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95% | 1662 X | 1551 TS

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91% | 1571 X | 1494 TS

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76% | 1425 X | 1373 TS

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98% | 1745 X | 1599 TS

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83% | 1473 X | 1439 TS

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74% | 1394 X | 1384 TS

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74% | 1422 X | 1347 TS

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62% | 1255 X | 1391 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Nickless rd?
00:00:06atte strom we could play on last game..
00:00:06Netukka new rd?
00:00:06101010 y
00:00:06Netukka -rd
00:00:06Strom huh atte?
00:00:14Strom I don't understand what you said
00:00:15Nickless pls tc for me
00:00:19atte could just balance
00:00:19atte or play 4v5
00:00:19lumo autormk
00:00:19Strom nope, it was remake
00:00:19lumo o_O
00:00:19101010 afker?
00:00:19atte your fast fingers could cancel rmk
00:00:19Netukka any
00:00:19Netukka wish wind for mee
00:00:19Strom not really please
00:00:19Strom and I wouldn't want to either
00:00:19Netukka es
00:00:19atte void
00:00:19Netukka any1
00:00:19Strom we were doing fine
00:00:19atte want phonix?
00:00:19Netukka phoenix
00:00:19RalleBrazil u
00:00:19Strom swaping out a feeding alche vs any of us
00:00:19RalleBrazil y
00:00:19Strom benefits only you
00:00:23Netukka ralle es?
00:00:28Netukka or
00:00:29lumo .
00:00:30RalleBrazil not good at him :(
00:00:30Netukka ralle
00:00:34Netukka well any
00:00:35Nickless tc for mr
00:00:35Netukka else
00:00:36Netukka wish
00:00:37Netukka then
00:00:37Nickless me' i want only wind
00:00:43Netukka i pla yes sorry
00:00:45RalleBrazil lina
00:00:50atte then 4v5
00:00:55Strom !BANNED: Void & phoenix
00:00:58Yuriko me mid?
00:01:04RalleBrazil winrunner
00:01:08Netukka u can
00:01:10Netukka ogre goes mid Strom
00:01:12Netukka anyway no miks. :(
00:01:21RalleBrazil crap..
00:01:30Strom hea hero
00:01:37atte i cant face
00:01:39atte slark nojaah
00:01:49Netukka ralle what u gonna
00:01:49Netukka pick
00:01:57RalleBrazil dunno
00:02:01Strom I can, but not sure I need the levels
00:02:02Netukka sd nice
00:02:03Strom so maybe qop?
00:02:08Netukka if u can play it
00:02:12lumo where
00:02:13lumo what
00:02:17atte loool
00:02:19atte wr needs levels
00:02:20Netukka hms
00:02:22atte for maxing
00:02:23atte stun
00:02:34Strom well I can max stun on sidelane too
00:02:36atte and hitting perfect lighofheaven stuns every 9sec
00:02:38Strom but sure, I can go mid if you want
00:02:39atte winning teamfights
00:02:51Netukka strom can mb be mid
00:02:52Netukka dunno
00:02:57Yuriko easy
00:03:03101010 ill think its atte again
00:03:07Netukka come
00:03:07Yuriko when I get lothars its won
00:03:08Netukka wd
00:03:13Strom so you go where?
00:03:14Netukka he wards
00:03:15Netukka come
00:03:20atte come here wr
00:03:20Strom !
00:03:24lumo ;E
00:03:25atte i cant face
00:03:26atte slark
00:03:26Yuriko share
00:03:28Strom jesus
00:03:29Yuriko qop mid
00:03:33atte he will rip me
00:03:36Strom be more detailed, so I don't mis exp
00:03:36atte np
00:03:38atte you will arrive
00:03:39Netukka ah
00:03:39atte for pull
00:03:41Netukka warded already ss one top or pull
00:04:28RalleBrazil re
00:04:35atte im farmer
00:04:40atte by nature
00:04:56lumo wat im tarded
00:05:32atte you get kills i get cs
00:06:03Yuriko qop top rune
00:06:32101010 sry my mistake
00:07:22Yuriko qop top rune
00:07:25Yuriko care
00:07:31Yuriko b
00:07:31Yuriko b
00:07:33Netukka ss tc
00:07:36Strom damn that quill spray stacks
00:07:43RalleBrazil nice
00:07:44RalleBrazil gj
00:07:45Netukka can some1
00:07:46atte fucking shit should just throw that
00:07:46Netukka make fliny
00:07:48Netukka flying
00:07:49atte get stick
00:07:56Strom I got stick
00:08:21lumo care bot
00:08:28Kanpu3a kill me
00:08:30Yuriko ss mid
00:08:32Strom damn
00:08:32Kanpu3a lowbob
00:08:35Yuriko re
00:08:36Kanpu3a aaaaaaggrrrr
00:08:42Kanpu3a nickless
00:08:44Kanpu3a ficking
00:09:04Netukka ss
00:09:04Netukka 2
00:09:05Netukka bot
00:09:07Netukka tclina
00:09:15lumo inc top
00:09:16Yuriko qop bot
00:09:24lumo re
00:09:28Strom top mis
00:09:30Yuriko re
00:09:36Netukka still ss
00:09:36Netukka 2
00:09:37Netukka bot
00:09:55atte come
00:09:56Kanpu3a fuck
00:09:57atte bane
00:10:19Yuriko omw
00:10:21Yuriko be rdy
00:10:26Yuriko engage
00:10:29Nickless cant solo btm vs them
00:10:32lumo ss
00:10:45Kanpu3a ss
00:10:46Kanpu3a good
00:10:51Kanpu3a good miss
00:11:01Yuriko care bot
00:11:04Kanpu3a lowbob detected
00:11:56atte fucking slark eating mana
00:12:06Netukka go with ult
00:12:07Netukka i stun
00:12:15atte nuke bane when i stun
00:12:17atte mc inc
00:12:20Strom :d
00:14:20RalleBrazil ¨omg late stun
00:14:27Strom lol, where did this slark come form :D
00:14:33atte ok
00:15:08Yuriko ouchy
00:15:49atte ok bloodstone agha mb not the build this game
00:15:57atte now got boots
00:16:53Yuriko warded
00:17:20Yuriko help
00:17:25atte b get bot tower?
00:17:57lumo 3 bot
00:18:54Yuriko :D:D
00:18:59atte wp
00:19:21Strom 4 top
00:19:25Strom or not
00:19:26Strom 3 maybe
00:20:09Strom 3 our woods
00:20:35Netukka plöts
00:20:36Yuriko -_-
00:20:38Netukka 5
00:20:38atte npnp
00:20:39Netukka insta
00:20:47Netukka it was a tarp
00:20:49Yuriko they got wards everywhere
00:20:57Nickless we need towers
00:21:04Netukka i would farm my dagger now
00:21:09Netukka so if bane and/or wd could
00:21:11Netukka buy wards
00:21:23atte b
00:22:04Netukka he denys
00:22:18RalleBrazil lol
00:22:26Strom I feel like we need more wards
00:22:48Yuriko she doesnt ulti yet
00:22:50atte if someone
00:22:51atte had even
00:22:52atte 1
00:22:55atte useful item
00:23:00Netukka the ygot ward
00:23:00Netukka here
00:23:02Yuriko no
00:23:08Yuriko my ulti can see
00:23:10Yuriko mana btw
00:23:24Netukka tower
00:23:37atte tp cd
00:23:39atte soon have
00:23:46atte no go
00:24:25atte ahh it bb
00:24:39Yuriko got dd
00:24:40Yuriko stun
00:25:05Yuriko shit
00:25:08Netukka bah
00:25:30Netukka run forrest run
00:25:35Netukka lol
00:25:35Yuriko -_-
00:25:39RalleBrazil :D
00:25:39Yuriko serious?
00:25:42RalleBrazil year
00:25:58atte fuck this slark
00:26:12Netukka got dagger
00:26:13RalleBrazil b
00:26:41RalleBrazil Omg
00:26:41Yuriko :D:D
00:26:43Strom what was that
00:26:45Yuriko hahah
00:27:25Yuriko wat
00:27:26Yuriko wait
00:27:31Yuriko ...
00:27:48Netukka oh
00:27:48Netukka gem
00:27:50Yuriko where
00:27:51Netukka bice
00:27:52Netukka i got
00:27:59Yuriko kill it 29 min radi is normal or? no point?
00:28:14atte gem gone
00:28:18Yuriko kill the gem!!
00:28:21RalleBrazil top
00:28:21Yuriko no wards
00:28:22RalleBrazil all
00:28:39atte sentry inc
00:28:49Netukka g
00:28:50Netukka go
00:28:51atte slark
00:28:53atte kill him
00:29:08Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:11Kanpu3a just ff
00:29:27Kanpu3a plz ff
00:29:39101010 everytime multicast y
00:29:47atte -st
00:29:55atte yeah so big 3x cast 3%
00:30:09Yuriko b
00:30:51101010 ralle could you get now wards?
00:30:54Yuriko go
00:31:01Netukka coming
00:31:24atte was freekill
00:31:26atte but es..
00:31:32Yuriko go
00:31:51Kanpu3a die tc
00:31:57Kanpu3a and wite ff
00:32:08Nickless what is wrong with u
00:32:13Nickless can u shut up
00:32:23atte shit
00:32:24atte item
00:32:26atte orchid
00:32:27atte :DD
00:32:35Kanpu3a lowbob
00:32:46Kanpu3a then we have more gang
00:32:53atte ok..
00:32:58Strom what we need is hexes for slark
00:32:58Kanpu3a mb i have good item
00:33:11Yuriko warded
00:33:15atte what we need is meka and pipe and gem
00:33:24Kanpu3a fu
00:33:28Nickless they are w8ing for us here
00:33:34Kanpu3a if u cant buy wards
00:34:11Kanpu3a eeee
00:34:22101010 ty
00:34:27Yuriko epic chicken qq
00:34:29atte yeah
00:34:31Yuriko mana
00:34:33atte gem was just coming
00:34:35atte and then this
00:34:39atte ..
00:34:46Yuriko they got gem
00:35:13atte smoke
00:35:14atte hit them
00:35:16atte from behind
00:35:17atte fast
00:35:21RalleBrazil lets go ?
00:35:25Yuriko awrded
00:35:26Nickless ulti cd 30 sec
00:35:29lumo TULE
00:35:31atte wr is bait
00:35:36Yuriko dont push
00:35:39Yuriko we cant
00:35:53atte b
00:36:05Kanpu3a why????
00:36:13Kanpu3a why y just nat def
00:36:16Kanpu3a lwobobs)
00:36:24Kanpu3a woodenidiots
00:36:27atte :DD
00:36:43atte I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:07Netukka 'arx
00:37:12atte nice orchid
00:37:13atte :DD
00:37:16Kanpu3a LOL
00:37:19Kanpu3a NICE GANE
00:37:29Kanpu3a NICE QOP
00:37:34Kanpu3a WITHOUT DAGER
00:37:39Kanpu3a venom
00:38:00atte ohh we have veno without dagger?
00:38:07atte didnt even realise rofl
00:38:08Kanpu3a fu
00:38:19atte :DDD
00:38:25atte usage of orchid
00:38:26atte :D
00:38:29atte next leve
00:38:30atte l
00:38:41Kanpu3a u write ff?
00:38:47Kanpu3a no&!
00:38:48Kanpu3a ?!
00:38:52Kanpu3a fu! rune top
00:39:19Yuriko man
00:39:21Yuriko my assists rule
00:39:22Yuriko :D
00:39:22Netukka lol
00:39:27Netukka yuriko no assisnt
00:39:29Yuriko xD
00:39:34Netukka pure carry KILL STEALER :D
00:39:51Strom well he has bkb, not sure if had before
00:39:55Strom but this complicates things
00:40:10Netukka ward here
00:40:10Kanpu3a wood
00:40:11Kanpu3a all
00:40:44Yuriko gem ogre rofl whole team just doesnt want to kill their team ^^,
00:40:58atte dont care
00:41:13atte EARLIER
00:41:22Yuriko gem y
00:41:23Yuriko kill it
00:41:24Yuriko with fire
00:41:45atte that was
00:41:46atte so bad
00:41:49atte you didnt come
00:41:56atte ohh shit basetower
00:41:56Strom I didn't realize they were taking it
00:42:00Strom so yeah, it was bad
00:42:05atte already deniable and 2 creeps only hitting it
00:42:05lumo 50min meka kinda important
00:42:09Strom I thought you had some crazy idea to take it for us
00:42:19Yuriko why didnt i use bkb there
00:42:22atte yeah
00:42:24atte go and kill
00:42:25atte like we did
00:42:30atte luckily
00:42:34atte killed slark
00:43:16Strom kill bristle last
00:43:18Netukka wat
00:43:28Netukka nice fail
00:43:30Netukka wrong button
00:43:48Netukka ye
00:43:49Netukka all my bad
00:43:53Yuriko go
00:44:02Netukka i jumped in when i thought i was going to fissure
00:44:15atte :DD
00:45:51Yuriko gg wp yuri
00:46:23Yuriko AN ASSIST
00:46:24Yuriko NOOO
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