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Chat log

00:00:17Strom Lyca
00:00:17Bct_Murder specter?
00:00:17Nickless sf
00:00:19Bct_Murder omg ..............
00:00:21Jerkku gimme
00:00:23Jerkku pudge
00:00:25Strom no
00:00:29Swagga gimme wr
00:00:33Nickless shut it and listen
00:00:38Swagga or no pick ur own hero
00:00:38Bct_Murder ok
00:00:39VVindoWz shh
00:00:53Nickless sk
00:00:57P3PSI ?
00:01:07Nickless btm with me
00:01:17AliBaba spec +
00:01:20P3PSI u not mid ?
00:01:37Strom get stun/disable if you wanna win
00:01:40Nickless tskeleton
00:01:44Strom like skeleton king or cm
00:01:45Bct_Murder meybe i with sandkingf?
00:01:52Nickless or obsi
00:01:55svents try fb top?
00:02:05Strom cm & yurnero top
00:02:06Swagga pull and after
00:02:07Strom wr & tinker bot
00:02:11Nickless can u play him?
00:02:12P3PSI rex top
00:02:13Swagga pff
00:02:21Nickless rex top
00:02:22AliBaba give me krob ? :D
00:02:22svents share
00:02:23Swagga share
00:02:24Nickless y
00:02:26Nickless -swap
00:02:28Rotta yes yes
00:02:28AliBaba -swap
00:02:29Rotta sec
00:02:30AliBaba -swap 1
00:02:33Nickless -swap 5
00:02:34Strom cm, take slow & cube
00:02:37svents get nova
00:02:39Strom don't take any aura until lvl3
00:02:48P3PSI 3 bot
00:02:49Nickless gyro go mid
00:02:49P3PSI ?
00:02:54Rotta lol i know what to take relax
00:02:54Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:57Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control helikopter [r,e,c,f]
00:03:08svents fb
00:03:11AliBaba who mid +
00:03:11Rotta yy
00:03:16svents go
00:03:20Nickless i will
00:03:27Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:30Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control helikopter [r,e,f,c]
00:03:39AliBaba ss top
00:03:40VVindoWz ss top
00:04:10Bct_Murder omg ..
00:04:15VVindoWz shh
00:04:24svents gj
00:04:27Rotta u 2
00:04:36P3PSI ?
00:04:39AliBaba du går bog ikås ?
00:04:43Bct_Murder lok
00:04:44Bct_Murder moob
00:04:46Bct_Murder forest
00:04:58AliBaba abda ?
00:04:58svents cm can u pull pls?
00:05:03Rotta sure
00:05:15Rotta next
00:05:52Nickless ss pudgemid
00:06:11AliBaba hvorfor købte du ikke wards ?
00:06:57Jerkku lets kill
00:07:39svents tango pls cm?
00:07:47svents ty
00:07:48Bct_Murder ff
00:07:55Rotta gieb back
00:08:02Nickless he really was lucky
00:08:10P3PSI ss bot
00:08:18Swagga ss bot
00:08:22Nickless ss puidge
00:08:31VVindoWz go go
00:08:41AliBaba gogo ghvad ?
00:08:55VVindoWz din svans
00:09:00VVindoWz double kill gratis
00:09:09Rotta ss
00:09:10AliBaba jeg var selv ved at dø ..
00:09:16AliBaba havde intetm ana..
00:09:20Strom mis mid
00:09:22VVindoWz mens jeg tankede du skulle bare skyde på jugger
00:09:39Rotta some1 going meka or i will?
00:09:54AliBaba ss
00:10:03Strom kill top
00:10:11Bct_Murder sk no mid?
00:10:18AliBaba f
00:10:23Bct_Murder omg
00:10:26Bct_Murder this captain
00:10:26Nickless go
00:10:27Bct_Murder horible
00:10:34svents gj
00:10:34VVindoWz miss please
00:11:28svents flying pls?
00:12:00P3PSI mis ?
00:12:05Nickless said it
00:12:18AliBaba ff
00:12:26P3PSI ss bot
00:12:34P3PSI go
00:12:52P3PSI ss bot
00:12:55Strom 5 mis
00:13:00AliBaba 3 top
00:13:04Nickless omw
00:13:36Strom still all mis
00:13:39Strom really strange
00:13:40Rotta 1 top
00:13:41Nickless go
00:13:42Nickless silence
00:13:45Rotta 2 top
00:13:55AliBaba diomn fucking noob abda
00:13:55P3PSI ss bot
00:13:55AliBaba ¨'d
00:13:55AliBaba ¨gbdf
00:13:56AliBaba n
00:14:06Rotta well sry
00:14:07VVindoWz useless
00:14:09AliBaba fuck du sover..
00:14:10Strom it's ok
00:14:22VVindoWz du fucking ligesom en tissemyre
00:14:30VVindoWz 2 slag og de var begge døde wallah
00:14:32svents mida sa farmid strom?:d
00:14:36Strom bot
00:14:39svents aa
00:14:40AliBaba jaja wallah..
00:14:43AliBaba se replay..
00:14:44Rotta missile?
00:14:44Strom vaja roamida
00:14:45AliBaba din nab
00:14:45Strom :d
00:14:48svents true
00:14:50Swagga gank bot
00:15:33Strom 3 bot I think
00:15:45Bct_Murder ff 25min .,
00:15:47Bct_Murder hotrible
00:15:47Bct_Murder team
00:15:48AliBaba y
00:15:48Bct_Murder ..
00:16:46Rotta uhm
00:16:49svents thought skele no ulti
00:16:49Rotta there were many
00:16:54Nickless try
00:17:56Swagga 3 v 4
00:18:05Rotta true
00:18:19VVindoWz jeg ødelægger dine items ali
00:18:32Bct_Murder ..............
00:18:49Bct_Murder 8-1
00:18:50Bct_Murder ...
00:18:53Bct_Murder good
00:19:08Bct_Murder we have rexxx ?:D
00:19:43svents :D
00:19:43Swagga DDD
00:19:48P3PSI =)
00:19:53Bct_Murder tp sk?
00:20:11Swagga next time cm
00:20:11Nickless dont push it up
00:20:13Nickless or ull die
00:20:19Swagga do a nova into sandstorm
00:20:27Rotta sure
00:20:42Nickless push
00:21:02Nickless btm go
00:21:09Nickless fuck him up
00:21:09Rotta care
00:21:10Rotta bot
00:21:10Rotta b
00:21:44Swagga dd
00:21:48Nickless what did i say 2 mins ago
00:21:56VVindoWz dad u mom something ?
00:22:08VVindoWz hahahahahahahahahahhahaha
00:22:14VVindoWz ass crack
00:22:17Swagga care
00:22:20svents dont
00:22:35Nickless strom how to banreq for flaming?
00:22:45Nickless 10x
00:22:55Nickless gj mogi
00:22:59Nickless go mid
00:23:10VVindoWz too laugh is not flame
00:23:40Jerkku lol
00:23:42svents lol
00:24:52Strom -st
00:24:58Strom 13/14 hooks
00:25:01Strom pretty decent
00:25:01Strom :d
00:25:05Rotta :P
00:25:05Bct_Murder strom i have 1 question
00:25:05Swagga not bad
00:25:06svents :D
00:25:30Nickless y
00:25:39Strom are you gonna tell me that question too?
00:26:04VVindoWz strom how to ban for unsharing chick?
00:26:08Bct_Murder if you're being a admin you use maphack, who would?
00:26:14svents :DDDD
00:26:24AliBaba he control my hero.. and try to destroy my items ..
00:26:34Strom alibaba, what time?
00:26:34P3PSI purp an idiot
00:26:35Strom game time
00:26:40AliBaba thats why you i dont chare with him..
00:26:47VVindoWz thats a lie
00:26:54AliBaba lol..
00:26:55VVindoWz and i hope u will get banned
00:27:05AliBaba why will i lie ?
00:27:08VVindoWz cause u are not sharing and u are last pick
00:27:10Swagga shhh
00:27:19Rotta dd
00:27:20VVindoWz share your hero pls
00:27:28VVindoWz u are last pick
00:27:30Strom my bad
00:27:34Strom shouldn't have gone there
00:27:38Swagga did what i could m8
00:27:41VVindoWz read rules
00:27:46Bct_Murder we loose anyway
00:27:48Strom guys, last pick must share chicken
00:27:49VVindoWz last pick shares
00:27:49Bct_Murder younero and puge imba
00:27:54AliBaba i know the rules ..
00:27:55Strom and nobody can use lastpick hero
00:28:10VVindoWz nobody used his hero just a lame escuse
00:28:23Strom svents, sa pead ära carryma
00:28:25AliBaba hahah.. really mogi..
00:28:26Strom farmi paksuks ennast
00:28:28svents yeah
00:28:29AliBaba stop..
00:28:29Nickless we need wards
00:28:29Swagga play the game and report eachother after
00:28:39Nickless krobe can u buy
00:28:56Swagga kill
00:28:57VVindoWz PLEASE share chick dont ruin the game
00:28:59Bct_Murder gyro buy ward ...
00:29:05VVindoWz need my axe
00:29:12Nickless k
00:29:18Strom kill top
00:29:46Strom stun sk
00:30:02svents :DDD
00:30:05VVindoWz why are u doing this ali baba ?
00:30:12VVindoWz plss
00:30:12svents see oleks hea olnud kui oleksid ära saanud sealt :DDDD
00:30:23Strom väga nõme olukord oli
00:30:27Swagga yo strom
00:30:28Strom ja mul tunne, et kaotame
00:30:29P3PSI take tinker mid
00:30:29Nickless tower fast
00:30:33VVindoWz someone tell this guy the rules
00:30:36Swagga cant u tell them to stfu?
00:30:36svents mai saa farmida
00:30:37Rotta sk pretty damn hard atm.
00:30:39svents pean metsa minema
00:30:40Strom I already said the rules
00:30:45svents tinker k6ikidel lanedel
00:30:53AliBaba i know the rules ..
00:30:55Nickless care up
00:30:58Strom guys
00:31:02Strom Keep it in allied chat
00:31:09Strom spam filling up the screen here
00:31:11Nickless try antiward rosh
00:31:18Rotta and dont use my hero anymore, whoever did it.
00:31:21Nickless or buy smoke we go rosh
00:32:11Rotta haste
00:32:12Strom care top
00:32:16Strom b top
00:32:56Bct_Murder headshot :D
00:33:12Rotta b
00:33:20Nickless fuck if i bought hyper immediately..
00:33:27Bct_Murder you need bkb
00:33:29Bct_Murder leoric ;)
00:33:41Bct_Murder your axe
00:33:49Nickless i know but i got lots of stunners for disabling them
00:33:52svents ma m6tlen mida thea
00:33:56Strom tinker, what are you building?
00:33:58Nickless so i need dps
00:34:00svents agha v6i dmgit
00:34:07Strom svents, jumala eest ära tee agha
00:34:13Strom sul vaja aint ellu jäämist ja dammi
00:34:22svents siis deso?
00:34:39Rotta should i go lothars :D
00:34:41Strom no
00:34:42VVindoWz alibaba ruined my game :(
00:34:45Rotta :(
00:34:49Strom ghost for cm imo
00:35:10Rotta b
00:35:36svents mis sa arvad mis teeks siis?
00:35:39svents deso s&y?
00:35:42Nickless we need to go all then we win
00:35:44Strom tee sange yasha esialgu
00:35:48Nickless and dont fcus pusdge i will take him
00:35:49VVindoWz y
00:35:52Strom hea dmg ja hp
00:35:57Nickless u take everyone else
00:35:59VVindoWz who to focus?
00:35:59Strom tagajamisel aitabk ah
00:36:01svents yeah seda küll
00:36:05Bct_Murder aghanim rdy ;/
00:36:07Nickless wind
00:36:09Nickless yurn
00:36:12VVindoWz ok
00:36:21Nickless mostly wind she can be pain in the ass
00:36:28Swagga care
00:36:51Nickless anyone smoke?
00:36:57AliBaba me in bace
00:36:58Swagga anti ward
00:37:33Strom b
00:37:35VVindoWz share din unit
00:37:54Strom -st
00:38:35Swagga care sk dagger
00:38:41Swagga stay spread
00:38:51Nickless b
00:38:59svents toop mine
00:39:12svents cant farm
00:39:18Strom tinker taking farm
00:39:20Strom and buying BKB?
00:39:23Strom of all possibilites?
00:39:27Strom you buy item that doesn't refresh
00:39:37Nickless crix canu destr
00:39:42Nickless or krobe
00:39:45Bct_Murder what i need now ?;/
00:39:50Jerkku well
00:39:51Swagga they have sentry
00:39:54Rotta y
00:39:54Jerkku im paper without it
00:39:58Strom well I can tank
00:40:03Strom kind of need your hex or something
00:40:07P3PSI care bot
00:40:08Strom perma hex is better than one time bkb
00:40:10Swagga im making one
00:40:19Rotta ill make meka and then ghost scepter
00:40:29VVindoWz share please need chick
00:40:33Rotta should i buy few sentrys and destroy their wards
00:40:38AliBaba gå nu væk emd dig abda..
00:40:39Swagga y
00:40:40AliBaba virkelig
00:40:41Strom nah
00:40:43Strom get that ghost
00:40:46Rotta yy
00:40:47Rotta soon
00:40:48VVindoWz share din unit
00:40:50Bct_Murder tinker bkb
00:40:52VVindoWz du er last pick
00:40:56Strom this is bronze, they don't know what to do with their vision anyway
00:40:59AliBaba du kan da bare hente dine items :)
00:41:01svents :DDD
00:41:02AliBaba længere er den ikke..
00:41:04Swagga nuff said
00:41:07Nickless hes bait
00:41:08Nickless care
00:41:09VVindoWz får du at se
00:41:32Swagga b
00:41:33Swagga b
00:41:35VVindoWz jeg løber frem og tilbage efter mine items det har ødelagt mit spil
00:42:14Strom need to def mid with all
00:42:21Swagga spread
00:42:44svents like wtf?
00:42:49svents i was 10sec stunned?
00:42:56Rotta bash?
00:43:09P3PSI rex full hp
00:43:25Bct_Murder bakc
00:43:26Bct_Murder back
00:43:29Bct_Murder we 3
00:43:30Jerkku never again playing with this
00:43:34Jerkku so booring
00:43:34Nickless def
00:43:37Swagga yea
00:43:48svents well ofc i dont own early game
00:43:53svents if u dont
00:44:16Rotta we cant really push :F
00:44:21AliBaba whos axe it is in bace ?
00:44:25Strom tinker is our pushman
00:44:28Bct_Murder rexx
00:44:28Nickless not mine
00:44:33Strom he needs actual int items tho
00:44:35VVindoWz i think its mine
00:44:38Strom or manta
00:44:41Jerkku i do hex
00:44:42Rotta manta would be nice
00:44:46VVindoWz but i bought a new one cause it was on the chick
00:44:50Strom hex best for now
00:44:51VVindoWz and he didnt share
00:44:52Bct_Murder make bkb
00:44:53Bct_Murder then
00:44:54Bct_Murder Omg ;/
00:44:54AliBaba shhh..
00:44:54P3PSI ¨take ward rex
00:44:54Rotta hopefully drops.
00:44:54Rotta if this drops we won :D
00:44:54P3PSI balance
00:44:54P3PSI with
00:44:54P3PSI ur
00:44:54P3PSI cap
00:44:54P3PSI ?
00:44:54P3PSI then ?
00:44:54VVindoWz is it bannable to leave after 41 minutes?
00:44:54Strom well I think we win
00:44:54Strom anyway
00:44:54Strom I'm kind of fat
00:44:54Strom they missed their chance
00:44:54Rotta good good
00:44:54Bct_Murder meybe he dont leave
00:44:54Strom last fight
00:44:54svents just we have to go together
00:44:54Bct_Murder internet down ?
00:44:54Strom I took on
00:44:54Strom 1v2
00:44:54Strom krobe sand
00:44:54svents i got also some items
00:44:54Strom and they both lost
00:44:54Strom :D
00:44:54Nickless wow
00:44:54Nickless dunno whyis it hapening
00:44:55Rotta well i dont really have items but.
00:44:55svents i just got rex ulti
00:45:06Nickless sry
00:45:12Nickless dunno what happened
00:45:15Strom mis all
00:45:17Strom get safe
00:45:53Swagga omw
00:45:56AliBaba hvorfor er det du ikke tager din axe ?
00:47:01AliBaba tag den nu !
00:47:07AliBaba er du helt fra den ?
00:47:09svents ah teen mkb vist nüüd
00:47:14svents suva dmgit veel juurde
00:47:15VVindoWz :)
00:47:28Swagga gj
00:47:29Bct_Murder .........
00:47:31Swagga wp
00:47:32Nickless ffs
00:47:35Nickless wth r u doing
00:47:36Rotta fffs
00:47:37Bct_Murder rexx fail
00:47:42Nickless totally
00:47:45Jerkku wp pudge
00:47:45Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:46Swagga wp wp
00:47:47Rotta wp
00:47:49Nickless play
00:47:51Rotta fucking missclicked ulti.
00:47:55Nickless we wil catch up
00:47:56VVindoWz he had so little hp
00:48:03Bct_Murder loook krobelus
00:48:07VVindoWz i hope so
00:48:10P3PSI krobe.
00:48:14Swagga nice
00:48:29Strom -st
00:48:49svents tra crit :D
00:49:04svents nice crit dude
00:49:17Nickless y its laways sweeter in the end..
00:49:27P3PSI invis care
00:49:43Bct_Murder mid?
00:49:43P3PSI ?? ?
00:49:49Nickless deny mid
00:49:50Nickless tower
00:50:19Nickless gj guys
00:50:25Bct_Murder now
00:50:27Bct_Murder we need push
00:50:27Bct_Murder fast
00:50:29Strom that was unfortunate
00:50:34Nickless as rready
00:50:39Strom guy had lothar recipe fly in with chick in middle of fight lol
00:50:39Bct_Murder mid?
00:50:40Nickless we can try now
00:50:47Rotta rofcl
00:50:48svents :D
00:50:49Rotta rofl*
00:50:59Strom get safe
00:51:00Strom def base
00:51:10Strom def base
00:51:14Swagga come 1 on 1 fags
00:51:22Strom def base please
00:51:32Strom I don't wanna waste money on buyout
00:51:35Strom so take it easy
00:51:36Jerkku y
00:51:42Jerkku im tinker
00:51:44Jerkku and no kills
00:51:47Jerkku XD
00:51:47VVindoWz ulti every 40 sek
00:51:50Jerkku hate this hero
00:51:51Rotta got scepter
00:51:56Rotta now my ulti is useful
00:51:58svents rosh?
00:52:03Swagga check
00:52:12Strom we need better vision
00:52:28Rotta we do rosh?
00:52:30Strom no
00:52:31Bct_Murder plz anyone make HEX
00:52:36AliBaba im on it..
00:52:38AliBaba :b
00:52:40Bct_Murder good
00:52:43P3PSI meet and smoke
00:52:51Strom they smoke I think
00:52:52VVindoWz no hp
00:52:56P3PSI leo ?
00:52:57Rotta y
00:53:02Swagga nah
00:53:10Strom they just farm their wood?
00:53:11Strom lol
00:53:13Rotta just lmk if we need smoke, ill get.
00:53:13Swagga y
00:53:20Nickless omw im ready
00:53:22Swagga they dont have balls
00:53:23Strom guys lets gather
00:53:26Strom and go kill some people
00:53:27Nickless dont focus pudge
00:53:28P3PSI go their wood
00:53:31svents meil gemi vaja
00:53:32VVindoWz strom i really u ban this alibaba
00:53:34Jerkku and get me one kill
00:53:49VVindoWz i havent done anything and he wont share
00:53:54AliBaba uh si
00:53:56AliBaba su
00:54:26Swagga phew
00:54:26Rotta heal here
00:54:28Swagga gotcha
00:54:34Bct_Murder now we can ff?
00:54:36Swagga cm
00:54:36Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:38Rotta yes?
00:54:39VVindoWz uh si su ?
00:54:45Swagga dont take my creeos
00:54:47VVindoWz we can still win
00:54:47Rotta sry
00:54:49Rotta :D
00:54:50Swagga np
00:54:53AliBaba bare hold kæft..
00:55:03Rotta came to heal u and was looking on shop and it auto attack :D
00:55:04VVindoWz hold selv din kæft
00:55:07Nickless just dont die
00:55:12AliBaba at du skriver at du vil ødelægge mine items..
00:55:23AliBaba er grund nok til at jeg fjerne share
00:55:58Swagga b
00:55:59Swagga b
00:56:02Rotta come b fast
00:56:09svents lol
00:56:11Rotta oh god
00:56:13Nickless rosh fast
00:56:16svents np
00:56:18Nickless all
00:56:24Nickless gogogo
00:56:27Strom well the problem was that some guys went to push mid
00:56:30Strom we should have just taken top
00:56:32Jerkku y
00:56:35Strom which was most pushed lane
00:56:55Strom now when we wake up
00:57:00Strom lets gather 5 and go with smoke again
00:57:04Rotta k
00:57:04Nickless wehn u al get ulties we go push
00:57:14Swagga ok dont focus sk
00:57:20VVindoWz me?
00:57:22Nickless or w8 i get bkb soon
00:57:26svents peab vist rebuy raha j2tma igaks juhuks eks?
00:57:31VVindoWz i got ulti all the time
00:57:34Strom jep
00:57:36Rotta illl go scepter + ulti , then sand king or?
00:57:38VVindoWz sek cd
00:57:39Nickless def till bkb
00:57:41VVindoWz 40sek cd
00:57:58Strom krobe/sand should die fast
00:58:01Strom they do massive dmg
00:58:02Swagga y
00:58:03Rotta y
00:58:08VVindoWz plss share chick
00:58:13Swagga ill silence sk
00:58:14AliBaba køb din egen..
00:58:17Swagga sandkin
00:58:25Strom guys
00:58:29P3PSI all mid ?
00:58:30VVindoWz im using all my time running back and forward
00:58:30Rotta come here if smoke
00:58:35Strom come next to tower
00:58:36Strom lets smoke
00:58:40svents w8
00:58:40Strom oh
00:58:41Nickless no pls
00:58:41Strom wr no hp
00:58:47AliBaba kan du ikke skrive dansk og kun til os ? eller ?
00:58:48VVindoWz got heart
00:58:48Nickless i will get bkb soon then we go with bkb abd aegis
00:58:53Swagga np lets go
00:58:55VVindoWz f dig
00:59:22VVindoWz du nada værd i mine øjne hvem tror du at du er siden du begynder at lave de der prinsesse harikats?
00:59:32Nickless come fast
01:00:02Rotta we just got owned :F
01:00:02Strom oh yeah
01:00:05Strom forgot about that aegis
01:00:10Nickless gr8
01:00:11Nickless push
01:00:25VVindoWz rexx ulti saves the day
01:00:27AliBaba du kunne bare lade værm ed at skrive det der lort
01:01:02Swagga dont do that
01:01:04Swagga ffs
01:01:10Jerkku I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:15svents fcking rex ulti
01:01:17svents its like wtf
01:01:22Strom dont go fight
01:01:32P3PSI gg
01:01:33Strom def throne if you have to
01:01:36Swagga tell svents and tinker
01:01:37Strom but lets try to get one lane alive
01:01:58Nickless got bkb
01:02:05Strom def throne now
01:02:25Nickless gg
01:02:28Strom meh
01:02:29Rotta gg
01:02:30Strom bronze
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