00:45:35creeeeeee ok dude
00:45:35Strom btw magna
00:45:36creeeeeee again
00:45:37Strom did you read
00:45:42Strom what I said about "probably never in this game"
00:45:45Strom and not ulting 1 guy?
00:45:46Strom :D
00:46:15Strom türa ma oleks pidanud mäletama, et ta on suht nõrk
00:46:21Strom ja ei saa hakkama
00:46:30Vaj.CO omg
00:46:50creeeeeee lõhu
00:46:51creeeeeee item
00:46:56Laier :DD
00:47:26Gevomancer -ms
00:47:32Vaj.CO just gater and get top
00:47:52Strom affliction, I'm supper dissapointend in you
00:47:54Strom so pelase
00:47:59Strom try to make better ultis
00:48:01Strom we NEED IT
00:48:04Affliction yy
00:48:16Strom remember
00:48:17Strom more than 1
00:48:23Nickless cent
00:48:25Nickless conme
00:49:04Strom neil 2 carry herot
00:49:06Strom meil 0
00:49:08Strom looking good :D
00:49:11creeeeeee ojaa
00:49:35Strom masterfully executed magna ultis could turn it around
00:49:37Gevomancer -ms
00:49:39skyZ why we dont push mid and end it
00:50:08Nickless rosh
00:50:09Nickless ;/
00:50:09creeeeeee this is it
00:50:12creeeeeee last fight
00:50:13skyZ why is harb bot now
00:50:18Strom bait
00:50:19creeeeeee or not
00:50:19Affliction ether way that destry
00:50:44Affliction take my mana or else i get focused
00:51:03Strom go
00:51:04skyZ gi sk
00:51:06Strom need to usek robe ulti
00:51:34Nickless gg
00:51:34Strom oh well
00:51:37Vaj.CO gg
00:51:41Gevomancer -ms
00:51:42creeeeeee too farmed that skele is
00:51:51Affliction OD fucks us stupid
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