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-14 X
-3 TS

91% | 1575 X | 1498 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

83% | 1478 X | 1439 TS

+14 X
-2 TS

81% | 1445 X | 1442 TS

-24 X
-3 TS

75% | 1338 X | 1451 TS

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48% | 1150 X | 1348 TS

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92% | 1528 X | 1583 TS

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81% | 1465 X | 1402 TS

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74% | 1414 X | 1352 TS

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67% | 1306 X | 1393 TS

Chat log

00:00:10Gevomancer vs 4 meh
00:00:18EyeforanEye could go pudge/wl/clinkz
00:00:18Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:18poskus i am overrated
00:00:18poskus i must be 55
00:00:18atte omni
00:00:18atte want something?
00:00:18atte ok wl
00:00:18EyeforanEye pudge/wl/clinkz
00:00:18EyeforanEye ok
00:00:18lumo -
00:00:18atte waari
00:00:18atte VAARIII
00:00:18extremewaari ns
00:00:18atte vaarilla on saaarii se isoo saaariii ooooooooon
00:00:28Gevomancer take me vs
00:00:30Gevomancer plz
00:00:46EyeforanEye u want?
00:00:54Kastrup i dont really wanna go mid :)
00:00:59Gevomancer or not
00:01:03atte me sf
00:01:08atte -swap 2
00:01:09EyeforanEye -swap 1
00:01:19Laier lion
00:01:23extremewaari rubick
00:01:27Laier lion rubick go
00:01:29Gevomancer righto
00:01:32Kastrup two mid?
00:01:33extremewaari take rubick
00:01:35Kastrup what u say?
00:01:37Kastrup two mid?
00:01:38EyeforanEye get dk
00:01:40EyeforanEye dk
00:01:41Gevomancer swap?
00:01:51Laier pudge mid
00:01:52Gevomancer swap?
00:01:55Kastrup not against sf alone
00:01:57Kastrup hmm
00:01:57Kastrup okay
00:01:59Kastrup will be hard
00:02:08extremewaari illl try to gang with venge
00:02:14Kastrup that would be great
00:02:21Kastrup been playing horrible last couble of days :/
00:02:28Laier LIONI
00:02:30Laier tuu fb mid
00:02:37mansikka ok
00:02:50mansikka pistänk hex?
00:02:52Laier alche top
00:02:57mansikka 3x pitempi ku stun
00:02:58Laier joo hex
00:03:41Laier mee vaa sinne toppii
00:05:25Kastrup gank would be nice
00:05:35mansikka i come
00:05:56mansikka go
00:06:20Kastrup gj
00:06:21Kastrup thanks
00:06:25atte pudge lowhp
00:06:25mansikka np
00:06:45Kastrup again'7
00:06:47mansikka y
00:06:48atte ss
00:06:48EyeforanEye ss lion
00:06:49mansikka w8
00:06:52Kastrup yea
00:06:53atte re
00:07:02poskus mid vb
00:07:09Laier bopt ss2
00:07:28Kastrup 3 mid :D
00:07:32Kastrup didn't see
00:07:33Kastrup sorry :D
00:07:45atte cant handle 1v1?
00:08:23atte HAHA
00:08:23poskus atte wtf?
00:08:25atte :DDDDDDDDDD
00:08:26extremewaari ^^
00:08:27atte he did
00:08:32atte blinkstrike me in there
00:08:34atte and himself out
00:08:37Kastrup gj
00:08:58poskus u did not expect that?
00:09:02atte i did
00:09:02poskus fucking obvious
00:09:04atte but he was
00:09:08atte so fucking far
00:09:09poskus u stabnd there like idfiot
00:09:09Kastrup i come top
00:09:10Kastrup with hate
00:09:11Kastrup haste
00:09:14Laier HATE
00:09:14atte shut up
00:09:18Kastrup :D
00:09:44Laier -ma
00:09:56extremewaari bot ss
00:09:57extremewaari 2
00:10:06poskus ss venge
00:10:08Kastrup :)
00:10:14poskus re
00:10:32poskus ff dk
00:10:40Casberry WTF ß
00:10:44Casberry nothing more i could dpo
00:10:45poskus dk?
00:11:06poskus use wand earliesr and firebreath?
00:11:09Kastrup :D
00:11:35poskus ff
00:11:37poskus retards
00:11:42EyeforanEye go fuck urself.
00:12:10Kastrup ck okay farm?
00:12:12atte PUDGE BOT
00:12:14atte DK DONT DIE
00:12:14extremewaari y
00:12:18Kastrup nice
00:12:26Casberry didnt xyet
00:12:27Laier bot ss2
00:12:28Laier btw
00:13:06Kastrup drunk? :D
00:13:10atte these illus
00:13:23Kastrup care
00:13:24extremewaari mana
00:13:25Kastrup he got hook
00:13:27extremewaari top urne
00:13:27mansikka i go b
00:13:29poskus fucking go
00:13:30poskus 3v21
00:13:34extremewaari ty
00:13:52Kastrup fsdjklf
00:13:54Kastrup fucking my mistake
00:14:26Kastrup cmon?=
00:14:27Kastrup why?
00:14:40Gevomancer omfg
00:15:14poskus mid care
00:15:57EyeforanEye pudge tp
00:16:38Kastrup alci?
00:17:39Kastrup moment
00:17:50poskus lag
00:18:01Kastrup sdjklfsdjklfsdf'
00:18:02Kastrup could see
00:18:05extremewaari yea
00:18:22Kastrup dont turn
00:18:26Kastrup I SAID DONT
00:18:34mansikka why not
00:18:39Kastrup because then u weren't dead
00:18:42mansikka oh
00:18:44mansikka ok
00:19:11atte we should instakill that ck
00:19:13atte tping there
00:19:19poskus shit
00:19:23atte mb come hex him
00:19:24Kastrup ups :d
00:19:24atte and kill
00:19:25Casberry bad ...
00:19:32atte everyone just kill that ck
00:19:33atte but no
00:19:36atte wait all and then go die
00:19:37Laier 4hp enough
00:19:37atte :DD
00:19:56Laier tower
00:19:56Laier and b
00:20:12atte tp cd
00:20:15poskus retard
00:20:18poskus rubick
00:20:22poskus leave pudge there
00:20:23poskus near wards
00:20:37poskus ff
00:20:50poskus it was insta kill
00:20:52Kastrup meat hook on rubick
00:20:54Kastrup take care
00:20:54poskus and u fucking dragged him away
00:21:10poskus ff
00:21:23poskus b
00:21:31poskus b
00:22:00poskus idiots
00:22:01poskus die more
00:22:18Casberry we gotta stick
00:22:22poskus retardsa
00:22:23lumo u l2p
00:22:26atte manabootsdk
00:22:28atte :DDDDDDDDDD
00:22:35Laier -ma
00:22:38poskus 7 deaths atee
00:22:39atte and rhasta
00:22:41atte treds
00:22:47Kastrup ck
00:22:47Kastrup bot
00:22:47poskus fu
00:22:48Kastrup farm
00:22:48Kastrup fast
00:23:02Kastrup wait for me mid
00:23:07Kastrup i come and miss a hook :d
00:23:39atte ¨300
00:23:41Gevomancer -st
00:23:48EyeforanEye 600 from sepcter
00:24:11Laier b
00:24:11Laier b
00:24:13Laier dont go
00:24:22atte bkb now
00:24:59atte now fight
00:25:02poskus care
00:25:05poskus hjook
00:25:07atte no ult tho
00:25:12Casberry mne niether
00:25:55poskus not bad
00:26:02poskus fucking rhasta for their 2 :)
00:26:49Kastrup blue just farm
00:26:58extremewaari lion
00:27:03Kastrup gone
00:27:54Kastrup take
00:27:55Kastrup take
00:27:58mansikka no
00:28:00atte urn
00:28:01atte .....
00:28:03atte zzzzzzzz
00:28:24Kastrup -st
00:28:29Kastrup blue
00:28:36poskus smokegang
00:28:38EyeforanEye omw
00:28:44atte dk go first
00:28:54Kastrup they have wards
00:28:59atte dk go
00:28:59Kastrup care
00:29:43poskus nice team
00:29:47atte :D:D:D:D:D
00:29:50Casberry lol ..
00:29:52poskus worst fight wver
00:30:05Casberry infernmal chilling
00:30:43atte me top
00:30:55atte someone
00:31:03EyeforanEye push top
00:31:21Kastrup why not let me haste?
00:31:22Kastrup ...
00:31:31Laier he got a bkb!
00:31:33Kastrup what are u making?
00:31:43atte wait
00:32:08mansikka :D
00:32:16Laier siis sä vittu tosissaa missaat stunnin
00:32:23mansikka se väisti
00:32:27Kastrup b
00:32:33atte b
00:32:47Laier miten pystyy target stunnin missaa
00:32:50Laier en vaa käsitä
00:33:01mansikka dude se väisti
00:33:03mansikka käveli sivulle
00:33:08mansikka ei oo hakeutuva
00:33:11Kastrup :/
00:33:30Kastrup what are you makig ck?
00:33:34extremewaari hot
00:33:38poskus we lose late
00:33:39EyeforanEye we should push
00:33:41Kastrup we need some dps :/
00:33:43EyeforanEye ck late will be a pain
00:33:49poskus dk shitfarm
00:33:51Kastrup sf is getting fat..
00:34:04Gevomancer i go ac or what
00:34:07Kastrup ye
00:34:10extremewaari mana
00:34:12poskus smoke
00:34:15extremewaari ty
00:34:23atte they come for me
00:34:51Kastrup okay they got wards
00:34:53Kastrup .com
00:34:55atte go
00:35:00Laier and wtf you doing there anyway
00:35:06Laier pure stupidy
00:35:10Kastrup not the correct dission
00:35:15Kastrup dission <- rofl
00:35:31poskus tower
00:35:32poskus and b
00:36:00atte wasnt fast enought with blink
00:36:05poskus b
00:36:06poskus b
00:36:06poskus b
00:36:09atte you shouldnt go die there like that :DD
00:36:17atte bond
00:36:20poskus fuck
00:36:25Casberry wrong way ..
00:36:42Kastrup :/
00:36:53atte reuse
00:37:01Kastrup -st
00:37:19poskus rosh
00:37:31poskus rubick cre
00:37:33poskus care
00:37:35poskus smoke
00:37:47poskus smoke
00:37:50EyeforanEye go bot
00:37:54Laier b
00:38:26lumo venge back
00:38:30lumo behind
00:38:33Kastrup care
00:38:39Kastrup prolong bot
00:38:40atte 2 dead
00:38:42Kastrup top lane is pushing
00:38:54Kastrup swap sf?
00:38:57Kastrup and take ?
00:39:03Kastrup not now
00:39:09Kastrup ffs
00:39:13Kastrup wait untill its almoast dead
00:39:14Kastrup almost
00:39:20poskus go rosh
00:39:29mansikka good idea kastrup
00:39:37Kastrup well brain is needed :)
00:39:44Laier ye but your sucks
00:39:48Kastrup no doubt
00:39:50Laier since i though you were next to me
00:40:23EyeforanEye go ulti rdy
00:41:06Laier wp idiot
00:41:06poskus mid
00:41:10atte urn
00:41:10Laier hook a fucking tank next to us
00:41:19Gevomancer -st
00:41:20Kastrup someone pinged..
00:41:59poskus b
00:42:12Casberry ff ? ..
00:42:24mansikka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:28Kastrup not lost
00:42:34mansikka so
00:42:38poskus wose bottle?
00:42:41poskus sell or leave?
00:42:41mansikka then dont ff
00:42:46Kastrup i didn't
00:42:47atte my
00:42:49atte you wont get gold
00:42:51atte if sell
00:42:51mansikka then dont
00:42:54Kastrup why so much hate..
00:42:55Kastrup cmon
00:42:59mansikka no hate
00:43:12poskus got agha
00:43:12Laier stop DOING retard hooks
00:43:16Laier and rush to their forest
00:43:36atte go
00:44:06Kastrup well got ank
00:44:07Kastrup :|
00:44:11Laier why alche running full hp and mp
00:44:13EyeforanEye refresher rdy
00:44:14Kastrup dunno
00:44:26atte regen bot
00:44:27poskus gj
00:44:37atte we can 5v5
00:44:39Laier alche FIGHT next time
00:44:41EyeforanEye ye np
00:44:42poskus weasy 5v5
00:44:43Kastrup problem is
00:44:44Laier dont fucking run away like a pussycat
00:44:46Kastrup sf has so much support..
00:44:51EyeforanEye go finish
00:44:54Kastrup so its really tough winning those battles.
00:45:14Gevomancer let me
00:45:20Laier y sure
00:45:23Laier so you can run away again?
00:45:25EyeforanEye sf join
00:45:26lumo DK FIRST GO
00:45:28lumo jestas
00:45:29Kastrup just come here
00:45:30Kastrup fight at base?
00:45:33lumo you are the tank
00:45:34poskus mana
00:45:37extremewaari no
00:45:38poskus mana
00:45:43extremewaari before base
00:45:43Gevomancer got ac
00:45:45extremewaari have to
00:45:50atte dk go
00:45:52Casberry chick sek
00:46:43poskus ewasy win
00:46:46Kastrup wp
00:46:46Laier alche won
00:46:47Laier gg
00:46:52atte fucking noobs
00:46:54atte gang me
00:46:54extremewaari I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:55atte :DDD
00:46:58Kastrup well had to try..
00:47:00Laier atte voitti pelin <3
00:47:01Kastrup but a alchi
00:47:02atte like sf cant farm
00:47:03Kastrup not able to farm
00:47:09Kastrup gg
00:47:12Laier like sf won the game
00:47:14Laier :<
00:47:17atte lol not
00:47:18Kastrup well wl did
00:47:20Kastrup imo
00:47:23Kastrup better picks
00:47:24EyeforanEye :P
00:47:24Kastrup no doubt
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