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Chat log

00:00:00DeMiaN [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 105 seconds.
00:00:17falloutNV -water red
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19yeW- fui
00:00:19yeW- furI
00:00:19yeW- who wants omni
00:00:19yeW- or ck
00:00:19yeW- speak up niggerz and now no tuskar in pool
00:00:19nigulas .. bullshit
00:00:19yeW- ^^
00:00:19yeW- stop whinin
00:00:19nigulas -am
00:00:19yeW- last time i saw geo was 1 week ago :d
00:00:19marsbar2k drizz
00:00:19yeW- omni anyone?
00:00:21yeW- t_t
00:00:27Smell.this.ass yy
00:00:29yeW- u?
00:00:30Smell.this.ass pick for me
00:00:30yeW- omni?
00:00:33Smell.this.ass y last game where u didint join in There was meepo btw. .)
00:00:42yeW- :(
00:00:45nigulas ck
00:00:46yeW- no1 picked
00:00:48yeW- i guess?
00:00:49yeW- -clear not even banned :D
00:00:53yeW- :d
00:00:56yeW- jeez
00:00:58yeW- srsly
00:00:59falloutNV first time play him :()
00:00:59yeW- play that hero
00:01:03Smell.this.ass what u want ?
00:01:07yeW- lich
00:01:12Smell.this.ass -swap 1
00:01:13yeW- one only needs some time
00:01:16yeW- but after a while
00:01:17falloutNV me nad huarong up
00:01:17yeW- imba shit
00:01:20yeW- -swap 2
00:01:29Smell.this.ass me tb bot magnus or storm?
00:01:38yeW- soul ring teal
00:01:42yeW- magnus
00:01:44KeLToS lanes
00:01:45yeW- since we have lich
00:01:45KeLToS nigu
00:01:46yeW- :D aye
00:01:51nigulas me veno bot
00:01:55nigulas or wait
00:01:55nigulas nvm
00:01:58nigulas veno go bot with iso
00:02:00nigulas ill mid
00:02:02nigulas but against lich
00:02:03nigulas so lame
00:02:05yeW- wards?
00:02:09nigulas pugna
00:02:11nigulas can u handle mid?
00:02:14DeMiaN magnus ?
00:02:15nigulas if u think u can
00:02:16nigulas u mid
00:02:19Isdronningen i dont think so
00:02:21nigulas kk
00:02:22nigulas ill mid
00:02:35DeMiaN magnus wtf items ?
00:02:35yeW- -ma
00:02:39HuaRong share
00:02:48yeW- i haz bootz
00:02:49yeW- B
00:02:49nigulas ill get no exp against lich
00:02:49yeW- O
00:02:49yeW- OO
00:02:50yeW- T
00:02:50yeW- S
00:02:52marsbar2k gelen varmi ?
00:02:53nigulas and he will just overlvl me by 2 lvls normal items.
00:03:12nigulas sharte
00:03:13DeMiaN no stats buffs ? for?
00:03:35HuaRong ss
00:05:03DeMiaN ty .a.sdf akdsjföalsdkf
00:05:16yeW- tt, You think with you ass?
00:05:24yeW- ss pudge
00:05:52nigulas omg
00:05:52nigulas sry
00:05:54nigulas ffs
00:05:56falloutNV np ;)
00:06:03nigulas now lich lvl 5 in a sec
00:06:05nigulas and im fucked
00:06:21yeW- ss pudge
00:06:22yeW- still
00:06:29nigulas FUCKING SHARE CHICK
00:06:30KeLToS ss
00:06:31nigulas u noob
00:06:38Isdronningen shut up
00:06:55HuaRong ss
00:06:56yeW- SS PUDGE
00:06:56nigulas ssmid
00:07:42yeW- ss puge
00:08:30nigulas well
00:08:32nigulas this is fucked
00:08:33nigulas im 4
00:08:34nigulas he is 7
00:08:44falloutNV ss2
00:09:25Smell.this.ass lich gang
00:09:47KeLToS ss omni wss ss
00:10:03KeLToS re
00:10:42nigulas 0 ganks mid
00:10:46nigulas but we have epic ganks hero
00:10:49nigulas s
00:10:53Smell.this.ass lich
00:10:55Smell.this.ass mind ganging ?
00:10:55yeW- yeye
00:10:57nigulas lich top
00:10:59falloutNV ss ss top nvm
00:11:25Smell.this.ass ss
00:11:43KeLToS happy?
00:11:46nigulas y
00:11:54KeLToS luich
00:12:05nigulas y
00:12:15nigulas lich coming top
00:12:17nigulas with regen
00:12:32nigulas can u read? *Suop nerds
00:12:36Isdronningen ss bot
00:12:42Isdronningen 1 re
00:12:45HuaRong i should take regen
00:13:55nigulas llich
00:13:56marsbar2k die newb
00:13:59Isdronningen lich is coming
00:14:15yeW- man
00:14:17yeW- omni
00:14:18yeW- WTF DUDE well actually strom is a fuckup lvl 6 not even*
00:14:51yeW- blah
00:14:53yeW- so much fail
00:14:56yeW- its annoyi It's lost :)
00:15:08Isdronningen care
00:15:36nigulas coming with invi
00:15:58yeW- b
00:16:13yeW- blah
00:16:15yeW- wars ftw ur lich arent u?
00:16:27yeW- i want my agha
00:16:29yeW- first
00:17:10Smell.this.ass b
00:18:21nigulas OMG
00:20:32HuaRong :D
00:20:40nigulas ck come
00:20:46falloutNV k
00:20:51nigulas wtf ward :D
00:21:01HuaRong best ward ever
00:21:04HuaRong :D
00:21:30falloutNV gank wood
00:21:44DeMiaN gang mb
00:21:56yeW- b
00:22:03nigulas doh
00:22:05nigulas no1 near
00:22:06nigulas :(
00:22:31nigulas np
00:22:33nigulas i can solokill him
00:22:36nigulas just need hook
00:23:09Isdronningen illu bot
00:23:19Isdronningen shall we go woods?
00:23:25falloutNV w8
00:23:33falloutNV mana pugna :)
00:23:38falloutNV mee
00:23:44yeW- b
00:23:47nigulas wtf
00:23:49Isdronningen cd
00:24:10yeW- i used
00:24:12yeW- to back u
00:24:13yeW- he was pulling
00:24:15Smell.this.ass dude
00:24:17Smell.this.ass give items
00:24:20nigulas y
00:24:51yeW- mid all
00:25:00yeW- swap?
00:25:05marsbar2k penis ?
00:25:06Isdronningen next twr
00:25:57nigulas my hooks
00:25:59nigulas are just
00:25:59nigulas WTF
00:26:00nigulas -ha
00:26:02nigulas -st
00:26:03nigulas 25 :D
00:26:05nigulas haha
00:26:18nigulas my shit game guys
00:26:20nigulas i apologize
00:26:31HuaRong play, its a game
00:26:33HuaRong :D
00:26:38nigulas i hate failing
00:26:40falloutNV nvm :)
00:26:40nigulas takes mood away
00:27:26yeW- come to me
00:27:32yeW- blah this tb
00:27:40yeW- farmin THEIR woods
00:27:41nigulas 5
00:27:53Isdronningen care
00:27:58nigulas warded
00:28:06marsbar2k kul kara
00:28:39nigulas wtf ist his gg
00:29:02yeW- lol
00:29:18HuaRong b
00:29:23yeW- sup magnus?
00:29:23yeW- ^^ mmmm
00:29:32nigulas ck go diffu
00:29:32Isdronningen we need hole team to do that There 1 saying
00:29:44HuaRong veno can
00:29:44yeW- hm? If you don't have anything better to say, then silence is golden So i go for silence
00:29:50yeW- i c
00:30:07yeW- guess i'd stfu as well after that move :p
00:30:15nigulas 5man rosh
00:30:16nigulas go
00:30:20yeW- swap lives Well
00:30:21yeW- with bkb i'd but it this way
00:30:23yeW- works right?
00:30:27nigulas ck takes
00:30:29nigulas then go push Atleast i tried
00:30:37yeW- well go rosh
00:30:43yeW- dagger in
00:30:44yeW- i ulti
00:30:47yeW- repel mag
00:30:54yeW- GO
00:31:31DeMiaN gj tb
00:31:32DeMiaN ...
00:31:35DeMiaN still not with us
00:31:38nigulas how did u all die?:D
00:31:40yeW- oh we killed 4
00:31:42yeW- not so bad rofl? :D
00:31:49yeW- ? ^^ how the hell 5 4
00:31:54yeW- no idea
00:31:55HuaRong rosh killed me
00:31:56yeW- my ulti
00:31:59yeW- did some shit
00:32:00HuaRong :D
00:32:00yeW- i guess
00:32:05DeMiaN yeah
00:32:07DeMiaN went on pudge
00:32:09DeMiaN then stopped
00:32:10DeMiaN i think
00:32:13yeW- uh?
00:32:16yeW- ye
00:32:16yeW- but thank god for that repel. :D
00:32:21yeW- on the illus n shit
00:32:34nigulas got pipe now
00:32:36yeW- go get that fag
00:32:49yeW- oh come on
00:32:52KeLToS kom
00:32:53KeLToS ta
00:32:54KeLToS rosh
00:33:14nigulas oom
00:33:14nigulas b
00:33:15KeLToS b
00:33:16KeLToS rosh
00:33:16KeLToS go
00:33:20KeLToS pudge go
00:33:32KeLToS very low
00:33:33KeLToS rosh
00:33:36yeW- gogo
00:33:38yeW- gogo
00:33:39DeMiaN yyyy
00:33:41yeW- hury
00:33:42yeW- gyrrryyy
00:33:43yeW- xaxa
00:33:49KeLToS who take
00:33:51nigulas ck
00:33:55yeW- jeez
00:34:09DeMiaN mag ult
00:34:09DeMiaN and same shit 'omfw
00:34:09falloutNV ]laggg
00:34:09falloutNV zzz
00:34:18yeW- TTT
00:34:26yeW- terrific shit
00:34:33DeMiaN why u went lich ...
00:34:37DeMiaN magnus no here
00:34:49nigulas the f ck
00:34:54yeW- bad move
00:34:54yeW- idd o fucking really
00:35:03yeW- :d
00:35:11DeMiaN gooo atleast we got tat aegis without very big casualties
00:35:35yeW- 2-2
00:35:48yeW- give dmg to tb Why i made crits?
00:36:03yeW- n urself
00:36:06KeLToS gather
00:36:26KeLToS come
00:36:27KeLToS 2 me
00:36:28KeLToS i smoke
00:36:31yeW- not me
00:36:32yeW- mag
00:37:03yeW- CK
00:37:04yeW- CK
00:37:20yeW- b that fucking aghna on pugna
00:37:52yeW- that pipe
00:37:54yeW- fucked it up
00:37:58DeMiaN ck almost dead
00:38:04yeW- he died
00:38:05DeMiaN rambo ? y
00:38:18nigulas b
00:38:42yeW- lmao ret ulti wttttfff. :D
00:38:56KeLToS Press ^^ for liking my ulti
00:39:05DeMiaN ^^
00:39:12yeW- quite the kalb
00:39:13yeW- u are
00:39:14yeW- mate all ran to base with like 40-50 hp :D
00:39:29KeLToS KUL KARA
00:39:31KeLToS like dis?
00:39:39nigulas WTF
00:39:42Isdronningen sry
00:39:50KeLToS abandon mid
00:39:52nigulas base
00:40:17yeW- go
00:40:59HuaRong I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] can u leave me some bot+ should i go for mom? i mean once i ulti im fucked
00:41:54yeW- ye xD A positive person aint i? :D
00:42:20yeW- seen worse :D
00:42:27yeW- jonnija - king of the pessimism oh yeah that guy is master
00:42:48yeW- -ma
00:42:51yeW- yew wardin perma
00:42:54yeW- this is unheard of
00:43:07Isdronningen dd
00:43:16yeW- go :D muhahaha the fuu guys?
00:43:40yeW- oops :p
00:43:43yeW- the fuck that ultu? how the fuck did u just lose that?
00:43:46yeW- u got only one I went for nessaj obv and i got 2 btw we got em all low lich and then rest fucked up
00:44:20yeW- well
00:44:22yeW- as usually
00:44:36yeW- blah
00:44:40yeW- STORM
00:44:40yeW- GO
00:44:43KeLToS no chick?
00:44:44nigulas b
00:45:00Isdronningen b
00:45:03nigulas np
00:45:05nigulas got buyout
00:45:10DeMiaN rosh
00:45:11DeMiaN rosh
00:45:13KeLToS fast roh
00:45:18nigulas b
00:45:19yeW- go then
00:45:20nigulas they come
00:45:20nigulas B
00:45:21falloutNV b
00:45:21nigulas B
00:45:21falloutNV b
00:45:21falloutNV b
00:45:21nigulas B
00:45:48yeW- b
00:45:49yeW- tb
00:45:57nigulas ck WTF
00:46:02nigulas u guys
00:46:04nigulas are just
00:46:04nigulas WTF Dont make it too easy boys
00:46:40yeW- k
00:46:41yeW- gather mid
00:46:42yeW- lads
00:46:42yeW- n go
00:46:45KeLToS omni needs 2 die first
00:46:46yeW- b
00:46:47yeW- now
00:46:47yeW- jeez
00:47:03yeW- JESUS
00:47:04yeW- FUCKING
00:47:31nigulas ck get blademail
00:47:43yeW- al to me
00:47:46Smell.this.ass sec
00:47:46Smell.this.ass shop
00:48:01yeW- hurry
00:48:03yeW- ur nigger ass
00:48:19nigulas -st
00:48:39yeW- k whatever
00:48:42KeLToS b
00:49:00nigulas k
00:49:04KeLToS hvad laver du ck
00:49:08yeW- mid throne
00:49:15KeLToS han har jo dd
00:49:32HuaRong I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] wp guys
00:49:33nigulas wtf
00:49:34nigulas u doing? at some point i thought we are losing
00:49:49nigulas u guys want to lose on purpose it seems
00:50:08KeLToS no dmg dealer
00:50:15nigulas ck
00:50:19KeLToS i say it again
00:50:20nigulas but 0 farm
00:50:21KeLToS no dmg dealer Gg
00:51:15marsbar2k DONT END
00:51:17marsbar2k LET ME GET ITEM
00:51:18KeLToS gg
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