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-35 X
-10 TS

67% | 1367 X | 1318 TS

-14 X
-4 TS

45% | 1181 X | 1278 TS

-40 X
-1 TS

45% | 1108 X | 1350 TS

-27 X
-5 TS

9% | 942 X | 1141 TS

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-6 TS

7% | 871 X | 1184 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

72% | 1304 X | 1454 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

32% | 1009 X | 1322 TS

+19 X
+6 TS

28% | 1006 X | 1295 TS

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+2 TS

27% | 1004 X | 1290 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

11% | 869 X | 1239 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Mircea.N [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... AbdA with 99 seconds.
00:00:03JensDenLange guys
00:00:05JensDenLange get
00:00:06JensDenLange winner picks
00:00:16JensDenLange dont get greedy with some tard pick
00:00:18mansikka anyone want something
00:00:18svents maby u stfu?
00:00:18mansikka ?
00:00:18JensDenLange why ?
00:00:18mansikka ud anyone?
00:00:18FireMal y enigma or ud for me
00:00:18mansikka k i get u ud
00:00:18MnmlArT relax u 2
00:00:18svents cuz ur biggest tard here
00:00:18mansikka bala
00:00:18JensDenLange why is that?
00:00:18FireMal k
00:00:18JensDenLange why are u the biggest hater here?
00:00:18MnmlArT -lc
00:00:18svents cuz i dont care about anything
00:00:26JensDenLange u seem like a small person!
00:00:40JensDenLange i carry
00:00:40svents if any tard will come and just wants to teach ppl how to play
00:00:51Orre svent learn to play pls
00:01:00MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:01MnmlArT -clear
00:01:05JensDenLange get disblers supports now
00:01:07svents haha 7% guy is talking =)
00:01:07MnmlArT take bara
00:01:08JensDenLange 'a
00:01:13MnmlArT kent
00:01:19MnmlArT take kent
00:01:22MnmlArT cn
00:01:24MnmlArT CM
00:01:29MnmlArT kent
00:01:29JensDenLange svents pls dont comment on anything.. u seem like sweet tard
00:01:31MnmlArT cm kent
00:01:32JensDenLange get rylai
00:01:33MnmlArT last
00:01:33MnmlArT 2
00:01:34FireMal what you whant
00:01:36MnmlArT CM
00:01:39FireMal my turn now
00:01:39Simba he takes gondar
00:01:41Orre nope
00:01:41mansikka lina
00:01:43MnmlArT NO
00:01:46FireMal -swap 1
00:01:48svents pls go fck urself ok?
00:01:49Simba for lancer...
00:01:49mansikka -swap 5
00:01:49MnmlArT i will ban request
00:01:53MnmlArT take cm
00:01:55Mircea.N nice tiny
00:01:58Simba what is the point
00:02:00Simba if he cant play it
00:02:01FireMal what do i buy
00:02:04Simba u want him to feed or smthg?
00:02:10svents u cant say ppl what they have to pick fffs
00:02:16svents they can pick what they like
00:02:16mansikka get vanguar
00:02:18mansikka d
00:02:18Mircea.N lines ?
00:02:19MnmlArT omfg
00:02:19JensDenLange i can request
00:02:24mansikka pl bot
00:02:29MnmlArT gg
00:02:30mansikka tiny top
00:02:30Simba then request...
00:02:31MnmlArT pick
00:02:32JensDenLange and i see games ruined like dumb picks like gonar
00:02:32mansikka ud bot
00:02:33JensDenLange 'd
00:02:33Simba who cares..
00:02:33svents like it matters?
00:02:36JensDenLange but nvm
00:02:36MnmlArT fuckin retards
00:02:37JensDenLange now
00:02:39MnmlArT MATHERS
00:02:42svents he wont get ban
00:02:43MnmlArT that u r all retards
00:02:47svents he can pick what he likes
00:02:47JensDenLange ofc not..
00:02:50JensDenLange but ur r
00:02:55MnmlArT sure
00:02:57MnmlArT 40
00:02:58MnmlArT procent
00:02:59MnmlArT bob
00:03:00mansikka tiny top
00:03:01MnmlArT talking
00:03:12JensDenLange block
00:03:13AliBaba just gave him wards
00:03:16svents yeah ur the "progamer"
00:03:17mansikka k
00:03:17JensDenLange i pull
00:03:39Mircea.N u pull?
00:03:41Orre ss2
00:03:42AliBaba y
00:03:46Mircea.N perrfect
00:04:56Mircea.N u pull?
00:05:12AliBaba y when i can :)
00:05:35Mircea.N nice
00:05:55JensDenLange lol 400 hp on magina ^^
00:06:04JensDenLange eat
00:06:11svents ty
00:06:51MnmlArT upgrade pls
00:07:33MnmlArT SS MID
00:08:03FireMal sry
00:08:03mansikka gj
00:08:05mansikka no
00:08:07mansikka i was oom
00:08:09AbdA sry m8
00:08:11FireMal thx
00:08:13JensDenLange lina ss bot
00:08:14JensDenLange i think
00:08:15JensDenLange y
00:08:20MnmlArT chat
00:08:21MnmlArT retard
00:08:26AliBaba let me
00:08:27JensDenLange ?
00:08:30Mircea.N okay
00:08:58svents miss was like then if he was already bot :D
00:09:23svents gj
00:09:40JensDenLange ss mid?
00:09:44mansikka kill
00:09:46MnmlArT now
00:09:49MnmlArT y
00:10:12JensDenLange aah... the fucking dd
00:10:12Simba why did u come here?
00:10:13JensDenLange i suck
00:10:17JensDenLange no clue
00:10:18JensDenLange was dumb
00:10:31svents rofl
00:11:04FireMal ss all lanes
00:11:06JensDenLange ¨und ss bot
00:11:10JensDenLange re
00:11:45AliBaba need arcene
00:11:48svents i nc top
00:11:51svents kill
00:11:53MnmlArT SS MID
00:12:00mansikka ss mid
00:12:26svents stun faster u cunt
00:12:27svents rly
00:12:29FireMal anti mage miss bot akasha miss bot
00:12:32Simba wasnt my fault idiot
00:12:36svents it was
00:12:39Simba nope
00:12:43Mircea.N akasha was top
00:12:44Simba he used his shit
00:12:45svents he couldnt ulti me if u would stun faster
00:12:46FireMal re
00:12:47svents u noob
00:12:58mansikka come
00:13:57JensDenLange ss bot still
00:13:58FireMal who was there did any one see
00:14:02AbdA ss biot
00:14:06mansikka gondar
00:14:21JensDenLange care top
00:14:25JensDenLange svents
00:14:26JensDenLange nc
00:14:36mansikka sss mid
00:14:36MnmlArT SS
00:14:37svents bh what ur doing for real?
00:14:42svents just watching?
00:14:45mansikka re
00:14:47svents how we try to kill
00:14:49FireMal hood or vg for ud
00:14:57mansikka both good
00:14:59JensDenLange ss top
00:15:17FireMal rdy on cent
00:15:23svents and bh
00:15:26svents track them ffs
00:15:30svents we get money
00:15:34mansikka omw
00:15:41JensDenLange LOOOL
00:15:46JensDenLange toss on blink! ^^
00:15:55JensDenLange blue get top we need u on ganks
00:16:00AbdA gj m8
00:16:23MnmlArT ulty
00:16:26MnmlArT lol
00:16:28MnmlArT so fuckin
00:16:29MnmlArT bad
00:16:32svents ok
00:16:38svents decoy killed me nice
00:16:39AliBaba mana
00:16:54JensDenLange come help
00:17:03AliBaba ss
00:17:18MnmlArT omw
00:17:33MnmlArT bh
00:17:34MnmlArT GO SCOUT
00:17:36MnmlArT u fuckin
00:17:37MnmlArT retard
00:17:46JensDenLange i love bh
00:17:47MnmlArT FF
00:17:48JensDenLange we need u fucking!
00:18:04Mircea.N b
00:18:04Mircea.N ?
00:18:07svents lolol
00:18:14MnmlArT that
00:18:16MnmlArT is why
00:18:17svents this bh imba
00:18:17MnmlArT I SAID
00:18:19MnmlArT PICK
00:18:20MnmlArT CM
00:18:21MnmlArT not
00:18:21svents not tracking ppl
00:18:22MnmlArT bh
00:18:23MnmlArT fuckin
00:18:23svents no need
00:18:30svents -st
00:18:38svents 200 bounty money nice:DDD
00:18:55Orre no mana but track, good ideas twats
00:19:01JensDenLange FUCK U BH
00:19:03JensDenLange GO LEAVE NOOOOB
00:19:35Orre use spells without mana, look, were not retards
00:19:37JensDenLange stop feed purple
00:19:39FireMal can we mid plz
00:19:40Mircea.N no ulti needed :)
00:20:07svents u have to track ppl 24/7 ffs
00:20:16JensDenLange haha
00:20:17JensDenLange bh
00:20:20JensDenLange trying to steal
00:20:20Mircea.N fault
00:20:20JensDenLange ^^
00:20:42MnmlArT )
00:20:55FireMal 2 ultis for me :D
00:21:09MnmlArT b
00:21:10MnmlArT omfg
00:21:13MnmlArT now he is oom
00:21:25FireMal when you charge and you se someone is in woods stop the charge
00:21:33svents who brang chicken here????
00:21:38FireMal there where some one here
00:21:41svents rly fcking idiot this guy
00:21:42Simba broguht?
00:21:48FireMal when you charged you did se him right
00:22:02svents who brought then??
00:22:02Mircea.N ?
00:22:14Orre mr detective
00:22:24svents fcku cunt
00:22:32FireMal trow me
00:22:45Orre lol noob
00:22:50JensDenLange stop flame
00:23:10MnmlArT omfg
00:23:11svents got 4 assists so nice
00:23:38svents kill pl
00:23:42FireMal oom
00:23:45JensDenLange u have dust?
00:23:49MnmlArT just ff in 25
00:23:50MnmlArT pls
00:23:57JensDenLange dumb ass
00:24:08MnmlArT i am dumb ass ?
00:24:12JensDenLange su
00:24:13MnmlArT and u died
00:24:14JensDenLange no
00:24:15MnmlArT 6
00:24:16MnmlArT times
00:24:17MnmlArT whit
00:24:18FireMal why not push now
00:24:18JensDenLange stfu
00:24:18MnmlArT magina ?
00:24:21JensDenLange was talking to purple
00:24:23MnmlArT u have blink
00:24:27JensDenLange calm the fuck down psycho
00:24:43MnmlArT i said kindly
00:24:44MnmlArT what
00:24:46MnmlArT 2 pick
00:24:47svents hahahaha
00:24:49MnmlArT no1 leasten
00:24:50MnmlArT so
00:24:50svents ofc
00:24:52MnmlArT idc
00:24:53mansikka :D
00:25:19Mircea.N nice job magina
00:25:21Mircea.N :)
00:25:37FireMal fucking tards
00:25:53mansikka ty
00:26:19MnmlArT track
00:26:20MnmlArT lina
00:26:33FireMal go when creeps come
00:26:35FireMal stay mid
00:26:43MnmlArT can som1 upgrade ?
00:26:57JensDenLange cent?
00:27:13JensDenLange bh?
00:28:00MnmlArT ff pls
00:28:03MnmlArT we cant win
00:28:05MnmlArT I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:06JensDenLange not gonna happen
00:28:17MnmlArT and why is that ?
00:28:27Orre if u quit now, ur gonna say now to everything in ur life
00:28:35JensDenLange if we play tight enough and some one buy wards we have a chance
00:28:36MnmlArT what ?!
00:28:37FireMal ok come mid
00:28:39FireMal plz
00:28:48MnmlArT u and this bh
00:28:50MnmlArT cant tank
00:28:52MnmlArT for win
00:28:54MnmlArT and u know it
00:29:01MnmlArT go away
00:29:08FireMal wa8 me lina
00:29:34mansikka :D
00:29:38mansikka b
00:29:54MnmlArT ff it plssssssssss
00:30:03Simba just leave destroyer
00:30:11MnmlArT fuck u
00:30:12FireMal mana plz
00:30:14JensDenLange stop flame
00:30:15MnmlArT god damn retard
00:30:18MnmlArT quit dota
00:30:28JensDenLange yyy
00:31:11mansikka b
00:31:11FireMal bara b
00:31:11Mircea.N y
00:31:11Mircea.N i already cancel
00:31:11svents this guy plugged:DDD
00:31:11Simba lol
00:31:11Mircea.N cancel
00:31:11mansikka lets go bot
00:31:11Orre lol
00:31:11MnmlArT WTF
00:31:11MnmlArT NOW
00:31:11MnmlArT FF IT
00:31:11svents he was so mad:DDD
00:31:46JensDenLange reported
00:32:20Simba def
00:32:21Simba def
00:32:22Simba f
00:33:23FireMal -es
00:33:24FireMal -ii
00:34:50Mircea.N focus ?
00:34:54Mircea.N destroyer ?
00:34:55FireMal aka
00:34:58mansikka akasha
00:35:00Mircea.N ok
00:35:00FireMal y
00:35:01mansikka destroyer
00:35:01MnmlArT b
00:35:18MnmlArT take
00:35:19MnmlArT and b
00:35:27svents omfg
00:35:29svents i wanted
00:35:56JensDenLange bounty?
00:36:13AliBaba care
00:36:57Simba magina!!
00:37:01JensDenLange ya?
00:37:03Simba nothing
00:37:06MnmlArT come finish pls
00:37:30mansikka go rosh
00:37:36mansikka pl come
00:37:47AbdA comming
00:38:02JensDenLange not one ward from akasha ^^
00:38:08mansikka rosh
00:38:12mansikka or
00:38:14mansikka just push
00:38:15mansikka mid
00:38:16mansikka all
00:38:57FireMal plz give me mana asap all the time
00:39:23AliBaba oom
00:40:13FireMal place
00:40:59FireMal mana
00:41:03FireMal oom
00:41:35FireMal mana plz
00:43:09AbdA let me get aegis
00:43:13FireMal y idc
00:43:15Mircea.N go so i can charge
00:43:18Mircea.N go u fucker
00:43:20FireMal lets just get xp and gold idc
00:43:23Mircea.N retard
00:43:37Simba DEF
00:43:37AbdA give aegis to me
00:43:52JensDenLange bh track pl
00:43:52FireMal mana plz
00:43:58Orre obv
00:44:01svents -st
00:44:07MnmlArT -st
00:44:29JensDenLange lets go gank
00:45:23Orre who played me?
00:46:09mansikka push top all
00:46:21JensDenLange wait for me
00:46:28JensDenLange nvm ^^
00:46:46Simba -afk
00:47:08JensDenLange deff at base
00:47:22mansikka b
00:47:27Simba b
00:47:28Simba b
00:47:29mansikka need 5
00:47:42JensDenLange when pl tracked they flee
00:47:44FireMal what do i build next
00:47:47FireMal desolator ?
00:47:48JensDenLange keep it up bounty
00:47:51mansikka no
00:47:53AliBaba :d
00:47:54FireMal what
00:47:54mansikka shiva
00:47:55FireMal then
00:47:57FireMal k
00:48:00FireMal shiva on the way
00:48:01AbdA banrecuest spiritbreaker
00:48:10Simba we need to push back
00:48:11mansikka come push top
00:48:12mansikka now
00:48:19FireMal i go top
00:48:23Simba i could def
00:48:23FireMal i die or you help me
00:48:26Mircea.N come all
00:48:31Simba both lanes
00:48:56JensDenLange blue enjoy report
00:49:00MnmlArT .!.
00:49:25JensDenLange haha
00:49:27JensDenLange so banned ^^
00:49:44MnmlArT u know why u will never learn 2 play
00:49:44FireMal mana
00:49:46FireMal i heal u
00:49:52MnmlArT because ur so fuckin stupid
00:50:03JensDenLange and ur so reported
00:50:07JensDenLange .. enjoy ban
00:50:13MnmlArT and u can suck my dick bob
00:50:25FireMal mana
00:50:28mansikka cd
00:50:30Simba gg
00:50:33Orre this phantom cancer
00:50:39Orre I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:57JensDenLange enjoy blue
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