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97% | 1701 X | 1565 TS

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92% | 1579 X | 1521 TS

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67% | 1305 X | 1388 TS

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67% | 1287 X | 1402 TS

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59% | 1240 X | 1375 TS

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95% | 1736 X | 1480 TS

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88% | 1565 X | 1457 TS

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82% | 1497 X | 1400 TS

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-2 TS

69% | 1288 X | 1430 TS

-53 X
-1 TS

52% | 1183 X | 1352 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Netukka tide krobe
00:00:06Netukka morph
00:00:06P3PSI panda tinker naga
00:00:09PeterLars am lina leg
00:00:20yeW- heroezzzz?
00:00:20PeterLars anyone am?
00:00:22Soulyah sf
00:00:24Soulyah xd
00:00:25Soulyah xD
00:00:25yeW- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
00:00:26Netukka nah :/
00:00:27Netukka boring
00:00:28Netukka hero
00:00:29Soulyah give him meepo
00:00:30Soulyah if someone has
00:00:31PeterLars veryu
00:00:32yeW- :D
00:00:40PeterLars abuk kalb wlock
00:00:44Soulyah fucking annoyng travel pusher
00:00:55Affliction SP Sladar Nerub
00:00:58Lynge doom
00:00:59Lynge go vot
00:01:00Lynge bot
00:01:03Lynge dook
00:01:04yeW- u wish mate
00:01:05Lynge Doom
00:01:05PeterLars who had wl
00:01:06yeW- -clear me
00:01:16svents omfg
00:01:17PeterLars u want am or lina or leg?
00:01:18Lynge Soulyah me and lafrenz top plz ? ...
00:01:19svents what heroes i have
00:01:20Lynge We are on lan ... leg
00:01:23Lynge -swap
00:01:24Lynge -swap 3
00:01:24PeterLars noo
00:01:24yeW- im pink XDD
00:01:25Soulyah im not capt:DD
00:01:26yeW- -clear
00:01:26Lynge -clear
00:01:28yeW- XDDDDD
00:01:30Lafrenzz -swap
00:01:31PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:32Lafrenzz -swap 3
00:01:33Lynge lol .... -swap 2
00:01:34Lynge epic
00:01:34yeW- besides we will lose aniway
00:01:38Lafrenzz -swap im quite sure of it
00:01:39Lynge -swap 3 :D
00:01:40Lafrenzz -swap 4
00:01:41yeW- since ur laning
00:01:43yeW- u dont need to be top
00:01:44Soulyah v6ta midagi head
00:01:46yeW- i need to farm
00:01:46Soulyah svents
00:01:49yeW- n i need wolf
00:01:51yeW- -clear
00:01:54svents mul ongi imbad herod
00:01:54yeW- -ma
00:01:58Lynge -clear
00:02:01Soulyah nice
00:02:13P3PSI go fb bot ?
00:02:15yeW- fuckin insane
00:02:15P3PSI try
00:02:19yeW- insanely
00:02:21yeW- outpicked :D
00:02:27yeW- pull
00:02:30svents we are?:D
00:02:34Lynge yea ...
00:02:47Lynge ss bot
00:02:53svents np i will carry this
00:02:56yeW- i bet!
00:03:24yeW- tought shit here
00:03:26yeW- tough
00:03:41svents i wont pull then more
00:03:42Soulyah xD
00:03:45Netukka efu
00:03:56yeW- nono
00:03:59yeW- keep pullin
00:04:49Soulyah share
00:04:50Soulyah siva
00:05:43Netukka ss
00:05:44Netukka mid
00:05:48P3PSI ss bot
00:06:12Soulyah :D:D:D
00:06:13Soulyah hahaha
00:06:14Soulyah gg pc
00:06:15Lafrenzz ss
00:06:27Netukka ss
00:06:28Netukka agian
00:06:34Netukka care top
00:06:48Netukka ss
00:07:23Lafrenzz ss
00:07:47P3PSI ss bot
00:08:04Soulyah ss
00:08:08yeW- up courier sventzzz
00:08:16Netukka midss
00:08:17Netukka care
00:08:17Netukka top
00:08:18Netukka incoming
00:08:25Soulyah tapame
00:08:31svents ok
00:08:35Soulyah n2hti
00:08:42Soulyah tavao
00:08:43Soulyah nyyd
00:09:21Lynge got PWned mid since u go top ?
00:09:32yeW- a
00:09:34P3PSI ss bot
00:09:34yeW- ffs
00:10:27Netukka ss no dmg boost because of u :)
00:10:28Netukka qop :/*
00:10:49Affliction <3
00:11:00Soulyah misscalculated
00:11:40Soulyah ss
00:12:03Lafrenzz hows your start sf ?
00:12:06yeW- ulti
00:12:22Lynge ss 2
00:12:40Soulyah :D
00:12:45svents rofl
00:12:47Affliction :;D
00:12:49yeW- jesus christ
00:12:50Affliction sry
00:12:50Affliction :/
00:12:57Lynge noob Jub alähen Rahune
00:13:20Soulyah kinda blind
00:13:21Soulyah need wards D
00:13:26Soulyah :D
00:13:46svents ofc
00:13:49svents nice luck dide
00:13:50yeW- blah
00:13:51svents dude
00:13:56P3PSI need help bot
00:13:56PeterLars STFU :D
00:13:57Affliction BLAH BLAH
00:13:58svents 1 hit and bash wtf coming for tiny
00:14:07svents PETER U CUNT DONT TALK
00:14:15svents U CAN SUCK MY COCK
00:14:19yeW- intense :D
00:14:20Affliction if i could control the bash i would do it all the time
00:14:28Soulyah :D
00:14:32Netukka ss
00:14:33Netukka mid sec uhm no we cant really
00:15:27Soulyah mid 2
00:15:27Soulyah ..
00:15:33Soulyah they dive i die
00:15:41PeterLars go
00:15:44svents yeah nice tiny or we can
00:15:55svents u fcking waste ur stun and toss to get creepkills :DDD
00:15:57svents so fcking nice
00:15:58P3PSI :D
00:15:58Lynge su u tard
00:16:01Lynge so bob
00:16:04Lynge su
00:16:10P3PSI item should i get ?
00:16:12Lynge u fail top so u come bot .. just fucking leave bo
00:16:13Lynge b agha
00:16:14svents ur lowbob dont talk shit as always
00:16:22P3PSI roger
00:16:25Lynge higher % than u so su loW
00:16:26Lynge bob care at bot
00:16:29svents haha
00:17:20svents putsi
00:17:22svents vittu
00:17:29Lynge lich
00:17:33Lynge Get Wards u pussy
00:17:34svents tra see legion on nii vittus hero
00:17:38yeW- blah
00:17:41svents cunt quiet
00:19:04Lafrenzz doom panda
00:19:06yeW- b
00:19:07yeW- ?
00:19:45Affliction BEAST !
00:19:46svents no tra mine munni oma legioniga
00:19:51svents vittu ma vihkan seda herot
00:19:55svents selline piider ma ka whops
00:21:43Soulyah kill bot?
00:21:45Soulyah with doom
00:21:46Soulyah or
00:21:51yeW- ye go
00:22:01Lynge lich
00:22:02Lynge WARDS
00:22:07svents nope
00:22:08Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:22:09Affliction -ii
00:22:10Affliction -don
00:22:14Lynge tard
00:22:15svents there are no wards for u
00:22:19PeterLars kalb
00:22:19Lynge fucking bob
00:22:32svents 1 6 tiny talking ...
00:22:37Lynge pro gear 20 min
00:22:47Soulyah tle
00:22:49Lynge 0-7 lich ?
00:22:55Soulyah a tal lothar
00:22:56Lynge just su and buy chick u bitch
00:22:57Soulyah baiti
00:23:03Soulyah mine
00:23:18Soulyah :D
00:23:31PeterLars ur qop feeed
00:23:32Soulyah hp lock?
00:23:34Soulyah did anything hit
00:23:35PeterLars 500
00:23:36Soulyah ?
00:23:38Soulyah aww
00:23:42Lafrenzz nah starting to buy wards now
00:23:45Lafrenzz since team is retarded Täiesti vigane hero :D
00:23:51Lynge pro lich dosnt Want tio
00:24:23Netukka regen
00:24:27P3PSI lemme =
00:24:27P3PSI ?
00:24:41Soulyah wtf?
00:24:44Soulyah 72 bonus dmg? k takeing 2 is banreq
00:24:55Soulyah isnt that abit much?
00:24:58Soulyah wasnt it 64?
00:25:45Lafrenzz lost game
00:25:47Lafrenzz 100 %
00:25:52Lafrenzz btw
00:25:55Lafrenzz they have a morph u know
00:26:00yeW- -ma :DD Woooorth it
00:26:20Soulyah no ma ei tea
00:26:22Soulyah mine putsi mortredi pela eest oli see
00:26:28yeW- lol
00:26:31Lynge gj
00:26:34Lynge take from carrys
00:26:44svents ty insta deso or hot?
00:26:54yeW- why urn?
00:26:57yeW- just make meka agha
00:27:04P3PSI ward planetd
00:27:04svents urn is also good
00:27:06Lynge Who
00:27:11yeW- lich xD
00:27:35yeW- bad way
00:27:38yeW- qop :d nettu larrss, deso or hot?
00:27:41Lafrenzz well
00:27:42Lafrenzz rly
00:27:48Lafrenzz lich u motherfucker
00:27:53Lafrenzz u buy wards and counters aswell
00:27:55Lafrenzz got it bitch
00:27:56Netukka i dunno
00:27:59Lafrenzz u are svents
00:27:59Netukka make something useful
00:28:02Lafrenzz know your rule motherfucker
00:28:03Lynge drøm videre both are useful?
00:28:11Affliction take
00:28:11svents not
00:28:13svents mofo
00:28:15P3PSI dd
00:28:17Lafrenzz u destroyed my game
00:28:19svents _:;DDDD
00:28:23Lafrenzz by making me support with a QoP
00:28:28svents idc
00:28:32Lafrenzz ok cunt
00:28:32svents go fck urself
00:28:42Lafrenzz I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:42Lynge u are so tard lich
00:28:55svents better than u =)
00:29:04yeW- zz?
00:29:12Netukka hihi
00:29:16Netukka they wont find me here
00:29:33Lynge yeah
00:29:35Lynge run doom
00:29:37Lynge With 2k hp
00:29:38yeW- LOL
00:29:39Lynge fucking nap
00:29:44yeW- fiht 4v5?
00:29:47Lynge 4v4
00:29:53Lynge Warlock Wasnt there
00:29:55yeW- panda ultied
00:30:01Lynge fuck panda
00:30:27yeW- jeez i clicked on nuke
00:30:30yeW- the fuck happnd
00:30:56Lafrenzz ff it
00:30:58Lafrenzz so lost oom soz
00:31:30Lafrenzz ...
00:31:31Lafrenzz ff it
00:31:33Lafrenzz srlsy
00:31:45Lynge top
00:31:46Lynge all
00:31:46Lynge come
00:32:14Soulyah fucking illubash
00:32:54Soulyah yea well
00:32:55svents come out u fcking fag
00:32:56Soulyah its late
00:32:56Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:00PeterLars ^^
00:33:01svents u scared pussy
00:33:01Lafrenzz lol Saan aru küll miks seda herot tahetakse koguaeg
00:33:04Lafrenzz not late yet Täiesti vigane värdjas
00:33:09Lafrenzz 20 min more
00:33:09Affliction puple you make =
00:33:11Soulyah time to go to bed
00:33:12Lafrenzz = NO CHANCE
00:33:12svents see on debiilne see duel hot
00:33:18yeW- -ma
00:33:19svents mingi 6 seci sittagi ei saa teha Kõik selle hero puhul on debiilne
00:33:27Affliction i make deso then' sure ill make basher after this
00:33:39Affliction -21 armor hurts so i can be usefull without my ulti also
00:33:47P3PSI next item ?? u can go for dagger panda
00:33:58P3PSI roger
00:34:20PeterLars go
00:35:42svents I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:46Lynge Doom / sf
00:35:49svents panda ja legion gg
00:35:52Lynge having a fun solo game?
00:35:56Soulyah what could i have done atm
00:35:58PeterLars ur doom is good
00:35:59PeterLars hahaha
00:36:44Soulyah ret hero suö
00:36:54Affliction bottlke
00:36:56Affliction bottle
00:37:17Soulyah :D:D :D
00:37:21yeW- oh tt lets finish pls so there might be new game also this night
00:38:12svents fck off cunt Ära vehi muidu panen kasti
00:38:54Soulyah 3k elusi
00:38:56Soulyah + see spell :P
00:38:57Soulyah gg
00:38:59svents :DDD ;:D
00:39:54Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:58Lafrenzz commander hero
00:40:03Lafrenzz FUCKING OP ayue And if u get a feeding start also imba
00:40:35yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:38svents I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:50P3PSI tyty
00:40:55Soulyah oehh
00:41:04Soulyah panin nii tuimalt raze mööda
00:41:06Soulyah ise ka ei usu :D
00:41:11Lynge I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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