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Chat log

00:00:17Strom shitty pool again
00:00:17Laier invo
00:00:17McNabb whats a good pool?
00:00:17extremewaari lyca
00:00:17Strom not this
00:00:19extremewaari some1 want something?
00:00:28Strom I can farm with drow
00:00:31Strom or I cna mess around with storm
00:00:38McNabb ck anyone?
00:00:54AliBaba wd to me ..
00:01:02Swagga go drow
00:01:04McNabb trax!!!!
00:01:06Swagga or storm
00:01:11Strom drow kinda taken
00:01:15Strom but I'll mess around with storm
00:01:18Strom not carry
00:01:25extremewaari swagga go forrest
00:01:29extremewaari i solo top
00:01:33extremewaari strom mid
00:01:33McNabb VVind u pro?
00:01:39VVind0Wz no
00:01:41Laier :
00:01:42Laier :D
00:01:43svents get venge maby
00:01:47Laier get easy hero then
00:01:51Laier venge or y
00:01:51svents venge
00:01:51Laier venge
00:01:53VVind0Wz first time dota
00:01:58Laier nothing more easy than enge
00:01:58AliBaba dota
00:02:01AliBaba or gc ?
00:02:09Swagga fail picks
00:02:09VVind0Wz dota
00:02:12AliBaba lol
00:02:14Swagga -clear
00:02:22svents lying obv
00:02:23AliBaba you lie ? :b
00:02:25Swagga strom u go mid right?
00:02:25McNabb wd bot
00:02:26svents trolling u just :D
00:02:28Strom ye
00:02:38SMEGMAPLEKK hästi 1 stun on teil ju:D
00:02:39AliBaba -water 233 0 233
00:02:39Swagga lets hope bot lane will hold
00:02:45VVind0Wz ive tryed it 2-3 times
00:02:48Strom double melee last picks?
00:02:51Strom it won't
00:02:59Strom mcnabb will be there
00:03:00Strom with ck
00:03:03Strom it'll be a massacre
00:03:04AliBaba me to .b
00:03:06Swagga thats why i said fail pick
00:03:11Swagga picks
00:03:15svents venge max stun and terror wavre
00:03:18svents no aura
00:03:19VVind0Wz shut up arab
00:03:29VVind0Wz not u svents
00:03:36Laier dont deny
00:03:38Swagga pulling
00:04:11svents let me farm pls
00:04:55Swagga ff
00:05:12Laier ss mid
00:05:12Laier bot rune
00:05:31Swagga pulling
00:06:57svents venge come
00:07:04extremewaari top ss
00:07:04extremewaari 2
00:07:08svents cent woods
00:07:21Laier SS
00:07:22Laier BOT RUNE
00:07:24svents b
00:07:33svents kill wl
00:07:34svents y
00:07:35Strom drow top ruen
00:07:42Swagga care their woods
00:07:56Strom care top drow rune
00:07:58AliBaba ...
00:08:00Strom re
00:08:16VVind0Wz can we get some help top
00:09:05AliBaba ss
00:09:13McNabb ss
00:09:25svents go gank
00:09:28svents iu farm
00:09:35SMEGMAPLEKK strom
00:09:36SMEGMAPLEKK tle alla gnk
00:09:39Laier MID MISS
00:09:45SMEGMAPLEKK bara charge?
00:10:01VVind0Wz ss top
00:10:02svents venge
00:10:04svents go gank
00:10:06svents i farm
00:10:09Strom so kill bot?
00:10:35McNabb way too slow wd
00:10:44Swagga ss top
00:10:48AliBaba i really dont know..
00:10:52AliBaba sry :b
00:10:58VVind0Wz no one to gank
00:11:21svents ffs
00:11:25McNabb ff
00:11:28Swagga im b
00:11:28McNabb we got svents
00:11:32svents stfu
00:11:42McNabb in fact
00:11:46Laier these new players are allways awesome
00:11:46McNabb it isent your fould
00:11:52McNabb trax fp is retarded
00:12:03svents well its laier
00:12:03Laier y
00:12:06svents "progamer
00:12:07Swagga should i go vg or dagger first?
00:12:09Laier blame me that you guys lose all lanes :D
00:12:14Strom vg
00:12:18Strom and treads
00:12:20McNabb wards venge?
00:12:21Strom I can initiate for now
00:12:21Swagga yy
00:12:28Laier mby come mid
00:12:30Laier and stop whining
00:13:11extremewaari give mana
00:13:12SMEGMAPLEKK hp
00:13:14SMEGMAPLEKK cd'
00:13:28Laier come mid
00:13:31Laier dont go bot
00:14:07Swagga charge?
00:14:13Swagga b
00:14:32AliBaba ff at 25 ?
00:14:40McNabb ff
00:14:48svents this wl gonna rape for real
00:14:49McNabb imba picks guys
00:14:58acchilies any1 said something about picks? :)
00:15:02Strom yep
00:15:03Laier mcnabb just stfu and play your part :D but you cant even do that
00:15:15McNabb 3 carrys and a venge that wont gank
00:15:21Swagga push?
00:15:24SMEGMAPLEKK b=
00:15:45SMEGMAPLEKK give
00:15:45SMEGMAPLEKK me
00:15:46SMEGMAPLEKK omg
00:15:51Swagga wut?
00:15:54SMEGMAPLEKK nvm
00:15:55svents we have 0 towers:D
00:16:01McNabb we have u
00:16:04Swagga u thought i wass gonna take it?
00:16:06svents =)
00:16:11AliBaba :D
00:16:18AliBaba nice .
00:16:47VVind0Wz y feed the new one
00:17:35extremewaari mana
00:17:38SMEGMAPLEKK cd
00:17:59Swagga got dagger
00:18:06extremewaari mana
00:18:09svents btw we lost all lanes cuz trax u didnt gank at all
00:18:44McNabb 'ofc she dident
00:18:47McNabb she a farmer
00:18:48Swagga omw top
00:18:48McNabb like
00:18:49McNabb me
00:18:50McNabb and leo
00:18:54McNabb and 3 is too much
00:19:11Strom tiny?
00:19:13Strom how about some stun help :D
00:20:06Swagga bitch
00:20:06svents smegma:DDDDDd
00:20:13SMEGMAPLEKK tra jäin tv vahitma XD
00:20:22SMEGMAPLEKK ptsi unine kaa juba:D
00:20:23SMEGMAPLEKK pohhui:D
00:20:24VVind0Wz people dont play so bad as this in pdc
00:20:30SMEGMAPLEKK saate tala rsk:D
00:20:35AliBaba idiot
00:20:39extremewaari ulti rdy
00:23:00svents diffu any1?
00:23:21acchilies b
00:23:23Swagga cant blink stun
00:24:30Strom lets push bot tower down+
00:24:33SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:24:35Swagga cgharge
00:24:44Swagga wd
00:24:51Laier b
00:24:52Laier all inc
00:24:52Laier b
00:24:52Laier b
00:24:53Laier b
00:25:14Swagga mana
00:25:17SMEGMAPLEKK ccd
00:25:39Swagga hate
00:26:04McNabb ff
00:26:05Swagga twr
00:26:56extremewaari rax fs
00:26:57extremewaari ffs
00:27:01Strom bronze, gotta remember
00:27:02Strom :D
00:27:05extremewaari yea
00:27:06extremewaari true
00:27:16extremewaari he didint rvrn use mom
00:27:18extremewaari didnt
00:27:20extremewaari bara
00:27:37Laier go
00:27:46extremewaari stun
00:27:51SMEGMAPLEKK diasble
00:27:56Laier gogo
00:28:12Laier b after
00:28:35SMEGMAPLEKK fucking hiiir
00:28:36SMEGMAPLEKK ptsiiii
00:29:17Laier gj
00:29:19VVind0Wz gj
00:29:20acchilies luckeer
00:29:25Laier just farm
00:29:27Laier i got diffu
00:29:29Laier wl = useless
00:29:31svents i need bkb
00:29:36svents need 1k more
00:29:45Strom we really need to push with 5
00:29:54McNabb b
00:30:09svents venge maby swap first wl?
00:30:13AliBaba ?
00:30:15svents so we insta kill him
00:30:17McNabb or maybe die
00:30:20McNabb told u back
00:30:21VVind0Wz raped :P
00:30:21extremewaari mid
00:30:22extremewaari now
00:30:34VVind0Wz calm down guys we will win this
00:30:35Laier jsut def base
00:30:46AliBaba sure
00:30:47Laier no need to go out
00:30:52Laier i take golems down
00:31:01svents ulti cd 30sec:S
00:31:07Strom cent & sb should be in front
00:32:04VVind0Wz swagga u good :)
00:32:06Strom guys, lets focus down tower
00:32:10Swagga nope
00:32:11Strom we're there to push, not to fight
00:32:23VVind0Wz u got balls :P
00:32:30Swagga u have to with cent
00:32:38svents got bkb
00:32:42Laier ill make also
00:32:48extremewaari they go rosh?
00:32:54VVind0Wz me bkb also?
00:32:57Laier no
00:32:58svents no lol
00:33:05svents get some wards pls guys
00:33:07VVind0Wz just kidding guys
00:33:11svents we need vision
00:33:25svents venge u can get medallion
00:33:26Swagga smoke gank
00:33:28acchilies tiny take
00:33:29svents its imba item :)
00:33:30McNabb they rosh
00:33:34Swagga lol
00:33:36svents go go
00:33:36VVind0Wz too risci to set ward here ?
00:33:41Strom cent come help
00:33:41Laier go
00:33:41Strom ye
00:33:46VVind0Wz indeed
00:33:49Strom cent should take aegis
00:33:51Strom he tanks anyway
00:34:40Laier b
00:34:56Strom why buy back lol
00:35:00Swagga i mad
00:35:01Strom waste of money
00:35:23extremewaari lets push top
00:35:30svents ac or deso?
00:35:33Laier ac
00:35:34McNabb ac
00:35:41McNabb b venge
00:35:47extremewaari come
00:35:55Laier ,b
00:35:56Laier b
00:35:56acchilies charge??
00:35:56Laier b
00:35:57Swagga we should gank fi8st
00:36:03svents dont die pls
00:36:06Laier def
00:36:06svents go together
00:36:29Strom lets foucs down rax
00:36:29svents i just go get wl first
00:36:30svents idc
00:36:30Strom melee rax
00:36:36McNabb nah go bara
00:36:37Strom they will glyph
00:36:38Strom but yeah
00:37:07Strom tiny sup?
00:37:14Swagga tiny and ba8a
00:37:18McNabb dont fokus me bitch
00:37:19Swagga go fuck u8self
00:37:46Swagga im not goin to push with these noobs
00:38:07Strom so the plan is to outcarry drow & sk?
00:38:11Laier b
00:38:11Strom gonna be interesting
00:38:22Swagga its 3 v 5
00:38:22AliBaba -ii
00:38:47Swagga smoke gankl
00:38:48VVind0Wz come def
00:38:49Swagga go
00:38:53Swagga gathe8 ffs
00:38:55Strom I will go farm top
00:39:01Laier b
00:39:06svents y
00:39:06svents y
00:39:14VVind0Wz haste top
00:39:27AliBaba go take it ^^
00:39:33Laier witch orb comes if i make domi?
00:39:35Laier after diffu
00:39:41Laier lifesteal or manaburn? >.<
00:39:48svents :D
00:39:52Laier go
00:39:54Laier strom not here
00:40:04Laier go
00:40:12Swagga b
00:40:16Laier b
00:40:18Strom I need to regen
00:40:18Strom so b
00:40:25extremewaari def base
00:40:31extremewaari or not
00:40:43svents they are waiting for roshan?
00:40:49Laier probabl
00:40:54svents and guys more wards pls
00:40:57SMEGMAPLEKK tra ei jaksa enam:S
00:40:59svents we need rly vision
00:41:04Laier gop
00:41:05Laier mid
00:41:10VVind0Wz im the only one warding
00:41:15svents wd need also
00:41:20Strom we need entries
00:41:20Swagga we need wa8ds
00:41:34acchilies i bought wards...
00:41:45extremewaari B
00:41:50Swagga b
00:41:51extremewaari dont go
00:41:53extremewaari he is dead
00:41:55Swagga b
00:41:56Swagga B
00:41:57Swagga B
00:41:57Swagga B
00:41:57Swagga B
00:41:58Swagga b
00:42:03McNabb NONONO
00:42:08Laier 'go bot
00:42:09Swagga :DDD
00:42:09Laier go bot
00:42:34Swagga i tell u its 3 v 5
00:42:45Laier b abit svents
00:42:57VVind0Wz gogo all
00:42:58Swagga cant u skillban them?
00:43:07Strom blah
00:43:13Strom backup arrived too soon
00:43:13Laier gg
00:43:14Laier take rax
00:43:23svents ma liiga owner see m2ng :P
00:43:23Strom swagga, play in silver
00:43:27Strom if you are distrubed with the skill
00:43:33Laier wp ck sk
00:43:37svents 1 click hero too imba:D
00:43:39VVind0Wz toop
00:44:38Strom ok
00:44:39Strom I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:41SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:50VVind0Wz b
00:45:04McNabb wd?
00:45:06SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:45:07Swagga :DDD
00:45:10AliBaba :D
00:45:16AliBaba i will buy :(
00:45:48Strom lets take rosh
00:45:54svents :DDD
00:45:58svents gj
00:46:01svents got ac
00:46:03SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:46:53svents mul 5k pappi :)
00:47:17SMEGMAPLEKK traa valet dagonisin:D
00:47:19SMEGMAPLEKK Rsssk
00:47:26SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:30acchilies -ff
00:47:31acchilies I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53Swagga HAHAHAHA
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