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Chat log :DDDD
00:00:13Soulyah brb1min
00:00:19mamyka ban naix?
00:00:19svents wtf niceteam
00:00:19slc2 u ban commander?
00:00:19mamyka i can commander
00:00:19Banana i ban you
00:00:19svents banni see lits commander
00:00:19slc2 let him be banned
00:00:19Soulyah commander
00:00:19Kastrup give ember
00:00:19Soulyah no uc ant
00:00:19svents somebody m2ngib seda
00:00:19slc2 go ban xin
00:00:19Kastrup if not picked Xin
00:00:19Kastrup hmm
00:00:19Soulyah any other wiseS? i wouldve played commander
00:00:20Banana ::::::::(((((((((
00:00:21Kastrup hmm
00:00:24Banana rhasta
00:00:24Kastrup pudge?
00:00:25Kastrup or?
00:00:29Kastrup rhsata for banana
00:00:30Kastrup sounds good
00:00:31svents furi
00:00:33svents obv any 1 want anything? i want tuskar so
00:00:41mamyka potm,
00:00:41svents tra mis pick see on???
00:00:46svents seal on see sitane furi ju
00:00:46Soulyah rhasta ?
00:00:47NeverbACKdOwn get naix
00:00:48NeverbACKdOwn lol
00:00:48Kastrup hmm
00:00:49slc2 no potm please
00:00:49Soulyah OMG MY GONDAR
00:00:50NeverbACKdOwn soulyah going naix
00:00:52NeverbACKdOwn otherwise
00:00:53slc2 fuck naix
00:00:55Kastrup haha i wanted aswell
00:00:57Kastrup should i pudge?
00:00:58NeverbACKdOwn :D so?
00:01:01Soulyah could do
00:01:03slc2 tuskar i can mid? Sa pro ju carryd ära
00:01:06Soulyah furi woods pohhuilt
00:01:06Kastrup me mid?
00:01:08Banana want?
00:01:09Soulyah u bot mehh sure
00:01:12slc2 ty
00:01:14Kastrup me bot?
00:01:16Soulyah y solo
00:01:17svents i can go woods then yeah
00:01:17NeverbACKdOwn i mid
00:01:17holy.Diver any special rules i should know on this platform?
00:01:18slc2 get enigma!
00:01:23Soulyah buy chicken and share
00:01:23Banana want axe?
00:01:24NeverbACKdOwn axe mid imba
00:01:24Kastrup last pick buys chicken
00:01:25Soulyah and dont feed
00:01:25Kastrup and share mm thats tru actually
00:01:30svents u have to buyy chicken yeah gondar goes top farm
00:01:34holy.Diver l
00:01:35holy.Diver k
00:01:35slc2 then go get enigma
00:01:36Soulyah naix for me mamyka goes help him and Belka
00:01:39slc2 get enigma last please
00:01:42Soulyah -swap 4
00:01:43Kastrup soulyah
00:01:45Kastrup u go mid?
00:01:45Kastrup or me? Sec
00:01:48Banana -swap 1 Wait what he picks
00:01:51Kastrup fast
00:01:52mamyka atrop
00:01:53Soulyah u solo bottom lane
00:01:54Soulyah pudge
00:01:55slc2 enigma would be imba hmmmz axe mid,
00:02:06mamyka he can play eni slc + belka top
00:02:08mamyka 5% me mamyka bot
00:02:20NeverbACKdOwn ja vana sitt võttiski
00:02:20Kastrup up
00:02:21NeverbACKdOwn naixi
00:02:21Kastrup s
00:02:22NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:02:22Kastrup :) :)
00:02:28Soulyah its just vahet poel
00:02:31Soulyah u and furi can kill better
00:02:32svents i try to gank lvl 3 bot ok?
00:02:34Soulyah than me and furi
00:02:38Soulyah + i get freefarm mid
00:02:39Kastrup hmm i dont agree
00:02:47svents why not? kui me imesi ei tee
00:02:51svents u can hook
00:02:52Kastrup cuz i can bottle run siis me ei suudaks võita aniway
00:02:55mamyka scl carry so funny
00:02:57Kastrup and naix dont need runes
00:03:00NeverbACKdOwn miks?
00:03:03slc2 ur tide was funny
00:03:12mamyka better thaN UR AXE
00:03:16slc2 not at all :DD
00:03:19Soulyah i farm fat,np better than my wisp
00:03:23Soulyah won game
00:03:27slc2 true get butcher lvl 4 three or 2
00:03:48slc2 dont auto
00:04:43slc2 belka stop it please
00:04:52Kastrup no succes
00:04:58slc2 belka?
00:05:01Belka ?
00:05:03Belka y
00:05:06slc2 stop it stop auto attack mamy get svents
00:05:26mamyka W8
00:05:29Soulyah ss
00:05:35slc2 dude stop
00:05:51mamyka imba steal kinda
00:06:00Soulyah mida ur rocket deals 0 dmg
00:06:11Kastrup furi just come?
00:06:23NeverbACKdOwn OMG
00:06:25NeverbACKdOwn MIS LAG SERE ON !?!?!?!?!?
00:06:27NeverbACKdOwn MIDDA PUTSI
00:06:29slc2 dude ur so fucking bad
00:06:35NeverbACKdOwn MIDA VITTU LAG
00:06:40slc2 atropos are u dumb or something?
00:06:45Soulyah suuure
00:06:46Soulyah lag:D
00:06:52NeverbACKdOwn jak indlalt ma mängin nii got mana boots
00:06:57Soulyah :D :))
00:06:58Kastrup furi?
00:07:14NeverbACKdOwn ss mid start spamming please? rockets and shit?
00:07:29slc2 ur so bad atro well u deserved that one.
00:08:21mamyka nice fail mid
00:08:21NeverbACKdOwn tra luckisid 1 korra ära ja nüüd ongi putsis
00:08:28Kastrup miss
00:08:29Kastrup gyro
00:08:29NeverbACKdOwn he lucked once what can i do
00:08:31NeverbACKdOwn i lagged M;AMY why do you leave the lane U fucking cunt
00:09:06Kastrup comming mid
00:09:07Kastrup im invisd care mid
00:09:58NeverbACKdOwn rocket
00:10:05slc2 go rhasta
00:10:14NeverbACKdOwn sss naix
00:10:18NeverbACKdOwn he woods
00:10:18NeverbACKdOwn gank him naix Irw Igakord kui typen
00:10:35Banana gj On see kastrup hoogiga perses
00:10:44Soulyah :D Peaks mutema selle pela
00:11:17mamyka snow boll bnoob
00:11:18Kastrup miss two mid
00:11:33Kastrup push it
00:11:35Soulyah yy
00:11:50Kastrup dont use wards rhasta
00:11:54Banana :O
00:11:57Banana k
00:12:00Kastrup wait for next
00:12:18mamyka biggest noob
00:12:24Soulyah nuke
00:12:28NeverbACKdOwn y can really do much when pudge has haste
00:12:29NeverbACKdOwn :DDDD
00:12:30NeverbACKdOwn wtf :D well mamy
00:12:36mamyka not you u lost bot lane by leaving it
00:12:40Soulyah :D
00:12:45mamyka noob made me lose epic amount of xp so stfu
00:13:00mamyka i try help top coz they are so nooby like youi
00:13:01Soulyah man
00:13:02Soulyah ..
00:13:09Soulyah wards there and double:s
00:13:23svents invis bot
00:13:26Kastrup omw and u get any kills top? np
00:13:28Soulyah v6ta nop
00:13:39NeverbACKdOwn any wards?
00:14:05NeverbACKdOwn OMG
00:14:07NeverbACKdOwn WHAT ARE U DOING
00:14:09mamyka go
00:14:09Kastrup naix
00:14:18Kastrup cmon
00:14:21Soulyah lol
00:14:21Soulyah sry
00:14:23Soulyah was thinking
00:14:25Soulyah why the fuck
00:14:30NeverbACKdOwn tuskaarrr
00:14:30Soulyah i bought plate
00:14:31NeverbACKdOwn mida vittu sa tpd?
00:14:33Soulyah lol tahan
00:14:41NeverbACKdOwn lol midi kaotasid
00:14:49Banana fuck this rocket proovin gondaril imbaks saada aidata*
00:14:58Banana :D
00:14:59NeverbACKdOwn lagged
00:15:04NeverbACKdOwn ei saa midagi teha
00:15:06NeverbACKdOwn kui laggin
00:15:07NeverbACKdOwn oleks võitnud
00:15:08NeverbACKdOwn muidu eelmine pela küll ei laggind kordagi
00:15:18mamyka die
00:15:20mamyka homo
00:15:33Kastrup we need to gank top
00:15:34Kastrup much more :DD
00:15:58Soulyah furi
00:16:02svents dvj
00:16:11mamyka ??? ?? ????? ????????
00:16:36Kastrup gj
00:16:37svents tra
00:16:39Soulyah mja
00:16:41Soulyah neid tekkis
00:16:42svents k6ik litsid kohe platsis
00:16:45Soulyah mhm
00:16:52svents ja see krdi battlehunger
00:16:52NeverbACKdOwn atro wards?
00:16:55svents ebareaalne spell
00:16:56Belka ok
00:16:59Banana je
00:17:18NeverbACKdOwn try harder
00:17:20NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:17:20Kastrup :)
00:18:04NeverbACKdOwn top
00:18:06NeverbACKdOwn freekills
00:18:07Soulyah furi
00:18:09Banana ulti
00:18:10Banana furi
00:18:14Soulyah salapood sorz too low
00:18:49mamyka b
00:18:58svents didnt see this missle fml
00:19:13Soulyah i farm top
00:19:23NeverbACKdOwn keegi mana bootsid t eeb?
00:19:25Soulyah suuna
00:19:27Soulyah seda sitta mul on
00:19:28Soulyah mujale
00:19:29Soulyah palun
00:19:29NeverbACKdOwn k
00:19:51NeverbACKdOwn go
00:19:52Banana pok bad idea
00:19:53Banana D:
00:20:02NeverbACKdOwn mid twrt
00:20:29mamyka mana? cd but sec come
00:20:48Banana gogog
00:20:54NeverbACKdOwn leave me
00:20:55NeverbACKdOwn i get dag
00:21:32Kastrup no fucking dust beside me TÜRA TAPA SEE CRIIP MAHA
00:21:56NeverbACKdOwn telef0n
00:22:00Soulyah lol
00:22:01Soulyah n1
00:22:01Kastrup :) Pfft On sul veel mingeid vabandusi?
00:22:01Soulyah though u wanted tuskar
00:22:01Soulyah :D
00:22:01Soulyah tuskar
00:22:01Kastrup shhh
00:22:03Kastrup maybe i did :D
00:22:05Soulyah xD
00:22:34NeverbACKdOwn ei ole vabandused
00:22:42NeverbACKdOwn still 0 wards
00:22:43NeverbACKdOwn fun to play
00:22:45Banana go tier 2+
00:22:46NeverbACKdOwn with a team like that
00:22:49Soulyah y u suck cant kill a creep that shows us "phone!"
00:23:18Kastrup bane team noobs
00:23:24mamyka said hust
00:23:52NeverbACKdOwn ei saa mängida
00:23:59NeverbACKdOwn nii putsis lag lihtsalt kui teamfight osta uus arvuti siis vast
00:24:11NeverbACKdOwn atro u are pro
00:24:14Soulyah bah
00:24:25Kastrup tp
00:24:27NeverbACKdOwn asi pole arvutis
00:24:28Kastrup i glypj
00:24:29Kastrup u deni
00:24:30NeverbACKdOwn starman
00:24:32NeverbACKdOwn nii sitt provider
00:24:33NeverbACKdOwn lihtsalt
00:24:39Soulyah miks
00:24:41Soulyah midas teed
00:24:41Banana deny
00:24:52Soulyah midas furin on lamp
00:24:53Soulyah :S
00:24:57NeverbACKdOwn whats that?
00:25:04svents ei ole kui kiirelt saad
00:25:10Soulyah onnnn
00:25:15Soulyah saad afrmi ultiga
00:25:20mamyka noob u have luck
00:25:28svents hahaha stfu MOFO
00:25:28Soulyah can u stfu
00:25:31Soulyah russian fag
00:25:32Soulyah alrdy
00:25:34Soulyah fucking cadim
00:25:37Soulyah vadim
00:25:53mamyka angry estonia?
00:26:08slc2 ball from begening? mhm fail sorz okei nüüd saame veidigi comboda tle midi
00:27:17Soulyah wp
00:27:24Kastrup :D
00:27:26Kastrup hes at lan
00:28:04Kastrup :D
00:28:05Banana n1
00:28:12Soulyah lol :(
00:28:15Soulyah 2 of us
00:28:18Soulyah outplayed their whole team
00:28:19Kastrup :P
00:28:24Banana ye it was pretty sick
00:28:28Kastrup hes at lan the bh
00:28:30Kastrup but can't see him
00:28:33Kastrup he whine A LOT :D
00:28:40Soulyah xD
00:28:46Kastrup fucking lucky etc
00:28:50Banana :D
00:28:50Kastrup dont really think it was luck..
00:28:52Soulyah ur with bh?
00:28:54Soulyah at lan?
00:28:57Kastrup hes at the same netcafé as me
00:29:00Soulyah ah
00:29:02Soulyah tell him
00:29:03Soulyah he sucks
00:29:04Kastrup dont really know him
00:29:06Soulyah for picking my hero
00:29:08Kastrup :D
00:29:11Kastrup or mine :d
00:29:16NeverbACKdOwn go
00:29:21NeverbACKdOwn place some wards
00:29:22Banana regen
00:29:23NeverbACKdOwn and gank
00:29:24Soulyah take
00:29:26Soulyah ggondar comes
00:29:31Soulyah õttake it
00:29:45Soulyah furi
00:29:53NeverbACKdOwn need all
00:29:58slc2 kill gem
00:30:30NeverbACKdOwn atro wtf u doin
00:30:38NeverbACKdOwn i save ur ass and u go back in gondar
00:31:03NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] fu noob they are in our base I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] Gondar..
00:31:21slc2 cant do anyt hing when they have hem stfu
00:31:24mamyka gpo
00:31:30Kastrup cmon
00:31:31Kastrup not tired!
00:31:32Soulyah slc picking my hero and feeding
00:31:33Soulyah WHY
00:32:31Kastrup greed isn't to good :)
00:32:34Kastrup furi
00:32:37Kastrup axe free kill
00:32:43Kastrup damn youre slow :D
00:32:50Soulyah look at ze name
00:32:52Kastrup :):)9
00:32:56Kastrup god damn
00:32:58Kastrup im dead AGES
00:33:01svents i jsut woke up guys
00:33:01mamyka wow bh bf
00:33:04svents rly
00:33:18Kastrup our luck the wr isn't totally new player..
00:33:20Kastrup he did decent
00:33:24Kastrup so no complains
00:33:27Kastrup rofl :D
00:33:36Soulyah go
00:33:37NeverbACKdOwn go naix
00:33:38NeverbACKdOwn im coming why do u sleep him wannabe noob
00:34:00Kastrup i dont understand :/
00:34:02Kastrup wher
00:34:06Kastrup my items is
00:34:07Soulyah ty
00:34:08Kastrup grh
00:34:09NeverbACKdOwn sleep naix and get others down
00:34:11NeverbACKdOwn this is how we win
00:34:22NeverbACKdOwn focus furi rhasta
00:34:26NeverbACKdOwn go
00:34:27NeverbACKdOwn in
00:34:28NeverbACKdOwn i go
00:34:31NeverbACKdOwn sleep naix Gondar won this for you How much you payed him?
00:35:19holy.Diver a dick in the ass
00:35:20slc2 belka did
00:35:20svents for free
00:35:22mamyka i said at start y u did ill know next time
00:35:39mamyka scl carry
00:36:05Kastrup f'sdfds
00:36:09Soulyah :D
00:36:25holy.Diver omg furi
00:36:33NeverbACKdOwn go ff
00:36:35NeverbACKdOwn plz
00:36:38Belka I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge] I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:41Belka -f
00:36:46Belka -ff
00:36:52Soulyah brb
00:37:10Soulyah gg bg
00:37:14Kastrup -ss
00:37:15Kastrup -st Ret gondar
00:37:20Kastrup 54 ÆD
00:38:05Soulyah see kuradi pall
00:38:08Soulyah on nii putsis asi Imba hero üldse see tuskar :) Nii mõnna troll hero
00:38:49Soulyah maybe ff?
00:38:53Soulyah why waste time Ma kardan, et viimane vend meil isegi ei tea Mis see tähendab :D
00:39:11Banana see mingi stromi bot
00:39:12mamyka mr one button hero
00:39:22Kastrup why me sleep?
00:39:23Kastrup all the time
00:39:52Kastrup !!1
00:39:53Kastrup so close :d
00:40:20mamyka ???
00:40:28mamyka ???? ?? ??????? ????? ????????
00:41:02Soulyah lol
00:41:03Kastrup so waste of time
00:41:04Soulyah su bmail Fucking learn to win :D
00:41:06Soulyah ei
00:41:08Soulyah teind midagi mulle Fucking learn to win ;D
00:41:34Soulyah hyva
00:41:42Kastrup omw
00:41:44Banana -ms
00:41:59Soulyah w8 noiw ffs
00:42:01Soulyah dont go die
00:42:23Kastrup lol
00:42:45Banana neegrid
00:42:53Soulyah omw top -afk
00:42:55Kastrup i see
00:42:56Kastrup -st
00:42:59Soulyah -st
00:43:04NeverbACKdOwn roshan prolly:D
00:43:07Soulyah 5.7k bounty
00:43:08Soulyah only
00:43:10Soulyah lolol
00:43:11Kastrup :] st -ts -st
00:43:27Kastrup :D
00:43:29Soulyah :P
00:43:48Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:49Kastrup they have gem
00:44:51Soulyah finnaly
00:44:52Soulyah gg
00:44:56NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:44:59Kastrup gg
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