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-35 X
+3 TS

97% | 1701 X | 1588 TS

-17 X
+8 TS

55% | 1350 X | 1213 TS

+37 X
+61 TS

NEW | 1035 X | 1072 TS

+37 X
+10 TS

5% | 942 X | 1076 TS

-31 X
+42 TS

NEW | 962 X | 934 TS

+11 X
-4 TS

36% | 1076 X | 1295 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

30% | 1027 X | 1290 TS

+12 X
-16 TS

NEW | 1050 X | 1199 TS

+24 X
-1 TS

15% | 926 X | 1233 TS

+9 X
-10 TS

13% | 999 X | 1129 TS

Chat log

00:00:10SaloiG lycan
00:00:15AliBaba GG !:..
00:00:15maardal firemal
00:00:15AliBaba ff at 25
00:00:15maardal say my name
00:00:15FireMal ff
00:00:15Acid8000 wtf im PINK!?
00:00:15maardal firemal
00:00:15FireMal lich and huskar nice combo
00:00:15maardal say
00:00:15maardal my real name
00:00:15Acid8000 ff
00:00:15AliBaba :D
00:00:15Acid8000 36 % pink
00:00:17AliBaba its so unfair ..
00:00:19FireMal dude your apos cuc
00:00:19Acid8000 wl
00:00:19maardal huhu
00:00:19Acid8000 warlock
00:00:19SaloiG choose ur ban
00:00:19Acid8000 warlock
00:00:19VVind0Wz lol
00:00:19VVind0Wz ban am
00:00:19FireMal your name is haci fra kutuka
00:00:19VVind0Wz change it to am
00:00:19maardal no
00:00:19VVind0Wz fast
00:00:19maardal stop calling me
00:00:19Acid8000 is this a joke
00:00:21Acid8000 =.
00:00:24VVind0Wz pink ban am
00:00:27VVind0Wz omg
00:00:28AliBaba y
00:00:31AliBaba omfg
00:00:35AliBaba go am
00:00:39FireMal wl not banned
00:00:39VVind0Wz pick me am
00:00:39Acid8000 this is a joke?
00:00:48VVind0Wz Acid m8 pick me am :)
00:00:48Acid8000 get me tc plz
00:00:55VVind0Wz ok i will
00:00:57FireMal i whant lich
00:01:06FireMal ali kan du spille lich
00:01:09FireMal eller sven
00:01:14AliBaba hvorfor ? :)
00:01:20VVind0Wz -swap 1
00:01:21FireMal jeg tager veno
00:01:23AliBaba n ej !
00:01:24Acid8000 -swap 3
00:01:28AliBaba lad nu vær ugur
00:01:29FireMal plz lastpick go sven
00:01:31AliBaba forhelvede !..
00:01:32Acid8000 i cant even believe im capt
00:01:36AliBaba :D
00:01:42Erdiller sven and lina
00:01:43FireMal lanes
00:01:44Erdiller gg
00:01:46Acid8000 i just had the worst game too...
00:01:47Acid8000 lol
00:01:49FireMal tuskar come bot
00:01:52catfire2222 -clear
00:01:53SaloiG no we are lan
00:01:55SaloiG me + lina
00:02:00SaloiG u can go mid
00:02:01Erdiller ...
00:02:02AliBaba ja okay..
00:02:03Erdiller kk
00:02:04AliBaba mig og dig :D
00:02:05AliBaba gogo
00:02:10AliBaba own :D
00:02:15AliBaba share
00:02:23VVind0Wz whose mid?
00:02:24Acid8000 lich mid vs blue :D
00:02:30Acid8000 i guess i will
00:02:33Erdiller no chcck ??
00:02:35Erdiller chick ?
00:02:36AliBaba share the chick
00:02:36FireMal let me
00:02:40Erdiller dude
00:02:41Erdiller ...
00:02:44FireMal me mid ?
00:02:49VVind0Wz no tc mid
00:02:53Acid8000 you think you can mid vs a 90%
00:02:57FireMal y
00:03:00FireMal ofc i can
00:03:02Acid8000 okay have fun
00:03:06AliBaba no
00:03:08AliBaba omg
00:03:10AliBaba let me then !
00:03:12Acid8000 lol
00:03:13AliBaba fuck nej ik
00:03:14AliBaba dig
00:03:14FireMal i ve been mid vs 100%
00:03:16Erdiller mate buy chick asap pls
00:03:17n3poMuK reg
00:03:18AliBaba omg
00:03:18AliBaba gg
00:03:24FireMal nice ward
00:03:27catfire2222 fuck off
00:03:28catfire2222 dude
00:03:30catfire2222 srsly
00:03:32catfire2222 shut the fuck up
00:03:38catfire2222 nuy it urself
00:03:43catfire2222 instead of stupid wuelling balde
00:03:49Acid8000 this lane is gonna be gay
00:03:59AliBaba ugur..
00:04:01AliBaba lad mig mid..
00:04:06AliBaba vi kan intet her ..
00:04:44Acid8000 throw ice
00:05:10AliBaba omg
00:05:13AliBaba late stun..
00:05:14AliBaba ffs
00:05:18AliBaba ? :D
00:05:25Acid8000 sry
00:05:39FireMal laag
00:06:06Acid8000 gj
00:06:12FireMal fucking laag
00:06:20Acid8000 mid is losing
00:06:22Acid8000 lol
00:06:25VVind0Wz let me farm
00:06:32AliBaba ugur lad vær med at kom med dårlig undskyldning.
00:06:59Acid8000 sry ran out of mana
00:07:17FireMal ss
00:07:24FireMal re
00:07:31Acid8000 oom
00:07:39maardal SORRY DA MATS
00:07:43Acid8000 ty
00:08:42FireMal ss
00:08:52Erdiller ss mid
00:08:57FireMal re
00:09:36Acid8000 how ga
00:09:36AliBaba epic game..
00:09:38Acid8000 y
00:09:51AliBaba ugurt
00:09:53AliBaba forhelvede
00:09:58Acid8000 b
00:10:10FireMal lol
00:10:33n3poMuK ss?
00:10:50Erdiller still ss
00:10:57FireMal care
00:11:04Erdiller care
00:11:22catfire2222 tuskarr ime munaa
00:11:37SaloiG tp cd
00:11:44maardal even
00:11:46maardal din feil
00:11:47QuiNN y
00:11:48maardal sattan
00:11:48QuiNN nei
00:11:49QuiNN ?
00:11:51QuiNN din feil
00:11:52FireMal fucking laag
00:11:53QuiNN du goa ikkje
00:12:08FireMal ss mid
00:12:26Acid8000 oom
00:12:53FireMal where is rune
00:12:58AliBaba ugur..
00:12:59FireMal ward
00:13:00AliBaba plug lige hurtigt
00:13:02AliBaba ¨
00:13:06FireMal stfu
00:13:14FireMal go
00:13:38FireMal b
00:13:52FireMal wp
00:14:00maardal wtf sven u must go
00:14:01n3poMuK -afk
00:14:07FireMal -afk
00:14:32FireMal stun
00:15:02FireMal tir buxa
00:15:23FireMal ali plz få lvl
00:15:30FireMal har brug for din ulti
00:16:00VVind0Wz mana boots :(
00:16:18AliBaba ugur..
00:16:20VVind0Wz lich go bot
00:16:20AliBaba please..
00:16:24FireMal hvad
00:16:29AliBaba ik skriv mere.
00:16:34AliBaba du ikke cap..
00:16:34FireMal lol
00:16:36AliBaba spil dit spil..
00:16:44AliBaba og lad os andre slippe for dig
00:16:58FireMal 3 mid
00:18:09AliBaba pussy team..
00:18:13FireMal y
00:18:36FireMal lol
00:18:40Acid8000 LOL
00:18:47maardal what is smart to go with DK ?
00:18:52FireMal magina with 0-4
00:18:57AliBaba ugur
00:18:58FireMal vg
00:19:01AliBaba hold nu fucking kæft
00:19:03maardal what is vhg ?
00:19:04maardal vg
00:19:07maardal what is vg
00:19:12FireMal vagina
00:19:16SaloiG verdens gang
00:19:16Acid8000 get a healing boots
00:19:18maardal what is that?
00:19:26FireMal something youll never get
00:19:34catfire2222 wow
00:19:47Acid8000 why am i capt
00:20:23maardal EVEN
00:20:38FireMal lol i owns
00:20:51maardal no
00:21:07FireMal can our team plz gather and do something clever
00:21:32Acid8000 20 hp yayayaya
00:22:19Erdiller fu
00:23:13maardal ty
00:23:34FireMal lich wards plz
00:23:46n3poMuK ....
00:23:47n3poMuK nc
00:24:58FireMal fuck holes
00:25:15n3poMuK ff
00:25:16FireMal aptil shuf bunden
00:25:20maardal U SUCK VENOM
00:25:31FireMal se man magina kommer ikke
00:25:49AliBaba hold kæft ugur .. virkelig..
00:25:50QuiNN jævla ræva dk
00:25:55QuiNN suger så jævli heste kuk
00:25:56FireMal sut
00:26:02maardal vet ass
00:26:03SaloiG hestekuk
00:26:10AliBaba virkelig... får nok af hvad du skriver..
00:26:11FireMal jeg knepper din fita
00:26:17maardal alibaba
00:26:19maardal hold
00:26:22maardal kjeft
00:26:28AliBaba :)
00:27:55AliBaba you think we can win this ?
00:27:58AliBaba or ff ?
00:28:00VVind0Wz guys keep going we can win this
00:28:18SaloiG go 5
00:28:19Acid8000 ill be so amazed if we win lol
00:28:31Acid8000 i didnt ever want to be capt at 36 %
00:28:41FireMal ill bet youll be amazed if you se my cock to
00:28:47Acid8000 no
00:28:51VVind0Wz '
00:28:57FireMal oh
00:28:58VVind0Wz alibaba u are really a tard
00:28:58Acid8000 id be dissapointe
00:29:04SaloiG 5
00:29:05AliBaba :)
00:29:08VVind0Wz stealing farm from am
00:29:21AliBaba i really dont care.
00:29:31FireMal focus me bitches
00:29:33VVind0Wz then go lick u self
00:30:21VVind0Wz come on guys
00:31:03Acid8000 gjgjgjgj
00:31:07Acid8000 pushhhhhh
00:31:43Acid8000 they bck in 5 sec
00:33:52Erdiller let's end
00:34:12maardal thx
00:34:15VVind0Wz veno dobbel boots?
00:34:29n3poMuK loool
00:34:30FireMal v
00:34:31FireMal b
00:34:31n3poMuK idiots
00:34:32FireMal def
00:34:34n3poMuK who used me
00:34:46Acid8000 ?????
00:34:53n3poMuK someone wasted my ulti
00:34:57Acid8000 i didnt
00:35:59FireMal it wasnt me
00:36:05FireMal so plz share again
00:36:12n3poMuK nope
00:36:14FireMal i was busy controling my own hero
00:36:22n3poMuK 2nd time that someone used my spells
00:36:25FireMal ok ban rekuest then
00:36:36n3poMuK last time it was tusk
00:36:38FireMal not me dude swear share with me
00:36:47AliBaba me ?
00:36:50maardal even
00:36:50maardal du
00:36:51AliBaba lol
00:36:51maardal daua
00:36:52maardal heile
00:36:53maardal tida
00:36:57QuiNN sorry
00:37:04maardal du har faen ikkje brae triks du heler
00:37:08n3poMuK the guy who did just have to say and alle others get share
00:37:25maardal VENOM
00:37:27maardal U SUCK
00:37:53FireMal fuck this team is just ass
00:38:05maardal ja
00:38:06maardal da
00:38:25FireMal am 35 min farm where is sny butterfly ???
00:38:41VVind0Wz focus lina
00:38:49Erdiller np
00:39:34FireMal ff team is pussy just run away
00:39:38QuiNN yep
00:39:50maardal u suck so bad
00:39:51catfire2222 im gay
00:39:59FireMal we now cat
00:40:05catfire2222 know?
00:40:07catfire2222 or now?
00:40:12FireMal haha know
00:40:14n3poMuK pussycat
00:40:17catfire2222 Cool
00:40:19catfire2222 ye me puzzy
00:42:20AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:24FireMal lich give control ill give you 1 kill
00:42:30VVind0Wz dont give up we can still win
00:42:39FireMal ok how no chick
00:42:52FireMal who controled lich hero
00:42:55VVind0Wz what the problem ?
00:42:57FireMal plz admit it
00:42:59Acid8000 i didnt i was shopping
00:43:07AliBaba i dont have control :)
00:43:08FireMal maybe he missclicked noobs
00:43:15n3poMuK :D
00:43:17n3poMuK y ofc
00:43:23n3poMuK and holding another hotkey
00:44:34Acid8000 fight
00:44:48Acid8000 omg am
00:44:50Acid8000 why
00:45:02Acid8000 ;lol
00:45:05QuiNN haahahahah
00:45:09FireMal lol
00:45:09Acid8000 you should have fought
00:45:12Acid8000 id be alive
00:45:13catfire2222 lol
00:45:14QuiNN what a dk
00:45:19SaloiG vi taper
00:45:19Acid8000 :D
00:46:13SaloiG push out
00:46:18catfire2222 kk
00:47:33Acid8000 fight uphill
00:47:43VVind0Wz alll def
00:47:50VVind0Wz b
00:48:18Erdiller ..
00:48:31VVind0Wz go go veno
00:49:51maardal jeopå
00:49:53VVind0Wz we have to push mid
00:49:57Acid8000 yes
00:50:00maardal 58/4 i farm
00:50:05VVind0Wz and we need aoe items
00:50:05FireMal tell it to your self
00:50:11catfire2222 det er bra :)
00:50:11VVind0Wz ac forexample
00:50:14maardal thx
00:50:15catfire2222 -hhn
00:50:16catfire2222 -clear
00:50:18maardal !hhn
00:50:21FireMal great get it
00:50:22maardal -clear
00:50:30VVind0Wz and alibaba u dirty arab dont snow ball me in again
00:50:42AliBaba :)
00:50:45VVind0Wz one push top and one put 3 mid
00:50:45FireMal haha
00:51:04VVind0Wz its enough
00:51:09VVind0Wz gank
00:51:35AliBaba ?
00:51:35VVind0Wz noo
00:51:41VVind0Wz gank mid
00:51:55FireMal lol
00:52:03VVind0Wz go go mid
00:52:09Erdiller we loose soon
00:52:23FireMal there is this song about alibaba and his farm
00:52:28FireMal in turkish
00:52:37catfire2222 push
00:52:39FireMal lich plz share
00:52:39VVind0Wz i got tp
00:52:46FireMal i need the fucking chick dude
00:53:34FireMal bye bye bot
00:53:39Acid8000 ae5t6agb
00:54:32maardal battle
00:56:04FireMal stay top
00:56:39n3poMuK I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:57:25Acid8000 gg
00:57:26Acid8000 lol
00:57:29FireMal dont let them win
00:57:32Acid8000 why im capt ill never know
00:57:35FireMal couze they will get minus x
00:57:49Acid8000 36%
00:58:10FireMal outrages unfair teams
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