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Chat log

00:00:21atte spce
00:00:21atte spec
00:00:21atte want something?
00:00:21atte pit?
00:00:21atte bara?
00:00:21sandii emt
00:00:21atte not soo good hero bara
00:00:21atte but dont wanna play against now
00:00:21Soulyah bala on pool
00:00:21Soulyah bala and am
00:00:21atte want?
00:00:21skyZ sep<ß
00:00:21Soulyah too boring
00:00:21atte am soon banned
00:00:21Sepetos anyone anything?
00:00:21P3PSI i can go rhasta
00:00:21Sepetos so many carrys we should take levi
00:00:21lumo JOOJOO
00:00:21skyZ lets go pugna chen rhasta and push the shit outta them
00:00:21lumo VITTU NYT
00:00:21skyZ pit
00:00:21skyZ eza
00:00:21Soulyah well
00:00:21Soulyah i go smoke
00:00:21Soulyah so
00:00:21Sepetos -naga
00:00:22atte want am?
00:00:22skyZ i get gem
00:00:25atte i dont pick if not
00:00:26Soulyah ugh ok
00:00:33lumo :DD
00:00:36Soulyah i rly wanted tiny tho
00:00:39P3PSI go bala for urself ?
00:00:41P3PSI -clear
00:00:44atte me want storm
00:00:45atte then we
00:00:52Soulyah PAWWWWWW
00:00:56atte -swap 2
00:00:56Soulyah -swap 1
00:01:01P3PSI rhasta for me ?
00:01:05Sepetos y
00:01:07Sepetos someone could levi
00:01:17sandii :D
00:01:20lumo =D
00:01:43Sepetos g fucking g
00:01:45atte 2 silencee
00:01:46atte fuck
00:01:47Sepetos sylla for me
00:01:47P3PSI u want ?
00:01:48P3PSI -clear
00:01:48atte oon iha paskan
00:01:55skyZ can i mid ?
00:01:58P3PSI -swap 1
00:01:59Sepetos no
00:02:00Sepetos -swap 5
00:02:00sandii lanet ?
00:02:33P3PSI -water random
00:02:34P3PSI -ii
00:02:35P3PSI -clear
00:03:05P3PSI erg
00:03:06P3PSI reg
00:03:19Soulyah lol i make bkb here
00:03:24atte ss
00:03:32atte re
00:03:55Soulyah rahsta
00:03:56Soulyah trax
00:03:56lumo y
00:03:58Soulyah :D
00:04:22Soulyah gj
00:04:49Soulyah tangos plz
00:04:53atte wards
00:05:56Soulyah kill?
00:05:58lumo y
00:05:59lumo sec
00:06:02lumo pulling 1
00:06:06Soulyah kk
00:06:26fUNCh no shackle ?
00:06:28atte wardei ja lentävä
00:06:29atte :E
00:06:30P3PSI yy
00:06:34Soulyah chick is dead
00:06:36Soulyah somehow
00:07:12Soulyah :D:Dd
00:07:34lumo otan ursan ja tuun
00:07:46Soulyah ss rhasta
00:07:54Soulyah re
00:08:26Soulyah stay top
00:08:27Soulyah u
00:08:28Soulyah need it
00:08:30Isdronningen coming top
00:09:09P3PSI 3 top
00:09:09fUNCh 3top
00:09:29lumo ota ne
00:09:32skyZ got utlti
00:09:33skyZ ss sky
00:09:48Soulyah dive?
00:09:50lumo y
00:09:54PeterLars let me get 1 creep
00:10:22P3PSI ss sky
00:10:47atte b
00:10:48sandii omw top
00:11:14Isdronningen rhasya
00:11:19PeterLars oom
00:11:22P3PSI gg
00:11:41PeterLars ^^
00:11:44PeterLars imba creep
00:12:02atte cd
00:12:15Isdronningen coming
00:12:21lumo TURPAAN TULEE
00:12:33P3PSI mana ?
00:12:36PeterLars cd
00:13:01atte tp cd
00:13:17P3PSI gamkpgnoigka
00:13:27PeterLars i am oom
00:13:28PeterLars :D
00:13:39Sepetos go rege then
00:14:09PeterLars b
00:14:29PeterLars u guys blind
00:14:32PeterLars look at mini map
00:15:35Soulyah 30 cs only
00:16:06Sepetos ff
00:16:07Soulyah omw
00:16:42Soulyah why do u fucking do that
00:16:59atte first
00:17:01skyZ twr
00:17:03Soulyah obviously
00:17:40Soulyah ?!?!?!?!?
00:17:43Soulyah ff
00:18:07skyZ my bad
00:18:15skyZ omg
00:18:47skyZ b
00:19:22P3PSI chic k?
00:19:24Sepetos no chickj?
00:19:25fUNCh dead
00:20:05Soulyah woods
00:20:06Soulyah come
00:20:11Soulyah trax
00:20:42atte tiny
00:20:43atte care
00:20:57PeterLars i am om
00:21:22atte tiny haste
00:21:28skyZ let that tard die
00:21:57Soulyah 18min
00:21:59Soulyah 42 rfags
00:22:01Soulyah total
00:22:02Soulyah :D
00:23:18Soulyah how did u return bear?
00:23:22Soulyah i dealt dmg on him
00:23:32Sepetos made it again
00:23:35Soulyah ah
00:23:39Soulyah not nice
00:23:58PeterLars care
00:24:08PeterLars dead
00:24:19Isdronningen ups
00:24:20P3PSI wtf ?
00:24:24Isdronningen ^^
00:24:25P3PSI 700 dmg in 1 shot
00:24:40Soulyah MOICCE
00:24:42Isdronningen this mage got crazy ulti
00:24:43PeterLars ^^
00:24:44Soulyah stun
00:24:54Soulyah and ulti tpo creps:D
00:25:18PeterLars omw
00:26:34Soulyah FUCK NO
00:26:45P3PSI invis
00:27:21PeterLars he is dead
00:27:25Soulyah no items and 2k hp
00:27:43Soulyah lvl 13 no items
00:27:45Soulyah 2k hp
00:27:45skyZ why u fucking arm there
00:27:47Soulyah wtf is this shit
00:28:09skyZ omg
00:28:11PeterLars haha
00:28:11skyZ this trax
00:28:12PeterLars noob
00:28:17atte care now
00:28:28Isdronningen mana plzz
00:28:35atte :DASSSSSS
00:28:37Sepetos go bottom all
00:28:43Sepetos or rosh?
00:28:43sandii "care now" :D
00:28:47atte dasasdfasdfgf
00:28:49PeterLars push top
00:28:50Soulyah atte : "care now"
00:28:51PeterLars farm
00:28:53Soulyah 5 seoncds later
00:28:56Soulyah "atte is dead"
00:28:57Soulyah ;:D
00:29:00atte ":":DASKLDFASLDas
00:29:16P3PSI want me to buy blink ?
00:29:30atte boring game
00:29:33atte magina no bf or manta
00:30:07skyZ oom
00:31:00P3PSI care top
00:31:27PeterLars ¨:d
00:31:27Isdronningen free kill :D
00:31:30Soulyah :P
00:31:30skyZ sylla
00:31:33skyZ can u stop this shit
00:31:44skyZ or i ban game ruin
00:31:55Sepetos u ban :D
00:32:14skyZ well i request
00:32:19Sepetos have fun then
00:32:28atte running
00:32:31skyZ b
00:32:32skyZ b
00:32:32skyZ b
00:32:34Soulyah b
00:32:35Soulyah b
00:33:56Sepetos wtf
00:34:02Soulyah what item u suggest atte
00:34:05Soulyah manta i guess
00:34:07atte manta
00:34:17Soulyah i fucking love visiting mom
00:34:21atte if you had firstitem bf
00:34:22Soulyah she always gets me free beer
00:34:24atte you could farm forest
00:34:28Soulyah yea well
00:34:30Soulyah if bf
00:34:31Sepetos could rosh i think
00:34:32atte and have 2 fullbuild's now
00:34:33Soulyah id be dead 10 time by now
00:34:44atte then team noob no wards
00:34:46atte gg ff
00:35:11Soulyah get dusts
00:35:13Soulyah we need em
00:36:17PeterLars b
00:36:38skyZ rofl
00:36:38lumo :DD
00:36:41skyZ this trax
00:36:47Soulyah MAN
00:36:50skyZ Lol
00:36:59atte suiciding drow
00:37:04atte suiciding drow
00:37:08atte always glad to take that
00:37:12skyZ with half decent team ui would hav elost 5 times aölready
00:37:12P3PSI magina bala in one team :/
00:37:17Soulyah true
00:37:24skyZ i mean we
00:37:31skyZ look at trax rhasta
00:37:41PeterLars look at imba tiny
00:37:44atte tbh rasta played better than you
00:37:46lumo tapame
00:37:53skyZ i see
00:37:59PeterLars more wards plz
00:38:03P3PSI no gold
00:38:36atte ahaa
00:39:19atte TAKE IT
00:39:22lumo jestas
00:39:43Soulyah calm down bitches i got this
00:40:19sandii -ms
00:40:28Soulyah my illus steal mana yes?
00:40:34Soulyah havent played am for 6 months or so
00:40:34atte ..
00:40:35atte yes
00:40:43Sepetos rosh?
00:40:52Soulyah smokegang
00:40:53Soulyah ?
00:41:49atte im b
00:41:54Sepetos -apm
00:42:01lumo -cs
00:42:02Soulyah any1 makes vladi?
00:42:03Soulyah supprot
00:42:19P3PSI rosh ?
00:42:28PeterLars go
00:42:29PeterLars ward
00:42:31PeterLars first
00:42:32sandii well i can
00:42:36Soulyah what item now
00:42:38Soulyah atte
00:42:56atte mb
00:42:57Soulyah bfly
00:43:00atte y
00:43:08atte and aegis
00:43:14Sepetos block :D
00:43:36Soulyah yea shoulda blinked there
00:43:37PeterLars go mid
00:43:43Soulyah i get mana
00:43:45Soulyah b
00:43:45Soulyah b
00:43:46Soulyah b
00:44:35skyZ where is help
00:44:39Sepetos dunno
00:44:42Sepetos i just took tower down
00:44:51Sepetos and 2 geroes was on me
00:44:52Sepetos or 3
00:44:54Sepetos so dunno what u guys did
00:44:58skyZ I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:09PeterLars stfu
00:45:12PeterLars sepetos
00:45:15Soulyah oom
00:45:16Soulyah ..
00:45:18PeterLars u played so fucking bad
00:45:24Sepetos 2farmers
00:45:24PeterLars and now u write
00:45:28Sepetos no time to farm for me
00:45:38skyZ u just played like apeshit
00:45:38Isdronningen i got top
00:45:38Soulyah after
00:45:42Soulyah and b
00:45:49Soulyah im low on mana
00:45:50Soulyah cant fight
00:45:57lumo got manaboots
00:46:03Soulyah omw for it
00:46:06atte TOP
00:46:07atte TOP
00:46:22PeterLars go
00:46:23PeterLars omg
00:46:32atte b
00:46:38Soulyah im b
00:46:42atte magina oom
00:46:43atte b
00:46:46atte b
00:46:46atte b
00:46:47atte b
00:47:14Sepetos midrax
00:47:20atte :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:47:34atte rax gone
00:47:34atte mid
00:47:35P3PSI ulti rdy 10
00:47:35Soulyah we lose mid no matter what
00:47:39atte magina go
00:47:41Soulyah :FFFFFFFFFFFFF
00:47:54atte they only can throne
00:48:04Isdronningen and they do it
00:48:11atte tp magina
00:48:15atte alöready
00:48:15Soulyah CD
00:48:16Soulyah FFS
00:48:32Sepetos this way
00:48:36P3PSI gg
00:48:37skyZ LOL
00:48:38Sepetos i play shit
00:48:39Sepetos we win
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