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Chat log

00:00:07Vaj.CO -rd
00:00:16Vaj.CO do u want something?
00:00:16AliBaba hm..
00:00:16Vaj.CO wl lich sk?
00:00:16mansikka pick gondar
00:00:16mansikka for me
00:00:16Orre gondar
00:00:16Orre nvm
00:00:16Vaj.CO ..
00:00:16svents go go ban
00:00:16Vaj.CO i think ur capt starts
00:00:16Gevomancer laf go ban
00:00:16Bct_Murder he sleep
00:00:16Bct_Murder ;/
00:00:16Gevomancer prop. or pick it
00:00:16Lafrenzz XIN
00:00:16emoder -xin
00:00:16Orre is xin from asia?
00:00:16Lafrenzz xin banned
00:00:16Orre from asia?
00:00:16Gevomancer cool story
00:00:16Vaj.CO aa
00:00:23Vaj.CO XIN AA BANNED
00:00:29Bct_Murder omg
00:00:31Bct_Murder .............
00:00:32Lafrenzz omg what
00:00:36emoder prophhhhhhhhhhh
00:00:38Bct_Murder dont pick furi
00:00:39Bct_Murder fail
00:00:40Bct_Murder fail
00:01:01Orre pick gondar now
00:01:06Orre for riki
00:01:10AliBaba and sk?
00:01:13Orre yes
00:01:15emoder ill go mid
00:01:28Gevomancer wait sk
00:01:34Gevomancer mby ranged top
00:01:37Orre ill pick gondar then
00:01:42Gevomancer lich come top
00:01:43Vaj.CO :D
00:01:43AliBaba y
00:01:43mansikka pls dont
00:01:45AliBaba gogo
00:01:47AliBaba why not ?
00:01:51Vaj.CO get lion
00:01:51Orre for sk and riki
00:01:55Gevomancer and dazzle down
00:01:56emoder im top
00:01:56Vaj.CO i get gem
00:01:57Vaj.CO ...
00:01:59AliBaba k
00:02:01AliBaba get lion.
00:02:04Orre nope
00:02:05Vaj.CO or wl
00:02:07Vaj.CO omg
00:02:09AliBaba wl..
00:02:10mansikka lina
00:02:12Bct_Murder no you down
00:02:15AliBaba omg
00:02:17mansikka :d
00:02:17Vaj.CO u will sux
00:02:18AliBaba no carry
00:02:29mansikka no carry ? :D
00:02:30Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:31Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Lich [v,f,d,c]
00:02:39Vaj.CO i m gonna carry it
00:02:53Vaj.CO just dont feed riki
00:03:03AliBaba go support gondar :b
00:03:07Vaj.CO at 2 gang bot
00:03:36mansikka pull pls
00:05:51rtg800 nice
00:05:52emoder lol
00:06:06Vaj.CO ss
00:06:14Lafrenzz laggin as hell
00:06:20Lafrenzz pause
00:06:25emoder nice everyone is sucking
00:06:25Gevomancer lich
00:06:25Vaj.CO how long?
00:06:25Gevomancer if you are at lane, let me farm
00:06:25Lafrenzz 10 sek
00:06:25Gevomancer and eat our creeps plz
00:06:25Lafrenzz re in 321
00:07:50Bct_Murder next time
00:07:52Bct_Murder use smoke riki
00:07:55rtg800 k
00:08:23svents dazzle
00:08:26svents get poison
00:08:40emoder on it
00:08:42Lafrenzz ss
00:08:51mansikka kill
00:08:57Lafrenzz ss
00:09:02Gevomancer go pull
00:09:19svents gj
00:09:20Vaj.CO tiny wtf
00:09:24Vaj.CO where are u?
00:09:26rtg800 4sk
00:09:29rtg800 was in woods
00:09:31rtg800 tpd
00:09:39Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:09:40Bct_Murder ss 2up
00:09:42Bct_Murder re 1
00:09:55mansikka :D
00:10:32svents gj
00:10:32Vaj.CO lag
00:11:02Vaj.CO omw bot
00:11:06Gevomancer go pull
00:11:10emoder u getting boots?
00:11:17AliBaba ss
00:11:18svents arcanes u mean?
00:11:18Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:11:20emoder y
00:11:21Bct_Murder ss gondar and wisp
00:11:21svents y
00:11:26Orre riki lvl 6
00:11:39Gevomancer lich omg
00:11:47Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:12:02Lafrenzz move
00:12:13Bct_Murder necrolyte failed
00:12:14Bct_Murder .........
00:12:18Lafrenzz bitch
00:12:19AliBaba you are bad gondar..
00:12:21Gevomancer well you did aswell
00:12:24AliBaba really.
00:12:25rtg800 ss sk
00:12:28Gevomancer must let me farm
00:12:32Orre y?
00:13:06Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:14:06rtg800 wtf
00:14:07rtg800 guys
00:14:09Bct_Murder more feed captain
00:14:10Bct_Murder you can
00:14:16Lafrenzz lol
00:14:17Lafrenzz well
00:14:23Lafrenzz easy to say when u are top
00:14:30Bct_Murder you can give me mid
00:14:33Lafrenzz OMFG
00:14:33Bct_Murder i owned kunka
00:14:36AliBaba you need farm gondart..
00:14:37AliBaba gogo
00:14:38Lafrenzz STFU MOTHERFUCKEr
00:14:40Lafrenzz KUNKA WAS NOT MID
00:14:43Bct_Murder man lych have dps and mana all time
00:14:44Orre well
00:14:44Bct_Murder ;]
00:14:46Vaj.CO hmm gondar nice items
00:14:47Vaj.CO :D
00:14:48Orre i suck at farming
00:14:55AliBaba then why take gondar..
00:14:56AliBaba moron
00:15:07Orre my hero range is kinda small
00:15:41AliBaba nice ulti ? ;)
00:16:06Lafrenzz NICE ULTI LICH
00:16:08Lafrenzz NICE WARDS
00:16:12Lafrenzz CAN U SOON SUPPOT
00:16:16AliBaba want home ?
00:16:18Bct_Murder you cna ?
00:16:18mansikka y
00:16:19rtg800 k
00:16:21Bct_Murder you suport tu
00:16:22Bct_Murder fucking noob
00:16:24mansikka xd
00:16:29AliBaba back =
00:16:30rtg800 thx
00:16:35rtg800 y
00:16:39AliBaba :(
00:16:42AliBaba sorry
00:16:45rtg800 nvm
00:16:48rtg800 wasnt full hp anyway
00:17:02mansikka xD
00:17:12Lafrenzz xD
00:17:12AliBaba care
00:17:47Lafrenzz why the fuck were u mid there lich
00:17:59Vaj.CO why did u pick gondar?
00:18:04AliBaba he sucjk
00:18:08Vaj.CO 15 mins
00:18:10Orre cause my hero range is small
00:18:12Vaj.CO no 1 track
00:18:17Orre no mana
00:18:18mansikka check again
00:18:19mansikka -st
00:18:22Orre i tracked dazzle and sk
00:18:23rtg800 no mana :D
00:18:42Orre cause i had track cd, i did it on sk and then riki showed up
00:18:54rtg800 lol kunkka
00:19:01mansikka :--)
00:19:01AliBaba rikis invis is bigger problem ..
00:19:08Orre sk went in
00:19:09Orre inv
00:19:11emoder boots
00:19:14svents cd
00:19:14Orre track killed him
00:19:29rtg800 ss bot
00:19:31rtg800 2'
00:20:11svents lol
00:20:13Bct_Murder wtf?
00:20:16Bct_Murder how he saw?
00:20:24svents idk
00:20:38Bct_Murder idk=?
00:20:46svents i dont know
00:21:14AliBaba track !
00:21:48svents this ward is bad
00:22:20emoder elaborate.
00:22:38emoder svents
00:22:44emoder elaborate as to why that ward is bad
00:22:52Vaj.CO track
00:22:53Vaj.CO ffs
00:23:03svents cuz bad vision there
00:23:10rtg800 this ogndar :D
00:23:12svents we didnt see b4 if they came to gank us
00:23:22Vaj.CO can u sux more?
00:23:23Vaj.CO ffs
00:23:38svents get dusts pls
00:24:49Bct_Murder crix
00:24:50Bct_Murder you
00:24:51Lafrenzz cant gank now
00:24:52Lafrenzz wont
00:25:09svents lich
00:25:12svents once more u lasthit
00:25:14svents ffs
00:25:16svents idk then
00:25:19svents he was dead
00:25:23svents u dont have to lasthit
00:25:27Bct_Murder o dont steal
00:25:28svents i want to get my dagger
00:25:30Bct_Murder i only help
00:25:51Lafrenzz i will farm HoT now
00:26:16svents necro why not shivas?
00:26:20Bct_Murder furi win this game
00:26:24Bct_Murder becous this captain
00:26:26Bct_Murder is stupid
00:26:33svents furi gem
00:26:42Bct_Murder ye and lataar and dagon
00:27:58mansikka lol
00:27:59mansikka s
00:28:00mansikka sur
00:28:01mansikka e
00:28:56svents ofc
00:28:58Lafrenzz :D
00:29:06Vaj.CO ?
00:29:08AliBaba np
00:29:13svents get fcking dusts
00:29:23svents im only1 who buys dust wtf???
00:29:33emoder i have dusts
00:29:50mansikka uups
00:31:10Lafrenzz -cs
00:31:52mansikka hihi
00:31:57Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:20AliBaba :(
00:32:25Vaj.CO low hp
00:32:31Vaj.CO and dont need to lose gem
00:32:31AliBaba y
00:33:23svents :DDD
00:34:02Bct_Murder lafre nicd furi ?
00:34:05Bct_Murder we say ban or pick
00:34:07Bct_Murder but you fail
00:34:09Lafrenzz LOL
00:34:13Vaj.CO omfg
00:34:15Lafrenzz FURI IS NOT THE PROBLEM
00:34:15svents hahahahaha
00:34:24Bct_Murder not problem?
00:34:25emoder lol@gondar
00:34:28Bct_Murder i saw
00:34:28Bct_Murder :D
00:34:39emoder lich wake up u dumb faggot
00:34:40Lafrenzz ulti licjh
00:34:52Bct_Murder i have laggg
00:34:55Bct_Murder you dont have?
00:34:59Lafrenzz y
00:35:01Vaj.CO wp
00:35:04Bct_Murder hmmm
00:35:04Vaj.CO svents
00:35:07Bct_Murder now its ok
00:35:18Lafrenzz leave bot
00:35:19Lafrenzz my farm
00:35:33Lafrenzz LEAVE
00:35:41Lafrenzz or i reQuest
00:35:42Lafrenzz u
00:35:47Lafrenzz i am cap
00:35:47rtg800 furion
00:35:49rtg800 want gem?
00:35:53Bct_Murder shut up
00:35:53Vaj.CO kill riki
00:35:54Bct_Murder cryer
00:35:58Lafrenzz no
00:35:59Vaj.CO ty
00:36:02svents u cant request for that :DDDD
00:36:08svents u have farmed whole game
00:36:39svents wp feeder
00:36:46Lafrenzz svents dont talk
00:36:46AliBaba ?
00:36:50Lafrenzz i know your playstyle
00:36:50Vaj.CO sry
00:36:51AliBaba baaaan ! :b
00:36:53AliBaba fuckit
00:37:02Lafrenzz DIFFU HIM
00:37:03Lafrenzz OMG
00:37:14Vaj.CO omfg
00:37:21Vaj.CO gem
00:37:29Orre gwm
00:37:40svents what ulti lich omfg :DDDD
00:37:42Orre take gem
00:37:48rtg800 moi
00:37:49Vaj.CO ...
00:37:51svents u throw ur ulti if fcking 10 creeps there:DDD
00:37:54rtg800 i had
00:37:58rtg800 2 kills4
00:38:00emoder why is nec feeding
00:38:08Bct_Murder yes nice feeding
00:38:13Bct_Murder capptain feed first
00:38:19Lafrenzz HP ?
00:38:27Vaj.CO lothars
00:38:28Vaj.CO :D
00:38:33emoder aura
00:38:34Lafrenzz cunt
00:38:34rtg800 wait
00:38:36rtg800 i give gm
00:38:37Vaj.CO but about 30
00:38:37Lafrenzz this team
00:38:40Lafrenzz is so retarded
00:38:42Lafrenzz as fuck
00:38:53AliBaba gem back?
00:38:57Lafrenzz lich is a motherfucker retard
00:38:58rtg800 8 gems
00:39:00rtg800 2
00:39:19Lafrenzz why are u 2 in woods
00:39:20svents grave??
00:39:23Lafrenzz fucking noobs
00:39:43Bct_Murder lagggg
00:39:45svents I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:45svents idc
00:39:45svents go ff
00:39:45Bct_Murder I cant move
00:39:46Bct_Murder only I?
00:39:46svents im tired of ur shit for real
00:39:50Vaj.CO y
00:39:51rtg800 y
00:39:56svents necro and lich farming whole game
00:39:57Bct_Murder now it ok
00:39:58Bct_Murder hmm
00:40:14Lafrenzz lich is a retrard
00:40:18svents ur also
00:40:33mansikka .D
00:41:51Lafrenzz omg
00:41:54Lafrenzz bunch of newbs
00:42:55Gevomancer mid
00:43:29emoder b
00:43:48Vaj.CO go me
00:43:50Vaj.CO em
00:44:01Lafrenzz ulti
00:44:03Lafrenzz dazzle
00:44:07AliBaba omg
00:44:08emoder lagging
00:44:09Bct_Murder nice ulti crix;/
00:44:47Vaj.CO gem
00:44:50emoder my pc couldnt handle that fight
00:44:52Vaj.CO wp
00:44:54emoder lol
00:44:55Vaj.CO lost both
00:44:56Vaj.CO :D
00:45:03svents gem
00:45:12AliBaba i got gold to a new :b
00:45:15emoder dont carry so many gems
00:45:21mansikka -st
00:45:26Orre what should i buy next?
00:45:32AliBaba no
00:45:37AliBaba you got you track...
00:45:37Lafrenzz this team
00:45:43AliBaba and we got on in chcik
00:45:44Bct_Murder yes you imbe all noob
00:45:54Orre what should i buy?
00:45:56Orre lifesteal?
00:46:00mansikka y
00:46:02mansikka its good
00:46:04mansikka vladi
00:46:05AliBaba y
00:46:33Vaj.CO who has gem?
00:46:39rtg800 base
00:46:49Vaj.CO k
00:46:52rtg800 you have it, silly
00:46:58mansikka hahaa orre :D
00:47:12Lafrenzz ¨focus kunka and furi
00:47:12Orre -.-
00:48:14Orre necro gem -.-
00:48:32mansikka gem
00:48:40Vaj.CO i am full
00:48:42emoder rosh
00:48:43Gevomancer omg, lost control of hero
00:49:51mansikka lets push mid
00:49:52Lafrenzz got shivaz now
00:50:00Vaj.CO go mid
00:50:42Lafrenzz bitch
00:50:43Vaj.CO joke???
00:51:09Vaj.CO imba gondar rocks
00:51:16Lafrenzz ULTI LICH
00:51:22Bct_Murder COOL DOWN?
00:51:26Bct_Murder OMG
00:51:29Bct_Murder YOU FUICKING IDIOT
00:51:31Lafrenzz I WATCHED
00:51:34Lafrenzz AND THERE WAS NOT
00:51:43Bct_Murder becous end 1-2sec ....
00:51:48Lafrenzz OMg
00:52:52AliBaba take gondar
00:53:02AliBaba and get some hp :b
00:53:47Vaj.CO omfg again 90
00:53:52Vaj.CO go ff
00:54:02svents go fck urself
00:54:12Vaj.CO omw
00:54:23Vaj.CO all bot in 50 sec
00:54:31AliBaba jk
00:54:31mansikka all mid now
00:54:36Vaj.CO why mid?
00:54:41mansikka cos mid is pushed
00:54:43Vaj.CO wp gondar
00:54:48AliBaba idiot
00:54:48mansikka kill throneguy
00:54:49Orre ty
00:54:50Vaj.CO need mega
00:55:05Vaj.CO just focus raxes
00:55:13Lafrenzz come
00:55:13Lafrenzz rosh
00:55:14Lafrenzz all
00:55:19Lafrenzz all rosh
00:55:20Lafrenzz gogo
00:55:22Lafrenzz alll!!!!!
00:56:02rtg800 oh dang
00:56:14Bct_Murder wtf>?
00:57:01Lafrenzz omw
00:57:07rtg800 linken?
00:57:08mansikka riki has 2 gems
00:57:19svents diffu?=?
00:57:27Gevomancer missed that hero
00:57:36Lafrenzz give me gem
00:57:40svents tra miks sa bhle diffut ei pannud?
00:57:57Lafrenzz b
00:57:57Lafrenzz b
00:58:08AliBaba care
00:58:12AliBaba care both
00:58:19mansikka wisp tp us bot
00:58:23AliBaba y
00:58:33AliBaba or top ?
00:58:36mansikka top
00:58:37mansikka go
00:59:14AliBaba nice x :b
00:59:20mansikka :>
00:59:28AliBaba gpgp
01:00:01Lafrenzz :d
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