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Chat log

00:00:17Sepetos anyone omni?
00:00:17KolleBolle -clear
00:00:17MariahCarry WISHES?
00:00:17Banana hmm give me then
00:00:17KolleBolle i can play it
00:00:17zebbelito i can shreder
00:00:17Kanpu3a warning banana!
00:00:17KolleBolle ok
00:00:17zebbelito pls
00:00:17Sepetos -bs
00:00:17Buttons i'll cm or lina if poss
00:00:17KolleBolle banana
00:00:17KolleBolle gett omni
00:00:17zebbelito shreder or furion
00:00:17Banana WHAAAT
00:00:17MariahCarry lich
00:00:17zebbelito niklas
00:00:18Sepetos i want shredder or furi too
00:00:19Sepetos :D
00:00:20zebbelito din fittnoiob
00:00:22Rotkiv go shreder .. soo annoying hero
00:00:25zebbelito shred
00:00:26Sepetos shredder over omni?
00:00:29zebbelito yeah
00:00:35DalaiRuma pff
00:00:39MariahCarry is it good?
00:00:46DalaiRuma shredder ?
00:00:48DalaiRuma yes it is
00:00:49MariahCarry ye
00:00:51MariahCarry after the update
00:00:52KolleBolle gett omni now!!!
00:00:58Sepetos yea plz
00:00:58DalaiRuma well kinda same
00:00:58MariahCarry need stun guys
00:01:00zebbelito wgar y wanbt
00:01:02zebbelito what u want
00:01:03Sepetos u can solo furi zebbe
00:01:04MariahCarry cm sd lina wd
00:01:04zebbelito =
00:01:06Sepetos i go lane this
00:01:10Rotkiv who wanted omni
00:01:11zebbelito ffs
00:01:14zebbelito i wanted SHRED
00:01:17zebbelito FOR ONCE
00:01:17DalaiRuma omni, need diffu
00:01:18Sepetos me2
00:01:19MariahCarry cmcmcmcm
00:01:20Banana i 7nt omni
00:01:23zebbelito jisses
00:01:24Banana i want
00:01:24zebbelito chrost
00:01:26MariahCarry nice
00:01:32Rotkiv ok .. get me wd
00:01:39Banana -swap 3
00:01:41Rotkiv -swap 4
00:01:51Sepetos shredder good with furi right?
00:01:53Banana want me to do meka?
00:01:56Sepetos works with furis trees?
00:01:59zebbelito -swap 1
00:02:00Sepetos omni arcane meka y
00:02:26Buttons lanes?
00:02:33MariahCarry tc top
00:02:36MariahCarry cm bot
00:02:37Buttons idd
00:02:41Sepetos let me lasthit wd right?
00:02:42MariahCarry so cm can roam to mid
00:02:46MariahCarry and we get sum killz yo
00:02:49Rotkiv :D lets see
00:02:50Buttons ^5
00:02:52Sepetos ur gona make basillus?
00:02:55Rotkiv j
00:02:57Sepetos ok
00:02:58Sepetos good
00:03:10Sepetos skill cask heal cask curse max
00:03:15MariahCarry care for fb
00:03:18Buttons want?
00:03:21Buttons sf
00:03:22MariahCarry yea
00:03:24MariahCarry ty
00:03:27MariahCarry nice ward
00:03:29Sepetos pullz
00:03:29MariahCarry :(
00:03:32MariahCarry :)*
00:03:37Rotkiv ss
00:03:39Rotkiv re
00:04:02Buttons yh bitch
00:04:18Buttons ward
00:04:45Rotkiv gj
00:04:52Sepetos yeayo
00:05:07MariahCarry invis bot
00:05:10MariahCarry we can kill midss
00:05:32KolleBolle omni go woods
00:05:39Banana lol?
00:05:51Buttons tt
00:05:54Buttons furi
00:06:00Sepetos buy basi?
00:06:03MariahCarry unlucky
00:06:04MariahCarry ^^
00:06:06DalaiRuma cant stun or anything ?
00:06:20Sepetos yea
00:06:27DalaiRuma furi mid ?
00:06:34MariahCarry y
00:06:43Sepetos cm miss
00:06:51Rotkiv cm in our woods
00:07:42MariahCarry ss mid
00:07:46Buttons furi + shredder is ridiculous
00:07:50zebbelito ss mid
00:08:16zebbelito :D
00:08:25Rotkiv yuor dead
00:08:42Sepetos LOL
00:08:44Sepetos -2 iunt
00:08:46Sepetos fuck this
00:08:57Banana kolle gpo
00:08:58Banana tra
00:09:00Banana faggo
00:09:09DalaiRuma ffs
00:09:21DalaiRuma he comes always when i have 0 mana
00:09:21Buttons ss bot
00:09:22Buttons wd
00:09:27Sepetos tele bot zebbe
00:09:39Rotkiv 'wtf?
00:09:47MariahCarry go thrall
00:09:54MariahCarry zz
00:10:02Rotkiv why you dindt hook?
00:10:09Sepetos cause it wasnt long enough?
00:10:15Rotkiv logish
00:10:32DalaiRuma dafug
00:10:33Rotkiv gj
00:10:40DalaiRuma that dmg is sick
00:10:46DalaiRuma oh and furi ulti
00:10:48DalaiRuma then np
00:10:57zebbelito lol omni....
00:11:00Buttons ss bot
00:11:00Buttons 3
00:11:01Banana :S
00:11:06zebbelito niklas
00:11:06Sepetos mana
00:11:09KolleBolle ingenb mna
00:11:13KolleBolle mana
00:11:48MariahCarry new wards pls
00:11:50zebbelito warf
00:12:02DalaiRuma ss bot
00:12:06Buttons on crow
00:12:15MariahCarry nice
00:12:24Sepetos bulklshit
00:12:24MariahCarry wp
00:12:28MariahCarry omw
00:12:30MariahCarry hahaha
00:12:31MariahCarry wp
00:12:35zebbelito y
00:12:39Sepetos no wards fuckin invis
00:12:48DalaiRuma well i wouldv done that every time
00:12:50DalaiRuma but i was always oom
00:12:50DalaiRuma when ge cam
00:12:50DalaiRuma e
00:12:50DalaiRuma he cameÄ*
00:12:50zebbelito wd?
00:12:53Rotkiv je?
00:13:00zebbelito warfd
00:13:03Rotkiv ok
00:13:05Sepetos wait me top
00:13:07Sepetos im coming
00:13:12KolleBolle omw to
00:13:23MariahCarry omw top
00:13:25Rotkiv need that low tower
00:14:08Sepetos fuck - int again
00:14:10Sepetos shit fuck
00:14:20zebbelito bloodstone and ur fine
00:14:20Rotkiv how youl oose 4 vs 3
00:14:56DalaiRuma WD 1st
00:15:18Jouez :O
00:15:23Sepetos fuck this is never long enough
00:15:25Sepetos this shit fuck
00:16:32Banana oom
00:16:34zebbelito BANNED
00:16:35zebbelito OMNI
00:16:36zebbelito u SUCK
00:16:47zebbelito why dont u have soul ring
00:17:00zebbelito wp all
00:17:01zebbelito noobs
00:17:09zebbelito lmao
00:17:21KolleBolle k
00:18:17MariahCarry b taking dd
00:18:18MariahCarry care
00:18:19MariahCarry im not there
00:18:31zebbelito n
00:18:33zebbelito b
00:18:51Sepetos hehe.h.e.he.h.e
00:19:24zebbelito omni is wooden
00:19:27zebbelito we cant do shit
00:19:27DalaiRuma i get urn k ?
00:19:31DalaiRuma or cm ?
00:19:34Buttons you
00:19:35MariahCarry ok
00:19:40KolleBolle dem kommer
00:19:58zebbelito wtf was that
00:20:02zebbelito ur rly shit
00:20:04zebbelito for real
00:20:10MariahCarry gogo mnuid
00:20:28zebbelito dyust?
00:20:30zebbelito or no use
00:20:30zebbelito going
00:20:44Jouez :D
00:20:51Buttons beautiful
00:20:55MariahCarry yea xD
00:21:00Sepetos ffs
00:21:01Sepetos really
00:21:16DalaiRuma blind cm ?
00:21:21Buttons stoned sry
00:21:31zebbelito 0-5 me sk
00:21:34zebbelito som har aegis
00:21:35Banana D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
00:22:00DalaiRuma cmon
00:22:00DalaiRuma :F
00:22:00Buttons joke?
00:22:00DalaiRuma this can be difficult
00:22:00zebbelito this could work
00:22:00zebbelito :D
00:22:00Banana can i go?
00:22:00Buttons so bs
00:22:00zebbelito why u add more another day
00:22:08Banana just too tired
00:22:15zebbelito yeah otherwise
00:22:17zebbelito u would rock
00:22:24Rotkiv :D
00:22:32Banana and never dont send me top with lastpick
00:22:50Sepetos and int again
00:22:51Sepetos gg
00:22:56Jouez gj
00:23:01MariahCarry ty
00:23:16Jouez -.-
00:23:33MariahCarry me pls
00:23:37Kanpu3a k
00:23:40Buttons ofc
00:24:49zebbelito FFS
00:24:49Rotkiv i hope that all you will ff
00:24:50zebbelito U PORTO
00:24:54zebbelito no
00:24:54zebbelito never
00:24:57zebbelito vs DENMARK
00:24:58zebbelito i FF
00:25:01zebbelito worst shit players
00:25:03zebbelito and country
00:25:10zebbelito wo nt ver
00:25:28Sepetos use heal
00:25:29Sepetos wd
00:25:31Sepetos when cursed
00:25:32Sepetos plz
00:25:32Sepetos noob
00:25:40Sepetos go there help furi
00:26:01zebbelito haha
00:26:06Sepetos nah
00:26:08MariahCarry BAM
00:26:22zebbelito DAMN OMNI
00:26:24zebbelito UR GOOD
00:26:29MariahCarry u mean
00:26:31MariahCarry im GOD
00:27:11DalaiRuma how much can one hate omni
00:28:09Rotkiv I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:34MariahCarry pus
00:29:35MariahCarry push
00:29:37MariahCarry guys
00:29:37MariahCarry come on
00:29:52zebbelito b
00:30:48DalaiRuma im goin meka
00:31:13zebbelito wtf
00:31:21zebbelito full frotnal suicide
00:31:32Sepetos well sk and wd wont go at all
00:31:37Sepetos when tc was freekill front of base
00:32:07zebbelito varför har du treads
00:32:13MariahCarry no
00:32:17Sepetos thrall
00:32:27zebbelito löl
00:32:39zebbelito donbt get DUSTS
00:32:42zebbelito PLS
00:32:43zebbelito DONT
00:32:47Banana ok
00:32:53Banana smoke then?
00:33:31MariahCarry ty
00:33:36Sepetos u should have phase furi
00:33:36Kanpu3a mb stop farming
00:33:39MariahCarry ye
00:33:42Sepetos most imba item for furi
00:33:48zebbelito ok
00:33:53DalaiRuma wasted glyph
00:33:54DalaiRuma sweet
00:34:50MariahCarry silencer
00:34:52MariahCarry coming?
00:35:12Sepetos heal
00:35:26zebbelito snyggt
00:35:29Sepetos nice we got skele
00:35:34zebbelito hahahaha
00:35:50Rotkiv I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:51DalaiRuma go mid
00:35:57Rotkiv plz lets ff ..
00:35:58zebbelito rotvik to overrated
00:36:08Rotkiv ok .. ff now
00:36:14Rotkiv and its rotkiv
00:36:15zebbelito no ty
00:36:18zebbelito dont playt like that
00:37:06zebbelito how
00:37:14DalaiRuma rosh
00:37:16MariahCarry yea
00:37:17MariahCarry hahaha
00:37:17zebbelito sk and omni cant even be counted
00:37:18MariahCarry :D
00:37:20zebbelito as heroes
00:37:20DalaiRuma :)
00:37:21zebbelito this game
00:37:34zebbelito never seen worse
00:37:36zebbelito then those 2
00:37:50Banana sadface
00:37:53DalaiRuma i take bottle
00:37:57Rotkiv :D
00:39:19DalaiRuma ur bottle
00:39:19DalaiRuma sf
00:39:22MariahCarry ^^
00:39:23MariahCarry ty
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