Game #352036

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-11 X
-7 TS

97% | 1295 X | 1620 TS

-16 X
-7 TS

65% | 1116 X | 1224 TS

+3 X
-9 TS

61% | 1066 X | 1227 TS

+30 X
-8 TS

61% | 937 X | 1362 TS

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-15 TS

46% | 961 X | 1230 TS

-31 X
+30 TS

85% | 1335 X | 1286 TS

-17 X
+9 TS

84% | 1176 X | 1332 TS

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+39 TS

81% | 1114 X | 1360 TS

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+18 TS

72% | 1106 X | 1293 TS

-11 X
+61 TS

NEW | 935 X | 941 TS

Chat log

00:00:09AbiTh aa tide riki
00:00:11exilm trahhl drow dirge
00:00:11valiante cent rhasta bs
00:00:15aRkker thd clinkz roof
00:00:16infect es jugger
00:00:18valiante id like riki
00:00:20N2xy skeleton king, lion, na
00:00:20AbiTh giv me es
00:00:22AbiTh Es
00:00:22Herre ogre, wisp, sf
00:00:23AbiTh Anna
00:00:24AbiTh es
00:00:25infect mis
00:00:26infect sul
00:00:28valiante riki cent es
00:00:29AbiTh aa tide riki
00:00:34AbiTh rikit ei saa
00:00:36valiante can i play riki?
00:00:39valiante bs rhasta cent
00:00:40infect valiante
00:00:43infect take rhazta
00:00:46NotAHax N2xy
00:00:46infect anna riki
00:00:47infect swapin
00:00:48valiante -swap
00:00:50valiante -swap 5
00:00:50AbiTh -swap 3
00:00:52NotAHax you wanna go leoric?
00:00:52valiante -swap 3
00:00:52N2xy ye?
00:00:56valiante -swap 4
00:00:56NotAHax oh fuck
00:00:57NotAHax rikimaru
00:00:58NotAHax hmhm
00:00:58N2xy was thinking that
00:00:59infect -swap 4
00:00:59AbiTh -swap 5
00:01:00valiante tank
00:01:02valiante str hero
00:01:11valiante i go top
00:01:13valiante with rhasta pls
00:01:18infect fetaa, some tank would be nice idd
00:01:18exilm mb solo up
00:01:21exilm and 3 down ?
00:01:21FetAA drow
00:01:25valiante sure
00:01:26FetAA exilm w8
00:01:27NotAHax -swap 2
00:01:27valiante i can solo
00:01:28FetAA i got tinker
00:01:31FetAA i need mid
00:01:33infect paper
00:01:34valiante NO
00:01:34infect lol
00:01:37valiante we dont need tinker
00:01:38valiante u dumb fucker
00:01:38infect why tha fakk tinker
00:01:38FetAA we do
00:01:38NotAHax 2 afk
00:01:38FetAA need
00:01:38FetAA tinker
00:01:38NotAHax Sec
00:01:38valiante haha
00:01:38Herre -swap 1
00:01:38FetAA lol
00:01:38valiante suck a dick
00:01:38infect we hv 2 carries already
00:01:38FetAA stfu naps
00:01:38FetAA tinekr = carry?
00:01:38FetAA im fucking ganker
00:01:38FetAA i make space
00:01:38FetAA for carrys to farm
00:01:42exilm tinker are half carry
00:01:50valiante so we tri lane bot?
00:01:54exilm and raping late
00:02:01FetAA bot trilane fails
00:02:02FetAA allways
00:02:04FetAA they dont buy wards
00:02:10FetAA i mean in gc
00:02:10infect last game it didnt fail
00:02:19FetAA u dont have the wards
00:02:33valiante BUY wards asap
00:03:19AbiTh rhasta
00:03:23AbiTh äkki harrasid=?
00:03:32infect farmisin wardid
00:03:34AbiTh k
00:04:05FetAA ok that was bad
00:04:14valiante very
00:04:35Herre -ma
00:05:36FetAA cant let him get
00:05:48valiante nice
00:05:50NotAHax Ty abith
00:05:54valiante jesus christ
00:05:57valiante u always fail these days abith
00:06:09AbiTh do i care?
00:06:31exilm thx
00:06:32exilm for miss
00:06:37exilm and no tp
00:06:39exilm from down
00:06:45exilm they lost up
00:06:47infect and nice blinking
00:06:48exilm but no miss
00:06:53valiante trax
00:06:58valiante they are mega fail bot
00:07:03infect haha
00:07:03FetAA oon pr0
00:07:06infect u cant lasthit riki
00:07:09infect u fail even more
00:07:15valiante dude u havent harrased once
00:07:18valiante and we are trilane
00:07:19valiante lol
00:07:40valiante ff
00:07:52valiante but great lanes
00:07:53valiante really
00:08:09FetAA miss sf mid
00:08:09NotAHax omw
00:08:27exilm FF
00:08:27exilm FF
00:08:32exilm retard team
00:08:33exilm ever
00:08:35exilm no tp still
00:08:37exilm and no miss
00:08:40infect FFS
00:08:41infect BLINK
00:08:43infect or something
00:08:44FetAA sayid u mis
00:08:44aRkker QQ
00:08:48infect we dont know when they killu
00:08:49exilm i ff
00:08:51exilm cant play
00:08:55exilm with dump players
00:08:58aRkker You're not allowed to, not before 30 minuts
00:09:00exilm where "miss"
00:09:05FetAA in chat
00:09:10exilm i said
00:09:13exilm buy fucking tp
00:09:15exilm to help me up
00:09:17exilm and miss
00:09:20exilm but dont do
00:09:26exilm so how i should play?
00:09:33FetAA kill
00:09:38exilm trilane <duel
00:09:39FetAA gogo
00:09:55exilm ok up
00:09:57exilm free farm
00:10:37exilm well
00:10:43exilm how we win
00:10:46exilm if i mvp
00:10:47exilm carry?
00:11:29exilm need gang
00:11:30exilm sk free
00:11:31exilm farm
00:11:38infect tinker
00:12:07FetAA sf dd
00:12:27exilm no point
00:12:30aRkker QQ
00:12:34exilm i cna too
00:12:36exilm qq
00:12:47exilm where stupid tinker ever LET ME MID
00:12:50valiante net him
00:12:52exilm and i pwn sf
00:12:54exilm but dont see
00:12:56aRkker you can dictate the lanes
00:13:03aRkker since you're the captain
00:13:07FetAA well im halfsleeping
00:13:10FetAA And i didnt say that..
00:13:13exilm so dont playu
00:13:14exilm whenm
00:13:35exilm still n owards
00:13:42infect blind motherfucker
00:13:48AbiTh ole
00:13:49AbiTh vait
00:13:55infect türa ta vingub putsi
00:13:56infect saagu üle
00:13:59AbiTh ole vait
00:14:36infect nahhui sa lihtsalt ära ei jooksnud lol :D
00:14:46AbiTh ma olin surnud igate moodi
00:15:05NotAHax go
00:15:16NotAHax stun
00:15:17FetAA miss sf
00:15:30exilm to late
00:15:36exilm 5 lvl he coem up
00:15:38exilm and no miss
00:15:38valiante lols
00:15:39exilm then 7
00:15:40exilm lvl
00:15:50exilm u won game anywya
00:15:54exilm wasting time
00:15:55exilm just
00:15:57NotAHax Go ego
00:16:00valiante yes pls
00:16:01infect arkker, whining banable?
00:16:03valiante go fucking ego
00:16:04exilm ego?
00:16:04aRkker ofcourse it is
00:16:06infect it's gameruining
00:16:06valiante go ego
00:16:09valiante ur captain
00:16:11infect he just doesnt stop
00:16:11valiante fucking lead ur team
00:16:11exilm WHAT MEAN EGO
00:16:13infect whinng
00:16:19infect whining*
00:16:19valiante exilm
00:16:23infect it ruins the game for us
00:16:25valiante u know why babyknight always wins?
00:16:25aRkker I know
00:16:28valiante he plays his own game
00:16:30exilm stun for cs
00:16:31infect so ban him later?
00:16:31valiante buys own defensive wards
00:16:38valiante doest complain
00:17:03exilm sk armlet
00:17:04exilm soon
00:17:07AbiTh no
00:17:08infect stop
00:17:08exilm then i will see who kill him
00:17:09AbiTh HE doest
00:17:09infect whining
00:17:10infect now
00:17:11AbiTh get it soon
00:17:14exilm i say
00:17:15exilm idiot
00:17:15AbiTh since this guy cant farm
00:17:17exilm not whining
00:18:32exilm anyway riki cant do nothing vs necro
00:18:46exilm wards
00:18:48exilm need here
00:18:51exilm they always gang me up
00:18:59valiante no ulti?
00:19:02AbiTh cd
00:19:29valiante i go farm top
00:19:56valiante their lastpick tiny is just so good
00:20:00exilm u die anyway cyz with boots they have faster skills
00:20:02infect tinker, you had like 20 secs to run away :D
00:20:22exilm sk armlet
00:20:23exilm see?
00:20:27FetAA i w anted to kill
00:20:28FetAA not run away
00:21:20exilm so stupid fog
00:21:21NotAHax bkb next
00:21:23exilm :(
00:21:29exilm couldnt hit
00:21:31NotAHax or heart
00:21:32NotAHax or something
00:21:35NotAHax well you know how to play leoric lol
00:21:40exilm why u pic kriki
00:21:43exilm if hood????????
00:21:45exilm useless
00:21:46exilm item
00:21:47valiante cause u all fail
00:21:47exilm ever
00:21:49valiante so i have to live
00:21:51exilm yes
00:21:52exilm all
00:21:54exilm if say miss
00:21:56valiante fail lanes
00:21:57exilm and wards
00:21:57valiante fail picks
00:21:59exilm to me
00:22:01exilm i outfarm
00:22:05exilm cuz i was outfarmed sk
00:22:08exilm but htey ganged me
00:22:36valiante ye well a leader steps up and says BUY WARDS
00:22:38valiante PICK THIS
00:22:39valiante PICK THAT
00:22:41valiante THIS IS LANES
00:22:44valiante U A LITTLE PUSSY FUCK
00:22:45NotAHax go
00:22:47exilm we have
00:22:48exilm rhasta
00:22:51exilm who can support
00:22:52exilm np
00:23:22exilm i like gmae where 26 kills in 21 min
00:23:52exilm riki farm !
00:23:55Herre y
00:23:57aRkker k
00:23:59Herre ofc
00:24:02valiante what can i do when u have nothing?
00:24:34AbiTh u lose np
00:25:09exilm to late
00:25:09exilm wards
00:25:12exilm its over
00:25:17valiante god ur negative
00:25:25valiante really a captain to spread good morale
00:25:26infect arkker, ban that retard trax
00:25:26FetAA well he ffs every game after 5mins
00:25:29exilm yesu think can win where 1 farming
00:25:36infect only whines and ff-s and whines even more after that
00:25:40exilm really
00:25:42exilm i can ss
00:25:42aRkker will do
00:25:43exilm idiot
00:25:49exilm whati write
00:25:52infect u can ss that you whine :D?
00:26:07exilm no when i say
00:26:11exilm its to late
00:26:12exilm wards
00:26:21exilm it is whining?
00:26:21infect that's whining
00:26:24exilm :DDD
00:26:28exilm see
00:26:34exilm and u ban me for this akker
00:26:35exilm ?
00:26:40infect u said, it's too late for wards, we lose anyways
00:26:41valiante he gives up in 3 minutes
00:26:48valiante i mean u gotta have some positivity to win?
00:26:48exilm i odnt say nayway
00:26:53infect yes u did :D
00:27:05valiante omw
00:27:42valiante THIS LUC
00:27:54valiante and we have infecttt
00:27:57valiante u ahve a lastpick pro
00:28:02AbiTh :D
00:28:07AbiTh savuttaja pro :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:28:09valiante lvl 8
00:28:15valiante hes done better than u?
00:28:18AbiTh but better than infect
00:28:38infect riki, really, u come to me about my lvl :D?
00:28:44valiante ye
00:28:45infect i have been defing mid when you farm top
00:28:46aRkker ofc he has to whine about something
00:31:46AbiTh 'see
00:31:49AbiTh they wont win
00:31:53valiante dont think see either
00:31:55exilm if they gather
00:31:58exilm easy push
00:32:06FetAA ok maybe is tart playing
00:32:10AbiTh infect
00:32:11AbiTh osta
00:32:12AbiTh warde
00:32:12AbiTh ty
00:32:23AbiTh mul 1k blingini
00:32:26infect k
00:32:26NotAHax all mid now together
00:32:37infect kuhu tahad
00:32:41FetAA fuck no tra
00:32:41FetAA x
00:32:43FetAA making
00:32:44FetAA sange yasha
00:32:47FetAA we not winning
00:32:53NotAHax come midd
00:32:53NotAHax lets go
00:33:03FetAA trax make a fucking manta
00:33:06FetAA not sy
00:33:06infect lol
00:33:10infect no s & y
00:33:11exilm yes and die from mass
00:33:11infect lol
00:33:12exilm skills
00:33:14FetAA :DDD
00:33:16FetAA wel get bkb then
00:33:16NotAHax b
00:33:16aRkker WAIT UP
00:33:17NotAHax b
00:33:18exilm i better bkb
00:33:19FetAA AND MANTA GIVES hp
00:33:23FetAA u can do both
00:33:25FetAA matna and bkb
00:33:26infect b
00:33:28FetAA but no sy
00:33:30valiante k i got diffusal now
00:33:39valiante ye
00:33:41valiante do manta bkb
00:33:41FetAA def mid
00:33:42FetAA if we can def
00:34:08FetAA guys need faster def
00:34:19exilm need
00:34:22exilm save me
00:34:26exilm not others..
00:35:01FetAA we shoulda deffed that faster
00:35:07exilm i was
00:35:07valiante yep
00:35:08infect y
00:35:09exilm but es
00:35:12exilm to late
00:35:12infect they took my wards down
00:35:28exilm let me down..
00:35:35exilm well push lane i dunno where farm
00:35:36exilm then
00:35:43exilm woods low creeps
00:35:51valiante omw
00:35:54FetAA i tp
00:36:04FetAA they push top
00:36:05infect ma panen ise
00:36:09valiante i get tp
00:36:17aRkker -afk
00:36:33aRkker oot
00:37:21FetAA def
00:37:45valiante damnit
00:37:53aRkker wheres the crying now btw?
00:37:58exilm YES?
00:37:59valiante still there
00:38:00aRkker usual serbian fuckheadism
00:38:00valiante teamsay
00:38:02exilm still
00:38:03exilm bad
00:38:05exilm team fight
00:38:06exilm s
00:38:06AbiTh he isnt serb
00:38:08AbiTh LOl
00:38:10AbiTh or is he?
00:38:13NotAHax liethuan
00:38:13exilm not
00:38:13valiante no
00:38:15valiante dane
00:38:15NotAHax ?
00:38:21AbiTh dane?
00:38:22aRkker leoric???
00:38:22AbiTh :IOI
00:38:24Herre :DDDDDDDDD
00:38:24Herre btw
00:38:27FetAA lol racism
00:38:29aRkker N2xy mis vittu see oli?
00:38:31aRkker ??
00:38:32Herre wtf are doing AT BOTTOM
00:38:36aRkker tule siia nyyd issand jumal
00:38:38AbiTh thats not racism
00:38:39exilm mb u know mindaugaz
00:38:41exilm kldz
00:38:42exilm dlx
00:38:43AbiTh yes
00:38:44exilm and others
00:38:45exilm ;d
00:38:46NotAHax Yes i do
00:38:48valiante b
00:38:54aRkker N2xy????
00:38:55N2xy omw
00:38:57AbiTh sf wards
00:38:59AbiTh so care riki
00:39:00FetAA they got sentrys
00:39:04FetAA oops
00:39:05valiante k
00:39:08valiante im hard to kill now tho
00:39:10valiante 20 armor
00:39:10valiante hood
00:39:13valiante and 1800 health
00:39:26infect bv
00:39:27infect ytop
00:39:29exilm i see
00:39:32exilm and have bkb
00:40:07valiante forgot that ulti :(
00:40:16exilm ah warkey off
00:40:21exilm so why dont used bkb :(
00:40:25valiante ^^
00:40:25Herre now if you please
00:40:27Herre sk
00:40:29FetAA pr0
00:40:29Herre stay with us
00:40:31Herre and read the game
00:40:33exilm if tinker
00:40:33Herre k?
00:40:34Herre thx.
00:40:35exilm dont push down
00:40:38exilm i could get fast
00:40:38N2xy okidoki
00:40:39exilm items
00:41:30infect b
00:41:31infect top
00:41:53infect tinker, push mid
00:41:53exilm i push down then tp up
00:41:55infect all the time
00:41:55N2xy i make second bkb
00:42:13FetAA def top
00:42:33AbiTh pr0
00:42:35infect mid
00:42:47FetAA :DD
00:42:47AbiTh wp
00:42:48NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:48AbiTh Wp
00:42:53aRkker Good job, Savuttaja
00:42:57aRkker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:58valiante pro
00:43:02FetAA a<llways need to blame some1..
00:43:07aRkker You're not smart enough to even realize what happened
00:43:09valiante everyoine does
00:43:21aRkker When we were first pushing the middle, he tossed SF into you causing him to die and us not getting the raxes
00:43:30exilm need domi
00:43:33exilm and can go rosh
00:44:01FetAA if we dont fuck up
00:44:01valiante btw trax
00:44:02FetAA we can win
00:44:03valiante that hood
00:44:05valiante has made my game
00:44:17AbiTh upgrade diffu
00:44:18valiante freaking 5 nukers
00:44:20valiante i did
00:44:21valiante its in base
00:44:24AbiTh k
00:44:41infect b
00:44:50valiante guys what are we gonna do?
00:44:55FetAA turtle
00:44:55AbiTh def
00:44:56FetAA get itemss
00:44:58infect tutrle
00:44:58FetAA and get imba
00:45:01valiante k
00:45:04infect and let them do everything
00:45:07infect need agha and lvl 16
00:45:09valiante its just boring atm
00:45:10infect imba then
00:45:11FetAA if we fuck up once
00:45:13FetAA we lost
00:45:52infect care mid
00:45:54exilm hey dude
00:45:55exilm dont die
00:45:56exilm up
00:46:13FetAA they ganking
00:46:14FetAA get b now
00:46:16FetAA they search entry
00:46:16valiante yeah
00:46:29valiante all be ready
00:46:36valiante meet
00:46:46valiante get em
00:46:54FetAA b
00:47:13AbiTh imba block
00:47:24valiante ye wp
00:47:29Mario I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:55valiante got manta
00:48:03infect twr and b
00:48:04valiante b?
00:48:20infect b?
00:48:31aRkker issand jumal
00:48:32aRkker miks??
00:48:34exilm go roshan
00:48:37valiante ye
00:48:44exilm and riki take
00:48:45AbiTh let me
00:48:46AbiTh get
00:48:48exilm cuz they dont focus me now
00:48:49AbiTh agha
00:48:50exilm i fat
00:49:01FetAA bitch
00:49:04infect they come prolly for rosh
00:49:05AbiTh need
00:49:05AbiTh agha
00:49:05infect mid
00:49:15FetAA got hex so i can perma disa^^
00:49:20AbiTh :D
00:49:21AbiTh lol
00:49:22FetAA not there
00:49:30exilm bad
00:49:35exilm nice
00:49:35exilm !
00:49:53FetAA :DD
00:49:57exilm i push mid
00:50:00valiante gj abith
00:50:01infect k
00:50:01valiante so sick
00:50:08infect ma tulen
00:50:12infect mul urn
00:50:16AbiTh k
00:50:23FetAA miten te tyritte
00:50:33Herre en tiedä.
00:50:34aRkker Niinku sanoin, Savuttaja tossas SF siin ku puskettii ekaa kerta
00:50:39aRkker ei saatu rakseja
00:50:44AbiTh aa
00:51:12infect b
00:51:19valiante i can rebuy
00:51:21valiante no worries
00:51:29valiante and got manta
00:51:47valiante ok guys
00:51:48valiante all get b
00:51:51valiante we cant get arrogant now
00:52:44infect b
00:52:46exilm care
00:52:56infect all miss
00:53:29N2xy i will get my bkb
00:53:39exilm i down
00:53:50valiante dont
00:53:53valiante they trap u sooner or later
00:53:54valiante dude
00:54:01valiante its not that important
00:54:12valiante why int treads
00:54:19infect idd :D
00:54:21infect 1k mana
00:54:35aRkker we wait
00:54:36aRkker for riki
00:54:38FetAA go push?
00:54:43valiante abith
00:54:45valiante i scout
00:54:46AbiTh ?
00:54:47valiante stya on my tail
00:54:47exilm need 500
00:54:48AbiTh k
00:54:49valiante to stun
00:54:49exilm buterfly
00:54:56infect wait
00:54:57valiante guys come
00:54:58infect 2 vs 5
00:55:00infect is bad
00:55:17valiante u bitches camping fountain?
00:55:26aRkker Shup up, worst player of the year
00:55:27exilm go mid mb>?
00:55:30valiante oh thanks
00:55:33Herre ye, waiting for the mid creeps to push in
00:55:37valiante i like awards
00:56:08FetAA get b riki
00:56:16valiante any rebuyers?
00:56:18FetAA bot and top
00:56:18valiante they have 2 def bot
00:56:26aRkker tule ära juba
00:56:26valiante go
00:56:27exilm they go invisble
00:56:28exilm or
00:56:29FetAA why rebuy
00:56:30exilm what
00:56:30FetAA check first
00:56:31FetAA situations
00:56:37N2xy peaks gemi ostma endale
00:56:44aRkker mul 3 sentryt
00:56:44infect they only went b becaus eof rebuys
00:56:56valiante rather have em push
00:56:58valiante with 3
00:56:59exilm they have wards
00:57:00infect well, they got 3 of us
00:57:01exilm and waiting us
00:57:03valiante then rebuy and gank
00:57:05aRkker TULE ÄRA
00:57:06aRkker issand juaml
00:57:21exilm lost buterfly
00:57:22exilm :
00:57:24valiante should i get a second diffusal?
00:57:27AbiTh no
00:57:34AbiTh get butter
00:57:34valiante its so good in cloud versus necro
00:57:35N2xy miks sa selle asemel gemi ei ostnude? :S
00:57:35NotAHax go again
00:57:36AbiTh and win
00:57:39aRkker nyyd peaks nägemä!
00:57:44aRkker ma suren nii lihtsalt
00:57:49N2xy ma ei sure
00:57:53N2xy annaksid mulle
00:57:53N2xy :D
00:57:54aRkker osta siis
00:57:54aRkker vms
00:58:08aRkker ja jälle
00:58:09aRkker ootame
00:58:11exilm tinker need
00:58:12exilm scepter
00:58:15exilm cuz sk killu easy
00:58:19FetAA y
00:58:21FetAA true
00:58:37valiante four catas
00:58:38valiante push?
00:58:48FetAA ok
00:58:52exilm fuck
00:58:54exilm asdasa
00:58:55infect ffs
00:58:58exilm ffs
00:59:01exilm i said place
00:59:02exilm wards
00:59:03exilm no
00:59:04valiante hehe
00:59:07valiante just dont go there?
00:59:07infect u said ntohing
00:59:12exilm u bought
00:59:15exilm and still no wards
00:59:16exilm palced
01:00:26infect tinker
01:00:32infect 4 dead
01:00:32valiante lets get rosh?
01:00:41exilm place here ward
01:00:43valiante i get travels?
01:00:45infect take
01:00:47infect wards
01:00:48infect there
01:00:50infect and place
01:01:17AbiTh b
01:01:25valiante for me?
01:01:27exilm y
01:01:30valiante omw
01:01:31valiante thanks
01:01:34infect take wards from base
01:01:37infect and place them ffs
01:01:37valiante got 1 rax
01:01:38exilm cuz they focus me not u
01:02:01exilm here
01:02:02exilm wards
01:02:03valiante i got travels as well
01:02:05exilm cuz they can kill me
01:02:07infect aREAD CHAT
01:02:07valiante so i can go push and shit
01:02:09infect WARDS @ BASE
01:02:11infect GO FAKING PLANT
01:02:17valiante i come
01:02:18valiante tinker
01:02:27valiante wanna go tinker?
01:02:30valiante pink push bot
01:02:30FetAA ok
01:02:47FetAA b
01:02:56valiante come agian
01:03:02FetAA y
01:03:23exilm need rhasta
01:03:25exilm with travels
01:03:39infect trying to do that
01:03:43FetAA 50 gold for rebuy
01:03:45FetAA drow the fuck u doing
01:03:46FetAA why are u
01:03:51FetAA mid
01:03:57exilm me ?
01:04:00exilm i was down
01:04:14FetAA why not take bot rax
01:04:20exilm cuz
01:04:21valiante yeah
01:04:21exilm def
01:04:23exilm learoci
01:04:23exilm and
01:04:25exilm necro
01:04:31valiante i go
01:04:56valiante couldnt blink him
01:05:00infect bkb
01:05:20exilm need faster
01:05:22exilm cuz i have go
01:05:31valiante all come bot
01:05:33valiante tinker pushes top
01:05:46valiante i can rebuy
01:06:07FetAA camp there i push alnes
01:06:39AbiTh gg
01:06:42valiante gg
01:06:43aRkker No.,
01:06:45valiante YEAH
01:06:50infect top then
01:06:52infect we cant mid
01:06:52infect top
01:06:58FetAA yy i tp
01:06:59valiante yes we can
01:07:01aRkker How bad are you?
01:07:01valiante go mid
01:07:02valiante ffs
01:07:05aRkker 64 minutes it took you
01:07:09AbiTh :DDDDDDDD
01:07:13AbiTh u were winning
01:07:15AbiTh retard
01:07:16AbiTh and lost
01:07:17Mario u could've finished 35 mins ago
01:07:18NotAHax ur retard
01:07:26aRkker Hardly my falt.
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