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+2 TS

93% | 1588 X | 1520 TS

+60 X
+3 TS

52% | 1183 X | 1365 TS

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+2 TS

48% | 1184 X | 1320 TS

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+9 TS

35% | 1101 X | 1262 TS

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19% | 964 X | 1232 TS

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84% | 1438 X | 1489 TS

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-2 TS

76% | 1390 X | 1405 TS

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-3 TS

55% | 1248 X | 1322 TS

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37% | 1092 X | 1289 TS

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-33 TS

NEW | 997 X | 1014 TS

Chat log

00:00:05zebbelito r-d
00:00:06valiante -rd
00:00:19zebbelito -weaver
00:00:20valiante ne1 wants dazzle?
00:00:20j22koer yes
00:00:20j22koer here
00:00:20Aerwyn ye
00:00:20valiante k
00:00:20Aerwyn me too
00:00:20Aerwyn want dazzle
00:00:20valiante naix
00:00:20Aerwyn :D
00:00:20j22koer :D
00:00:25j22koer lets roll?
00:00:28Aerwyn sure
00:00:29j22koer -rol
00:00:29Aerwyn -roll
00:00:32valiante teal
00:00:33j22koer -roll
00:00:35j22koer ahha
00:00:35Aerwyn :P
00:00:36valiante u can just pick it ?
00:00:37Aerwyn hmph
00:00:40Aerwyn u pick
00:00:43j22koer 33
00:00:44j22koer 30
00:00:46Aerwyn :)
00:01:04zebbelito panda lion
00:01:19fifer i take lion
00:01:21AliBaba ¨let me go wd..
00:01:25Aerwyn what was the bans?
00:01:25valiante no more carry
00:01:25Xove i think mortred is mid
00:01:25valiante NAIX
00:01:25AliBaba ???
00:01:25Aerwyn cant see them
00:01:25Jaikki weaver naix
00:01:25zebbelito we need panda
00:01:25Aerwyn k
00:01:25valiante weaver
00:01:31Aerwyn sry
00:01:39Aerwyn dont understand why can't see them :/
00:01:40FireMal s
00:01:42FireMal lol
00:01:47FireMal panda picked
00:01:51zebbelito wards
00:01:52zebbelito panda
00:01:55j22koer pit
00:02:09j22koer we have a game
00:02:14Jaikki noin
00:02:23AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:02:27FireMal lanes
00:02:32valiante we have good team
00:02:48Aerwyn ye, let's win this
00:02:49valiante yes
00:02:54valiante good lines guys
00:03:37Aerwyn abba, u pull?
00:03:46Jaikki w/e
00:04:18AliBaba harras
00:04:40Jaikki XDD
00:04:47FireMal daz can we get pull ward
00:05:25FireMal some one in woods ?
00:05:26Jaikki almost
00:05:29valiante can we have chick upped?
00:06:00valiante MISS
00:06:20AliBaba care lion
00:06:32Jaikki ss bot
00:06:42FireMal i whanna go heart to pit
00:06:44FireMal fail
00:07:04Aerwyn pull
00:07:06Aerwyn abba?
00:07:09Jaikki warded
00:07:10Jaikki still
00:07:12Aerwyn aaah
00:07:14Aerwyn sry :D
00:07:14marsbar2k ska vi go ?
00:07:47fifer ss bot
00:08:00fifer re
00:08:29Xove how is mid ?
00:08:56Xove skal vi go ?=
00:09:05marsbar2k jeg kan lave combo og ik mer
00:09:13Xove skal vi
00:09:21zebbelito b top
00:09:22j22koer ss
00:09:23j22koer 2
00:09:32zebbelito bot
00:09:32FireMal who farms daz me or you
00:09:34zebbelito o mean
00:09:37j22koer fire upg chik
00:09:39FireMal a bit late to ask sry
00:09:51FireMal daz can i farm
00:09:54FireMal or you whant farm
00:09:56zebbelito car e
00:10:10valiante btw
00:10:13AliBaba care lion ..
00:10:14valiante he freefarms mid
00:10:22AliBaba re mid.
00:10:26j22koer b
00:10:26j22koer b
00:10:29Jaikki ss bot
00:10:52zebbelito :D:D:D
00:10:55FireMal wp
00:10:56Xove come on
00:10:58j22koer gj
00:11:01FireMal u2
00:11:12fifer ss bot
00:11:41Aerwyn kill lion
00:11:44Aerwyn abba
00:11:48Jaikki y
00:12:06Jaikki no miss mid?
00:12:07Xove need gank
00:12:12valiante i have tiny mid
00:12:12FireMal if i wherent low hp i would have gone him there
00:12:14valiante that dude
00:12:17valiante has been gone a long time
00:12:20FireMal whant gang mid ?
00:12:25valiante no
00:12:29valiante i want zebbe dead
00:12:41FireMal we just killed him
00:12:47valiante he just killed twop
00:13:01AliBaba ss bot
00:13:25FireMal need ring
00:13:32FireMal 1 creep
00:13:41j22koer sure
00:13:42j22koer il b
00:13:48FireMal i need you
00:13:57FireMal i cant lane witout you
00:13:57zebbelito pa must gang
00:14:01Jaikki you dont know what you neeed
00:14:27FireMal rdy to tp top
00:14:29FireMal ill ulti
00:14:29zebbelito wt
00:14:30FireMal daz
00:14:32zebbelito wr
00:14:54AliBaba dont
00:15:17FireMal sry
00:15:22j22koer was not your fault
00:15:23FireMal didnt see him
00:15:24j22koer he was inv
00:15:39zebbelito y
00:15:39zebbelito pa
00:15:41FireMal mid twr ?
00:15:51valiante i just farm
00:15:53FireMal w8 me
00:15:57FireMal ill entanglee
00:16:17valiante four mid
00:16:17valiante :D
00:16:26Aerwyn take top
00:16:27Aerwyn tower
00:16:44Aerwyn they are coming
00:16:45Aerwyn b?
00:16:50valiante u can take them
00:16:51Aerwyn kill
00:16:54FireMal come tp home
00:16:58valiante we FIGHT
00:16:59valiante now
00:17:01valiante WTF
00:17:24Aerwyn why tele pit??
00:17:34FireMal sry
00:17:43FireMal i thought it would be best to run in that fight
00:17:53zebbelito AHHA
00:17:58Xove gg
00:18:01Xove fail team play
00:18:02Xove srlsly
00:18:20valiante GJ!
00:18:34valiante b
00:18:35valiante now
00:18:36Aerwyn B
00:18:57Jaikki grave??
00:19:00valiante guys
00:19:16zebbelito why u bot pick
00:19:31zebbelito lol
00:19:41Aerwyn gj
00:19:43zebbelito panda dont use ulti
00:19:48zebbelito puck farming
00:19:49AliBaba oom..
00:19:53valiante i think back
00:19:55Xove why u think
00:20:07Aerwyn B?
00:20:12FireMal lol
00:20:14FireMal my ulti
00:20:19Jaikki omw
00:20:52zebbelito MARSD?
00:20:53zebbelito MARTS?
00:20:55zebbelito MARS?P
00:20:58valiante keep em coming lads
00:21:02zebbelito u suck
00:21:14marsbar2k ja du sej krede
00:21:19valiante nej
00:21:20valiante i bar dumme
00:21:21valiante :D
00:21:31zebbelito puck `?
00:21:37zebbelito u play for creeps?
00:21:38marsbar2k det hedder dårlige
00:21:43FireMal place plz
00:22:13valiante go
00:22:17Xove lvl 11 mid
00:22:17zebbelito dk are so bad
00:22:20FireMal rosh ?
00:22:23Jaikki no
00:22:28FireMal k
00:23:33valiante i def top
00:23:34valiante and come mid
00:23:49zebbelito y
00:23:56Xove de er der ike
00:24:00zebbelito we kill
00:24:06zebbelito danish noobs
00:24:09zebbelito u are so bad
00:24:10valiante need dust for legion
00:24:10zebbelito all dk
00:24:11zebbelito players
00:24:13marsbar2k .d
00:24:21FireMal brb
00:24:27valiante arow
00:24:30FireMal i can tele whole team if you whant
00:24:35valiante Arrow
00:24:37valiante is for vision
00:25:21valiante tiny is oom
00:25:22valiante so just run
00:25:28Aerwyn ?
00:25:32valiante stick
00:25:33valiante didnt see
00:26:53valiante need my bkb
00:27:04FireMal i need my heart
00:27:07valiante :D
00:27:15FireMal darn
00:27:16fifer b
00:27:16Jaikki my heart will go on
00:27:19FireMal they took top to
00:27:21AliBaba they inc
00:27:23valiante b
00:27:27FireMal care rune spot
00:27:35FireMal fak
00:27:42Jaikki nub
00:28:24zebbelito hmm
00:28:29AliBaba i know..
00:28:56marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:02zebbelito ffs
00:29:04Xove I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:06zebbelito 5 alive
00:29:09Jaikki oom
00:29:09zebbelito all u dead
00:29:10zebbelito wp
00:29:10fifer !ff
00:29:25zebbelito ULTI
00:29:38zebbelito WHY U AFRAIID
00:29:41valiante rax
00:29:45Jaikki moar?
00:30:16fifer -ff
00:30:19zebbelito stfu
00:30:20zebbelito fifer
00:30:24AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:33zebbelito 0-8
00:30:36zebbelito lvl 8
00:30:38zebbelito plaeyer
00:30:40zebbelito u suck
00:30:44Jaikki need mana
00:30:47fifer fu i buy chick ward
00:30:51zebbelito wow
00:30:55zebbelito thats why u lvl 8?
00:30:58fifer if fail top it's not my ault
00:31:08valiante well picked guys
00:31:10valiante picks wins games
00:31:12fifer because i weak and die first
00:31:56zebbelito panda?
00:31:57zebbelito :D:D:D:D
00:32:00zebbelito u go sy?
00:32:03zebbelito damn
00:32:03AliBaba what ?? :D
00:32:15zebbelito unplyable channel
00:32:23valiante gj gj
00:32:25Xove ff it ffs
00:32:27FireMal oom
00:32:28Jaikki y
00:32:32marsbar2k so much crying iover a game
00:32:35marsbar2k zebbe whereu from ?
00:32:35Jaikki hh
00:32:37Jaikki gg
00:32:37marsbar2k dk may be bad
00:32:44marsbar2k where u comefrom u take game to sersly '.d
00:32:48marsbar2k aka u guys dont have a life .d
00:33:27Jaikki XDd
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