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Chat log

00:00:22FireMal have to go to wc brb
00:00:22Zkzk ??
00:00:22Bollitsch yeaha...we got sandi
00:00:22AliBaba give me wisp
00:00:22Swagga sandii
00:00:22FireMal zkzk the rules are your last pick so you buy chicken
00:00:22Zkzk iam going to
00:00:22FireMal brb
00:00:22Swagga wtf
00:00:22Bollitsch and yeaha...we didnt get smeg
00:00:22Zkzk i know that :)
00:00:22Swagga sandii u there?
00:00:22Zkzk female??
00:00:22Swagga this system is shit
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK sk?
00:00:22Swagga i write Sandii it bans sk
00:00:22Swagga wtf
00:00:22AliBaba :D
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK leo`?
00:00:22Swagga no
00:00:22Zkzk haha
00:00:22Swagga he has to ban first
00:00:22AliBaba kudish
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK sandii vitun nevari
00:00:22Bollitsch just pick some..and then we see, what to ban :)
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK ban nyt
00:00:22Zkzk my name is ali :P
00:00:22Swagga sandii ffs where are u
00:00:22Nickless ffdf
00:00:22AliBaba nice :b
00:00:22AliBaba smege ? er du dansker ?
00:00:22AbdA -afk
00:00:22FireMal zkzk
00:00:22AliBaba smega *
00:00:22Zkzk yes
00:00:22sandii soz
00:00:22FireMal you se red text
00:00:22FireMal thats banned hero
00:00:22Swagga i wrote ur name and it banned sk
00:00:22Nickless paging swagga ffs are u afk
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK ali
00:00:22sandii riki
00:00:22Swagga its u first
00:00:22AliBaba ja ?
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK no
00:00:22FireMal you cant pick that
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK estonia
00:00:22Swagga -pit
00:00:22SMEGMAPLEKK var du pro?
00:00:22AliBaba arh .. K
00:00:25Zkzk aha
00:00:26Swagga pit and SA!
00:00:27AliBaba du er jo dansker
00:00:29Swagga IS BANNED!
00:00:30Zkzk ok
00:00:35SMEGMAPLEKK what?:D
00:00:40Nickless wishes
00:00:41Swagga RIKI AND PIT BANNED!
00:00:42Nickless '
00:00:44FireMal smegaplekk
00:00:48FireMal er du dansker ?
00:00:52SMEGMAPLEKK no
00:00:56FireMal lol
00:01:03Zkzk u can help me to pick
00:01:08FireMal hvordan kan du så svare
00:01:12Zkzk iam a noob picker
00:01:23FireMal just pick what capitan says to pick
00:01:24AbdA WHY
00:01:27Swagga why
00:01:28Swagga why
00:01:30sandii pick bane
00:01:31AliBaba ugur .. please
00:01:31Nickless try wards in the camp here
00:01:32Swagga u cant play for shit
00:01:33AliBaba en support
00:01:36Bollitsch hate that they got es and wl
00:01:37Zkzk ok;)
00:01:40AbdA -swap 3
00:01:41AliBaba pleeeease ugur
00:01:42FireMal what to pick ?
00:01:43AbdA -swap 1
00:01:45Swagga -swap 3
00:01:47FireMal sk ?
00:01:47AbdA -swap 4
00:01:49sandii bane sk
00:01:53SMEGMAPLEKK easy farm easy kills
00:01:54AbdA give me plss
00:01:55FireMal k
00:01:57AliBaba wtf ?
00:01:58FireMal pick bane
00:01:58AbdA -swap 4
00:02:03AliBaba mirana :D
00:02:10FireMal lol
00:02:11AliBaba you need to buy a chick
00:02:14Swagga -clear
00:02:19SMEGMAPLEKK -ma
00:02:23FireMal zkzk why you pick mirana he said bane
00:02:24AliBaba mirana
00:02:27Swagga warlock bot
00:02:30Swagga necro top
00:02:30Zkzk i dont
00:02:35AliBaba lal
00:02:38sandii zkzk u need to buy chick
00:02:40Zkzk my time and and randomed
00:02:44Zkzk ok
00:02:47FireMal ok
00:02:50FireMal just buy chick
00:02:56AliBaba and share
00:03:01Swagga sandii wh u pick bs
00:03:31Nickless got ddd
00:04:08FireMal ff
00:04:10FireMal es and wl
00:05:51Bollitsch rune top
00:05:56FireMal habibi up chick when you can ok
00:06:12SMEGMAPLEKK harass
00:06:30FireMal ss 8
00:06:33FireMal 1+1 ss
00:06:37SMEGMAPLEKK ss1
00:06:39SMEGMAPLEKK ----------
00:06:41SMEGMAPLEKK ----------------------
00:06:44Zkzk -ms
00:07:03Swagga my bad
00:07:12FireMal 1 less lonely girl
00:07:20Bollitsch omw
00:07:22Bollitsch bot
00:07:23SMEGMAPLEKK pls dont steal my farm
00:07:24Swagga ss bot
00:07:28FireMal k
00:07:30Swagga re
00:08:28AbdA ss mid
00:08:31FireMal lol
00:08:34Swagga gj
00:08:34FireMal omg
00:08:37Nickless same
00:08:40FireMal how can this bitch survie
00:08:58sandii ASD
00:09:07Nickless omw upo for gank
00:09:24FireMal don
00:09:24Swagga ss bot
00:09:30FireMal fucking block
00:09:42FireMal ali din æsel
00:09:42AliBaba hvad laver du her oppe ?
00:09:55AliBaba du god på den danske
00:09:56AliBaba s
00:09:57FireMal ganger for din røv din æsel
00:10:01AliBaba dit *
00:10:12FireMal hvad ?
00:10:34sandii lol
00:10:35sandii .
00:10:38SMEGMAPLEKK heaöl
00:10:41AbdA hp?
00:10:43sandii 3
00:10:44sandii :D
00:10:51FireMal ill give you creep
00:10:52FireMal free
00:10:54FireMal hp reg
00:11:03sandii omw top
00:11:14AbdA ss mid bs
00:11:46FireMal ss ,od
00:11:51FireMal mid ss
00:11:51Swagga ss bot
00:11:52AliBaba bs ? luna ?
00:11:54AliBaba me and ypu
00:11:54FireMal re
00:11:57SMEGMAPLEKK top
00:11:59Swagga wards
00:12:00SMEGMAPLEKK vbs
00:12:07Bollitsch ss top
00:12:14AbdA ss mid sk and bs
00:12:20acchilies bs top
00:12:26FireMal ss
00:12:41sandii kill top again
00:12:49AbdA care
00:12:51FireMal lol wl
00:12:57AbdA idiots plss
00:13:20AliBaba firemal
00:13:23AliBaba gang bot ?
00:13:25AbdA ss bs overall
00:13:28AliBaba kom
00:13:35FireMal k
00:13:41AliBaba idiot
00:13:48FireMal abda teyze vil snakke med dig
00:14:09Bollitsch ss much top
00:14:17Swagga b
00:14:49Nickless he got all the runes..
00:14:57Swagga y
00:15:02FireMal abda din tlf er slukket ?
00:15:06Swagga ward
00:15:20FireMal min fætter teyze vil snakke med dig
00:15:25FireMal tag din tlf
00:15:43Bollitsch ss
00:15:54Zkzk >!
00:16:35Swagga b
00:16:37Swagga b
00:16:37Swagga b
00:16:38Swagga b
00:16:38Swagga b
00:17:02sandii KOIIK
00:17:02SMEGMAPLEKK gjj
00:17:04AliBaba ugur
00:17:06AliBaba du stinker
00:17:35FireMal :D
00:17:38FireMal ali
00:17:39FireMal nice
00:17:51Zkzk ??
00:18:02Zkzk whitch one??
00:18:07FireMal the other ali :D
00:18:10AliBaba :D
00:18:11FireMal alibaba
00:18:11Zkzk :)
00:19:25SMEGMAPLEKK heal
00:19:43sandii b
00:19:47sandii or u die
00:20:13AliBaba omg
00:20:21Nickless u cheap bastard buy a tp
00:22:02Bollitsch no mana
00:22:14AliBaba lol
00:22:15Swagga go
00:23:02AliBaba mirana ... you suck.
00:23:05Bollitsch luna on eaglhorn...
00:23:08Zkzk :)
00:23:13Bollitsch with noob
00:23:19FireMal ali mirana is new
00:23:21AliBaba so ?
00:23:28Zkzk :\
00:23:33Swagga wards
00:23:36FireMal and your both arab
00:23:41AliBaba im kudish :d
00:23:47AliBaba dirty arab
00:23:49FireMal lol no your not haha
00:23:54sandii i didnt silence u?=
00:23:55sandii what
00:23:59sandii is this
00:24:00Swagga fast click
00:24:40sandii just losing x in these bronze games lol
00:25:14FireMal all top plz
00:25:43Nickless guys follow pls
00:26:07FireMal wisp you dirty arab come one
00:26:25Swagga lol
00:26:30FireMal lol
00:27:36Bollitsch this mira ^^
00:27:58AbdA lets get them raxx NOW
00:28:11FireMal top twr ?
00:28:27FireMal gather plz
00:28:29FireMal top b
00:28:30AliBaba care
00:28:40AliBaba b
00:28:53Swagga all top
00:28:53FireMal smoke gang
00:28:54AbdA all top
00:28:55FireMal come to me
00:29:01Swagga now
00:29:05acchilies comming...
00:29:09AbdA this is last push
00:29:16Swagga w8 es
00:29:22AbdA wait for necro
00:29:54AbdA thanks for shit necro
00:30:04AbdA WHY FARM?
00:30:06Nickless jesus
00:30:08Swagga we had to w8 on u
00:30:10AbdA so u can die?
00:30:12Swagga why u so slow
00:30:17Swagga wanna lose?
00:30:26acchilies i was coming from other side of the map...
00:30:38AbdA no u first finished your creeps then u came
00:30:45sandii there was a courrier :D
00:30:51Swagga have tp's on u always
00:31:01AbdA tp = Money
00:31:11Bollitsch omw mid
00:31:14FireMal b
00:31:17Swagga wards
00:31:30FireMal heal then smoke then gang then push
00:31:31Bollitsch mira two shoes
00:31:33Bollitsch so reported
00:31:35sandii b
00:31:39FireMal lol
00:31:47Bollitsch it your first game ?
00:31:47FireMal he is new and newbie
00:31:48Zkzk ??
00:31:57Swagga gj
00:31:59sandii pff lol
00:32:15Zkzk wts wrong>>
00:32:15Bollitsch u really need to doanload an AI-Dota train
00:32:17FireMal mirana why 2 shoes
00:32:22Bollitsch u bought 2 pair of shoes
00:32:27Bollitsch they doenst stick
00:32:28sandii :D
00:32:52Zkzk really?/
00:32:57Zkzk thx :)
00:32:59AbdA die for raxx
00:33:03Swagga rax
00:33:13Nickless b?
00:33:13Swagga top
00:33:21Swagga stay together
00:33:22Bollitsch was whisp ^^
00:33:26Bollitsch whisp cant heal
00:33:31Bollitsch sry guys
00:34:01Swagga b
00:34:33Zkzk mega now ??
00:34:38FireMal luna
00:34:39FireMal now
00:34:41Zkzk map hack ???
00:35:12AbdA he silenced me :(
00:35:35Bollitsch :-P wp me
00:36:05AbdA es?
00:36:06FireMal link
00:36:12Nickless y
00:36:14AbdA u really unlucky today :P
00:36:14Swagga check
00:36:15AliBaba hvorfor ?
00:36:18Nickless y...
00:36:21FireMal heal
00:36:21AbdA :P
00:36:22FireMal tard
00:36:25FireMal link heals
00:36:29Nickless will be better i hope :)
00:36:32Bollitsch u dare to talk
00:36:33AliBaba den healer ikke din bums
00:36:35Bollitsch so funny
00:36:35Swagga fast
00:36:37Bollitsch 0/7
00:36:45Bollitsch pick carry as 4rth pick
00:37:04AliBaba allways
00:37:10Swagga i take
00:37:34FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:40Nickless and not a single aegis was given that day
00:37:42Zkzk 1/8 :P
00:37:56Bollitsch another great game from firemal
00:38:05Bollitsch didnt think he is even worse than smeg
00:38:16Nickless :D
00:38:20Nickless SMEG is the icon of gc
00:38:21FireMal another great cock sucker wich loves to flame
00:38:24Bollitsch mira with 2 shoes
00:38:36FireMal play better stead of flaming would you ashole
00:38:57Nickless im not flaming im greeting that guy
00:38:58Bollitsch no he links...
00:39:11Bollitsch wp sandi
00:39:16Bollitsch rest was bullshitplayers as always
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