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98% | 1747 X | 1556 TS

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86% | 1499 X | 1482 TS

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63% | 1253 X | 1400 TS

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62% | 1287 X | 1356 TS

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Chat log

00:00:16Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:17Affliction -ii
00:00:18Skinkemaden xin
00:00:18Netukka weaver
00:00:20Lynge -clear
00:00:42Netukka any dazzle?
00:00:45Lynge skinke lag
00:00:48Lynge -clear
00:01:10McNabb pit?
00:01:11Lafrenzz < top
00:01:15Lafrenzz with guf as dazzle
00:01:16DeMiaN i go chen
00:01:16DeMiaN forest
00:01:19Lafrenzz nuking this game
00:01:21McNabb k
00:01:23Lafrenzz like a president
00:01:27McNabb grønland pit gogo
00:01:40Lafrenzz laier
00:01:40Lafrenzz go bot
00:01:44Lafrenzz me and dazzle lan
00:01:52Lynge -clear
00:01:53Laier dont care if you lan
00:01:56McNabb pitttttttttt McNabb
00:02:05Lafrenzz MOVE You fail to carry 2 times out of 3 I play what i want
00:02:09Lafrenzz we are lan with skinke
00:02:15McNabb lol ok
00:02:15Lafrenzz and he will tell him to move aswell
00:02:16DeMiaN just that
00:02:16Skinkemaden husk go bot
00:02:16Laier so, why is he so quiet then
00:02:17DeMiaN this toplane
00:02:19DeMiaN will fail
00:02:23McNabb it will
00:02:23Lafrenzz cya cunt
00:02:24Guf know ur place
00:02:28Laier haha
00:02:28Lynge Why so Quiet noob skinke
00:02:29Laier so cute
00:02:30DeMiaN that's what i said
00:02:32Netukka im coming when im 6
00:02:33Netukka to top
00:02:34Lynge VUF VUF HUSKAR
00:02:36Laier your butbuddies are gaming with you
00:02:38Lynge AUF
00:02:44Lynge do as he say, but mate
00:02:44Lafrenzz y
00:02:48Lafrenzz atleast we game totgheter
00:02:51Lafrenzz u game alone
00:02:54Laier and? :D
00:02:56Lafrenzz and wank when see CM
00:02:58Lynge noooo frieeeends
00:03:10Lafrenzz crystal maiden makes u horny
00:03:16Laier np
00:03:21Laier you guys make each other horny
00:03:41Lynge just harras hes ass
00:03:50Laier so you can farm? :DDD
00:03:53Lynge nah
00:03:58Lynge so We can kill
00:04:01Lynge i harras too
00:04:03McNabb gahh
00:04:12McNabb luna vs husk stop fucking arouind like that
00:05:55Skinkemaden ss
00:06:02DeMiaN luna
00:06:02DeMiaN go
00:06:06DeMiaN nerub
00:06:06McNabb 'oom
00:06:08Lynge go This bm
00:08:26Skinkemaden ss Hops around in circles :D gj stun? :
00:10:23Laier you are so fast
00:10:34DeMiaN laier noob
00:10:39Laier :DD
00:11:01DeMiaN +russian
00:11:17Skinkemaden husk
00:11:19Skinkemaden fu duh
00:11:45DeMiaN cast on husk
00:11:56Netukka ss
00:11:58Laier you know that emp tornado sucks noawadas
00:12:11Laier and now i die because i need to tell it to you :D
00:12:28DeMiaN tango pls ?
00:12:29Lynge play huskar and stfu
00:12:38DeMiaN thx
00:12:42Laier emp doesnt hit anymore to tornado
00:12:54Lynge What?
00:12:59Netukka ss invo
00:13:00Netukka mid
00:13:06Affliction b
00:13:09Laier emp doesnt hit to ppl who is lifted up by tornado
00:13:10Laier got it?
00:13:18Lynge not really
00:13:22Laier they nerfed invo
00:13:24Lynge What tornado ? :...
00:13:27Lynge invoker
00:13:27Netukka re
00:13:28Lynge ah
00:13:28Laier funny
00:13:35Netukka husk mid
00:13:40Netukka inc top
00:13:43Netukka 1111ä
00:13:46Netukka huskar
00:13:47Netukka inc top
00:13:48Netukka care IDIOT
00:14:19Lafrenzz just run omfg This fucking affliction is a such a retard
00:14:25McNabb hehhee
00:14:28Netukka ss
00:14:28Netukka mid
00:14:29Laier didnt see dazzle was oom i cast my stun he just wakes up huskar again fyucking retard now die there cunt. good
00:16:19DeMiaN kill
00:16:20DeMiaN tc stun
00:16:31McNabb :D
00:16:53Skinkemaden -il
00:17:26Laier y
00:17:27Laier smart
00:17:30McNabb def
00:17:31McNabb bot pfft
00:17:34DeMiaN yyyyy rofl i hate u guys never tp to help or nothing "def bot"
00:17:56DeMiaN 3 bot
00:17:56Netukka coming
00:17:59Guf almost oom
00:18:00Affliction WHINE WHINE EHGINE
00:18:23Laier mee ny vittuun
00:19:48Netukka i need a wolf
00:20:23Netukka no doom
00:20:24Netukka :/
00:21:19Guf omg
00:21:22Guf do i grave u for nothing?
00:21:26Guf just go ffs
00:22:27Skinkemaden -il
00:22:32Netukka hm
00:22:34Netukka shall i make agha
00:22:35Netukka or takn
00:22:37Netukka tank
00:22:37McNabb wards
00:22:41Netukka or radi
00:23:09Skinkemaden -il
00:23:17Affliction lol
00:23:43Laier hyvä tää oma :D
00:24:07Netukka järkevää
00:24:14Laier sain tän koko ryssätiimi itelleni
00:24:22Netukka i get radi
00:25:07DeMiaN dd bot
00:25:13McNabb b
00:25:18McNabb oom
00:25:27Affliction ok
00:25:28Affliction :DF
00:25:29McNabb arh
00:25:30McNabb hrehe
00:25:34McNabb så på dig
00:26:57McNabb hmm :DD
00:26:59Laier tärkee luna
00:27:00Laier :D
00:27:24DeMiaN mortred dominating
00:27:28DeMiaN not good we fed em
00:28:08DeMiaN tp bot
00:28:11DeMiaN anyone
00:29:49Laier kui hikisii ootte
00:29:56Skinkemaden -il
00:30:21Skinkemaden -il
00:30:46McNabb bitch
00:31:12Lafrenzz fight doom
00:31:23Affliction b
00:31:39Netukka farm
00:31:41McNabb y
00:32:15Netukka im getting myself fat now
00:32:17Netukka making ac
00:32:26Laier 'pa
00:32:27Laier rosh with me?
00:32:31Lafrenzz hawk there
00:32:35DeMiaN we should
00:32:36DeMiaN push
00:32:38Netukka yes aye
00:32:40Laier dont think so
00:32:44Laier its affliction :D
00:32:48Lafrenzz just saw
00:32:51Netukka i doom dazzle
00:32:58Netukka come
00:33:04McNabb omw
00:33:05Lynge affliction plays fine 2 pro 2 join us
00:33:14Netukka rosh
00:33:14Netukka go
00:33:21Skinkemaden -il
00:33:50Skinkemaden I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] go finish
00:33:55DeMiaN end
00:34:45McNabb b
00:34:45Guf I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:46DeMiaN rosh
00:34:47Guf I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:38DeMiaN rexxar
00:35:39DeMiaN go ult
00:35:40DeMiaN ffs
00:35:45Netukka o pish
00:35:47Netukka ipush gogo get bird up and get rosh
00:36:13McNabb !!!! go top and finish
00:36:18McNabb svin
00:36:21Affliction :D
00:36:34Laier I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:29Lynge Wp Skinkemaden 1-8
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